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Wil Wheaton to get new role on 'Enterprise' 219

hisholiness writes "It seems that a major underground letter writing campaign has secured Wil Wheaton (ST:TNG's Wesley Crusher) a recurring role the current 'Enterprise' series. According to his website, he states, "The details are still being worked out, but basically what they plan to do is have Wesley use his Time Traveler abilities to move through space and time to the NX-01. He'll be written more like the dark, troubled Wesley of 'The First Duty' and 'Final Mission', and less like the gee-whiz Wesley of days gone by." He continues that he will be in 8 of 22 new episodes over the next two seasons."
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Wil Wheaton to get new role on 'Enterprise'

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  • Slashdot (Score:5, Funny)

    by Mike the Mac Geek ( 182790 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:15PM (#3266761) Journal
    April Fools jokes for nerds.
    Stuff that will never happen.
  • by A.Soze ( 158837 )
    C'mon Wil, we know you're out there... We know you're reading. Come on, say something funny. Come on... Please?
  • Are people even reading stories anymore?! I'm checking out of here for the day. This has quickly become a huge waste of my time.
  • They've got Wil Wheaton in on the April Fool's jokes too now.
    • I think they're just reposting the April Fools Jokes from WWDN [].

      • Yeah, it's what they're doing today. Except for the paid story post, they're just posting everyone else's april fool jokes up. Kinda lame, if you ask me. But whatever, it's not my site.
    • check out this [] at thinkgeek
    • Re:So... (Score:5, Funny)

      by mekkab ( 133181 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:21PM (#3266809) Homepage Journal
      oh nonsense...
      we know Wil still harbors Wesley Crusher fantasies involving everything from being given the vulcan neck pinch to having a gaggle of tribbles on the bed.

      aw man, that got WAY too graphic.

      but I'm certain that Wil probably came up with this idea ALL on his own. He's a craft guy. Not that the SLASHDORK editors don't have mad pull in the internet world...some would consider them minor deities!

      Ahhhh yes. April Fools.

      • [...] Wil still harbors Wesley Crusher fantasies involving everything from being given the vulcan neck pinch to having a gaggle of tribbles [...]
        If I remember him correctly from the countless interviews, that'd be the Vulcan detox gel rub [].
    • I think what it really comes down to is eventually we'll be seeing options for him in polls aswell. Or perhaps they'll be some epic battle between the two of them for the generic slashdot icon position.
  • ...secret powers... *grin*
    • I hope he has supernatural powers. In his last episode, didn't he turn into supernatural god type thing that not only mastered Linux, but could navigate through the stars with his mind.
  • Okay, no more slashdot for the day. I'm tired of this crap.
  • Ahh yes (Score:5, Funny)

    by tswinzig ( 210999 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:18PM (#3266791) Journal
    It seems that a major underground letter writing campaign has secured Wil Wheaton (ST:TNG's Wesley Crusher) a recurring role the current 'Enterprise' series.

    Now we know what he does with all his free time.
  • Funny, I just red some complaints under the previous post about too much april fools... Maybe you guys should wait until after a few serious posts to crack up again?

  • Stop the insanity! No more blatant april fool's jokes! Please! Stop!
  • Wil's Site (Score:5, Funny)

    by ( 450073 ) <xanadu&inorbit,com> on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:20PM (#3266807) Homepage Journal
    From his site:
    here's the bad news: the entire site has crashed, and we can't figure out why.I don't know when the crash happened, or why, because I was offline all weekend, but I'm working on it. I suppose that if you can read this, it means things are working again

    Just wait till it get's done getting /.'ed. You wish that you never even registered that domain...

