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Star Wars II Trailer Online 585

Jager writes: "You can download the new starwars trailer here. Enjoy." Seemed to me as if Lucas was worried about the "love story" emphasis in the previous teasers, and wanted to make sure people knew there would be plenty of zapping and slashing.
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Star Wars II Trailer Online

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  • by HeywoodJablomi69 ( 523618 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @11:29PM (#3140712) Homepage
    I don't know how it works at any other download sites, but if you go to it won't let you download the hi-res version without Quicktime Pro. What gives? I want my free, bandwidth-consuming movie trailers, and I don't want to pay for them!
    • You don't need QuickTime Pro. However, QuickTime will bug you constantly about upgrading, which basically amounts to paying Apple $30 for a serial number to make it quit bugging you and un-cripple the QuickTime Player. I suggest finding a pirated serial number, try the extra features, see if it's worth your $30, then register - that's what I did.

      Of course, this being Slashdot, you probably think it should be free (beer and speech, but mostly beer). Bleh.

      On the other hand, I'm really not happy with the nagging. Oh well. *shrug*
  • Divx5 version (Score:4, Informative)

    by Tranvisor ( 250175 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @11:30PM (#3140716) Homepage
    Hey, this was from the other thread, and the new trailor is up there. Nice Compression.
  • Nice Divx5 Up (Score:5, Informative)

    by Cheshire Cat ( 105171 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @11:31PM (#3140722) Homepage
    Someone from the earlier thread posted a nice Divx 5 version of the trailer at 640 x 480 resolution. Check it out here [].
  • /.'ed (Score:5, Funny)

    by Toodles ( 60042 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @11:31PM (#3140724) Homepage
    Admiral: Slashdot? You're belief in that ancient religion hasn't help you conjure up that Episode 2 trailer.

    Vader: I find your lack of faith disturbing, Admiral.

    *Admiral chokes under weight of a full frontal Slashdotting.*

    I have to admit, Im impressed. We took down Apple.
  • Looks like they are blocking the referral downloads from

    Gee. I wonder why that is?


    • Get trailor (Score:2, Informative)

      by WhiteBandit ( 185659 )
      To go to the trailor site, simple solution:

      Cut and paste the link into your browser :P
      (Don't click on the link as it detects the referer address and it will block you.) ml

  • by suwalski ( 176418 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @11:33PM (#3140738)
    On the previous post about the trailer airing on Fox, many people said that they do not like the direction that Star Wars is taking. Although I agree with most of what these people say, some went as far as saying not to spend 10 dollars at the theatre to see it, but rather wait until rental time.

    To those people who do not think this movie will be worth seeing, reconsider -- the visual effects in Phantom Menace did not disappoint, and from the looks of it, this movie will be just as nice with the CGI. As a fan of CGI, I was very happy with the pod race scene on a 40 foot screen, and I think I'll get my money's worth seeing the new movie when it comes out at theatres.

    If you've read this far, you probably agree with me.
    • CGI is neat, and its a great tool for a director to be able to expand his vision beyond what is physically possible. But it doesn't make a story.

      Everyone marvelled at the CGI in Toy Story, but it was the characters, the laughs and the plot that made it a success. Compare to FF.

      • Excellent point -- personally, I enjoyed Final Fantasy quite a bit. However, I'm a huge fan of the series, so I understood the underlying Gia themes. (It crops up several times throughout the series.)

        The problem that Final Fantasy encountered was bringing an anime-esque film to the mainstream audience.
        • Excellent point -- personally, I enjoyed Final Fantasy quite a bit. However, I'm a huge fan of the series, so I understood the underlying Gia themes. (It crops up several times throughout the series.)

          Not familiar with it. However the Gaea concept is there. ;) I also have spent plenty of time telling people who thought FF:the Spirits Within was "too New Agey" that Shinto, a traditional Japanese religion holds that the land (sometimes the world, sometimes Japan specifically) has a spirit, along with many many other aspects of nature (all those little shrines throughout Japan are generally Shinto). Shinto predates Buddism in Japan. "New Age" indeed.

