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Junkyard Wars: The Next Generation 300

A reader writes: "The makers of Junkyard Wars are starting up a new series called Ultimate Machine Combat. 30 teams and 30 days each to build "ultimate fighting vehicle" to battle in a "secret arena". This is attracting gear heads of all genres, including my local Jeep Club."
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Junkyard Wars: The Next Generation

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  • Death? (Score:5, Funny)

    by Kallahar ( 227430 ) <kallahar@quickwired.com> on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:39PM (#2926240) Homepage
    "Each week, three teams enter the arena but only one team lives to fight another day."

    Wow, that is ultimate.

    • by Ldir ( 411548 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:48PM (#2926299)
      1. Are there any restrictions on weaponry? The FAQ doesn't mention this.

      2. Will an M1 Abrams fit in an 8'x8'x20' container?

      Can't wait, should be a wild show.

    • Re:Death? (Score:4, Funny)

      by wo1verin3 ( 473094 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:52PM (#2926322) Homepage
      If this IS to the death, I'd like to see contestants from Tempation Island and Survivor apply.
      • Re:Death? (Score:3, Funny)

        by swordboy ( 472941 )
        If this IS to the death, I'd like to see contestants from Tempation Island and Survivor apply.

        Temptation Bots? Survivor Wars?

        You have to admit - this is the best of Battle Bots *and* JYW...
      • If it IS to the death I would love to see Kathy Rogers and the American hosts Tyler Whats-his-face and George Gray compete and lose a horrific, painful, and bloody battle. Then we can go back to the wonderful days of the first season where Robert Llewelyn was the one true host.
    • Re:Death? (Score:5, Funny)

      by fobbman ( 131816 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:54PM (#2926330) Homepage
      This just BEGS for a celebrity version, if it is truly to the death.

      I vote Carrot Top on his own team.

    • New Show (Score:4, Funny)

      by narcosis ( 31249 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @03:16PM (#2926452) Homepage
      The makers of Junkyard Wars are starting up a new series called Clock Speed Wars. 2 dorks each build an "ultimate computing device" to battle in a "secret porn downloading race". This is attracting fellow pocket-protector devotees of all genres, including my local Taped Glasses Club
  • One problem... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by SGDarkKnight ( 253157 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:42PM (#2926256)
    I'm all for junkyeard wars and all, but i don't think they should let people spend more on the machine that what they are allocated. This just means that someone will probably go and get some rich sponsor to give them a wack load of money, then hire some nasa engineers to design and build the machine.

    On the other hand, I can't wait to see the competition, should be really intresting.
    • Actually I'd be fascinated to see how an over-engineered ultra-expensive bot would fair against somebody sticking to the budget. Having watched much Battlebots, it's always hilarious to see some bot with sponsors, get it's butt handed to it by some 12 year old who built their bot as a science project for school.

      They mention that the arena is "secret". I'm wondering if the contestants know what they are getting into before they show up. Will they be able to customize the vehicle to the environment or will they have to build something fairly adaptable to handle an unknown situation. It would suck to show up with racing slicks on some low slung fast vehicle to find out that you have to deal with a mud bog, etc.
  • cool..but (Score:3, Funny)

    by Em Emalb ( 452530 ) <ememalb@g[ ]l.com ['mai' in gap]> on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:43PM (#2926260) Homepage Journal
    Will they get the idiots from Comedy Central to do "insightful" interviews like on Battle bots?

    Interviewer: "So, what possessed you to build this thing?"

    Interviewee: "Carmen Electra. I am a geek, and there's no chance of me getting close to her otherwise."

    Speaking of Carmen Electra...ahhh..nevermind, I'm finished ;)
    • Re:cool..but (Score:5, Interesting)

      by Cutriss ( 262920 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:52PM (#2926319) Homepage
      Just as long as they don't get that asshole from "Robotica" to do it.

      Robotica is *okay* on its own merits, but if he hosted Battlebots or Junkyard Wars, that'd totally ruin the show by itself.
      • Seeing as Kryten has a Junk 'em show (Scrapheap Challenge) and Lister has a Bot show (Robot Wars UK)...

        I've got it!!! Cat!!!!
      • Re:cool..but (Score:3, Informative)

        by daeley ( 126313 )
        Ahmet Zappa [discovery.com] is an acquired taste, to be sure, but he has toned down since last season. We grew to love the antics after a while. (One particular, ah, 'manuever' of his became a family meme: saying 'Robotica-style' and making convoluted hand motions.) He's the son of Frank Zappa, by the way, which might explain a bit ;-) and brother to Moon Unit and Dweezil.
      • I don't know, man. I think ever since Battlebots went to Comedy Central it's been ruined.

