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Terminator 3: Attack of the Terminatrix 372

jinx_ was among many who wrote in to say: "Arnold Schwarzenegger" is back for another installment of the Terminator Franchise. Reportedly a $30 million payday for Arnold.
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Terminator 3: Attack of the Terminatrix

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  • Robotics and Atificial Intelligence is going to a major transforming part of the next century and it is something that needs to be dealt with by all levels of society. Currently most of the debate on the matter is limited to a few people who know a lot. Movies about robots help bring the debate to all levels of society. - Steven
    • by l.b. noire ( 84671 ) on Monday December 10, 2001 @10:02AM (#2681765)
      Can you explain to me exactly how a movie about a killer cyborg beamed back from the future to protect the to-be savior of humanity is supposed to help the public have a greater understanding of robotics and artificial intelligence? The first two Terminator movies I saw bore nothing even similar to reality.

      If you're referring to movies educating people then I don't want to live in a world where such a thing happens. Remember how everyone was suddenly an expert on viruses after a string of crappy movies [] came out in the mid-'90s? Remember how everyone was screaming about how we needed to set up a terrestrial defense system after a couple of even [] crappier [] movies came out a few years ago?

      Such movies do nothing but foster a chicken little syndrome in the public at large. Hollywood has never relied on anything like historical accuracy [] or facts [] to get in the way of a story. If we expect people to be educated about or become aware of issues because of what they see in a movie then this world is indeed in a very sorry state.

      I think the best we can expect to see out of this is the usual two-minute story on the local late-night news: "KILLER ROBOTS TAKING OVER THE WORLD! Can this happen here?" - followed by stock interviews with the guys from the MIT AI Lab [].

      • Let's see...brainstorm with me here...suppose, just suppose that there's a form of expression that isn't like nonfiction at all...we could call it non-nonfiction, or just "fiction" if you want to be informal.

        Under this hypothetical genre, you could do something nutty like relax the constraints of historical accuracy and current scientific understanding in order to optimize for other, non-engineering attributes like drama, tension, and the progression of a storyline even though fundamental carrying particles for these forces are yet to be generated at Fermilab. []

        There might be value in presenting "stories" in this new "fictional" way, so long as people are made to understand that they're "just movies" and that they shouldn't take them so "seriously" and that nobody but nobody confuse a movie theatre with a library. (*)

        Just a thought.

        (*) hint: both theatres and libraries are louder places than they used to be, but in general, the theater is the one with the sticky floor and the THX sound system.

  • What sort of robotic enhancements can be expected in T3, now that the liquid-morphic villain has been played out already in T2?
    • If you have read the Dan Simmons "Hyperion" books, think the Shrike. It's shiny, spiky, ultra-violent and can control time, making it possible to be omnipresent

      - that's how a T3 ass-wooper should be IMO.

      But besides that, my guess is that transparency or super-camoflage will be T3 feature. Another possibility would be splitting into more entities (mini-mes) and kicking Arnyass from mulitiple angles. That would make for some awesome fighting scenes, if the robot suddenly splits into two and each of those do their thing.
      Oh yeah, of course the whole thing would be filmed in matrix-o-scope with plenty of ninja moves.
      • by FatRatBastard ( 7583 ) on Monday December 10, 2001 @04:40AM (#2681013) Homepage
        my guess is that transparency or super-camoflage will be T3 feature.

        The Teminatrix's secret weapon? Alpha Blending!!! I wonder if she'll have an nVidea logo on her forhead.

        Get J.Lo to be the Terminatrix... she's already got a huge heat-sink of an ass

        (stop me before I joke again....)
        • It will be CGI, and it will take place in cyberspace, where the Terminatrix battles with Dot Matrix (and Bob, and Frisket, and yummy Hexidecimal in her corset, stockings, and thigh-high boots) for the control of Skynet.

          Halfway through, Megabyte falls in love with Terminatrix, because he finally realizes that he needs a good solid spanking.
      • Speaking of the Hyperion Cantos, does anyone else think that they'd make a great set of movies? I can't be the only one who thinks so. I guess some of it would be hard to shoot, and of course a lot of it would have to be cut to fit the 2 hour time limit. But still, the Shrike is sooo badass.


        • before I answered, I just decided to do a quick google search, and my jaw nearly feel off, when I saw a link to []... but then I realised....

