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The Simpsons Season 1 on DVD 138

Don Calamari writes "Confirmed from Fox, season one of the Simpsons are going to be released in a DVD boxed set on September 25. This has been a big week for Homer with this and his legendary catch phrase DOH! finally being added to the Oxford English dictionary." The 13 episode season will be only like $40. I don't think the show hit it's stride until 2nd or 3rd seasons, but still, shows like this deserve to be released on DVD. I'm irritated with the decision not to show the actors recording voices. Screw the illusion of the characters, this is what DVD releases of TV shows are for! The fans crave this stuff!
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The Simpsons Season 1 on DVD

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  • by Kwikymart ( 90332 )
    DOH! finally being added to the Oxford English dictionary.

    Damn it!!!! Its "D'OH", not "DOH"
  • This just shows how cool the Simpsons is, IMHO. It will be good to be able to use `Doh!' in front of English teachers. Bwahahaha!
  • I've been a major Simpsons fan from the begining.I'd always read that this wasn't going to be released until after the show had ended and the movie was made. I won't bitch though.

    Jeebus's palace is on the moon!
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I for one think the first season of the simpsons was awful. The voices were wrong, the sound was fuzzy, Bart was psychotic, the content was sick, etc etc. It was like a Ren & Stimpy rehash.
  • Well in that case.... What is the missing chunk of word after the "D"?

    Could it be that Homer is French or something?

    Please, I honestly want to know...
  • I enjoyed the Simpsons first season. They may not have hit their stride until later seasons, but at that time they were competing with such hilarious shows as In Living Color [imdb.com] (Jim carey, and Jennifer lopez got their start), on FOX and so the show was a bit more raunchy than it is now - not that that makes a show better or funnier or anything...

    Not sure it's worth $40 though. Maybe get the James Bond Boxed Set instead...


  • by Anonymous Coward
    It's "d'oh." D'oh!
  • I don't think the Simpsons is watchable at all until the second or third season. Once the voices change and the animation settles down, its the funniest show ever.
  • You know, they might just not have much footage worthy of a DVD from that far back. It certainly wasn't the phenomenon that it became around season 3 or so.

    I'm just hoping they release the alternate endings to "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" (They had several alternates animated so that no one could leak what the real ending was - or so rumor has it).

  • Technically, it's "Annoyed Grunt". D'oh is the common spelling, but it's never in the scripts ;)
  • ... I'll look out for it on usenet, irc, ftp, etc... ;)
  • Well, the Simpsons has continued to evolve as a show. A show can't stay on the air for 12 seasons ( it think, maybe 13?) without evolving significantly. The demographic group it sells to has also changed with age of course.

    On a semi-related note, what is the Simpson episode count? I remember a while back when they broke 200. have they hit 250 yet?

  • You know, they might just not have much footage worthy of a DVD from that far back. It certainly wasn't the phenomenon that it became around season 3 or so.

    True, but they could at least release the original shorts from the Tracey Ulman show... that's how I was introduced to the Simpsons. There's quite a few people talking about how "crude" the simpsons looked during the first season... that's nothing compaired to the days before they had their own series.

    Life in Hell, Matt Groening previous project (comic strip) is still hillarious too...


  • While I did enjoy the Simpson's early exploits, when I see those episodes now I largely find them hard to watch. The drawing is primitive, the voice acting horrible (I saw one yesterday and I believe Ned was doing Carl's voice...but it sounded like Ned. And there's the whole issue of both Chief Wiggums and Smithers being seemingly African-American half the time), and the family more bizarre. The series definitely refined as it went through the years. I will probably buy the DVD set anyways though.

    I was humored by the Apolcalypse article [slashdot.org] just before this one as anyone who saw the episode where the Simpsons visited Japan (one of my favourites. Homer walking through the walls was classic Homer, and as a Canadian I found the Canadian couple getting rained on by scorpions hilarious) and Homer spent the last of their money to buy a square watermellon [cnn.com] (which promptly popped back to round one).

  • by Narag ( 163687 ) on Saturday June 16, 2001 @08:47AM (#146984)
    Honestly, I don't want to see the behind the scenes voice acting. I enjoy the illusion that Taco seemingly doesn't. I feel the same with Slashdot. I sure as hell don't want to see behind-the-scenes footage of CmdrTaco posting a news story or see Jon Katz in his underwear posting yet another article about geeks.
  • by 'This is false.' ( 223588 ) on Saturday June 16, 2001 @08:47AM (#146985)
    I'm just hoping they release the alternate endings to "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" (They had several alternates animated so that no one could leak what the real ending was - or so rumor has it).

