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Many Eyes, Shallow Bugs, and Spider-Man 191

Danious writes Seems Spider-Man is clocking up 'bugs' at faster than any previous movie (now 95 and counting). The reason, according to this Independent article, is not that it may have more mistakes than usual, but that 'huge numbers of people are going to see it - and that makes for lots of pairs of eyes checking every inch of the screen.' The top movie is currently 'The Matrix' with 147." A lot of the bugs simply aren't really errors, and I'm sure the comic book guys out there can debate them.
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Many Eyes, Shallow Bugs, and Spider-Man

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  • The silly attempt at a romance plot, perhaps just to create someone to be kidnapped, or perhaps because the powers that be required that this movie have romance in it. I'm all for a sweet romance story, even mixed in with my action movie, if it's not going to be so pathetic and forced. I'd like to see a cut of the movie with the uesless scenes removed.
  • (Score:3, Interesting)

    by rosewood ( 99925 ) <(ur.tahc) (ta) (doowesor)> on Saturday May 11, 2002 @10:35AM (#3501991) Homepage Journal
    I had never heard of this site. I have always relyed on IMDB to tell me everything about a movie. Ive always found it interesting that normally, after a DVD comes out - more goofs are added. Also, some movies you can clearly tell the goof information came straight from the director's mouth in the commentary track :P.
  • bugs (Score:5, Funny)

    by hitchhacker ( 122525 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @10:37AM (#3501994) Homepage
    "A lot of the bugs simply aren't really errors"

    they're features.

    • most aren't actually bugs. if you read them a lot are just people commenting on interestings 'easter eggs' they found in the film. Also some are just stupid like the following bug submission:

      As a person who once lived in New York City, I know for a fact that the Board of Education in NYC does not provide for school buses for its high school students. Instead,high school students are given train/bus passes to go to school for free.

    • Re:bugs (Score:3, Interesting)

      by GreyyGuy ( 91753 )
      I know this was meant as a joke, but it is correct in this case. Most of these continuity "errors" are storytelling. There are a couple about how Mary Jane and the tram falling are reflected in his goggles, but that is more of a visual storytelling trick then a mistake.

      It seems like most of the other half are people pointing out how many times they saw the movie to notice things like people that look like other Marvel heroes in the background or references to other Marvel people. I would say at least half of the "bugs" are more easter egg sort of things included in the film.
  • by sisukapalli1 ( 471175 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @10:39AM (#3501998)
    How about Matrix II RC2 that will fix majority of the bugs from Matrix I?
  • it's an opportunity for development".
  • Hmm (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Well, since the entire movie is based on the premise that one can be bitten by a radioactive spider and develop the ability to spawn web from your wrists (and not your nipples), seems like mucho developmente follows from there. Plus in the original preview they showed the twin towers which clearly don't exist.
    • Plus in the original preview they showed the twin towers which clearly don't exist.

      I appreciate the sensitivity of this particular subject. However, if you're gonna whine about it, you'll have to ditch just about every episode of Friends ever made. They nearly all have at least one shot of the twin towers.
      • Six twenty-somethings living in luxury apartments in the heart of New York with job titles of "Paleontologist", "Out of work actor", "Aspiring chef", "Coffee waitress", "Gay department manager", and "Street musician" are what make Friends unbelievable, not the presence of buildings that actually existed when the show was being filmed.
      • You say that like losing Friends would be a bad thing...
    • Except of course that the twin towers were in the TEASER that had absolutely nothing to do with the movie. Also it was a genetically modified spider. Come on, get with the rewrite.
  • by artemis67 ( 93453 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @10:46AM (#3502021)
    Most of the "mistakes" that are being filed are NOT mistakes, just kids inventing mistakes. The owner of the site confesses that he hasn't seen the movie yet (he's in the UK), so he's not really in a position to make any judgement calls on these.
    • I have to agree. The site contains too many little things. This really bugs me - how do people like this enjoy movies???
      There's one about how they used the wrong sound effect for the type of gun that Harry was using. 99.99% of people aren't going to know the difference.
      There's another (posted by two different people) noting that Spidey's eyes reflect the cable car and MJ at the same time when at other times they don't reflect anything. This was clearly a device used to show the choice he had to make and what was going through his mind at the time - not a literal reflection. There's a post below about how picky nerds are, and while I'm a nerd (aren't we all?) and I'm very picky about a lot of things, movies are an exception because I go there to enjoy myself (shouldn't we all?) not to note all the mistakes so I can come back and post them on the internet! Yeesh!
      One thing I will agree with some have commented here about the detail and quality of the CG - it looked "okay" but the most annoying thing was the movement, especially jumping across buildings - the physics were way off.
  • In Jameson's office, during the scene where he first hears about Spiderman, he has two T.V.'s behind him. Not only do the channel's change, but you can see Sam Rubin, movie critic for the Channel 5 news out in L.A., not New York. After the amazing Channel change you see the channel 7 news (discernible by the small blue 7 in the corner), also in L.A.

