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Star Wars Episode II Trailer Tonight 336

Covant was among several to note that Fox is going to air a 2 1/2 minute trailer for Star Wars Episode II tonight, in between Malcolm and The X-Files. I've seen the trailers released so far, and really hope that this one can convince me that Clones isn't going to continue to follow the path to the dark side like Menace did.
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Star Wars Episode II Trailer Tonight

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  • by satsujin ( 238098 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @05:36PM (#3139258)
    In all of the three previews, (including the one that's "for DVD owners only) there's no sign of Jar-Jar. Does this mean we're to be spared the tedium?

    Aside, is this particular trailer the same on as is available to DVD owners?
    • Not true, Jar Jar's been in the trailers. Not up front, but in background shots where Sam Jackson is up front.

      He's in the movie. He plays the Gungan ambassador who becomes the ambassador for all of Naboo when Amidala cuts out and leaves with Anakin.

      He's not in the movie nearly as much as he was in the first, though. And when he's introduced for the first time in this one...the audience is going to have a laugh, even (especially?) if they are Jar Jar haters.

    • No, they are waiting to introduce Jar-Jar's wife. Her name is not yet known, but I've heard that she's somewhat of a cross between Cruella deVille and Barney the Purple Dinosaur. Expensive taste in clothes, nastier than a wet Sith Lord, and you can guess what she talks like.
    • How did you miss that tall head and those floppy ears? Check out the trailers again, he's next to Queen Amidala in one of the shots, making all of us cringe.

      The trailer tonight will definitely not show him, according to sources.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Meesa say yousa no be likin us poor gungans dats what isa tink. Wesa just bin myndin meesa own buisinesses ansa meeser George Lucas come don hear ansa get big boss to makin us acatorses. Isa not know whysa we so not liked, yousa all tink yousa better tan us gungans, isa gonna sit in the corner and cry nowsa. :'(
    • I never liked Star Wars. I don't even remember the movies, except for the ugly outfits (the stormtrooper tenue is passable).

      Now there are lots of people here who like Star Wars. So I don't want to start a Star Wars is good/bad type of thing. The point is, I don't like the series, I ignore it, to each his own, yadda yadda. Then on the other hand you have the people who like it, who watch it, and (figuring from the comments), for the most part are disappointed with it. Especially with Jar Jar Binks. People really hate Jar Jar Binks [], and will go to great lengths detailing the precise nature of their discontent with Jar Jar Binks.

      Now the funny thing is that all this hubbub is fast making Jar Jar Binks into the most memorable character in the second Star Wars series. In fifteen years time, we'll all be going "Remember Jar Jar?" - "Yeah, he was horrible.". I mean I could care less about Star Wars and Death Stars, but I do know that Jar Jar Binks is a character to loathe. Jar Jar may have been a creative mistake, a creative disaster even, but you have to respect commercial genius.

      • So I don't want to start a Star Wars is good/bad type of thing.

        Try being like me, who simply holds that Star Wars is Fantasy rather than Science Fiction. I generally keep it to myself, but my friends like pointing it out to people who are Star Wars fans for two reasons: for some reason, it tends to really piss off hardcore fans (why, I have no idea, as there's no "better" genre), and my arguments have been very polished after discussing this in hallways in conventions after "friends" hook some guy into talking to me. :) Truth be told, it's an amusing way to pass the time, and I do believe it, so it's not trolling...

        Evan "New Con signin question: What's your Karma?"

    • Not only is he in the trailer... it may be far worse...
      This [] and this [] is (no joking!!!) concept art for the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies.

      Prey that nothing like that makes the final cut... Not in the film, nor in the game... ever!
    • No sign of Jar-Jar, maybe, but take a look at this [], about 1/3 down. There's actually a character named "Elan Sleazebaggano." Sleazebaggano?? That's so cheesie it's almost insulting.

      • And "Greedo" isn't? Seriously, though, that kind of stuff has been all over Star Wars ever since the first movie. They give a lot of the background characters goofy names. I doubt Sleazebaggano will actually be mentioned by name in the film.
  • Isn't it strange how advertising an advertisment will increase rating for a show? That's completely backwards, you're all clones!
  • too (Score:5, Informative)

    by MisterBlister ( 539957 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @05:37PM (#3139266) Homepage
    Its going to be posted up at at the same time its shown on Fox (at 9PM). One has to assume they are going to put it online at 9PM eastern, so westcoasters (and those in the middle) can get an early peek (relative to their time zone) online.