    Um, this was all officially covered in the 138th episode special (28% new footage). They showed parts of the alternative endings too. It was more than just a rumor.

  • From the article..."With only 13 episodes in the first season, the first three-disc set will be fleshed out with loads of extra material, including the original shorts that debuted on ``The Tracey Ullman Show'' and never-before-seen lost episode."
  • I would really prefer to see a DVD containing all the shorts that were made. Although they may not be as high of quality as the espisodes, I can catch episode reruns on TV on a regular basis, so I've seen most episodes at least 2 or 3 times. But most of the shorts I haven't even seen once.
  • I'm a die-hard Babylon 5 fan, and I've been waiting to hear about the DVD release of that series for quite some time. I caught the show when it was shown on TNT, but unfortunately, the Sci-Fi channel has captioning missing from most of its episodes (I got lucky and turned it on for the first time in weeks when the one they had on was captioned). So taping those is pretty pointless for me. I'm going to go out and see what's on store shelves by way of VHS versions, but I'm not sure of how optimistic to be.

    Does anyone have information on which episodes will be released on DVD? I know that In The Beginning and one of the other feature films are hopefully to come to DVD later this year, though I've heard they may hit the UK (Region 2) first, which is of no help to me. (I hate regions. They're useless.) I want the full series and all the feature films. Any info would be appreciated. :)

    Or, failing that, how about mail order ... ?

  • I believe the current count is 269, I don't recall if they did anything exciting for the 250th episode.
  • Could it be that Homer is French or something?

    Well Bart speeks fluent French, although he hasn't spoken a word in several hundred episode.

  • Um. the first season was '89 - '90 I think. Was Ren and Stimpy even around then?
  • Locally a FOX afilliate had rerun the first season. It's been a long time and I'd overlooked the polish the show has now. Those shows were crudely drawn, voices were shakey, and the gags seemed to have a moment for you to laugh following them. They're almost painful for me to watch, compared to the last 5 or so years, which added many more voices and characters. $40 may be a deal to the dedicated fan, but I'll probably skip it.

    What I'd like is all the Ren & Stimpy episodes on DVD, particularly Space Madness.

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  • I agree, while the Simpsons became an excellent show later on in it's life, the early shows were pretty bad! But it still would be nice to have the entire library of shows at your disposal.

    In related news, I noticed over at The Simpsons Archive [snpp.com] a while ago that a Simpsons spin-off show is in the works. I'm hoping the focus is on the Wiggums. An entire show related to Clancy and Ralph would be great!
  • by Espen ( 96293 ) on Saturday June 16, 2001 @09:01AM (#146994)
    "Doh--Expressing frustration at the realization that things have turned out badly or not as planned, or that one has just said or done something foolish. Also (usu. mildly derog.): implying that another person has said or done something foolish (cf. DUH int.)." OED

    The first quote is from 1952, but the main credit in the etymology goes to Dan Castellaneta. First uttered by the character Homer in Punching Bag, broadcast on 27 Nov. 1988 as part of the Tracey Ullman Show.

  • by OmegaDan ( 101255 ) on Saturday June 16, 2001 @09:02AM (#146995) Homepage
    Thats the thing though ... you prolly really haven't seen all the episodes 2 or 3 times ... Usually in syndication (not always though) they pick "the best" episodes and only show those...

    A good example is the andy griffith show, of which I think a little under 120 episdoes were made, but they only show 15 or 20 in syndication.

  • There was an Entertainment Tonight or something like that with all the voice people, like first season, too. I remember watching it. It was good stuff, so I imagine it's around somewhere, they'd probably have to do some wrangling to get it, and pay royalties and all kinds of other crap. Come to think of it, that's probably why it's not on there...

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  • Did you read the article? No of course not!.
    "With only 13 episodes in the first season, the first three-disc set will be fleshed out with loads of extra material, including the original shorts that debuted on ``The Tracey Ullman Show'' and a never-before-seen lost episode."