    The scene at Columbia University was filmed on an unseasonably warm spring day, however, the costume department had provided the high school extras with cold-weather clothing. The real Columbia University students can be seen in the background wearing shorts and t-shirts by contrast.

    In the final battle, when the Green Goblin steps on Spider-Man's wrist, and says "You've spun your last web...", Spider-Man looks up at him, and you can see Peter's right eye, due to the missing half of the mask, but the left eye is still covered with the reflective lens. But when the Green Goblin says "M.J. and I will have a hell of a time", Spider-Man looks back up at him, and you can see both of Peter's eyes, with just the lens missing from the almost intact left side of the mask.

    When Spider-Man is taking snapshots of the armored car burglary, one of the burglars says "watch the street". As the camera snaps you see them pointing rifles or machine guns towards the sky and when Spider-Man lands on them to dispatch them, the weapons are gone...

    When Spiderman is chasing the crook with the gun, the crook shoots through the roof of the car. In one segment you can see the bullet holes from the overhead shot. As the scene moves along there is another overhead shot - no bullet holes. Seconds later the bullet holes return.

    Concerning where Peter places his book bag after he gets home after being bit by the spider. As he walks in, you see him throw it down right in front of him and he steps around it, and walks towards the stairs. The book bag is smack dab in the middle of the entrance. Anyone who comes in and doesnt look down will certainly trip. However, as he walks up the stairs and his aunt and uncle remain downstairs, you can see in the background that the bag has mysteriously moved to the left side, and is leaning against the wall right next to the coat rack.

    In the parade scene, Peter spots MJ and Harry on the balcony and Harry sees Peter on the ground. Yet, when MJ is falling from the balcony after it crumbles, the distance to the ground is much farther than a few storeys.

    Not a mistake, just something for fans of the comic. At the end of the movie, you can see the headstone with Stacy, Gwen on it. That was Peter's first girlfriend, and in the comic she was thrown off the bridge and died. It was a major motivating factor in his life, and the reason he did not get with MJ for so long.

    Where did Spider-man get his new costume from - surely he wasn't capable of making it himself?

    During the movie, Peter aquires a "spider sense" that warns him of danger even if he dosen't see it himself. In the apartment fire scene the Green Goblin disguises himself as a woman with a blanket to surprise Spider-man, every one in the cinema can easily see it is the Goblin thanks to the shape of the blanket over the awkward pointy mask, Spider-man even reaches out for the "woman" and nearly taps her in the shoulder yet the spider sense never goes off.

    In the scene where goblin attacks the daily bugle, JJJ tosses his cigar at the window, it bounces off with a thud on the center piece of wood that is the frame of the window and falls back into the room, not out the window, therefore it couldn't have been tossed back in the office on JJJ's desk by the Green Goblin.

    Why didnt Green Goblin just take off Spiderman's mask when he knocked him out with sleeping gas? Wasn't he interested in knowing who Spiderman really was?

    After Peter submitted his Spider-man photos to get his 300 dollars, he talks to a lady saying "I am a photographer". The shot's taken from Peter's back, showing a camera hanging around Peter's neck. After the lady responds "Yes I can see that" and the focus goes back to Peter, there's nothing hanging around his neck.

    It may just be me but, when Peter suddenly stops wearing his glasses shouldn't his aunt and uncle have noticed? M J notices at school yet the people that have raised him never say anything.