        Daily Show I like. Beat the Geeks I'll tolerate. But the new Battlebots is just sad.

        • Where was it before Comedy Central? I thought it was a ComCen original show.
          • Do yourself a favor and check out this link [robotcombat.com]. It's a timeline that discusses the history of Robot Wars, which originated in California (not the UK), and the origins of Battlebots and Robotica. It's a very interesting read about a wide-eyed geek and the corporations that ate him up and spit him out.
    • Re:cool..but (Score:5, Insightful)

      by daeley ( 126313 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @03:06PM (#2926389) Homepage
      Yeah, Carmen is cool to look at, but she doesn't hold a candle to the beautiful, brainy, and British Cathy Rogers [discovery.com].
    • Re:cool..but (Score:3, Insightful)

      by UberOogie ( 464002 )
      Carmen Electra has ruined BattleBots.

      Sure, she looks nice in a generic and souless kind of way, but at least the other BattleBot bimbos they had in previous seasons could fake enthusiasm in a somewhat believable way. Electra just stands there, stock still, with the microphone in the spokesmodel position, and then whores herself out monotone. You can tell she is just doing it for the money and hates being there.

      And now, the show has become Carmen Electra & Battlebots. She is in every segment. They talk about her, get her to do interviews, or cut to her in the stands so she can say one line, and then cut back to the booth so they can make some sexual innuendo about her one line.


      Okay, I'm done now.

      Yeah, we're OT at this point, but I'm capped. Go crazy.

      • Re:cool..but (Score:2, Insightful)

        by Fishstick ( 150821 )
        >cut back to the booth so they can make some sexual innuendo about her one line

        Yahknow, I'm up for a good double-entendre as much as the next guy, but these are forced and unfunny. Plus, I like to watch this show with my kids, and I crindge now everytime they cut to Carmen.

        Notice how they cut to her a lot and she doesn't have anything interesting to say? She 'interviews' the contenstants after the bout:

        So, you guys really 'creamed' them, didn't you *wink,wink*?

        Heh, yah... he's a really good driver, and we just tried to keep_

        OK, thanks! Back to you, Bill!

        Give me Cathy Rogers *any* day.
  • Dangerous? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Geeyzus ( 99967 ) <mark_madej@POLLO ... om minus painter> on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:45PM (#2926267)
    I am assuming, since this is coming from the Junkyard Wars standpoint and not necessarily Battlebots, are these vehicles manned?

    And if so, there have to be some pretty strict regulations. Is this going to be a demolition derby or a large-scale battlebots war with pneumatic spikes and huge sawblades ripping cars apart? Obviously any humans in the ring would be in serious danger. So I have to imagine these things are unmanned.

    This is probably then 1 of 3 possibilities:
    • Manned cars, but the safety regulations will turn this into a glorified demolition derby... *yawn*
    • Unmanned cars, so a huge-scale battlebots thing.... pretty cool, and very expensive... cool to watch I'm sure. But I doubt this is the format.
    • Unmanned, small remote control cars.... so, Battlebots. But why would they re-do Battlebots???
    My thoughts are, that this will be a really cool, dangerous show, or a boring Battlebots ripoff... hard to tell from the website.

    • Re:Dangerous? (Score:5, Insightful)

      by EricWright ( 16803 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:49PM (#2926301) Journal
      Well, the FAQ says the vehicle must accomodate a roll cage. Pretty useless unless someone is going to be *in* the thing.

    • Re:Dangerous? (Score:2, Informative)

      if you RTFA (which apparently you did with a lack of attention) you'd know that it's gonna be manned because your three man team requires a person with diving/racing skills/experience.
    • Re:Dangerous? (Score:4, Interesting)

      by Rogerborg ( 306625 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @03:41PM (#2926600) Homepage
      • I am assuming, since this is coming from the Junkyard Wars standpoint and not necessarily Battlebots, are these vehicles manned? [...] Unmanned cars, so a huge-scale battlebots thing.... pretty cool, and very expensive... cool to watch I'm sure. But I doubt this is the format.

      Doubt ye not. There was a Scrapheap Challenge (the original UK title) battle of the champions event in the UK using exactly this format. Two salvage cars, radio controlled with salvaged motors turning the wheels and pushing the pedals, and just ramming the bejeesus out of each other in an old quarry.