  • In the voice of Comic Book Store Guy:

    Take that, "The Family Guy"
  • Look at it this way, Czarny....you'll be able to afford it when (and if) you graduate. It'll give you something to look forward to. There's also, Christmas, Your Birthday, etc. Laughter is one of the most important parts of living. And investing in something that makes you laugh in this format is well worth it. Have you ever seen the very 1st Simpsons Halloween Special? One of the most creative and hysterical pieces of comedy written for the small screen. These box sets are going to rule. Now if WB would release a box set of Bugs Bunny...woof!
  • Awhile back my roomates and I were talking about the possibility of a Simpsons cable channel. After 13 or so seasons they should have enough footage to run it. If not a channel then how about a 4 hour a day run similar to the Anime stuff that they do on Cartoon Network. Anyway its just a thought. .
  • D'oh, Doh, geez. When he says it it's like "Dough" and when he shouts it's like "Dow". Doh, in this crazy mixed up language is good enough for me. Go ghoti.

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  • Depends on where you live: when the Canadian cartoon channel Teletoon first started, they showed each episode twice daily (9pm and 11pm Eastern) in the order they appeared, from the beginning, unedited. Now that was a treat.
    They still show them in order, but often skip around to different seasons.

    Unfortunately in the last 2 years or so, the people running the switchers must be asleep or something, because they'll sometimes cut to the station ID's like 2 seconds before the actual end of the scene.
    However, you can also catch your unexpurgated Simpsons at 5pm Eastern on Global, Saturdays and Sundays, with no problems at the commercial breaks. Why not just tape the damn things? :)
  • I find the first season, parts of the second, and the Tracy Ullman shorts hard to watch: they're just not LOL funny as the later work, and the animation is too damn crude.
    Sure, I loved it when they were first out since I've been a Matt Groening fan for 16 years now. But, like ST:TNG or Degrassi jr. High, it's just too painful to watch sometimes.
  • Somehow I think they're already using it (except one girl I knew who was going into teaching and hated the Simpsons) it's as much a part of language as Bozo [yahoo.com] which was used by a few of my teachers.

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  • Actually, this is not the case. My brother has the Simpsons book which describes all the episodes through season 7, and I am certain I have seen every episode mentioned in there several times at the least.

    They might to this because showing 2 episodes every weekday, the views will get sick quickly of seeing the same episodes too much. But it is true that some episodes run a lot more. There are some episodes I've probly seen 15 times or so.

    And for those of you who would call me a couch potato, I usually get less than 5 hours/week of TV. But it is almost all Simpsons.
  • Um, if they werent real, why would ones included in a new DVD be any more likely to be real?
  • Here's what gets me: I'm like one of the world's great procrastinators, I've had my VCR tape Simpsons episodes for years, and sometimes I actually went back to see them (and sometimes I'd get some useless crap like a World Series game, Doh!) So I probably have over half the episodes on tape and don't even bother to label the tapes. BTW I don't tape over them, I just buy more tapes and have boxes of these things! If there's an episode guide (i see them numbered from time to time) I could probably figure out what I have, but then, I'm a world class procrastinator so it'll also never get done. Guess it's all like a pirates buried treasure.

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  • I'm the president of the Simpson's club in my high school (or supreme dictator for life) and as a result of my position, I'd like to raise two points. First, the scripts for the show don't say d'oh or doh, they say "annoyed grunt" so this nonsense over its misspelling in the dictionary is futile. Second, Fox should have done the DVDs a long time ago, or at least made the videos suck less. They should be releasing entire seasons on DVD, or videos with more than 2 episodes. I have a tape with 28 full episodes!
  • does anyone know which season featured the "family therapy" episode, where they shock eachother non-stop and cause a blackout?
  • Wait a minute... Forty dollars! D'oh!

    I think I'll wait till it's down to like $10-12...

  • I'm irritated with the decision not to show the actors recording voices. Screw the illusion of the characters, this is what DVD releases of TV shows are for! The fans crave this stuff!

    1. If you're looking for footage of Dan, Hank, Harry and crew behind the scenes, there are several good places to go. TLC did a great behind-the-scenes of voice-over actors, and there were plenty of Simpsons' clips. I don't know the name of the hour long piece, but TLC tends to offer all of their shows for sale - check their website. Other than that, E! has a bunch, including an old Behind The Scenes that has some good footage. Or you can dig up an old episode of Conan O with Hank Azaria on. He always begs him to do Apu.