    When the Goblin drops Mary Jane from the bridge, why does it appear that she has fallen directly beneath Spidey (as shown in the lens reflection)? Spidey is nowhere near that close to her. The reflection would look like that if he dropped her.

    Peter Parker use a manual focus, manual wind camera throughout the film, yet in the sequence where he photographs himself as spiderman, the camera happily auto-winds and auto-focuses...

    Aunt May obviously flinches a second before the Green Goblin crashes through the wall.

    We all know that Peter Parker wears his Spidey suit under his clothes in case of an emergency, that way he can make a quick change. But what about the boots to his Spidey suit? He can't wear them under his shoes because they are too thick and isn't seen holding a big enough bag. So where does he keep them?

    In the Thanksgiving dinner scene, watch Mary Jane's arms. In the long shots, her hands are in her lap. When she is shown close up, her arms are folded. They jump back and forth between the two positions.

    During the upside down kiss between Spiderman and MJ his mask is halfway removed while they kiss, but after they are done kissing and the camera cuts to Spiderman slinging upward and away his mask is suddenly back on without any help from MJ or himself.

    In the scene where Mary Jane is being mugged by four men, Spider-Man throws two of the men into two windows behind Mary Jane. Then the camera goes back to Spider-Man beating up the other two guys. When the camera goes back to Mary Jane the two windows are intact.

    Not a mistake, just something to spot - in the scene with Bonesaw in the wrestling match, if you watch the crowd closely, you can notice several Marvel cameos. For instance the four people in the corner look remarkably like the fantasic four (the blond haired guy, the guy with white hair at his temples holding the hand of the blonde haired woman, and a rather tough looking guy). You'll also notice Wolverine from the X-men doing the "Bonesaw" gesture. You can also see a blind, blonde haired man standing by himself looking rather content, this seems to be Matt Murdoc from Daredevil.

    When Peter Parker first discovers he can climb up walls (while in citizen clothing), he tests it out by climbing up a building in an alley. During this scene, you can clearly see his clothes hanging out forwards, indicating that the scene was filmed with him crawling along a floor horizontally.

    When you first see the cable car (at the end) it says Universal Pictures. When you see the car the second time, it says Roosevelt Line.

    When Peter shoots his web at his bedroom lamp and pulls it across the room, it smashes against the wall and breaks. But when Aunt May is talking to Peter from the door seconds later, the lamp is back on the dresser in one piece.

    When Peter first learns he can climb wall after running out of school, his shoes are different when he is on the wall compared to when he is on the roof.

    When Peter is taking out the trash, and begins talking to MJ, as MJ walks toward him you can see her underwear sticking out above her pants. As the shots change, this underwear seems to appear and disappear.

    When Peter dumps the food tray on Flash his shirt gets covered with food. In the next scene they are in the school hallway and Flash's shirt is clean.

    When Peter and his uncle are talking in the car, almost every time the shot changes to Peter you can see the same blond walking by (3 times) and the same redhead (2 times). You will even see one of the female extras stopping and looking in the direction of the car, only to have a male extra appear to tell her to keep walking.

    Not really a mistake just something to see, at that youth festival when the green goblin throws his grenades and the crowds react, right before they get a shot of Parker, you see Stan Lee (creator of Spiderman).

    As an abstract signature, Sam puts the oldsmobile from "The Evil Dead", in all of his movies. I think at one point in time it belonged to a relative of Bruce Campbell. But you can find it in "Army Of Darkness" and "Darkman". Now correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't good ol' uncle Ben driving that same Oldsmobile when giving pete a ride to the "library"?

    Right before the goblin attacks the Daily bugle you can see that J Jonah Jameson is wearing Spider-man suspenders. I thought this was worth a laugh.

    In the beginning, when Peter runs out to catch the bus, he swings his backpack over his shoulder, but when he is seen running after the bus, the backpack has disappeared.

    In the establishing scene of the owner of the Newspaper firm talking about how he thinks Spiderman is a criminal, you see a woman on the right holding a tan envelope, but as the camera cuts back and forth you see it disappear and reappear again.