    I'm expecting the net in general won't be working so well for a few minutes there..

  • More trailers? (Score:2, Informative)

    by mattvd ( 44096 )
    Maybe this is old news, but Apple lists two trailers (in QuickTime format of course) for Episode II on thier trailer page here: []
    • The trailer tonight is actually the 4th trailer, overall. Its the final trailer before the movie opens. Its also the longest and gives the most accurate picture of what the main contents of the movie are going to be (read: Lots of Jedi fighting & dying, lots of Jango Fett kicking ass, Yoda kicking some ass, etc).

      Be sure to check it out.

    • "Breathing" and "Forbidden Love" are the two trailers I've seen officially posted so far. There's one I got thats labeled "Episode II Teaser trailer" which does seem to have some new footage that the others don't have. And just last night, shown in front of "The Time Machine" was an EP2. trailer which looked to be "Forbidden Love" trailer and the "Teaser Trailer" combined into one.
  • by redink1 ( 519766 ) <`moc.liamtoh' `ta' `1knider'> on Sunday March 10, 2002 @05:39PM (#3139288) Homepage Journal
    According to Moriarity at AICN, the script to Attack of the Clones doesn't suck that bad []. But who knows how it will turn out... Oh, and this FOX trailer also starts at exactly 8:59:17 [].
    • by KilljoyAZ ( 412438 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @05:57PM (#3139407) Homepage
      I'd take anything AICN's Moriarty says about a Star Wars script with a grain of salt, considering how much praise he lavished over the Episode I script. Here's an excerpt:
      Let go of your ideas of what the film is going to be, everyone. You can't be like Jeffrey Wells and walk into this ready to hate it. You can't possibly know how textured and wonderful the story Lucas has to tell is going to be. The thing that makes THE PHANTOM MENACE possibly my favorite STAR WARS story so far (on paper, mind you) is the details. The time off has done something unexpected to Lucas as a storyteller -- it made him better. Considering how he's always doubted himself as a writer, I think it showed remarkable confidence in not putting this script through another writer, someone who might have diluted our return to this place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Even the wonderful Frank Darabont would have diluted it, simply because what we got wouldn't be pure Lucas anymore. It's remarkable to read the actual words Lucas put on paper. There's just enough on the page to get the actors moving, but he doesn't really describe the world. What's there is just raw STAR WARS, straight from the tap -- the characters and how they relate. That's enough, though, because these are real characters that are instantly iconic, but also truly human.

      Let me put the final nail in the coffin. Here's what he had to say about Jar Jar:
      I am delighted to report that Jar Jar not only works, but that the Gungans are, as a whole, a welcome addition to the mythology of the STAR WARS universe. Jar Jar is an exile from the other Gungans because he's clumsy. Not just a little, either, but monumentally so. Once Jar Jar meets the Jedi, though, that trait begins to pay off, with Jar Jar mistakenly bumbling his way out of danger and up the chain of command until he ends up a general in the film's final battle. This works well in the script. Jar Jar is funny, but the humor in 1977's A NEW HOPE is one of that film's strong points. This script balances the humor with honest, direct writing that gives Jar Jar (dare I say?) a soul. He may be a sidekick, but here's betting that Jar Jar Binks becomes one of the biggest EPISODE I stars once audiences get their real introduction.

      You can read the rest here []. I'll believe Lucas has actually made a good movie when I see it finished and on the big screen.
  • by colmore ( 56499 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @05:40PM (#3139294) Journal
    The basic problem with the new Star Wars movies is that they are litterally incapable of failing. There will be lines of people simply because of the first two words in the title. Episode 3 could be Star Wars: the return of the 17th century parlor comedy, and half of Slashdot would be there.

    If George Lucas has betrayed his original vision and is simply milking fans for cash, don't go along with it. At least wait for the rental. I promise you, your life will not be significantly altered if you refuse to pay $10 to be dissapointed for two hours.
    • Episode 3 could be Star Wars: the return of the 17th century parlor comedy, and half of Slashdot would be there.

      Actually I doubt I could stay away from a film with that title.


    • I promise you, your life will not be significantly altered if you refuse to pay $10 to be dissapointed for two hours.

      I disagree. You'll be left out of countless inside jokes and references that your friends, comedians, and of course, /.ers will make.