  • Funny sites? (Score:2, Offtopic)

    Hey, let's post some sites that actually have funny jokes this year.
    I liked the one on [] about the Duke Nukem developers trying to fit the game in the box :)
  • Enough already! (Score:4, Insightful)

    by CaseStudy ( 119864 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:21PM (#3266811) Homepage
    You know, you're not obligated to report on every single April Fools' link on the web. Give it up.
  • It seems that a major underground letter writing campaign... This has to be an April Fool's joke! Who writes letters anymore?
  • Blame Taco (Score:2, Funny)

    by fliplap ( 113705 )
    I've got an idea. Lets BLAME TACO for all these dumb jokes. Ok, so even if it isn't all taco's fault we all blame him. Then taco gets mad at the rest of the nerds and tries to beat them up. But then Cowboy Neal just ends up sitting on taco, crushing his rib cage and killing him. The rest of the nerds are so upset that they decide they can't go on, so they throw themselves off the top of the exodus building. This causes a massive earth quake that shakes the exodus building so badly it completely destroys all of the slashdot servers, causing the end of all these stupid april fools day jokes!
  • AFD = 1 BIG Troll (Score:2, Insightful)

    by goldspider ( 445116 )
    Think about it, what other day of the year can CmdrTaco troll with such reckless abandon :)

    Enjoy it while you can, buddy. The AC's will be back tomorrow in full force.

  • Get the boy off the Bridge!!!!!
  • by Dutchmaan ( 442553 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:25PM (#3266840) Homepage
    For one you could have buried a false story in the midst of real ones and have a contest to have readers decide which one is the joke...

    You could give away someone's favorite Linux distro on CD or something... ANYTHING BUT THIS!
  • by r_j_prahad ( 309298 ) <[r_j_prahad] [at] []> on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:27PM (#3266845)
    OMFG, yet another unbelievable joke headline. I mean, this is about as likely to happen as, say, ummm... telling us Captain Kirk is going to host a Japanese cooking show. Sheesh.
  • But it won't be a Dark and Troubled Wesley until
    he flirts with Belana Torres (Roxann Biggs-Dawson) who then storms off the set and threatens to kill the Dark, Troubled and Horney Wesley when he takes it a bit too far...
  • by mttlg ( 174815 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:30PM (#3266856) Homepage Journal
    If there are two things you can always count on in Star Trek, they would have to be guest appearances by characters from previous Star Trek shows and time travel. At this point I wouldn't be surprised to see an episode of Enterprise where we learn that Wesley picked up Kes from Voyager and settled down on a remote planet in the Enterprise timeline, only to be called back into action when Khan wakes up sooner than he was supposed to and starts wreaking havoc with the space-time continuum, or some such nonsense.
    • Don't be surprised if in Star Trek 10 he "goes back in time" for a few seconds and reappears and doesn't tell anyone what happened or what he did. Suddenly, his name starts appearing in the history books. Then a few weeks later we see a new episode of "Enterpise" and BOOM, there he is, straight from the Enterprise E and we follow him as he helps do some heroic deed, then he goes "back into the future" and arrives just a few seconds after he left.

      Of course, I'm tired and it is April 1st. We'll see. ;)
    • What about Q? Where does Q fit in with all of this? And, for that matter, what is Guynan doing right now, besides wearing Hobbit feet at the Oscars?
      • What about Q? Where does Q fit in with all of this?

        Who do you think wakes up Khan?

        And, for that matter, what is Guynan doing right now, besides wearing Hobbit feet at the Oscars?

        Someone has to go fetch Wesley and convince him to save the galaxy, one more time...

  • But what if the mysterious guy from the future IS Wesley Crusher...
  • ...we don't have any really spectacular stories today, because no one will believe 'em. "Wolf? Yeah, right. Go home ya little..AAAAHHHH!"
  • First he creates his own operating system [], now this...
    He must be very busy...
  • Don't Forget (Score:3, Informative)

    by wiredog ( 43288 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:32PM (#3266866) Journal
    Wil Wheaton hangs out around here. Search for comments by CleverNickName.
  • by YouAreFatMan ( 470882 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:32PM (#3266867) Homepage
    ...CmdrTaco announced today that a new change in editorial policy at Slashdot will take effect. The following changes are being made:

    All stories will be read by the editor before adding any comments such as "this has serious ramifications for quantum computing"

    Editoral budget expanded to allow for the additional 3.2 seconds required to click the spell check button

    When people e-mail CmdrTaco with a concern, complaint, or question, autorespond that says, "Fuck off. I run this site, you're just a loser." will be changed to, "Thank you for your feedback. We'll take your input into consideration of this important issue and let you know of any decisions."