    When the tram with all the kids is falling, the kids are yelling. The adult behind them isn't yelling & looks bored.

    I the scene where Spiderman is fighting Bonesaw in the cage match, a woman from outside the ring hands Bonesaw a chair and he hits Spiderman over the head with it, bending it. However in the next shot you see a perfectly straight chair in Bonesaw's hand and then he hits Spiderman with a chair again bending it for a second time.

    In the school cafeteria after Peter saves MJ, he notices the fork that is stuck to his hand. If you look at the back of his hand, the spider bite is gone. In the next scene, it is back again.

    When Peter is talking to Mary Jane outside the diner, the same man is seen walking across the background 3 or 4 times. During the same scene, a black SUV also makes a few passes.

    During the brief fight between Peter and the man that killed Uncle Ben, the guy had a gun in his hand, after being banged around he lost his gun and produced a switch knife from his pocket instead. But then the very next shot he has the gun again in his hand.

    After Spider-Man saves MJ after the World Unity Festival and is swinging quickly away, he is carrying her so that she is facing backwards. When we see a shot of MJ smiling, however, her hair is blowing very lightly in the direction they're heading.

    In the scene where Peter Parker is walking behind Mary Jane, just after they both leave for school, and Mary Jane's father is yelling at her on the street, you see the yellow bus approaching behind them, with no car in front of the bus. As the camera angle changes, you see a black convertible pull up to pick up Mary Jane, and it arrives before the bus, even though the car was nowhere to be seen a second prior.

    When Peter is drawing up ideas for his costume the hand is that of comic artist Phil Jimenez, current artist of Wonder. Phil Jimenez is right handed and Tobey is left handed. In one of the cuts the pen is in Tobey's left hand but it shows him drawing with his right.

    When the glider hits the goblin, it appears to impact in the middle of his chest. Later you see the glider only waist high as he tells Peter "Don't tell Harry."

    At the World Unity Festival, Peter is taking pictures. When he looks up at Harry and M.J. on the balcony, his camera, which has been your average "right handed" camera throughout the film, magically becomes a "left handed" camera.

    In the balcony scene, Peter is in the crowd taking pictures and at one point spots Harry and Mary Jane (MJ) together. MJ is holding a martini glass in her hand as she talks to Harry. In the rest of the scene she is holding a champagne glass.

    In the scene when MJ is kissing Spider-Man, at an angle you can see a string that is hanging by his shoulder. But when he goes back up there isn't one.

    When Mary Jane and Peter are talking in the street right after she left the diner, every time a car passes by behind her and then the camera goes to Peter, those cars would mysteriously vanish since you can clearly see that there are no moving vehicles behind him.

    When Peter finally catches up to the bus in the beginning, his hair is flat and all sweaty from running. Then he gets tripped by a fellow student and when he gets up his hair is all blown dry and perfect.

    During the bridge scene the tram/cable car was obviously anchored on the other end when the Green Goblin was holding it to make Spider-Man choose which one to save, but after he drops it and when Spider-Man grabs the tram/cable car to keep it from falling, it is no longer anchored, instead it became sort of an yo-yo and somehow was secured at the end of the snapped cable.

    After Spidey saves MJ for the first time, there's a stain on Harry's shirt while he's talking on his cell. Then it cuts to Peter, then back to Harry. When it comes back to Harry, there's no stain on Harry's shirt.

    In the graduation day scene as Norman Osbourne is talking with Peter Parker, Norman's right hand is on Parker's left shoulder then off. This happens a few times as the camera angle switches.

    When Peter and MJ are talking outside the diner, MJ's trechcoat collar is first lying flat, then is tucked in, then is flat, happens several times when the shot goes back and forth from Peter to MJ.

    When Harry introduces Peter to his father, Norman, and they're talking on the steps, there's a redhead in a purple sweater that walks behind Norman probably 3 or 4 times.

    When Peter and Osborne are talking, their distance from the balloons changes.

    When the Osbourne father is getting ready to perform the government experiment in superhumanism on himself, he takes off his shirt while he is talking to an assistant professor. It is extremely obvious at this point that while the sound of him talking keeps going, his mouth is shut.