      If you didn't watch Phantom Menace until it was rentable, you would have no idea who this Jar-Jar was, and how he could have sucked so bad to lead some people to suicide.

      • I disagree. Not when you can download STAR_WARS_AOTC_SCREENER.avi literally 3 hours after it has been released. I saw Menace before most of my friends did in the theatre.

      • If you didn't watch Phantom Menace until it was rentable, you would have no idea who this Jar-Jar was, and how he could have sucked so bad to lead some people to suicide.
        I still haven't seen Episode I, yet I know who Jar-Jar Binks, Queen Amidala, Darth Maul, etc are, and know the basic synopsis of the story line. Given the fact that I only watch about 5 hours of television per month, and never go to the cinemas, that's pretty indicative of the amount of hype that surrounded the movie. Hell, I don't even have cable (don't want it, either), so I probably will never see Episode I (or II, or III) unless I happen to be at a friend's house and it just happens to be on at the time.
      • If you didn't watch Phantom Menace until it was rentable, you would have no idea who this Jar-Jar was

        I'll have to disagree. I STILL have yet to watch it. BUT I have a couple geek-a-zoid friends that saw it several-teen times between them. I've watched the trailers, read reviews, seen screen captures, etc. I'm in no rush to get it. The next time I find myself with 17 bucks to burn, maybe I'll get it.

        I much more prefer watching Office Space, or Fire Walk with Me, or T-2, anyway.

        My point is that I don't need to see it. Maybe if I've nothing better to do, I'll go rent it. I think hitting F5 waiting to try to get a Fyr57 P057 is more entertaining, from what I know of that flick.

        Just my own opinion.
    • ...listen to critics? I think I'd rather decide for myself.

      Alternatively, I can read Jon Katz's review :).

    • I think that, like a lot of people here, you got it backwards. Lucas doesn't betray his vision but *YOURS*. Everyone has their own hopes and ideas about what Star Wars should be but it has nothing to do with Lucas's own vision. I adding comic releif characters like Jar-Jar is part of what he thinks Star Wars should be, then the fanatics be damned because that's what it will be about.
      • People here believe that EP 1 betrayed Lucas' *original* vision for SW, not his current one.

        Comic relief was definitely part of the original vision, but many people here believe that EP 4, 5 and 6 were not just kiddie movies, but appealed to adults as well.

        Even if the old Star Wars was just for kids, none of the fans who saw the original release is still a kid. Disney's quite successful at making fantasy movies that appeal to kids and adults alike. Lucas should aspire to that.
        • No, Star Wars was a *bit* more serious than a pure kiddie flick. The mark of a live action kiddie movie is children starring in lead rolls (hmmm...) Dark Crystal and Labyrinth were (very good) kiddie fantasy movies; Star Wars was definitely juvinile but I think it is a mainstream fantasy, it occupies a higher place in the pop-culture conciousness than Ninja Turtles.

          The new movies aren't bad because they're made for children (heck, I absolutely *loved* Monsters, Inc.) they're bad because they're *bad* children's movies.
        • Comic relief was definitely part of the original vision, but many people here believe that EP 4, 5 and 6 were not just kiddie movies, but appealed to adults as well.

          I don't think they actually appeal to adults all that much, but to overgrown kids. Don't get me wrong, I don't see that as a bad thing -- but the Star Wars movies are not "adult" films. They're adolescent pablum.
    • Episode 3 could be Star Wars: the return of the 17th century parlor comedy, and half of Slashdot would be there.

      If it were "Star Wars: the Scalability of Linux in the Death Star's Mainframes", then the other half of /. would be there. :-)
    • I promise you, your life will not be significantly altered if you refuse to pay $10 to be dissapointed for two hours.

      Nor will my life be significantly altered if I do pay $7.50 (going rate in Denver) to see the next movie. I wasn't disappointed with Phantom Menace, and I expect that I'll enjoy this one as well. Granted, there were some parts of PM that were lacking, but overall I enjoyed it.

      Even if Clones is disappointing, it won't be the end of the world...but if it's good, I'd rather see it on a decent-sized screen.
  • Oh... it's not The Empire Strikes Back? Damn.
  • I saw the "forbidden love" trailer at LotR with my entire family (I'd seen it before already). My dad, who loved the original trilogy, moaned at the end. Who'd have thought they could find a worse Annakin than Jake Lloyd? As for Natalie, I'm still wondering what happened to her after The Professional.