          Hideaki Anno might write using western religious imagery, but most asian authors (or any author in general) use the themeatic, mythic and metaphorical imagery of their own culture. Audiances from other cultures often miss fundimental points or think that a trite, overworked theme is new.


        • Blockquoth the poster:

          The problem that Final Fantasy encountered was bringing an anime-esque film to the mainstream audience.

          The problem that Final Fantasy encountered was that its plot was so twisted, poorly explained, and generally nonsensical that it proved impossible to care about the characters, their future, or indeed what the heck was even going on... another case of too cool CGI, too flawed writing.
        • I'm glad I saw Final Fantasy... once. I'm a big fan of anime, and Final Fantasy, but the plot of the movie bit ass. Still, it was impressive to look at, and that was worth the price of admission for me.
    • by Grab ( 126025 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @06:42AM (#3141829) Homepage
      Yeah, it'll have some nice pictures. But that doesn't make it a good film. There's a quote from a guy who worked on Shrek along the lines of "People think that the holy grail of animation is to be able to animate a human. In fact, it's to tell a story." TPM didn't tell a story, it just filled in some lame links between CGI sequences, and the content of those CGI scenes was usually trite and uninteresting.

      The pod race that you all drool over is nothing more than "Days of Thunder" with different pictures (and hey, did that film ever suck!) - nice speed effects, but nothing interesting happening to make you worry about the character. The ground battle scene sucked by taking place on a manicured lawn and the simple question "if they have bombs, why don't they get other better weapons?". The storming-the-palace scenes sucked by the "oh hey, they all suddenly get guns with ropes on, yeah right" bit. And the space bit was just "Home Alone" - kid lucks out with slapstick to save the day. Never mind the totally irrelevant fish-chasing-the-submarine sequence.

      The only new and interesting thing in the whole film was the Jedi fight scenes - they finally worked out how a Jedi (who can use the Force to jump and stuff) would be able to fight.

      • The pod race that you all drool over is nothing more than "Days of Thunder" with different pictures...

        Actually, it's the chariot race from Ben Hur. Seriously. It's almost a shot-for-shot homage, as Lucas and McCallum both said several times in various interviews.
  • cartoon (Score:3, Insightful)

    by lunartik ( 94926 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @11:35PM (#3140749) Homepage Journal
    All the CGI looks like anime or something.

    It doesn't look real. Something about the models, miniture sets and mock-ups of Hoth and other planets in the first three movies had a texture to them that made them more believeable. Also the camera didn't fly all over the place constantly.

    Looks like another pod race type scene (a big CGI jack off session that has nothing to contribute to a story) and a lot more characters that you won't care about (but hey, if Lucas throws 300 new characters in he can sell figures of them all to people that have to buy every single one.

    This crap almost makes you feel like becoming a Trekkie (shudder). At least they come up with an interesting story and leave the visuals as a compliment to it.

    • The pod race is a visual allusion to the chariot race in Ben Hur. Ben hur, for those who haven't seen it, is the story of a man who turns to violence to avenge his mother and sister, and finds redemption through the love of Christ.

      Agree with the "too much CGI" comment though.
    • by jcsehak ( 559709 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @01:38AM (#3141228) Homepage
      I think part of the problem is that with CGI, they don't have the limitations of real life, so they just forget about them. "Hey, let's make the camera fly around the race course at a million mph. Ooo, cool." "Okay, while you do that, I'm going to make my CG character figit around annoyingly while the real actors are talking just because I've got a handle on Inverse Kinematics." WTF? Real life actors can sit still, why can't CG ones?

      I think someone needs to come up with a plug-in for Softimage (or whatever program they use) that will prevent the virtual camera from doing anything a normal camera couldn't do in real life. Like if you moved it too high, it would make you build a virtual crane to hold it in position. Or if you moved it around in the air, you'd get a $3,000 virtual helicopter rental fee deducted from your bank account.
  • by reaper20 ( 23396 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @11:38PM (#3140763) Homepage
    Crap, I got 1/2 the trailer at the end of malcolm, the other 1/2 in the beginning of the Xfiles ... so I can't watch it all at once ... ARGH!