    In the scene where Goblin blasts into Aunt May's bedroom to scare her, she is praying with her back to the wall/window that is blasted out. Yet her only injury is three small cuts on the right cheek of her face (which was away from the blast). Later in the hospital, the three small cuts have changed position.

    In the final battle scene, Goblin's costume alternates between clean (green) and dirty (white/dusty) throughout the scene.

    In the wrestling scene the cage is lowered around the ring for the match. The announcer instructs the assistants to lock the 'doors' of the cage. In fact there are no doors. We see the assistants chaining and locking the 'corners' of the cage. Then at the end of the match when 'Spiderman' has won, the cage is immediately lifted away from the ring and there are no locked chains on the corners.

    In the scene where Peter Parker is taking M.J.'s picture for the school paper, the spiders dissapear.

    At the end when Spiderman dumps the brick wall on the Green Goblin, the wall is seen nice and neat (when it fell), but when the Green Goblin sticks out his hand, the wall is completely destroyed.. and it's grey.

    In the scene where Spidey is stopping the armored car robbery, he dispatches several thugs with some fancy, acrobatic fighting. When he lands, a money bag is visible at his feet that wasn't there before.

    In the last scene where Spider Man beats up the Green Goblin, Spider Man is right next to him smashing him in the face. When Norman Osborn reveals himself as the Green Goblin, however, the camera is shot at a different angle and Spider Man is instantly a yard or so away from him.

    In the scene when the Osborne is testing the performance enhancers on himself, his heart stops. His assistant comes in and begins to apply pressure to his heart and doesn't remove the arm restraints. The next shot is shown from further away and the arm restraints are removed.

    In the scene where Parker is chasing the robber into the abandoned warehouse you see the a shot of the robber holding the gun in his left hand and carring the money bag in his right hand. However the next shot you see him load a clip into the gun with the bag in his left hand and the gun in his right hand.

    How did the referee get back into the cage during the match so quickly when the cage was still just rising?

    When Peter is beating up the robber that killed his uncle, he smashes his head into both windows of double doors. When he smashes the glass, the same shot is used twice to show his head smashing the glass.

    If Peter had to sign consent forms for the wrestling match, wouldn't the promoter know his real identity and tell everyone who Spidey was once Spider-Man was in the news? He had seen Peter's face and would DEFINITELY remember the creep who let the robber get away.

    Lucy Lawless makes a cameo in this film - when they are talking to people about Spider-Man, she appears as a punker with red hair and says the line 'A man with 8 arms? Sounds like a good time to me.' I thought it was funny how at least 3 actors from Sam Raimi's other ventures (Xena, Hercules, Jack of All Trades, etc...) made cameos in this movie.

    When Peter runs into MJ leaving her job at the diner, She is seen from a rear angle closing her jacket but when she turns around, the jacket is not closed. The same thing happens again when she is telling Peter not to tell Harry.

    After Peter picks up his 'winnings' from the wrestling promoter, we see the sillouette of the robber using his right hand (holding the gun) to hit the promoter on the left side of the head. After the robber escapes and the promoter askes Peter why he didn't stop him, the promoter is injured on the right side of the head.

    When Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe) is preparing for the super soldier experiment, he is seen wearing a watch on his left hand. After he removes his shirt, the watch isn't there.

    When Harry gets out of the Rolls Royce and goes to school, you see several people in the background staring towards the camera. The scene pans to the left, and it seems that the people realised that they would show up in the shot, because they immediately ignore him, and continue walking.

    In the scene where Peter is following M.J. to the bus stop (the morning after he was bitten), while Peter is talking to her we see the bus start to pull up behind him. Moments later one of M.J.'s friends pulls up in a green Mustang. The scene cuts back to Peter, and we see the bus pass by him again. Don't you think the bus would've passed the Mustang?

    This is not a mistake, only a cameo appearance. Jameson (the boss at the newspaper) has the male assisstant who is dressed completely in black and has the glasses. This is in fact the director's brother, Ted Raimi.

    In the opening scenes, Ben Parker is talking to May about his being laid off "after 23 years as the head electrican." Isn't it odd then (in a later scene when Ben is at the kitchen table repairing an electrical cord) that he doesn't know how to properly strip the insulation? He mangles it badly using what looks like needle nose pliers. No wonder they laid the old guy off.