    I'll probably go to Episode II on opening day, but I'm going to ingest suitable quantities of mood-altering substances first. The only good thing about the first movie was the sound went out for a few minutes, so we got free vouchers and I got to see The Matrix.
    • ... you hated the Phantom Menace, don't like Hayden, don't like Portman, don't like the earlier trailers, and don't seem inclined to like this episode either.

      Yet, you're going to watch the movie, and to top it off on OPENING DAY ! Is that pathetic or what ? If you don't like the movies and the actors, just don't freaking go see it. Less people on the line and less whiners in the theater the better for the rest of us.
    • > As for Natalie, I'm still wondering what happened to her after The Professional.

      Yeah, she was quite fuckable in *The Professional*, wasn't she? Especially in the *Leon* extended cut. Mmmm, jailbait. Tastes like chicken... ;-)

      But seriously, I didn't think her acting was that bad in TPM--it's just that the script called for a wooned "regal" performance. I can just imagine Lucas directing her into mediocrity: "No, Natalie, say it with less feeling this time. You're a Queen who doesn't know the common people yet, which is why you pretend to be one of them to learn. But right now you're aloof, so act like you're Queen Victoria trying to hold it in after being given a laxative."

      In contrast most of her other recent performances have been great, like in *Where the Heart Is*. Oh, and in those topless pictures the paparazzi got of her at the beach. Her performance in those was good, too. ;-)
      • But seriously, I didn't think her acting was that bad in TPM--it's just that the script called for a wooned "regal" performance. I can just imagine Lucas directing her into mediocrity

        Agreed. There's only so much you can do with the material you're given. Even Harrison Ford used to complain that "no one can say these lines." I think too many Star Wars actors get unfairly criticized when in truth, the dialogue just can't be delivered convincingly.
  • Karma Whore :) (Score:2, Interesting)

    OK, if you want to see some crappy pics of the trailer already, look here []. If you look at one of the bottom pics, you can see the early Star Destroyer taking off.
  • I dont care what anyone says, the first toys/movies i remember having/seeing were star wars, and, by god, if i'm no there at the midnight showing, i will be there for the 12:01 showing.

    BTW: if you didnt read the Phantom Menace book for the movie, you really sort of missed out on a lot...

    Any good story has four parts, intro, building, climax, and denoument(sp?)...if you expect Ep. I to have a full story, you totally missed the boat. Ep I was the intro/setup to a lot of background in the dual-trilogy...

    Now, i'm by no means saying i wouldnt but a bullet between jar-jar's eyes, i hated that as much as anyone, but, other than jar-jar, the story set up a lot that will come to be explained in the Ep's II and III...

    1. Once again, in the book, you get a glimpse of Anakin's rift forming with Obi-Wan,

    2. Background on everyone and their dog

    3. Yoda's dual warnings...its interesting

    4. Does the prophecy of the "one that will bring balance to the force" mean that Darth Vader will finally kill the Emperor and himself, thus ending the line of Sith? Or does it mean Darth Vader will work to decimate the Jedi ranks, making Darth and Palpatine the two Sith, and Obi-wan and Yoda the two Jedi?

    5. Basically, if you didnt like Ep I, then just dont go see Ep II, and filter all Star Wars content, and quit bitching. (notice the period, signifying finality)

    I know i'm gonna get a bunch of pussy AC's reply to this, but if anyone has intelligent input, feel free.

    • I agree with you, there are so many people that unconsciously compare Episode I with the classic trilogy, it could never live up to expectations. Even the comparison to only "A New Hope" will fall short, it builds and foreshadows for the next two movies. After seeing episodes two and three I expect a lot of people that dislike Episode I will find that much of the movie that they disliked was very important to the further story.
    • The prophecy of Anakin being the "one that will bring balance to the force" is a little deeper than just killing off the Jedi so that they equal the numbers of the Sith.

      According to Yoda in the Phantom Menace, there are only 2 Sith, ever. So obviously numerical superiority has nothing to do with balancing the force.

      Rather, look at the Jedi and how they behave. Living in towers, above the concerns of non-Jedi. Not accepting gifted students unless they were born into the order, or brought in at infancy (the better to instill their 'wisdoms' upon them before they can form opinions to the contrary).

      The Jedi of this period are at the epitome of Jedi training and knowledge. The only way to restore any balance is to wipe them all out. Others will come who have the Force, but they will have to restart the knowledge pool at the beginning again and it will be a significant time before they have the numbers, resources and training to again need 'balancing'.