  • by amaiman ( 103647 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @11:41PM (#3140779) Homepage
    They blocked the referral link from Slashdot...Cut and paste the URL manually into your browser and it will work. The site is nice and fast right now, too.
  • by Drestin ( 82768 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @11:55PM (#3140839)
    Come and get them... [] Testing a new OC48 out...
  • by Lethyos ( 408045 ) on Sunday March 10, 2002 @11:55PM (#3140841) Journal
    The mirror is here: [] r_ p640.avi.

    I figured I'd mirror this since the usual /. effect will surely come full force over something as nut-busting as StarWars...
  • Good, but... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Parsa ( 525963 )
    I was somewhat impressed with the trailer for mainly the effects. I'm still scared about how the story will go. I was a little disappointed with the story from Menace, but it was the first one that has to set up a story line for not only two more movies but for the 3 that came before it. (But Jar-Jar is still unforgiveable)

    But...I wish Lucas still had the mentoring of Joseph Campbell for these movies. I was an avid reader of Campbell's before I found out that he was a consultant on the mythological aspects of the movies for Lucas. And once you read something as easy as "The Power Of Myth" you can see Campbell's influence.

    Regardless, I'm still going to the movie to see lightsabers.

  • Mirror (Score:2, Informative)

    by malevolence ( 301869 )

    I grabbed the divx5 version of the large trailer that was posted on another thread and mirrored it on my site. Grab it here [].

  • At least it doesn't have that little brat in it, so I won't actually have to retch -- assuming that the buzz around the movie is sufficient to get me to go see it.

    Oh, and thank God I didn't see Jar Jar Binks anywhere. Did George mercifully leave him out of it?
  • hmmm (Score:3, Informative)

    by Graspee_Leemoor ( 302316 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @12:07AM (#3140903) Homepage Journal
    Well I think it looks good. Admittedly it does look like it rehashes lots of elements of the first trilogy (cantina, chasm, female pulling on chain... (I'll let the leia "white" outfit slide since it's probably supposed to be some standard outfit thing)) which is a bit sad, but it's got action and excitement and will undoubtedly at least provide 1.5 hours of entertainment, even if it's not to be watched again and again.

    BTW, was it just me, or was the music on the trailer a bit nondescript? One of the decent things about TPM was the "duel of the fates" track.

    I thought whoever converted the trailer to divx should have added after the "the saga continues may 16th" something like "divx coming to your favourite file-sharing network May 20th".

    And before you mod me down for not being entirely negative about the film, just think: Christopher Lee! Big battles! Natalie Portman!


    • I think the music is from Empire Strikes back, and not AOTC music, or at least "new" music.

      As a matter of fact, I don't think we've heard any of the new pieces in any of the trailers :-(

      Maybe Williams is not done recording them ?
      • The intro peice is from RotJ, when Jabba's getting ready to dump Luke into the Sarlaac (or however you spell it) pit. The rest of it is less readily identifiable to me, but I agree, no new pieces yet.
  • It bears repeating that if you want to watch the trailer (and many other Windows-plugin-required content) in Linux, you should get the CrossOver Plugin []. Works like a charm, updated often, and Codeweavers' support is second to none.
  • by suso ( 153703 )
    I have placed a mirror for an mpeg version of the movie at .mpg []. Warning, it's a 29MB file.
  • by jdbo ( 35629 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @12:15AM (#3140935)
    There's so many odd tensions inherent in seeing the latest Lucas movie/product that it's tough to sort them all out...

    - Lucas's movies from the 70's are the primary reason (debatably equal with Spielberg's movies) for the "blockbuster-centric" state of the movie industry today. (i.e. opening weekend-oriented, with receipts fading fast even for popular films, therefore "hyper-able" films with a fast return get the most attention). ergo, supporting a new Lucas film is consistent _not only_ with generally supporting the MPAA, but also with supporting the "big (and not necessarily smart, therefore often stupid) movies advertised with big $$" business model which the major studios are so slavishly following.

