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Help Stress Test The New Slashdot 280

Here's you chance to generate wasteful http traffic without even having to run unpatched IIS! We're ready to test Banjo, our new fancy setup w/ new code and new hardware. We plan to keep testing until we think the system is ready. You are also welcome to submit Bug Reports, although it would be helpful if you skimmed the list of bugs before submitting new ones so we don't have 300 of you tell us that your user info page has other people's comments listed on it again. The new hardware is mostly in place, but the code hasn't been fully optimized yet, so run your wgets... write your bots... whatever makes you happy, but please don't be malicious: just try to load and submit web pages. And don't be surprised, its gonna go up and down like a yo yo as we fix things.
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Help Stress Test The New Slashdot

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