      It was splendidly entertaining, with a few flaws that could easily be ironed out (i.e. don't put a high scoring scoring target area on the top of the car then count any old trailing bit of chain that hits it). Both teams tried to put clever weapons on their vehicles, but ended up just smashing lumps out of each other, which is what we really want to see, right?

      You're right about the safety aspect though. One of the cars jammed on full throttle, and they had to drive it in circles, then up the quarry wall until it tipped over. A bit scary for the production crew, but top fun for the viewers.

  • by Bonker ( 243350 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:45PM (#2926268)
    Although I don't watch them very often... once or twice a month... I really like shows like Battlebots, Robotica, and Junkyard wars because they trigger the same emotional response in children as pro-sports, and even faux-sports like Professional Wrestling.

    Rather than be encouraged to spend all their time getting their bodies in peak/steroid-enhanced condition for the sport of their choice and then being completely burned out and unable to pursue any other line of work by the time they're an adult, kids are encouraged to learn mechanics, engineering, coding, and other tech skills that will benifit them later in life in professional or technical careers.
    • I assure you, watching a team saw a Land Rover in half triggers an entirely different response than watching a bunch of greased-up steroid cases yell at each other.
      • kids are encouraged to learn mechanics, engineering, coding, and other tech skills that will benifit them later in life in professional or technical careers.

      I find Scrapheap Challenge (the original UK title of Junkyard Wars) very bitter sweet. One the one hand it's wonderful watching new toys being made, but on the other hand, the custom car builder in me wails in anguish at all those irreplacable and beautiful old donor vehicles being angle ground into pieces.

      I rather fear that general engineering skills are becoming niche hobbyist skills rather than valuable vocational tools. Sad, but that's progress, I suppose.

    • As much as I like Junkyard Wars, I dislike Battlebots, Robotica, etc. In Junkyard Wars the two teams build are generally competing on equal terms -- same amount of time, same resources (junkyard). We get to see them make decisions (good, bad and the ugly). There are little side bits about the theory behind some of those decisions, with commentary about what a wrong choice can mean. And the point of the competition isn't simply destructions and mayhem. I find that geeky fun. Simply crashing bots together with various whackers and mashers just doesn't have the same appeal.

      I let my four year old watch Junkyard Wars. Actually it's his favorite show! We have a bunch on tape (they had a marathon the day after Thanksgiving) and they hold up to repeat viewing. He's probably seen each episode six to ten times.

      But there is no way is he allowed the death-and-destruction bot shows. From what I've seen of them, I fail to see where kids are:

      encouraged to learn mechanics, engineering, coding, and other tech skills that will benifit them later in life in professional or technical careers.
      Well, other than in a very second hand fashion. Junkyard Wars on the other hand shows the teams in action using such skills on camera.

      I'm not all that encouraged by the description of the new show, but I guess I'll reserve judgement for now.

  • Junk (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Skyshadow ( 508 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:45PM (#2926271) Homepage
    Bah, it'd be a lot more cool if they have ten hours to build the machine in the junkyard.
  • by iiii ( 541004 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:46PM (#2926279) Homepage
    I'd love to see a "fighting vehicle" with EMP capabilities. WHAM, all computer components and electronics, like fuel injection, in the other vehicles are disabled. I win. Well, it would probably be silent, not WHAM. And it wouldn't make for great tv viewing, since it would melt all the equipment recording the scene. Still, that would rock. Wonder if the rules specifically prohibit such genius.
    • That's a pretty tall order.

      The EMP assemblies I've seen take up a lot of space for relatively poor performace -- the entire cargo area of a minibus in exchange for making some monitors flicker. I'm sure this could be miniturized, but I think you'd need something pretty serious to cook a car's electronics.

      If the arena's fairly small, you could use a couple of tanks of halon to give anyone using a gasoline engine a nasty shock -- suffocate the engine. Otherwise, I've seen a device in testing by the police that fires a contact under the chassis of a fleeing vehicle to make contact, hitting 'em with a jolt of juice. Car taser.

      • I saw a demonstration of an EMP device that was no larger then a pipe-bomb. It worked for about a 25 foot radius, certianly large enough to take out a competing vehical. And it did go WHAM. actually is was more like BANG, but you get the pisture, I just need to ramble to get past the 20 sec thing.
      • I saw one that had a directional antenna, was able to fit on an A/V cart, and was able to stall a car from 20 feet. Pretty cool, but kinda scary considering he built it using consumer parts and for less than 10k. There was some report about it on ABC News a year or two ago.
    • What would be even more hilarious is to have them step into the arena thinking they are going to demolish the other team with their EMP. Then they find out about 5 seconds later that the competitor is all old school. Then Mr. Old School drives them into the ground thanks to all that money they wasted.