    (hey! lucas started a tsunami of crap! he's indirectly responsible for tomb raider! lucas is bad!)

    - OTOH, Lucas is in the ultra-elite group of filmmakers who is beholden to _none_ of the movie studios (i.e. MPAA). He doesn't _have_ to create "big blockbusters", this is the kind of movie he _wants_ to make. Lucas even has the clout to create his own distribution company (in addition to Lucasfilm's production end), ala the Spielberg/Geffen/Katzenberg Dreamworks, were he interested.

    (hmm... lucas is powerful! but independent... therefore good?)

    - Lucas has, in fact, been using his clout to push digital production _and_ display techniques (which would be going faster were it not for distributor/theater overgrowth and mismanagement... which is a side result of the "blockbuster mentality, but I digress...). Aesthetic questions of "digital film" aside), these techniques can dramtically lower distribution costs while increasing theater flexibility, and thereby create new opportunities for distribution and showing of "non-blockbuster" films (independent or otherwise low(er) budget)...

    (yay! Lucas is good! he's undoing what he hath wrought! and doing cool digitial stuff! Lucas is good!)

    - Lucas's narratives tend to reflect a rather benevolently feudal/fascist view of the world, in which an elite group (Jedi) rules over/provides protection to the general classes; he has furthermore stated his preference for "benevolent dictator" style organization for his businesses (Lucasfilm/ILM/etc.), as well as indicating that his films are very specifically his own (versus "for the fans")... this idealized feudalism is further reflected in his deity-like relationship with his (legions of) fans. i.e. Lucas' s "independent" streak is very much a part of a tendency towards complete control over his work.

    (boo! Lucas is anti-democratic... but he's an artist, so it's OK... but he does this in business, too... and see how he treats his fans... but we love him! Lucas is, uh, is...)

    Anyway, Lucas's position in Hollywood/business practices/audience relations/artistic bent are very much an integrated and consistent (but still complex) thing - at least to the point that it's hard to reduce it to pure "good" or "bad". Let's just call Lucas a unique, smart, lucky bastard and focus on more concrete matters.

    Just something to chew on.
  • by bourne ( 539955 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @12:15AM (#3140936)

    So I guess that Lucas is flattering The Fifth Element []. Or am I the only one who had a little deja vu with the "speeding through three dimensional traffic patterns with futuristic cars, followed by vertical plunge shot?"

    Also, blocking slashdot referrals? No class.

    Requiring quicktime pro for the large screen trailer? No class.

    Yet another "milk the shoddy trilogy" moment.

    • Or am I the only one who had a little deja vu with the "speeding through three dimensional traffic patterns with futuristic cars, followed by vertical plunge shot?"

      And to top it off, the car they were in was yellow. Did anyone notice a checker pattern? :-) I'm waiting for this scene later on:

      Yoda: Mmm. Great distance he has travelled to be here.
      Obi-Wan: Yeah, I know. I was there when he took off.

      And what's up with the "I hate flying" schtick? Was that Ewan MacGregor or Woody Allen? Looks like typical Lucas: Lame dialogue framing kick-ass battle sequences. I'm not looking forward to the Kenobi/Skywalker buddy-cop scenes. But it should be interesting to see the political conflict between the Jedi and Palpatine. (ObRipoff: Shades of the Alliance and Pres. Clark in Babylon 5?)

  • by Fweeky ( 41046 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @12:26AM (#3140980) Homepage
    Right, big ships, a few explosions and some dodgy gunk-cum-plasma firing guns.

    When are we going to see films that really capture the true scale of the energy levels we're going to be flinging around? I don't want to see ships throwing primary coloured blobs at each other, I want to see them fling high yield nukes, antimatter weapons that light up the sky and threaten to melt any surface nearby, I want to see missiles that fill space with incandescent plasma that fades before being blown appart as it's lanced by otherwise invisible beams of radiation.

    I want to see acceleration an issue; I want to see people who couldn't get to a chair to scream in agony as they get crushed down by high G forces or get torn to bits by decompressions, not a few panels exploding and some lame shaking.