      • I will argue this point with you (here on Slashdot, why not? I don't get around to reading SW boards): According to Yoda in the Phantom Menace, there are only 2 Sith, ever

        Now, I might be corrected--for instance, I've only watched TPM twice, haven't read any of the books, and, as I said above haven't hit any of the sites, etc. So if there is direct evidence to the contrary, I'm sure that you'll let me know.

        But Yoda doesn't actually say that--he says "Always two there are--a master, and a student." I think that he is referring to the martial and spiritual training that all of Sith or Jedi caliber go through. Consider the duality of Luke and Obi-Wan; later, Luke and Yoda. In TPM we have the duality of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, and in fact the stipulation that Qui could not receive another student since he already had one.

        Bottom line--I think Yoda was speaking in generalities of the warrior profession, and to draw specific conclusions about the Sith from this statement is a mistake.
  • If you simply can't wait for the trailer tonight, you can read the shot by shot description [] on Dark Horizons. I haven't read anything about this movie so as to not spoil it, but I figure it's ok to read the description of the trailer we are all going to see tonight anyway.
  • by Anenga ( 529854 )
    Other than the various rumors at [], I found this [] on AintItCoolNews a few days ago. And it seems that this movie is alot better than Episode I. With Yoda Fight scenes, Amazing scenery of an underground "gotham-like" Coruscant's underworld.

    I'm really excited about this, and can't wait to see it. Finally something else to be excited to see on Fox other than the Simpsons (except latley).
  • by NickV ( 30252 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @06:00PM (#3139420)
    But am I the only /.'er that will miss this "commercial" on TV, so I can watch the 9|11 CBS special [] with the camcorder footage inside the world trade center on the 11th? It's commercial-free for two hours, and I think it's going to be a much more meaningful way of spending time with TV tonight(I mean, aren't we the ones that always trashes TV for the "lame" sitcoms and "stupid" filler, that's always on?)
    • Probably.

      I'm not sure what is to be gained by watching this. To me, it seems like slowing down to watch an auto accident. Is there any more to it than that?

      • Unlike images of the plane going into the towers, which we've all seen millions of times, this camcordered footage captures more subtle images. Every screening review I've read calls it poignant, and says something will be gained from viewing. Infact newsweek [], which is even affialiated with a rival network, claims it is "time well spent"

        To take your point further, there has been tons of literature, movies and information published about the holocaust and World War 2, but does that invalidate Schindler's List as something to watch, since "it is like slowing down to watch an auto accident?"
        • "Schindler's List" deals with subject matter that benefits from more detail and illustration of the subtleties involved in negotiating survival in a tyrranical political environment (the same role that the "tons of literature..." occupies). There's no such insight to be gained from footage of people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. What could be less subtle than jets flying into buildings?! Is Newsweek really a good judge of poignancy, especially since they stand to gain indirectly from continued public interest in these grotesque displays of misery that do everything but address the underlying issues contributing to the WTC disaster? Much more than a car wreck, these underlying issues are exactly what movies like "Schindler's List" are about.
    • since the CBS 9/11 special will last two hours, I think you can safely watch the short Episode II trailer while DeNiro is working his way through his "brief remarks" and they're setting the statge for the documentary. Or you wait and see the trailer starting March 15 at the Ice Age> [] movie.
    • by xonker ( 29382 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @07:48PM (#3139907) Homepage Journal
      I'd rather watch anything but more footage of the 9/11 WTC attack.

      Why? Because it's unbelievably depressing, and watching yet more footage of the carnage isn't going to help anyone. I'm not saying that people should forget or anything like that, but I'll leave that kind of voyeuristic masturbation to others.

      Watching WTC footage isn't "meaningful." It doesn't help anyone. If you really want to do something "meaningful" go donate blood or some of your time to help charities. Go visit a senior's center and spend time with old people who have no family to visit. Write a letter to one of our troops in Afghanistan.

      CBS may be doing this with the best of intentions, but the bottom line is they're still capitalizing on a horrible event. If the networks really wanted to do something meaningful they'd take an evening and go dark for three hours so people could spend time with their family or do something in their community instead of numbing themselves with television.