    Editors now only have infinity minus one moderation points

    April Fools jokes permanently stopped

  • First it's programming and sexual relation, now this... OH well, at least we know that /. has a sense of humor :) Next thing you know they'll post about Aliens and their secret pact with the government to bring down Microsoft... OH well, should prove to be interesting.
  • by FXSTD ( 468083 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:35PM (#3266873)
    In other news:
    In a dramatic twist, Slashdot a "geek" news site, turned the tables on would-be Anonymous Cowards and Trolls, posting inflamatory "news" articles and other mischeivous April 1st pranks - in the very spirit that they have encouraged moderators to trounce in times past.

    Many /.ters have become angry and are angry and have expressed that they are not going to take it anymore. They have refused to post and when posting have made sure the site operators are aware that enuff is enuff.

    I am sure when this is all over, "News for Nerds" will be back and ACs will be posting flamebait and trolls with a vengence.....
  • I am available as a Slashdot April Fool's Joke Generator []

    If that doesn't whet your appetite, I have a great idea for next year: Research your stories and post them correctly, properly spelled. Hey, it's only once a year!

    • Yeah,but (Score:1, Offtopic)

      by wiredog ( 43288 )
      You call for blanking the blank. And, as we all know, that's illegal, immoral, and fattening. Plus, it makes you spell badly.
  • i just got soooooo duped :( I should know not to let my guard down today...!
  • by slipkid ( 442316 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:36PM (#3266882) Homepage Journal
    Stop going to Wil's site!! My site's parked on the same server...

    A bit weird, this... experiencing the Slashdot effect vicariously through Wil Wheaton.

  • GOD NO.... (Score:3, Funny)

    by Betaman ( 561110 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:46PM (#3266924)

    Maybe they can have Wesley's girlfriend be Britney Spears, but she can have red hair, and she can be a mind-reading prostitude who has some sort of special psychic bond with large rodants. She could go around the ship "silently" singing via esp in people's head to lure them into sex ("I'ma Sllllllllave for u, if you pay me 3500 credits"), yet the audience would get the privlage of hearing it.

    Wait, that would be silly... Britney can't have red hair! What was I thinking...
    • ("I'ma Sllllllllave for u, if you pay me 3500 credits")

      Would that 35 mg or so of gold-pressed latinum?

      And are Red Headed Rodent-Bonded Mindreading Postitute futures up or down in early trading on the Ferengi market?
  • by BrookHarty ( 9119 ) on Monday April 01, 2002 @03:47PM (#3266927) Homepage Journal
    Look at the episode guide. After the Temporal Cold War, Silik will bring the war to the Enterprise in S1E26. Its clearly the perfect setup for Wil to come back, as a time travler. Next season hasnt been filmed yet, Wil was just offered the role.

    S1E11, Cold Front
    gs: John Fleck (Silik) Matt Winston (Daniels) Michael O'Hagan (Captian Fraddock) Joseph Hindy (Prah Mantoos) Leonard Kelly-Young (Sonsorra) James Horan (Humanoid Figure ("Future Guy"))
    rc: Silik

    When the Enterprise comes in contact with an alien vessel transporting stargazers to observe a spectacular stellar event, Archer invites them aboard the ship not realizing that Silik, a Suliban enemy, is among them. Archer quickly realizes that Silik is engaged in a nefarious time-travelling mission and must stop him before he can tamper with the course of history.

    b: 28-Nov-01 pc: ENT 111 w: Steve Beck & Tim Finch d: Robert Duncan McNeill

    NOTE: The Suliban and the "Temporal Cold War" return in this episode.