    I want to see ground troops frying acres of land as they desperately try to kill an enemy, I want to see them blowing shit up with gauss guns and worryingly powerful antimatter devices, or proper ray guns where you only see what's reflected off dust and things they're melting/frying (and which cause the atmosphere to explode like lightning). Screw phasers.

    I want to see believable universes, filled with Humans for a change; no humanoid "aliens" who happen to act like certain stereotypes (aliens will, of course, get a look in, but not as human analogs ffs); there's huge scope for different cultures, technologies, types of people and things people will become (from tweaked to entirely redesigned) that you get with humans alone without having to think up Unlikely Stereotypical Alien-with-ridged-forehead-and-attitude-problem 31338.

    Of course, it's not going to happen.. tried and tested paper thin plots and people and a few shiny special effects is just too damn easy to throw together and make money out of.

    • by interiot ( 50685 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @12:52AM (#3141083) Homepage
      A massive confrontation like this unfortunately leaves little room for personal interaction. Sure, you might have the last minute Kennedy to Khrushchev calls, but other than that, the plot would involve millions of people being blown up without even knowing the individual who pressed the button. Moviegoers want to watch movies that have some relevance to their life, and interpersonal relationships is one of the more complex and challenging topics for movies to explore.
      • > A massive confrontation like this unfortunately leaves little room for personal interaction.

        Nope; you're not going to make a film entirely out of that, there's plenty of room for getting across the raw panic/cold determinism/etc of the people involved, then you've got space for setting up these huge battles, all the politics and interpersonal relationships that caused them etc, then the after effects as people risk their lives to save survivors. And of course, you've got the more mundane aspects of the lives of the main characters.

        Really, you're not going to make a movie entirely out of that sort of large scale battle; they're probably not going to last long anyway (how long do you think anyone would survive these sort of battles without either being vaporised, running out of ammo, overheating or deciding to run away?), and nobody's going to go about nuking planets/space stations/each other without good reason. You might as well say the same about any movie; sure, done badly it'll end up being a special effects showcase and nothing else, but hey, it's not going to be any worse than what we already have, is it?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I was saddened and perplexed to see that Jar Jar is back even though he was supposed to be eliminated entirely. Lucas needs to listen and read these 10mostly unranked reasons Jar Jar should have been totally written out of Episode 2.

    1 ** Sufferin' Succotash, Speech Impediment:

    I understand that Lucas has a difficult task in creating a rich and diverse universe of alien races, each of which needs its own unique culture, look, and language. But he couldn't come up with anything better than "Moi moi, I wuv you!?" This is the first in a series of things that makes Jar Jar less realistic and more cartoonish than necessary.

    2 ** Jar Jar, Future Winner of the Darwin Award

    All right, you've got a stampede of frightened jungle creatures bearing down on you. They're followed by elephantine troop transports. Also, there's this jedi-hippy Qui-Gon guy heading right at you. What do you do? If you've got any survival instincts at all, you run. YOU RUN! Any creature, big or small, that doesn't flee simply deserves to have its genes exterminated.

    2 ** Benedict Arnold. Twice!

    Jar Jar, cowardly turncoat, reveals the ultra-secret refuge of his race not once, but twice! First, he reveals where the "secret" underwater city is after about 10 seconds of interrogation. Later, he doesn't even need any prodding to reveal where the backup secret "sacred" place is. I'm sure not telling him where my Y2K survival cabin is.

    3 ** Five-Fingered Discount.

    MOS ESPA POLICE BLOTTER - Tuesday, 10:45 AM. Local merchant reports that a passer-by attempted to shoplift from a street display of food. The perpetrator was described as a pink male, approximately 7 feet tall, with ritualistic tattoos covering both of his arms. Anyone with information on this crime is encouraged to call the Mos Espa police department's Crime Watch Hotline.

    4 ** Bring the GPS Receiver, Jar Jar's 'Navigating.'