    1. is this.....is this for REAL? [mikegallay.com]
  • I would pay $100 for all (best) the Seinfeld episodes on one or two DVDs.
    IMO, The Simpsons has been going down the tubes for quite some time now. Get rid of Itchy and Scratchy - what uselessly violent nonsense. And get rid of some of the tasteless jokes about handicapped people, etc... Isn't this show meant for all ages? I think some people let too much slide when it comes to watching TV.
  • DVD regioning sucks, I agree, and I'm looking forward to B5 coming out on DVD at some point too.

    I don't think VHS would help much, though. How would you plan on watching a PAL video cassette?
  • Homer (searching under couch): "Oh, forty dollars? I wanted a peanut!"

    Homer's Brain: "Forty dollars can buy many peanuts."

    Homer: "Explain how!"

    Homer's Brain: "Money can be exchanged for goods and services."

  • The OED is engaging in nepotism!

    "My job is the perfect excuse for watching action films, soaps, quiz programmes -- where the language is busy right now," said chief editor John Simpson.

    Disgraceful, adding your private family catchphrase to the OED.

  • Actually, I used the word, DOH, at work all the times. :)

  • It was the 4th episode of the first season. The link is here [snpp.com]

  • does anyone know which season featured the "family therapy" episode, where they shock eachother non-stop and cause a blackout?

    That was season one, episode four.

  • I think I'll just wait till the DivX ;) version comes to favorite "locations". =) Matt Groening has enough money.
  • It was the first season.

    Season 1 Episode 4

    After an embarrassing experience at his company picnic, Homer begins to wonder if his family is too dysfunctional. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie attend family therapy sessions with Dr. Marvin Monroe, an unorthodox psychotherapist who uses shock therapy to "cure" them.

    Then I think when they get their money back at the end they go buy a new TV..



    "Whew! All this computer hacking has made me thirsty." --Homer Simpson
  • Actually, in the scripts it is denoted as "(annoyed grunt)".

  • If it was French, wouldn't it be pronounced "deaux"? :)
  • Just got to SNPP [snpp.com] for season guides.
  • *digitally remaster* the first episode to improve the anime like everything else these days. :-)
  • I too thought I'd seen every episode of the Simpsons. I've been watching re-runs on the Fox/Baltimore station - they show back to back episodes daily at 6pm. And over the past few months I've probably seen at least 6 or 7 episodes I've never seen before, it's quite a treat. The ones from the first 5 or 6 seasons are quite common for re-runs, but the ones after that don't get quite as many sindicated showings.

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  • I think you fail to realise that The Simpsons isn't just a cartoon "ment for all ages". Because it really isn't (but it is...puzzle that). First of all, unless you are an adult you miss a lot of the jokes (such as all the kubrik refrenceses or other such paradies), and besides, its more of a social commentary more than anything else...kinda like south park.

    Its sad when people missjudge these shows because they cannot get past their face. Remember (now i have to sound corny) don't judge the book by its cover. A show cannot last 12 seasons with a movie on the way if its crap.


  • Is the Simpsons really worthy of this? If they came out with a reasonably-priced boxed set of the entire Star Trek original series, I'd go out and buy a DVD player. But the Simpsons?
  • Get rid of Itchy and Scratchy - what uselessly violent nonsense.

    Wow, I can't believe you missed the point of that. Itchy and Scratchy are poking fun at a lot of cartoons. It's stupid, pointless, and needlessly violent, and the kids love it. The Simpsons often makes statements about American society, and this is one of them.


  • Screw the Simpons. Know what series really needs to be fried to DVD? Nikita.

    Enough said.
  • Ughh...Definitely a matter of personal opinion as I personally feel the original Star Trek is barely worthy of archive video reels at the network.

  • hey man! The Family Guy is back in the fall. So...ummm...take that...uhhh...you!


  • The best Itchy and Scratchy episode was the cloning machine. The cat(scratchy?) was dead, so the mouse found an old axe with his blood on it after reading an article on cloning.

    He builds a cloning machine, and out comes a new cat! He then kills the cat. This repeats over and over, until he gets tired. So he builds a killing machine so any new cloned cat gets killed shortly therafter.
  • like myself, you can just hope onto something like hotline and download all the episodes ever made. They are usually all in .rm, 30 megs a peice, pretty decent quality for crap, but its good enough to catch up on missed episodes (like all of this season that i missed).