          About hyperion as a movie: I would love to see it, but any one of the 7 main stories, just in the first book, could make one movie. I mean in the first book, they don't really get anywhere, we are just introduced to the characters. It might work as TV show or TV-movie in several parts, but they always turn out to be too shitty (eg. that 4-hour Stephen King movie, forgot the name).

          HOWEVER! just found this []:

          Dan Simmons: "Oh, part II of Eli's question . . . talks about HYPERION are still underway."

          !!!! and then my jaw fell off !!!

          Anyway, I havn't read anything else by Simmons, but read that he is working on a movie script for CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT (its gonna be in German :/ ).
          • I agree, it has potential, but I'm afraid of how it would be massacered to fit the screen. Maybe it could fit in a 3 hour movie. All 4 books might even make a good 3-5 season TV show. But I'd worry about budget problems, as some of the scenes could be expensive to do well.

            I wish there was more substantial information with those links. Ah well, I'm guessing that nothing will ever come of it, or not for a while.


        • Why not just enjoy the book? Does EVERY good book HAVE to be made into a movie?
    • Well, since the 'protector' got upgraded as well, shouldn't Arny get a shiny new shapeshifting body this time?
  • by burtonator ( 70115 ) on Monday December 10, 2001 @03:43AM (#2680910)
    Here is the link to Terminator 3 on IMDB [].

    For some reason they seem to have movie info MONTHS before everyone else finds out about it.

    Want to find out if there will be a sequel to your favorite move? Check out IMDB. I saw the austin power sequels about 6 - 8 months (including casting) before anyone else found out.

    hm... maybe Arnold will give some of his money to the EFF []
  • Lousy idea (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Skyshadow ( 508 )
    It should be pretty obvious by now that Arnold's way too old for this -- didn't anyone else in Hollywood see The Sixth Day?

    Good enough should have been left alone after T2; I'm not sure how you'd make a sequal to improve on that movie even with a younger Arnold and a Linda Hamilton who isn't sick of James Cameron.

    But yeah, I'm sure I'll see it, but this is a big mistake.

    • Re:Lousy idea (Score:2, Interesting)

      by dimator ( 71399 )
      You're right, T3 is probably going to suck. But why are they going to make it? Well: But yeah, I'm sure I'll see it.

      And so will everyone else, and their brother. Hollywood (99% of it, anyway) stopped giving a damn about quality a long time ago. Now, filling the damn theater on opening weekend is priority 1 (because after the opening weekend, your friends tell you how bad it sucked, and you skip it). And why should they care? If piece of shit [] movies can make $150 mil [] due solely to mass advertising campaigns and a few big names in the cast, why should studios bother with plots?
      • Re:Lousy idea (Score:3, Informative)

        by Jburkholder ( 28127 )
        Spot on. Anyone else see the 'Frontline' show a week ago or so entitled "The Monster that ate Hollywood" []?

        This excellent piece went into exactly why movies are focused on the all-important opening weekend. Basically the huge megacorps that own all of the studios want to minimize their risk and maximize return so they gravitate to formulas with known elements.

        What's behind the opening-weekend box-office mania? Does marketing hold too much power over the fate of a film? Here are excerpts from FRONTLINE's interviews with Mandalay's chairman, Peter Guber; Bob Levin, president of worldwide marketing and distribution for MGM; journalist Richard Natale; longtime studio executive Lucy Fisher; actor and producer Michael Douglas; Sony Corporation of America's chief executive, Howard Stringer; and Bill Mechanic, former Fox studio chief.

        If this program airs again [] in your area, I highly recommend you check it out.
    • by zerocool^ ( 112121 ) on Monday December 10, 2001 @10:39AM (#2681879) Homepage Journal
      that's rediculous.

      Everyone knows that a T3 will be 28.7 times better than T1. Just look at the number of individual channels.

    • Arnold may be getting old, but he's definitely not *too* old. Besides, who else is going to play the Terminator besides him?

      James Cameron is apparently not in the running for this film, though. Pity.

      The plot, which is so obvious everyone's been talking about it since T2, takes place in the future that both T1 and T2 were always talking about. So we're not trying to improve on those movies; we're trying to round them out and answer once and for all whether or not John Conner's future is going to take place.
  • by Ieshan ( 409693 ) <ieshan AT gmail DOT com> on Monday December 10, 2001 @03:45AM (#2680917) Homepage Journal
    Are they actually going to make this a Politically Correct type of movie? A Terminatrix? Or did they just need a reason for a sex scene?