      Imagine that for a second -- if every network agreed to go dark for three or four hours simultaneously for an evening on the anniversary of September 11th. (They would have to promote the hell out of it beforehand for safety's sake -- otherwise half the population would go batshit because they'd think someone had attacked and knocked out all the television stations...)
  • overheard! (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    SLASHDOT USER 1: Fuckin' MPAA, man.
    SLASHDOT USER 2: Totally.
    SLASHDOT USER 1: Fuckin' fascists, tryin' to bring us down.
    SLASHDOT USER 2: Yeah... they want to take away our fuckin' civil rights. Jack Valenti is such a fuckin' bastard.
    SLASHDOT USER 1: Word.
    SLASHDOT USER 2: Word.
    SLASHDOT USER 1: So, how about that new Star Wars trailer?
    SLASHDOT USER 2: Fuckin' cool, man. I'm gonna be there for the 12:01 showing as soon as it comes out!
    SLASHDOT USER 1: Totally. I'd gladly pay again and again to see this fuckin' cool movie! ..... Hey... what were we talking about?
    SLASHDOT USER 2: Dunno. Wanna go see a movie about Hobbits?
    SLASHDOT USER 1: Sure.
    SLASHDOT USER 2: Cool.
    SLASHDOT USER 1: Fuckin' MPAA, man.
    SLASHDOT USER 2: Totally.
    • Hey moderators! This AC is funny!
    • Give me a break (Score:3, Offtopic)

      by x mani x ( 21412 )
      God I'm so tired of these posts. They're happening so much now I'd call them karma whores.

      We're not all hypocrites. I could give a fuck about digital rights. i like dvd's, video games, porn, comics, unix, scifi and fantasy. So do many other people on this site, so don't try to pigeonhole us as also being hippies and donating all our disposable income to the EFF, 'cause you couldn't be farther from the truth.

      Its "News for nerds", not "News for Flag Waving Hippie Commie Hypocrites", so get off your high horse!
    • Right. 'Cause, you know, Slashdot is actually populated by a great big hive mind, a la the "Microsoft" icon on the front page.

      Clearly we (by which we mean Slashdot) see you as a virus, and you must be stmaped out and ignored, since you're not part of the collective. Which explains the Score: 4, Funny. Right.

      --grendel drago
    • Re:overheard! (Score:3, Insightful)

      by singularity ( 2031 )
      Did you ever think about the fact that Slashdot users care about digital rights because some of us are actually movie fans?

      I mean, someone who never goes to the movies and never rents movies is not going to be the one who shows up for protests concerning copyright protection on movies.
  • Menace was never targetted at adults. It was targetted at kids. Lucas assumed all the people who saw Star Wars as kids had grown up. Evidently he was only half right, cos you're all still moaning like kids.

    Do you complain about the lack of adult material in other films you take your kids to see? No? So why this one?
    • Blockquoth the poster:

      Do you complain about the lack of adult material in other films you take your kids to see? No? So why this one?

      Other than those drooling over Portman, there hasn't been much call for "adult" content in Star Wars. On the other hand, a lot of us fans were disappointed, because -- unlike the original three -- Phantom Menace lacked any connection to human stories. Star Wars became so popular not due to its special effects (though that helped "hook" people) but due to its adoption of Campbellian mythical archetypes, at a time the nation -- and the world -- yearned for that. The struggle of Good versus Evil appears to be very obvious, but there is just enough depth in "A New Hope" to give it legs. And in "Empire" and "Return", the symbolism is ratcheted up a notch.

      But in "Menace", Lucas failed to tap that vein of mythic commonality. Instead, "Menace" had to shout at you: "Ooo! Look! I'm epic, I'm sweeping. See? Foreshadowing here! Look! Look!" Good writers don't tell you how exciting the roller coaster ride was. Good writers make you feel like you've been on the ride. With "Menace" Lucas proved he's lost any feel for the elemental that he might once have had.

      Star Wars: A New Hope wasn't targeted at kids or adults. It was meant for anyone who appreciated adventure, who wrestled with their identity, who enjoyed a good story. "Menace" was targeted, and that's what ruined it.

  • Check out this [] if you want to know what the trailer will be like.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Sheesh Taco!

    I didn't realize that you were going to hide the ads as articles. Where IS that button to hide the advertisements? Will that get rid of this article too?