    Hell, there is even a guy who doesn't make you click banners or anything to download, you just have to wait in queue.

    First i thought of about the dvds: higher quality episodes. I won't be able to fit a season to a cd anymore, but i could make my own vcd's of 2-3 shows etc.
  • They did relise the altrnitive endings. It was on one of there anaversry shows where alls they show is re-runs.
  • is to have every Seinfeld episode on DVD. Is something like this allready on the market?

  • Ther is now a good book [amazon.com] about philosophy and the simpsons. It uses simpsons excerpts to discuss philosophical issues. The review on amazon says that groening was a philosophy major in school. I have this book and it is pretty good. A lot better than sophie's world a book along the same lines...
  • "How would you plan on watching a PAL video cassette?"
    I work in a lab at a university that deals with a lot of video stuff. We have a deck that can play not just NTSC but PAL and SEACAM and whatever is out there. If it's on VHS, I can play it.

    But I'd like to get the US versions because the British tapes won't have closed captioning.

  • "it's spelled 'damnit' ;-)"

    Umm.. actually it isn't. See, they have these things called phrases and sentances that are formed by multiple words put together. Check out this [dictionary.com] at www.dictionary.com. "Dammit" is a word, however, "Damnit" is not. Therefore, "Damn it" is the correct way of spelling it.
  • Actually, British videos *do* have closed captioning.
  • MPEG should come up with a new level of compression especially geared towards cartoons. I'm sure that animations like South Park and The Simpsons could compress really really small and still be top quality images with the proper algorithm. THEN, we could fit an entire season of episodes on ONE DVD!
  • (annoyed grunt) :)

    MPEG record changes between frames. In cartoons there are (uaually) large areas of the same color (like southpark). Since those areas don't change much between frames, it is compressed quite well.
  • What we need now is Seinfeld on DVD...
  • I was humored by the Apolcalypse article...

    No you weren't [dictionary.com]. ;)

  • Now once Northern Exposure episodes are available on DVD I'll be happy.

    I also wouldn't mind seeing original Space:1999 eps on DVD.

    And while I'm at it, every Trek Episode.

    Of course this sort of thing will truly be fantastic when next generation DVD's are out, and 10 episodes or more will fit onto one DVD. That will make ownership of an entire run of some TV shows not have to take up your entire video cabinet.


  • Also all of the syndication edits will be gone. I remember when I first saw the sydicated version of "The Last Temptation of Homer" Homer and Mindy ordered room service in the hotel in Capitol City, I got all excited to see the Winged Monkeys, but they cut to a commercial instead. To get the un-edited version is completely worth it, even though we get 3 episodes a day here in the Bay Area. $40 a DVD is cheap, I offered Fox $100 a season a while ago.
  • Well you can always watch the sydicated version of the Degrassi copy, BH 90210. I don't believe it is any more watchable though.
  • I think it is a good idea to have the simpsons on DVD. It is the longest running series in the world with 15-16 years. It deserves something better for making people laugh that long. Now people can watch the simpsons whenever they want without having to tape all the shows. This gives people an opportunity to watch any episode whenever they want in any order. So they can watch there favorite episode over and over.
  • http://www.dvdindetail.com/article/41D70001BE7B69F 20000 [dvdindetail.com] This shows the extra bits that will be on the UK version. Notice that it is dated 2001-5-2.
  • Dunno about Northern Exposure, but the Space:1999 episodes *are* on DVD. I work with a S:1999 freak who owns most of them, some of them twice (once on video, once on dvd). I'm sure searching around the 'net will get you links to buy, I'm too lazy to do it for you :-)
  • ...But I wanted a peanut!
  • I saw one yesterday and I believe Ned was doing Carl's voice...but it sounded like Ned...

    Boy, I sure hope someone got fired over that one.
  • See the relevant q and a in the Simpsons FAQ <http://www.snpp.com/guides/lisa-2.html#Q16> [snpp.com] .

    I could be mistaken, but I swear there was an episode in the last three seasons or so where somebody actually starts writing out the "Annoyed Grunt," and the spelling is definitely "D'oh." I'm not having any luck finding a reference for it, though.

    Also, the OED is including the word, but I've seen nothing about the OED actually making mention of the Simpsons with respect to the word. I couldn't find the new words list at the OED web site [oed.com].

  • Babylon 5.

    I want the whole series, all 5 seasons, in a huge really neat collectible (autographed?) set.