    S1E26 : Shockwave
    gs: John Fleck (Silik)

    Synopsis Unknown.

    b: 22-May-02 d: Allan Kroeker
    NOTE: Season Finale.

  • I was watching CNN today and there was a live conference with Bush and Patakai and that new NYC mayor guy, Rube Goldberg or something...

    Anyway, Bush announced the feds were giving Governors Island back to NYC. I was sitting there waiting for him to say APRIL FOOLS SUCKERS.....

  • ...Bill Gates open sources Windows, RMS says it was all "just a fraternity prank. We at Skull and Bones never thought we could convince so many people to give away their work. I'm going to clean my self up and take that job with Texaco that W promised me."

    On the international front, Arafat converted to the obscure "snake handling" sect of fundamentalist Christianity. Preachers from eastern Kentucky are en route to the West Bank.

    Blah, blah, blah, April 1, Yada, yada, yada... I've pretty much written off /. for the rest of the day. Hey /. editors, it's called finesse. Look into it.

  • I know I'm not the only one who feels this way and this post is partially redundent, but what ever happened to the art of performing ONE GOOD April Fools day joke that actually has a chance of fooling someone with an IQ over 60?

    Having so many April Fool's Day joke references on Slashdot, even if some of them would be good on their own, totaly cancels out the effectiveness of ALL OF THEM, making them just seem completely STUPID. The true joy of a good April's Fool Day joke isn't the perceived 'chortle-cleverness' of an obvious joke, but the reaction of those fooled into believing it. The Slashdot editors have robbed us of seeing any of this type of reaction post by stupidly linking to every semi-geek April Fool's Day joke on the web.

    Next year how about one good April Fool's Day joke that is Slashdot specific and that might be somewhat ridiculous but also is somewhat in the realm of possibility, followed by a 'Quickie' post containing the good geeky April Fool's Day jokes from around the web on April 2nd?


  • These just aren't funny. Next thing you know someone will be posting that George Bush Jr. was elected president, trashed the economy and started WWIII. Sheesh.

  • by abe ferlman ( 205607 ) <bgtrio@ya[ ].com ['hoo' in gap]> on Monday April 01, 2002 @04:04PM (#3267010) Homepage Journal
    Wil Wheaton is going to be 8 of 22! That's awesome! Man, I just can't get enough of that wacky borg.

  • What happened to "Rick Berman is Satan"!
    • Rick Berman may be a first class no-talent jerk, but Rick Berman is NOT Star Trek.

      I really hope this isn't April Fool's stuff. I love a well crafted time-travel yarn, and I've never understood the "I hate Wesley" sentiment. It was cool to see Wil redeam himself with his own internet presence in the face of the overwhelmingly stupid & cruel American public, and it would be REALLY cool to see this grow into an interesting new character on Enterprise.

      Kid Crusher is a character with legacy and legend behind him. That sort of thing can carry a wonderful sort of weight. They say the best friends are those you went to school with. --This is because you saw old friends grow up; you know their history first hand. You shared it. Knowing that Wesley started out as most of us did, (as an uncool but earnest kid), and has grown through hard knocks and good teachers into a Jedi-equivalent is very, very cool.

      I hope, if it happens, that they play it right. Could be very good!

      -Fantastic Lad --The Deserving Underdog Always gets my Vote. Crass popularity is for Sheep and Cowards.

  • He's no problem joking about himself and being honest about himself or others. He listen's too cool music, watches cool shows, reads cool books, does he's own website and computer work. The interviews are really frank. Yah, Wil's a Geek like us - in a good way. Even has his Geek code on there in the interview.

    Take some time (15-20 min) and read it. It's NOT sameless self promotion and buy all my crap. I laughed really hard about his experience with Hooter's waitress & "Yeah, funny like when you watch another guy get kicked in the nuts."