    It just seems funny. The first movie had an obvious heroine and hero; they both served their roles and made the audience happy by creating a loving relationship while also doing neat action sequences and screaming as a strange, mechanized killer attacked them. But this?

    Possible Plot:

    Terminatrix Seduction:
    The entire plot of the movie rests in the fact that a 20-something male, as commented in the article, has absolutely no power over his... organs... and will fall easily into the hands of an incredily beautiful woman who asks him on a rather cordial date. I don't see how she could lose with this strategy.

    A new black Conner (to try to promote gender equality) is paired with Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwartz to provide the ultimate in "inclusive" casting. The Terminatrix will have the ability to morph into whatever type of socially unrepresented class happens to present itself, allowing for quick and easy resolution of unsatisfied audience demographic.
  • "The film is seen as a potential "tentpole" picture for the summer of 2003"

    If it's anything like Robotrix [], I'm sure it will be...
  • by gtada ( 191158 ) on Monday December 10, 2001 @03:50AM (#2680930)
    Wow, they're going to need some amazing make-up artists! Old robots might rust, but they won't wrinkle! ;)
    • Wow, they're going to need some amazing make-up artists! Old robots might rust, but they won't wrinkle! ;)

      Well, not exactly wrinkle - but don't forget metal fatigue...

  • I'll be back ! (Score:2, Interesting)

    by alphaque ( 51831 )
    Isnt that what Arnold/Terminator said in one of the movies ? Guess you didnt take him literally, huh ?

    Either ways, it'd be interesting to see what the new improved Terminatrix sports as a feature. The last liquifying capability of the earlier Terminator sent back was way cool, and they need to surpass themselves here.

    Also, with a name like Terminatrix, I'm expecting so see some parodies/spoof on indie movie sites on the Terminatrix/Dominatrix theme. Should be fun, eh ?

  • 10 years ago, this type of movies was very popular. The formula was simple: Shoot, Kill, Talk witty comments, shoot some more. It was simple to make movies like the Terminator, Predator, and etc. And the movies was in fact, very good, simply because of their simplicity. However, I fear that the way people look at things in society today, and the producers/directors will to satisfy the audience, will screw up this type of movie today. It has happent before, and I'm quite certain it will happend again.

    But, if the makers for some miraculous reason decides to make a new 80/early 90's movie, I will be the first in line at the cinema to see it.
  • by MelloDawg ( 180509 ) on Monday December 10, 2001 @03:56AM (#2680947)
    A robot must protect the existence of the movie franchise as long as it does not conflict with the First or Second (or Zeroth) Law.
  • wait a second.. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by fonebone ( 192290 )
    how are they going to explain that los angelas didn't, in fact, get nuked in 1996? or will they just play along with the original plot?
    • Re:wait a second.. (Score:2, Insightful)

      by ethereal ( 13958 )

      Yeah, the whole time travel thing is a little bonkers too. For example, if you know that your previous Terminators failed, why would you send the next one only after giving the Connors some time to prepare? I would have sent the T-1000 to a time that was about 1 day after the original Terminator failed, and sent the Terminatrix in about a day after T-1000 failed, or even the week before.

      Methinks these human-hating machines from the future have a very linear sense of time...

  • Some searching... (Score:5, Informative)

    by omega9 ( 138280 ) on Monday December 10, 2001 @04:14AM (#2680967)
    First of all, it's hard to post at all because Willow is on and it's hard to divert my attention.

    Concerning Terminator 3, my griend Google me that Linda Hamilton will not be returning [], Eddie Furlong will be playing John Conner [], is titled Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [], could possible star Chyna (WWF) [], will not be directed by James Cameron [], up untill this past June there were talks that Ed Norton would be playing John Conner [], and NoChickTrix [] will not be featured but is deffinatly worth checking out.
    • The movie is just pointless with James Cameron directing it. Sure, Arnold being back is great, but Cameron was the soul and vision behind the movies IMHO. Linda Hamilton not being involved also pretty much assures me that for all of the Hollywood hubbub on the subject, it's gonna flop, bad. (And if the WWF Chyna connection is true, that should be enough for ANYONE to see that it's gonna be as bad as The Mummy Returns (eg: The Rock, c'mon!)..)