    "We're going through the planet core, we'll need a navigator." (Or something like that.) Real bang-up job on that, Mr. Binks. He doesn't actually know where anything is, can't give even the most general helpful hint, and in fact, panics during some rather tense moments during the fish chase scene, constituting a distraction which had a very real chance to cause physical harm. Of course, with the force to guide them, the jedi come out ok, but this begs an explanation for why a navigator was so necessary in the first place.

    5 ** Road Trip, Destination Mos Espa.

    I simply can think of a but single reason Qui-Gon takes Jar Jar along with him on his mission to find a replacement Nubian warp drive. Qui-Gon secretly planned to sell Jar Jar into slavery when nobody was looking, in order to make money for the parts. That was a plan that I'm sure most audience members could have gotten behind. Unfortunately, Padme/Amidala insisted on tagging along, ruining Qui-Gon's plans.

    6 ** Who Framed Jar Jar Rabbit?

    Jar Jar is supposed to be the first major photo-realistic character in a motion picture completely generated by computers. Realistic. So why is he able to violate several of Newton's laws when he jumps into the water in a completely cartoon-like way? Star Wars is not a cartoon. When he's in Watto's shop, why does he juggle robot parts in the same non-Newtonian way? Star Wars is NOT A CARTOON. When he runs from the blue energy balls, once again--cartoon! George, I'll say it one more time--STAR WARS IS NOT A CARTOON.

    7 ** Sun Tzu He Ain't.

    Pity the Gungans. They're lead by Boss Nass, a man so blinded by his own inferiority complex that he decides to send his people into a slaughter to prove that not only aren't the Naboo thinkin theysa betta than tha Gungans, but the Gungans may in fact be betta than tha Naboo. Then, the Gungans have Captain Tarpals, who selects his second in command based upon, well, apparently no logic at all, since he selects Jar Jar. And of course, they're led into battle by "General" Jar Jar, who surrenders at the first opportunity (To an army with orders to commit genocide, no less! "Wipe them out--All of them!" Surrender means certain death!). Indeed, the sum total of JJ's military brilliance consists of saying, "Steady, steady." Such is the art of warfare.

    8 ** Miscellaneous Dumb Quirks.

    The Gungans have a law actually called 'Nocomebackie'? What the heck does "Maxi big da force" mean anyway? (If it means "The force is big," well, that's so dumb it hurts.) What's with Jar jar and the poop 'n' fart jokes? And did Lucas really name the whole race "Gungan" after a nonsense sound his son made? What's next, the "googoogagas?"

    9 ** How Wude!

    For a creature so obsessed with the social graces of others, berating them with his "How Wude!" sentiment, Jar Jar sure uncouth himself. Tongues are not for grabbing food.

    10 ** Success through incompetence.

    One of the core values that I hold is that hard work and talent breed success, and incompetence and laziness lead to failure. This isn't really such a novel idea; it should be pretty fundamental to anybody who thinks capitalism is a good thing. It's the basis for the American Dream.

    Young Anakin Skywalker is a good example of these values. Anakin is filled with the force, so he's a great pilot without even trying. In spite of this, he also spends his free time exercising his mechanical skills, trying to search for his slave transmitter, and in general making himself a better person. When Anakin succeeds, we feel he deserves it.

    Jar Jar is a mockery of these values. He's unintelligent, a coward, and lazy. He's mechanically inept. His clumsiness makes him such a burden on his society that they force him into exile. He is careless with military weaponry. He almost breaks the pod-racer by dropping an tool into a jet engine! And in spite of all of this, he succeeds too!

    The idea that Jar Jar can succeed without trying simply because he's good-hearted is offensive to Libertarians everywhere.

    Why did Lucas waver again. He has no integrity. First the video trailer clps showing scenes not in the movie, and now this doublecross of his fans.
    • C3PO (Score:4, Insightful)

      by srichman ( 231122 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @06:22AM (#3141805)
      Jar Jar is a mockery of these values. He's unintelligent, a coward, and lazy. He's mechanically inept. His clumsiness makes him such a burden on his society that they force him into exile. He is careless with military weaponry. He almost breaks the pod-racer by dropping an tool into a jet engine! And in spite of all of this, he succeeds too!
      Jar Jar is the new (well, old) C3PO. Reread your description and tell me this isn't the bumbling, slightly annoying role that Lucas was trying to recreate.
  • by jdavidb ( 449077 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @12:55AM (#3141094) Homepage Journal

    The apple server isn't slashdotted (yet). It just wants a specific referring page, or it wants you to come straight in. Click the link from the article, get the error message, click in your URL window, and hit return again.