    When Peter leaves the house with Uncle Ben, when Ben gives Peter a ride to the Library (wrestling event), Peter has nothing in his hands. When he leaves Ben's car, he has a brown paper bag.

    As a person who once lived in New York City, I know for a fact that the Board of Education in NYC does not provide for school buses for its high school students. Instead,high school students are given train/bus passes to go to school for free. [One contributor said: He's not in New York. He's on one of the outskirting cities. This is evident when he's talking with Mary Jane outside as he throws away trash, and they talk about how they're gonna make it big in "The City". This, however has been countered by someone else, saying that if you live (and especially if you grew up) in the "outer boroughs" (Brooklyn and Queens especially), you refer to MANHATTAN as "the city"; thus Pete and MJ would refer to moving into "the city" meaning Manhattan even though they technically live in New York City as residents of the borough of Queens - so they ARE residents of New York City. I think this'll have to be a "make your own mind up" entry...]

    Just before the Green Goblin takes off his mask at the end of the show, his visors are up, allowing his eyes to be seen. But after he dies, the camera shows a shot of the mask with the visors back down.

    In the appartment fire scene, Spiderman enters the building twice. In between time the fire backdrafts (explodes) out the building several times from different windows before and after Spiderman enters. Backdrafts only happen once, then the fire escalates rapidly never returning to a more passive state without intervention.

    How come you never see Peter's mouth move when he is talking in the Spiderman costume? The mask is spandex just like the rest of the costume, so you would see evidence of Peter's mouth moving when he talks.

    In the lunch scene, everyone notices Peter dragging the lunch tray. This seems like something noticeable to a point that they would say something when the Daily Bugle is asking who Spiderman is. Something that's not easily forgotten.

    In every other version of Spiderman - comics, cartoons, films, games, etc., Spiderman gets his web from web cartridges, not his wrists. Also, if he could shoot web from his wrists, how is it that he can shoot through clothing without making a hole? [In an interview, director Sam Raimi stated that he made the decision to make Parker's web-shooters genetic. His logic was that large chemical companies cannot develop adhesive chemicals with the capabilities of Parker's web, so how should we believe that a high school kid could create something like that in his bedroom? He struggled with this, but in the end it simply made more sense. This is probably the only comic/film discrepancy I'm going to include, just to stop people sending it to me. No other differences though, please.]

    At the bridge scene, MJ begins to climb down the steel cable, then the Green Goblin swoops in, attacks Spider-man and causes her to fall a considerable distance, yet she manages to catch on to the rail on the cable car. Now unless MJ has super powers of her own, cathing on to a rail after falling from that distance would be nearly impossible. Her arms would be yanked right out of the socket.

    In the scene where Spiderman returns Norman's body to his home (to fulfill Osborn's last request to keep the truth from his son), Harry retrieves a handgun from the table drawer. The firearm is an internal hammer, double action semi-automatic pistol; yet we distinctly hear a cocking sound, something that isn't part of preparing such a weapon for firing. (Note: the pistol must have also had a cartridge chambered since we didn't see Harry cycle the slide to load a round.)

    When Spiderman returns to Peter and Harry's appartment (for Thanksgiving dinner after the firey appartment fight with Goblin), the slashing injury to his arm changes positions (from the apartment to the ceiling of his room to the dinner table).

    When Peter Parker is in his original sweater and mask (wrestling costume) and is chasing the man who shot his uncle, the camera spins while he is on a roof looking over the city, and he has his later costume on. A second later he is back in his wrestling uniform.

    In the bridge scene, the orientation of the elements of the scene gets very confusing. There are so many camera angles that understanding where everything is becomes difficult. Nevertheless, it is very apparent that when Spiderman runs to dive off the bridge (to save MJ and the cable car), he jumps off the wrong side of the bridge.

    When "the human spider" is facing Bonesaw, from when the cage is closed and locked to when the final bell rings it is exactly one minute. In any steel cage match the time starts from when the cage is locked till the last bell, but when Peter goes to colect the 3 grand he was expecting, the broker said he only spent 2 minutes in the ring with Bonesaw. Stupid, but I was bored.