  • From what I can *grok* from the trailers I saw, it should be called:

    Episode II: The Search for a Story or

    Attack of the Cloned movie.

    also, I am really worried about the "The beeotch made me do it" subtext of the story. Call me hyper sensitive or whatever, I just wonder if it is not a limp stilt to stand on.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I am doing my bit as a (non-)consumer by not renting, buying, or movie-going. Nor am I obtaining illegal copies, because that'd just make me the industry's excuse.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you need to make up your minds. Do you wish to do your bit? Or is suffering the loss of the Hollywood circus a bit too much? Remember, every cent towards your Hollywood DVD rentals, and your movie tickets, is your voluntary cent as a consumer in support of the destruction of your own freedoms.

    If you believe in ethical purchasing, paste this message into all film articles on Slashdot. Remind your peers of the damage they may be doing to themselves and society.
  • Movie comparison (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Nathdot ( 465087 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @07:14PM (#3139773)
    I've seen the trailers released so far, and really hope that this one can convince me that Clones isn't going to continue to follow the path to the dark side like Menace did.

    I too have seen the trailers so far, and from the looks of things it appears that it's gonna be Titanic in outer space. *bler*

    God save us all from Anakin/Amidala leaning off the edge of the death star. "I'm king of the world! YIPEEE!!!"

    For godsake the only thing missing from the trailer is the swelling Celine Dion/Jon Williams collaboration piece. Is there actually going to be any attacking in Attack of the clones or what?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday March 10, 2002 @07:32PM (#3139843)
    In the middle of the Tatooine desert:

    Obi Wan: I feel a disturbance in the force.
    R2D2: you look like you need a Pepsi(TM)
    Obi Wan: Ahh. Refreshing!

    Five minute shot of huge Pepsi can rotating in starfield.

    Starship Command Center:

    Darth Vadar: Boy, I'm thirsty.
    Ship Commander: I find Pepsi(TM) to be refreshing.

    Hands Darth Vadar a Pepsi

    Darth Vadar: Ah..Refreshing!

    Five minute shot of huge Pepsi can rotating in starfield.

    In the Underwater city

    Jar Jar: Meesa thirsty!
    • are saying Britney Spears and Natalie Portman in the same movie?

      Hell...even if the sound system in the theater bit the dust, I'd still be there for that one :)
    • Well, that'd be funnier if Star Wars wasn't one of the only movie franchises left in the world that doesn't have any product placement at all in any of the the movies, ever. Lord of the Rings is the only other mainstream movie in recent memory that doesn't.

      So, I don't know if that is supposed to be a wry criticism of Lucas, or what, but there isn't much to go on from that angle. Now, if you want to make fun of massive merchandising outside the movie theater, then you've got grist for the mill.

  • Why? Because I'm punishing Mr. Lucas for Episode 1. I watched it on DVD recently and stopped it not just out of sheer boredom, but Jar Jar was getting way too much screen time.

    I will see Episode 2. I basically have to as it will no doubt influence my industry. But Lucas isn't getting opening weekend ticket sales out of me.

    I remember Jay Leno saying "Star Wars opening to a record setting 200 million dollars this weekend. They'd have made 400 million if they had brought dates!" heh. That opening figure meant so much. Well as punishment for E1, he's not getting it for E2. If E2 is good, then I'll see opening weekend of E3, but why do I think that's not gonna happen?

    The shortest route to their brains is through their wallet. Sounds disgusting if you think about it...

    • Blockquoth the poster:

      Well as punishment for E1, he's not getting it for E2. If E2 is good, then I'll see opening weekend of E3, but why do I think that's not gonna happen?

      Um, because Lucas isn't going to notice your miserable $8 fit of pique?
  • by Drestin ( 82768 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @07:40PM (#3139877) []

    PLEASE do not link directly to the files, I'm testing a new connection and box and would like to see how it responds to a huge, global demand.

  • There aint much point in guessing how good or bad the film is going to be.. though I am really hoping that its gonna be good - I need SOME excuse to finally go and see a Star Wars movie on the big screen (too young to see the originals first time around, and rather lamely watched Phantom Menace as a 'look what I taped in the cinema' video CD).

    Certainly seems a little darker than Phantom - and the new Boba Fett style character looks pretty cool.

    And of course, Natalie Portman.. any excuse :)
    • Read a couple of reviews before you go and see it. As for being too young to have seen the originals on the big screen, you obviously didn't have a cool cinema near you. They played all the original three on the big screen in my local before SW PM came out, back to back AFAICR. Thrilling experience. All the more come down when I then watched the 4th :-(

      I'm definately going to be more wary before paying to watch the next. The original Star Wars definately have to be watched on the big screen to be appreciated though.