    Oh, btw, make sure they're anamorphic widescreen and DD5.1. Anything less simply will not do.

    Your Working Boy,
    - Otis (GAIM: OtisWild)
  • You and CmdrTaco are both on crack, the first season had some amazing episodes. Check out their site [thesimpsons.com] every episode from the first season [thesimpsons.com] when Conan O'Brien was with the show is a classic.
  • I have a tape with 28 full episodes!

    That can't be VHS... what are you using? DLT or DDS4 with the episodes in DiVX format?
  • Here in rural North Dakota we only get the Simpsons via over-the-air broadcast about three times a week... and I'm itching to learn if Simpsons has a 'laugh track'. I can't for the life of me recall if there is one or not...
  • In cartoons there are (uaually) large areas of the same color (like southpark). Since those areas don't change much between frames, it is compressed quite well.

    However, MPEG was designed for sequences of continuous tone images (it shares quite a few similarities with JPEG, including the use of the DCT etc.). So a dedicated cartoon codec might really be a good idea.
  • At 20 some minutes per episode its going to be between 4.5 and 7.5 hrs of video. Animation tends to compress real well so all the episodes should fit on one DVD.

    Also does anyone watch the extra crap they put on DVDs? The advertising seems to show its an extra value so they can charge more for DVDs but it has no extra value for me.
  • Actually, only one was animated for that episode. HOWEVER, another 10 or so were made for one of the episodes "hosted" by Troy McClure (where even Santa's Little Helper shoots Mr. Burns).
  • Jon Katz in his underwear

    ahhhhhhMother of God!ahhhhhhI'm blind!I'm blind!
  • "Explain how!?"

    Money can be used to buy goods and services.


  • This won't make a difference.

    Liberal teachers have never minded the usage of "d'oh", while those conservative won't tolerate it just as they don't any other slang.

    (Check how long expletives have been regarded as "official" English.)
  • No, Maggie Roswell did the voice of Maude.

    She also did many other regular minor characters, including Helen Lovejoy, Ms Hoover, Luann Van Houten, and several one-shot chacters, includding Sherry Bobbins, etc.

    She was asking for $6,000 per episode- the core cast members are up to $50,000/episode, including Dan Castellaneta.

  • Newspaper reports state that the original shorts will be included on the DVD, along with one 'lost' episode.

    That's worth $40 right there.

  • I can't wait until the other episodes are released on DVD. I'm not a big fan of the first two seasons; too crudely drawn and Bart is a moron with his "don't have a cow" and constantly using "man" as an interjection (particularly in season 1). But starting with season 3, the show was great!

    Like most, I've seen many of the episodes many times. Even though Fox shows the Simpsons twice day in Dallas, invariably, the syndicated version cuts about a minute or two off each episode. For example:

    * In the episode where the Simpsons move to a neighboring town for Homer's new job, Homer asks his new boss for some sugar for his coffee. His boss shuffles in his pockets and dumps some sugar on the table. This part gets cut: His boss then says, "Want some cream, too" and he puts his hands in his pocket. Homer pauses for a second and say, "Uh... no thanks". I fell out of my chair after that line
    * During the episode paying homage to "Pulp Fiction" they always cut Professor Frink's song at the end, particular when he mumbles, "ooh, that monkey is gonna pay".
    * In one of the Halloween episodes, when Homer and Bart appear as CG, they always cut the scene where Frink explains the "third dimension".

    So is it worth it to buy the DVD collections for those extra 30-60 seconds that they cut during syndication play? Probably not, but it would be great to see the shows intact and without commercial interruption.

  • The 13 episode season will be only like $40.

    Wow, he writes like people talk!

    < tofuhead >

  • It is officially "Annoyed Grunt," but it's spelled "d'oh" officially, and is spelled in the captions as "D-OHH."

    (BTW, The Simpsons is the one show I watch with captions ON. The captioned jokes are funnier, as I'm assuming the captioners are sent scripts before they are censored by Fox execs. A true Simpsons fan, watching with captions on, knows what a "reverse convoy" is...watch Homer's lips as he "says" it. =)

    < tofuhead >

  • If you ever saw the short-lived Fox sitcom "Herman's Head," then you saw most of the voice actors--including the voice of Bart, who is in reality a short, squeaky woman with beady eyes...
  • Reverse convoy? Is that like the dreaded rear admiral?

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