      Also, any effective EMP device would likely piss off TLC. You know how expensive those cameras are? :)
    • I'd love to see a "fighting vehicle" with EMP capabilities.

      That would be a wee bit hard on the camera crew - well the equipment anyhow...
  • At last ... (Score:2, Funny)

    by Terao ( 22771 )
    A docusoap for techies. :-)
  • Deadline past (Score:2, Informative)

    by Alrocket ( 191107 )
    This program is really cool, has been running this side of the pond for years.

    The deadline for sending in applications is Monday 28th January 2002.

    That's unfortunate timing, need to /. these things quicker in future :)

    Maybe if you can get enough /.ers interested and write to them (quickly) you might be able to extend it a week or so.


    14622 Ventura Blvd. #1017
    Sherman Oaks CA, 91403

    The application procedure [junkyard-wars.com] is pretty cool :-)


  • by Mean_Nishka ( 543399 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:47PM (#2926288) Homepage Journal
    I want missiles, explosives, and all out warfare! Hopefully as this mechanized destruction genre grows, we'll start seeing some extreme versions with projectiles, high explosives and pleny of gasoline.

    Enough of this panzy safety stuff :).

    • Yeah, and maybe we could get some lions and Christians, and we would really be set!

      I'm surprised no one has though of this before!

    • Oh yeah, dude. Can I have all these on my car too? I'd like to throw some to those fucking drivers who cut you off on highway, so close that the tail of their car almost touches your car headlight, and without even signalling.

      Or does anyone have the recipe for that two-color gum in the movie Mission Impossible? That'll do too.
  • My first thought was to use the body of an M113 APC, but the vehicle must fit in a 8 x 8 x 20 cargo container for shipment to England. The vehicle can be disassembled for transport, but it has to be able to be put back together in under four hours. Damn!

    I drove APC for 5 years... and they can do some amazing things.
    • by wiredog ( 43288 )
      Sink like a rock. If some damn fool forgets to put the drain plugs back in before the river crossing.
      • I actually know someone who did that.

        Luckily, no one died. But let just say he didn't drive a 113 anymore.

        It was cool to see the tank recovery vehicle pull it to shore, though. Now those things are huge.
  • by augros ( 513862 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:48PM (#2926292)
    maybe i'll submit my stone vehicle with no moving parts. it's virtually indestructable!
  • I don't like this having the 'junkyard wars' name attached to it. It should have the 'battlebots' name attached. The joy of junkyard wars is that each week is a different scenario, with a different goal!

    You are already introducing the goal to everyone way ahead of time. Now you're just going to get the basic 'battlebot' type constructs (ie: ramp, buzzsaw, etc...).

    Way to take something creative and make it something repetitive...
  • by anti-snot ( 555305 )
    Are they still doing the silly thing with an audience? Shows of this nature *should* be filmed in the wilderness with the (few) required cameramen in bunkers and the human combatants safely sealed away... then they can get rid of those silly safety rules. Like explosives, adhesives, electrics, liquids...
    • What audience?

      Perhaps you're thinking of BattleBots, Robotica, or Robot Wars. All of those have studio audiences. Junkyard Wars and Scrapheap Challenge have never had audiences, except for one of the dragster races. That was the grand championship of the season, and numerous competitors from that season and previous ones were in the stands at the dragstrip during the races.

  • High Power Weaponry (Score:3, Interesting)

    by don_carnage ( 145494 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:50PM (#2926314) Homepage
    Why is it when anyone mentions robots fighting, they always think of sawblades and pneumatic spikes? I want to see .50 caliber machine guns, napalm and mines. I mean come on a metal ball on a spike spinning at 3000rpm? How about a 1/2" slug of steel traveling at 1500fps?


    • 20 mm depleted uranium slugs at a rate of 5000 rounds/minute.
    • 1500fps! thats some killer framerate dude!

      1/2 inch slug travelling at 1500fps is easy to stop, if you prepare for it, which they would if it was allowed.
      how about a pony nuke?
    • I want to see .50 caliber machine guns, napalm and mines. I mean come on a metal ball on a spike spinning at 3000rpm? How about a 1/2" slug of steel traveling at 1500fps?