      Ed Norton would have made an interesting addition though.
  • by cscx ( 541332 ) on Monday December 10, 2001 @04:20AM (#2680976) Homepage
    I'll have to agree that good ole Arnie is getting a little too old for this stuff.

    "I'll be back... just after I get this hip replacement"

  • by fireboy1919 ( 257783 ) <> on Monday December 10, 2001 @04:40AM (#2681012) Homepage Journal
    You know, the last planet of the Apes movie that Charlton Heston made included blowing up the planet at the end. Some interviews said that this was so that it would be THE END of the saga. And then they made another.

    They sort of tied up ALL the loose ends in the previous movie as will sort of make the plot not as good to make another.

    On the other hand, there are hundreds of Conan books, and lots of plots to choose from. Sword & Sorcery is a classic genre. I wouldn't mind if he (or someone else) made a few more of those. Heck, they could make twenty or thirty of them. I'd watch them when I wanted to see an action movie.

    While I'm at it, I might as well mention a few other good movies that could easily have more sequels that I would like to see.

    Ghostbusters (probably need different guys)
    Tron (same idea, but with modern computer systems)
    They Live! [](I wanna see more of that fight scene - MUCH better than matrix)
    HHGTG (except for make it a REAL movie this time)
    • I'm not sure if you could truly adapt The Hitchhikers' books since so much of what made them good was unspoken; flashbacks, history lessons, excerpts from The Guide, and such. Some scenes would be fantastic; chasing the sofa, the flying party, Marvin facing down the giant tank-bot, to name a few; but you can't make a movie out of them. The Dirk Gently books lend themselves a bit more towards the big screen, but they're just not the same.
    • Tron (same idea, but with modern computer systems)

      Surely, you're not reading your slashdot? [] I hope they don't shit on the whole Tron name...
    • by x mani x ( 21412 ) <> on Monday December 10, 2001 @01:00PM (#2682560) Homepage
      Even after watchin T2 the first time, I noticed the sequel-opportunity. Notice how, at one point, Arnold gets his robotic arm ripped off by a big gear in a factory. Also notice that later on, when he's saying bye-bye, going into the molten metal pool, he doesn't have that lost arm with him.

      So, what happened in the original Terminator for the sequel to happen? Uh, the robot lost its arm in a factory, which was later on found by computer scientists and used to create the AI that would end up fucking humanity's shit up. Sound familiar?
      • So, what happened in the original Terminator for the sequel to happen? Uh, the robot lost its arm in a factory, which was later on found by computer scientists and used to create the AI that would end up fucking humanity's shit up. Sound familiar?

        Wrong. It was the CPU from the first T-800 that enabled Miles Dyson to create his revolutionary microprocessor. (Quickly pop the DVD in my computer...) From the movie:

        • DYSON

          The chip. Do you know about the chip?


          What chip?


          They keep it in the vault at Cyberdyne. (to the Terminator) It must be from the other one like you.


          The CPU from the first Terminator.


          Son of a bitch! I knew it!


          They told us not to ask where they got it.


          (to herself) Those lying motherfuckers!


          It was scary stuff. Radically advanced. It was smashed. It didn't work, but it gave us ideas, took us in new directions. Things we would have never... All my work was based on it.

        Besides, I really doubt anyone could create a microprocessor capable of birthing AI from a mechanical arm.

        That said, there doesn't seem to be any obvious plot threads upon which to hang a sequel. But that's obviously not a sequel killer. Jim Cameron excised the original ending for T2 in which a future Sarah sits in utopia with John and her grandchild, telling of her successful fight for the future. He left it ambiguous to accent the idea, "the future is not set". But how they will justify the rise of Skynet now isn't very apparent.

    • they live! great flick, highly underrated.
  • Arnold is a little bit older no doubt but he is still ARNOLD. 7 time Mr. Olympia, 3 time Mr. Universe, one of the best know faces on the planet. Arnold is awesome, any movie graced by his presence is awesome, regardless of the movie quality itself. Arnold has a presence about him that makes him almost superhuman. Arnold is the American Dream... what next, the Presidency?