    You can also find the trailer at planetmirror []. This completes my collection; now I'll have a full CD-ROM full of stuff to keep me excited until the release date.

  • by TheWanderingHermit ( 513872 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @01:02AM (#3141123)
    I don't think Lucas was focusing on the action to downplay romance.

    If you look at the Episode 1 trailers, and look at how Lucas does things, you'll see he likes to create a different effect with each trailer. The other trailer was a "love story" trailer, this one is an action trailer. I would not be surprised if there are one or two more that each emphasize a different theme or plot.
  • Anakin 2 Vader (Score:5, Interesting)

    by XBL ( 305578 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @01:48AM (#3141246)
    Is Anakin going to become Vader in this episode? That would be the best, as the whole next movie we could see him in action. Yet, maybe Anakin is too young...

    BTW, How come Anakin grows up so fast, and the Queen still looks like a teen? Then they fall in love... in the first movie there was a big age difference... it's a little strange. Oh well, just a movie.
    • Is Anakin going to become Vader in this episode? That would be the best, as the whole next movie we could see him in action. Yet, maybe Anakin is too young...

      Well, from the spoilers that I've seen... uhh... I'll save comment on that. But you can definitely see some of the turning - remarks about his arrogance, the chancellor letting him go and also bringing him under his wing. Good stuff. In fact, Palpatine could easily go down as THE evil mastermind of all time if things work out as I think they will.

    • by mgblst ( 80109 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @03:48AM (#3141513) Homepage
      It's called makeup... women have it, men don't. What can you do?

    • Watching EP1 last night on the Movie channel I had a rather interesting insight. That Anakin is/was always the second Sith [candidate].

      Anakin 'imaculate conception', hint's of genetic engineer, aka The Clone-Wars.

      Palpatine familiarity with Tatooine, 'a minor outland planet on the edge of known space', he clearly knows about it, Why ? He Certainly he has some interest in it!

      Tatooine close proximatly to Naboo, Palpatine home planet. Convenient or Coincidence ?

      Qui-Gon Jinn believed Anakin to be the Chosen One spoken of in an ancient prophecy, the one who would bring balance to the Force. What does he know to suggest he is not a natural produced/wild Jedi? And Why is training Anakin, the most important thing/ last wish he asked of Obi-Wan ?

      Anakin's unatural talent for machines, when Jedi are supposed to be connected to living things.

      Anakin 'training' on Tatooine.

      Bobafetts links to Tatooine, and Palpatine and Sith's.
  • Here ya go [].

    If you don't have the DiVX 5 codec, Get that here [].

    Have fun.
  • What a dark day this is for Slashdot!
  • Is it me, or does Yoda say "Begun, this corn war has"? Listen carefully at 2:10.
  • by ciurana ( 2603 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @03:37AM (#3141501) Homepage Journal

    You may download the trailer from:

    I got it from Drestin (thanks, Dude!)


  • by Axe ( 11122 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @04:00AM (#3141560)
    ...insist that one need "PRO" version of the QuickTime to watch big version? I just opened this URL / in regular QUickTIme player and got nice, full screen trailer - not some smallish window they force you to see on the web page. And even on the web page this bullshit about getting a paid Pro version. What a bunch of crap.
  • by invenustus ( 56481 ) on Monday March 11, 2002 @09:32AM (#3142162)
    OK, in the new trailer that aired last night after Malcolm, right after Yoda says "In grave danger you are", there's something I can't believe. You see Obi-Wan jumping through some kind of press that's trying to crush him vertically. Didn't Lucas see GalaxyQuest?! As Sigourney Weaver would say, "This episode was badly written!"

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