      Fun? Yes. But would you want to volunteer for that camera-man job? Even if you had remote controlled cameras, chances are they get blown to pieces Real Quick. :)
      • Nah, this is a solved problem. People take pictures of explosions all the time at very short ranges.

        Step 1: Built a *^##% thick wall

        Step 2: Place camera behind wall. Attach remote pan+zoom

        Step 3: Put a mirror so that the camera can see around the wall

  • by Chundra ( 189402 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:51PM (#2926318)
    It seems like if you stick the average soccer mom behind the wheel of a jeep grand cherokee, give her some eye makeup, a cell phone, and a few boxes of mcnuggets she would destroy the competition.
  • by fobbman ( 131816 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @02:58PM (#2926353) Homepage
    For the sake of Patriotism I say that Colin Powell should enter. The rules did state that they will allow you to spend MORE than the money that they give you, and nothing would be greater than to see the looks on the MIT entrants faces when the Area 51 entry enters the arena.

    • Hehe. I can just imagine the shipping container /floating/ down onto the battle field. :) Yah that would rock, hehe. Best part would be if it could change its own size and stuff so that when it came out of the shipping container it expanded to a few hundred feet in diameter and proceeded to blow the entire arena up and create a crater a few miles in diameter. :)
  • Let's face it, the worst thing about those robot shows is the combat. It's never particularly destructive, and it's not very exciting to watch. The announcers scream like it's a gladatorial fight to the death, but in reality there's a little chipped paint and maybe some smoke from a burned out motor. Oh, and sometimes things fall off. The safety rules prevent anything really cool from happening. This is why the best of the robot shows is Robotica, they seem to understand that obstacles and problem solving are the true tests of engineering prowess, though that duel at the end is the worst part of the show. With this new show the combat will probably be even worse. It seems to involve human piloting, so the safety regs will be pretty strict. No more fun there. Seems like it'll be little more than demolition derby with custom cars. And what's with the unlimited budget? Everyone should be limited to the cash they give you and no more. Building it at home is pretty boring too. The design and build process, especially under a tight deadline with ad hoc equipment, is the most interesting part. Of course, since you're allowed effectively unlimited time and money, you can just buy a victory once the ideal design has been established. It's not like there's a dearth or research on fighting vehicles.

    The problem solving with limited time and equipment of Junkyard Wars is what makes it one of the best shows out there. Sure, I suppose you could say Battlebots is "problem solving," but it's hardly a new and unique problem with new approaches. And you can build your bot at home with just about anything you want. At this point the effectiveness of the various robot designs have pretty much been settled and it's down to the small differences. Did you know there's even at least one book on breaking into the robot competition business? Yeah, business. It's becoming about as exciting as NASCAR. What it comes down to is Battlebots is about form, Junkyard Wars is about function. To put it in Slashdot terms, Battlebots is for MCSEs and Junkyard Wars is for Linux geeks.
  • by RebornData ( 25811 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @03:07PM (#2926399)
    For better or for worse, this doesn't sound like a battlebots-style "destroy the competition" demolition derby. Rather, it's a massive obstacle course (details to be disclosed), although the vehicle is supposed to be able to survive small collisions. The idea is not to build a massively destructive machine, but rather one that is as versatile as possible with respect to handling terrain, towing things, etc...
  • We want to see hot hosts. Junkyard wars had some obnoxious hosts, and neither were hot, one was even male. Battlebots is fun to watch at times, and then greatly annoying while the male announcers are jawing off. My reccomendation: have two Carmen-Electraesque hosts dressed in thong bikinis and let them ask simple questions like "how's it going" to the builders. That way, we'll hear from people we want to hear from, and we'll see what we want to see.
  • The robots used in these games are little more than glorified RC cars. Next stage would be to get the bots completely computer controlled. Of course, that could be rather dangerous. The simple directive, "Kill anything that moves" could have hazardous consequences if the arena boundaries are somehow blurred.

  • Junk Yard Bots!

    I'd like to see them turn loose the guys from Battle Bots into a junk yard full of Futaba equipped rubble...
  • by vtweb ( 132332 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @03:19PM (#2926465) Homepage
    These people at http://www.srl.org/ have
    been building massive destructive machines
    since 1978, staging large outdoor events
    generally involving shows akin to "let's shake them in a jar, and see if they'll fight".
    Flames, jet engines, crushers, all the things this new program would want.
  • by bani ( 467531 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @03:19PM (#2926469)
    The LAST thing we need on TV is another faux-WWF show. Gah!!!