    Stop the whining about Arnold being "too old", he is in better shape even now at 55 then 99.9% of you twenty year olds out there. Arnold is Awesome, Arnold is back...
  • Where can I get a copy of the screen play? I am interested in reading a copy. I have no problem showing my actors guild card. Any ideas?
    • by King Of Chat ( 469438 ) <> on Monday December 10, 2001 @05:39AM (#2681141) Homepage Journal
      We can work it out logically. IIRC it went like this:
      T1 - Arnie is trying to kill John Conner
      T2 - Arnie is trying to save John Connor

      The only logical conclusion is that in T3, Arnie is completely indifferent to the fate of John Connor.
      • by dduck ( 10970 )
        Nonononono! No!

        T3: Arnold IS John Connor!

        "Search your feelings John. You know this to be true!"
      • T3 - Arnie fancies the pants of John Connor
        T3 - John Connor tries to kill Arnie
        T3 - John Connor tries to save Arnie
        T3 - John Connor tries to get over his affection for Arnie so he can start spawning the next generation of global saviours (a lot of supranos style therapist scenes here!)
        T3 - Just a bunch of darkness, explotions, and a whole ARMY of those metal shape shifting dudes for 2 and a half hours until Arnie wins
      • T3 - Let's Get Silly: Just Arnie in front of a brick wall for an hour and a half. Here's a clip:

        "Did you ever notice how men always leave the toilet seat up?"...
        "That's the joke."

        "You suck, McBain, er, T-800"
        ...T-800 shoots audience.

        The Simpson's twigged this in 1995.
  • Strangely enough, it was approximately a month ago that I happen to be searching for DivX on Gnutella (I was looking for only legal videos of course) and one of the results was 'Terminator 3'. Although I'm the first to be skeptical of it's authenticity, the size was as it should be, and it wasn't comming from a system that had previously spewed out junk results. All I can say is that I tried to download it(at least the first few minutes) to see if it was a hoax, but the host was too busy (as is usually expected with Gnutella hosts with movies available) so I'm still not sure if it was indeed some sort of early version that got smuggled out, or just someone who created a file that was the right size, and made it available for others to download, as a joke (we all remember the bogus songs on Nappster don't we).
    • He just signed the deal, how can there be any footage yet? The best you can hope for is a video of the pages of the script.
      • I read the CNN article as well, and don't particularly believe what they had to say on the subject. For example, they prepended all of their statements with 'it's runmored' or 'sources told us', and if they are beginning filming in the second trimester of 2003, it's pushing things to try for a 2003 release date.

        Nevertheless, I agree it couldn't have been the actual movie , but it's possible it could have been something to do with T3.
  • People here have been saying that arnold is obviously too old to play a robot that doesn't age. May he will be playing the human being on which Skynet based the looks of the original terminator. Perhaps there's an interesting reason why that form was chosen.

  • Terminator (both the original and the sequal) are probably included in the shining jewels of the Sci-Fi Movie Crown.

    Consider this, like good sci-fi, the plot hinges on future scientific developements, in this case, cyborgs and time-travel. The plot isn't bad, even if it has been done before, and the acting is decent.

    The sequal is actually better then the first. Like any good sequal, it doesn't rely on the plot of the first, but instead lets a new plot develop, but a plot that is tied back into the first movie. I especially like the part about the asylum - finally, blowing up stuff to save the world has consequences. There is also the redevelopment of the Terminator character.

    All in all, good movies, and good sci-fi.

    Which means, they'll probably rape T3 in the name of "profits", and hack the script to hell.

  • It looks like [] Universal would rather deal with the Incredible Hulk than the Terminator.
    • Good. Those fuckers don't caption their DVD's. I'd rather see ANYONE get it than Universal.

      (And yes, they carry the [CC] mark on the box, but they are subtitles, not captions. And they are bad subtitles. Look at JP for an example. Yellow text on white/tan/yellow backgrounds aren't conducive to reading.)
  • They have been talking about doing these for 4 years now. Maybe even more. Everytime Arnold signs something, it gets all screawed up.

    Heres some sites that show some intresting info on it. Search around goolge, theres tons of sites.
    • etc

    I am a HUGE Terminator fan, and would LOVE to see if happen. But, I have been very disappointed many times already. If it happens, I am sure I will be the first at the theater. Until then, I will forget about it and see what happens.
  • by sharkey ( 16670 ) on Monday December 10, 2001 @11:23AM (#2682031)
    The overall cost of bringing "T3" to the screen has reportedly been placed at $165 million to $180 million, which would easily eclipse the record $135 million believed spent to make "Pearl Harbor."