    Wil Wheaton dot net []

  • Hey... (Score:2, Funny)

    by chowdmouse ( 155597 )
    Even though it's a joke (and as an aside, lighten up everybody) I'd still love to hear the dialog...

    Archer: What is this boy doing on my bridge?
    Wesley: But, sir, I've..
    Archer: Shut up Wesley!
    Wesley: Awww...somethings never change... *stomp*stomp*stomp*

  • Nooooooo! (Score:2, Interesting)

    by tuxlove ( 316502 )
    I was a Wesley-basher from day one, and never felt a single pang of guilt. I wanted Wesley to die, die, die and die again, painfully. And when he did die by being transfixed with a spear in one episode, I was ecstatic until he was resurrected at the end. That character was a symbol of all that was wrong with TNG (and all subsequent spinoffs), and I naively hoped that his death would signify a shift in thinking in the Star Trek camp towards pablum-removal. That was not to be.

    After reading Wil's comments in his recent /. interview, I felt for him. He's a genuinely nice guy, very intelligent, and perhaps even a good actor. It's not his fault that all Star Treks after the original series suck the big one. It's the fault of the show's producers. And I'll never forgive them for it.

    Don't take this wrong, Wil, but although you seem to be a standup guy, I don't want to see you on Enterprise. The show sucks, just being more of the same. They had an opportunity to make a great show, an original show, one with grit and suspense and all the stuff that makes great sci-fi. For some reason, I felt there was actually a chance that they might pull it off. I should have known better. After three seemingly endless, monotonous, rehashed spinoff series, you'd think they would have figured out what they did wrong. Silly me.

    As soon as I see Wesley Crusher's face on the screen, I'll know it's truly all over. If they have to resort to bringing back our "favorite" characters to keep the series afloat, then that's the signal that things never will actually change, and that we'll be in for another seven or so years of the same old Love Boat, non-action, non-suspense, non-story, non-plot, formulaic faux sci-fi that we've become well-acquainted with.

    And if we see Q on the series, it'll be time to get daddy's .38 out of the dresser drawer and have a lead sandwich.
  • A dark and confused Wesley, undoing all of the good happy-go-lucky touchy-feely history of the Federation and replacing it with something akin to the world inhabited by Spock-With-A-Beard! Yes, I know that is not what is described, but I kinda like the idea. :-)

    Seriously, as much as I disliked Wesley the character (until near the end, when he started getting into trouble), I really like Wil Wheaton the actor. Anyone who has a good enough sense of humor to take the piss out of themselves in that manner is OK in my book...
  • Major Underground Letter Campaign == Astro-Turf Fertilizer.

  • I am farking cursed

    This proves "Wesley" is not a real geek. Everybody knows it's 'fscking'.
  • Gotcha (Score:5, Funny)

    by CleverNickName ( 129189 ) <wil AT wilwheaton DOT net> on Monday April 01, 2002 @11:03PM (#3268648) Homepage Journal
    Well, a huge thanks to /. for going along with this. I was able to get FARK [] on board, as well, and we all had a really good time with this.

    I hope everyone takes this in good humor.

    Lots of people sent really kind and sweet congratulatory messages, and I actually feel pretty badly for fooling such nice people. All the idiots who thought it was a really good idea to fill my inbox with "Wesley is gonna ruin Enterprise" crap should get a life, and direct any further comments to the nearest brick wall.

    I think the greatest highlight of the day came when my mom called Anne, while I was at work.

    The conversation went something like this:

    Mom: Do you have something to tell me?

    Anne: Uh, no.

    Mom: Do you have some big news about Wil?

    Anne: Oh, that. Uh, what day is today?

    Mom: It's Monday!

    Anne: Right. And the date is...?

    Mom: It's April Fir-- OH! Damn you!

    Heh. I guess my dad was all pissed off, stomping around my parent's house because I didn't tell them myself, and he "had to read it on Wil's $%@#!ing website!"

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