    Come on, we already have Battlebots, Robotica, etc...

    Do we REALLY need ANOTHER?

    We need more CONSTRUCTIVE shows like Junkyard Wars / Scrapheap Challenge.

    We don't need another idiot 'bang contestants machines against each other till the audience falls asleep from utter boredom'.

    I can see it now. A scantily clad cathy rogers draping herself over the contestants machines while robert llewelyn growls and grunts like an idiot white trash WWF announcer.
  • I think the market for this is still largely un-tapped. I see corporate sponsorship of these teams in the future, like they do with Nascar.

    Actually, what they are doing sounds alot like Battle Bots, which I think probably has even greater potential. There's something cathartic about seeing a robot get smashed to bits by another robot.
  • I would just get something with a rocket launcher on it and blow the other teams up. Way I see it you could drag your vehicle along after that and you would still win. All you need is here [rusarm.ru]
  • If you could only find the parts to build an EMP gun [niu.edu] it would be easy to win. I'm afraid it wouldn't make for good TV, though.
  • by CKW ( 409971 ) on Wednesday January 30, 2002 @03:46PM (#2926659) Journal

    I'm sick of seeing two small wedges on wheels roll around like they were being driven by drunk mice, with matches only lasting 60 seconds, usually ended by some kind of mysterious mechanical failure. I'm sick of seeing "house robots" and "obstacle courses".

    I want to see two robots fight one another, nothing else.

    I want to see a plain empty gravel pit, with no crowds. I want to see two robots go in, and only one come out. I want to see four class systems. Weight classes, cost classes, power classes, and armaments classes.

    Power Classes:
    - Batteries
    - Unlimited

    Armaments Classes:
    - Mechanical weapons only
    - liquid/flamable-fuel/sub-cm-projectile based weapons allowed*
    - Unlimited class, large caliber projectiles, explosives and shaped charges, and EMP weapons allowed.

    The weight and costs classes will have to be set depending on just how many people are willing to compete in them, and considering that now most people have to face the real possibility of having their bot totalled in-game.

    May the best team win.

    And this time, the losers really do go to the scrapheap!

    (*) go-go-gadget sand-blaster! :)

  • Oh, that should be fun!

    Mini Cooper vs. Hummer

  • Oh man I was hoping it was going to be the Steve Jackson game CAR WARS come true! But alas it's nothing like it. you know a Derby with projectile weapons... even if they are just grappling devices or blunt impact devices would just rock, espically if they can get a 4 block arena complete with burned out buildings and people on foot with Light antitank weapons.... oh wait. that might violate the rules .
  • While I'm up for a robot running a hazard course that has the potential to destroy said robot I'm not the biggest fan of the new fangled americanized JYW. While the Canadian is funny ("You're like totally runnin out of time eh!") the new method for forming teams sucks. I liked the old days of the entire team being engineers not just people who knew how to weld. Too many times it is the expert just giving instructions only to get confused looks on the faces of their teammates. It is also a pretty regular occurance that the team doesn't know what the fuck it is they're building. Maybe it is just me who likes to see engineers add features to their designs until it doesn't work following the old adage. Oh well, here's hoping one of these robots goes on a rampage and somebody has to call Ultraman to come fight it.
  • Most are around 2,5 x 6,5m, just over the 2,4 x 6m requirement... I'm sure someone will find a slightly smaller one.. add a batting ram, some additional wheel armoring to prevent wheels from getting jammed/punctured in the collisions.. Who needs a engineer, I think that team should have a medic instead - for the opponenets :)

  • Hopefully British (Score:2, Insightful)

    by nedron ( 5294 )
    Hopefully, this will be produced in England, as the American-based show was terribly lame. The male hosts were terrible and the American teams too, too, how do I say it --- too American! I'm an American and there is nothing worse than watching a bunch of bozos running around "whoop, whooping" and "raising the roof". Ugh! Additionally, it seemed as though many of the challenges were simply rehashes of British shows.

    I'm also not looking forward to this new series because I'm not into monster trucks or demolition derbies, which is the crowd this show seems to be targetting.

  • http://www.sjgames.com/car-wars/aada/

    When I was in high school, it was a boardgame. Now it's for real.

    ...rock on...
  • How long (Score:3, Funny)

    by cgleba ( 521624 ) on Thursday January 31, 2002 @01:10AM (#2929300)
    unitl the machines on these shows get so destructive that DARPA starts to fund them? :).

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