    Star Peep
    Dateline: Costner Ranch

    Kevin Costner has issued a statement concerning the new "Terminator" movie's record-breaking budget of $165-$180 million.
    "$180 million is NOTHING compared to my new movie. Just as we did in Waterworld and the Postman, we will break new ground in budgetary extravagance with my offering of the "Sanitationer!" This 5 hour opus details the struggle of an Assistant Sidewalk Sanitizer to uphold the American Dream in the face of a Post-Apocalyptic Breakdown of the United States Government due to Electronic Piracy. The movie will follow him, (played by me, Kevin Costner), from his first day on the street, to his final, gloriously uplifting confrontation with the bad guy. We are up to $249 million, and we haven't even added the bazookas yet!"

    When asked if the job of a Assistant Sidewalk Sanitizer was picking up dog droppings, he replied, "Well, at first it is."
  • All of you complaining that there is no basis for sequels to T1 and T2 are ignoring one very important point: any movie based on the premise of time travel has built-in sequel possibilities. The SkyNet AIs can conceivably try over and over ad-infinitum.

    Besides, you didn't really think that they destroyed all of the intellectual property concerning Ahnold in T2, did you? Any company worth its 10Q filing has off-site backups ;).
  • thought that said "Terminex" when i first read it, and then thought, "Hm, that's odd product placement." whew, I really need that monday AM coffeee...
  • by quantaman ( 517394 ) on Monday December 10, 2001 @02:07PM (#2682921)
    The human's finally beat the machines once and for all with their deadly secret weapon...
    The /. effect!
  • a bunch of horny, nerdy, male adolescents. Who else would wank over a "Terminatrix" (undoubtedly to be played by some pretty actress with large bosoms and little talent; q. v. _Tomb Raider_), but the same crowd for whom Seven of Nine was written into "Voyager".


  • Don't know if this will impact the scheduling of the movie but......

    'Terminator' breaks ribs in motorcycle crash
    SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) -- Arnold Schwarzenegger was hospitalized with several broken ribs after a weekend motorcycle accident, his publicist said Monday.

    The 54-year-old star of the "Terminator" movies was resting at St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica after the Sunday afternoon crash, publicist Jill Eisenstadt said.

    Schwarzenegger, who is negotiating to appear in a third "Terminator" film, was "in good spirits, feeling sore, but otherwise fine," she said.

    "Don't worry," the actor said in a statement. "This won't affect my skiing with my family at Sun Valley (Idaho) this Christmas."

    Details of the motorcycle accident, which also occurred in Santa Monica, were not immediately available.

    Schwarzenegger underwent elective surgery to replace a heart valve in April 1997.

    His new movie "Collateral Damage," which was postponed after the Sept. 11 attacks because it's about terrorism, now is scheduled to open in February.

    link to another news source... []

  • Scene 1: Grand offices of "Crappy Films Are US!"

    Coke up the nose, money up the ass, 25 year old film executive

    "--And the title should sort of sound like 'Matrix' because 'The Matrix' was popular and people are so dip-shit stupid, that we can actually bank on them paying $11 a view just because it sounds similar to another movie they liked."

    Slicked-back, $100-blow-job-a-day, 37 year old executive who sort of looks like Kevin Spacey

    "Right again, Todd!"

    --Face it folks. T2 was good because James Cameron, a certifiable loony toon ego-maniac, happens to also be very good at his job. That's it. That's the only reason. Feed T3 to generic Hollywood, and you can pretty much bet on a BIG PIECE OF STEAMING SHIT to come out of the other end.

    Mmm! Hand me a bun!

    -Fantastic Lad

  • (I know; I'm taking these movies too seriously and should get laid instead. Blah, blah, blah..)

    One of my gripes with T2 was that Arnold was in it. (Not that I have anything against him.) Cameron explained away the 'fact' that his terminator looked the same as the one in the first movie, was that the terminators were mass-produced in a factory.

    I couldn't buy into that, though, because the terminators were intended for infiltration. The pesky humans aren't supposed to recognize them! If they all look the same, doesn't that mess things up?

    Each movie should have a different actor playing the terminator.

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