  • I'm afraid that seeing the Ep1 trailer so many times ruined my enjoyment of the movie before I even got to the theater. Trailers do reveal a lot of plot that some people want to be surprised with - including me. I mean, the Ep1 trailer basically reveals that Qui-Gon dies! What else could Obi-Wan be screeching "Noooooooo!" about? We know Anakin doesn't get turned to the dark side yet, we know Jar Jar doesn't die, so of course he has to be bitching about Qui Gon dying.

    So, I'm going to make an effort not to see the Ep2 trailer AT ALL. I know it'll be hard.. I don't know what I'll do when I go to movies. I don't watch live TV anyway, so I'll tivo through any tv commercials. Well it'll be tough. I'll see if I can just MINIMIZE exposure to the trailer.
  • See subject. Some good light saber action here and there, but the story just doesn't do for me at 31 what ANH did for me at 7.
  • Oh well, can't win them all.

    Lot's of catch-phrases and cartoonish special effects. 'Begun has the clone war'

    Even Yoda is lame.
  • Jake Lloyd was probably the worst actor I have ever seen relative to the magnatude of the movie he was in. It looks like the new Anakin is just as bad. Everyone involved has the money to hire real actors, and all the other characters are played good actors, but I have no idea why there wasn't someone with more skill and subtlty chosen.
  • The recap (Score:3, Funny)

    by Greenrider ( 451799 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @10:12PM (#3140426)
    For those of you who missed it, here's a recap:

    Obi-Wan: "I hate flying"
    *stunning CG*
    *Natalie Portman looking hot*
    Obi-Wan: "This is why I hate flying"
    *more stunning CG*
    *Yoda and Samuel Jackson looking awkward*
    Obi-Wan: "Boy, I sure hate flying"
    *excessive amounts of CG*
    -The end

    So...when's Two Towers coming out again?
  • Large Video Resolution []! Note: Doesn't seem to work in Netscape Communicator v4.79. :(

    Thanks to Epidemic from #starwars IRC room!
  • There was certainly a lot of stuff going on in it... and the movie looks like it will be interesting enough to get my $5. (matinee showing)

    But _man_, the clips in the trailer just seemed to be thrown together without any real order behind them. The previous trailer was a lot better in terms of editing.
  • One thing that has become apparent: no one is impressed by anything any more.

    It takes literally a few minutes after the release of ANYTHING for people to be wheezing "ehhh, it sucked and by the way everything sux"

    I'm not defending the Star Wars trailer (because I haven't seen it), this is just a general observation. What does it take for people to like something? I think "stunning visuals" are becoming a commodity, or at least, one would think they were by the collective yawn everything is received with any more.

    Maybe it's just because we know it is fake and further, we know how it was faked. Like a magician who's tricks are all explained ahead of time. I don't know. I'm just wondering if perhaps "the audience is no longer listening."

    Just a thought.
  • by MBCook ( 132727 ) <> on Sunday March 10, 2002 @10:30PM (#3140497) Homepage
    It seems that The Critic got an advanced screening. So what did he think of the movie? I quote: "It STINKS!!!"

    Seriously though I don't understand what you are all whining about. First of all you have to remember that the episode 4 has been around and worshiped for more than 20 years, and to expect a brand new movie to live up to that is rediculous. Personaly, I'll see the movie even if it's said to be terrible. Call me crazy, but most of the movies that have come out in the last few years are complete trash. You want a plot summary of most movies? Guy/Girl exists. Guy/Girl has sex on the first date with Guy/Girl he/she doesn't know. More stupid pathetic plot with more holes in it than swiss cheese. Happy ending. If this movie is half coherent, it will already be better than many movies lately.

    Also, is it really fair to judge a movie by a trailer? Lately I've been watching alot of older movies on DVD, and they usually include the trailer. I can't help but say that while many of the movies are great, I'm not so sure I would have gone to see them based on the trailer. I think we have all had an expirence like this. Then of course we've all had dozens of expirences that are just the opposite: great trailer, worst movie ever.

    Have we nothing somewhat more important, but still totally pointless, to debate? Let's debate something like forcing all one-legged-weasles-born-on-the-right-side-of-a-wat ermellon to have the left side of their head shaved for posterity. That's about pointless and weird enough for Slashdot.

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