    J. Jonah Jameson indicates that someone should contact the patent office so that he can copyright spiderman or green goblin. The patent office registers trademarks, while it is the library of congress that deals with copyrights.

    Did anyone else find it odd that Peter's 68 year old uncle is laid off from his job, rather than given early retirement, or regular retirement for that matter, since he is the senior electrician (or whatever)?

    In the scene during the festival, while Macy Gray is singing, the Green Goblin makes his first appearance. But it does not show Macy, or the band for that matter, fleeing the stage. You're led to assume that she died...

    How do the characters not recognise Spiderman's voice? Peter doesn't change his voice at all when talking to MJ as Spiderman or himself. At one point she talks to him as Peter and as Spiderman within just a few minutes difference and he even says some of the same things to her, yet she does not make the connection between the voice of Peter Parker and Spiderman.

    When Peter is learning about his new improved eye-sight, he takes off and puts on his glasses, a few times. When he puts them on, the whole screen gets fuzzy - only what you see through the glasses will be fuzzy, not the area around the glasses too.

    In the scene where MJ and Peter are in the hospital and he's telling her what "he told" Spider-Man, if you look at MJ's eyes, you can see they are rapidly moving, like she is reading something.

    In the scene on top of the bridge right after the goblin drops Mary Jane and the kids, you can see Spiderman's eyes reflecting them, but if you look at his eyes anywhere else in the movie his eyes don't reflect a thing.

    The spider bite gives Peter heightened perception as demontrated in the hallway of the school (after the lunch tray incident). As the bully is about to punch Peter from behind, Peter 'sees' a paper airplane being thrown, a fly and a spitwad all in the split second before he moves to avoid the punch. Later in the final battle between The Goblin and Spiderman, Peter doesn't notice the glider come up behind him until the last moment when he sees Goblin is up to something.

    During the scene when the boyfriend arrives to MJ's house with a new car, the vehicle is clearly a Plymouth Prowler, which has a V6 engine... on the sound track, there's an unmistakeable exhaust note of a very throaty V8.

    At some times you can see Osborne's teeth and mouth move through his Green Goblin mask. At other times you cannot see his mouth move, just a black darkness. Sometimes when Osborne is not wearing the mask, but a shot of the mask is shown, there is a black fabric behind the mask teeth which would hide the mouth completely. So if this black fabric remains intact (before the mask is nearly destroyed in the final battle) then it would be impossible for anyone to see Osborne's teeth and mouth move when he talks while wearing the mask.

    When we see MJ and Peter talking on the street (after she has left the diner), she turns to walk away and you can see that she is wearing 3-4" spike heels. Since when do waitresses wear those?

    Thanksgiving at Pete and Harry's: when he comes in the door, Osborne calls May "Aunt May"; she calls him "Mr. Osborne"; at the table a few minutes later, she reprimands "Norman" for picking at the food; when he leaves the apartment in a rush, he thanks "Mrs. Parker".

    In the scene where Norman is getting ready to test himself he lays down on the bed fastens himself in and the doctor goes to the computer. However when it shows him being brought in to the chamber he has several electrodes connected to his chest and head. Wow - self attaching electrodes. What will crazy Oscorp think of next?

    When Harry is talking to Mary Jane on the phone, she hangs up on him and his cell phone produces a dial tone. Cell phones do not have a dial tone.

    In the final cemetery sequence, Peter and MJ square off for a little heart to heart, with MJ touching his face tenderly with her black leather gloves. The camera intercuts between frontal views of both: in hers, her fingers are touching his ear lobe, in his, they are a inch below his ear lobe. In one quick cut of hers, the hand has diappeared completely, then in mid-sentence as they cut back to Peter, it's there again.

    When Mary Janee is on the collapsing balcony there's a wide shot where you can see the tether holding the set piece in place.

    At Norman Osbourne's funeral, we see Harry from the side saying to Peter that he is like family, but his face doesn't move when he talks.

    In the scene of the Youth Festival, Peter Parker looks up from the street to see MJ and Harry Osborne on the balcony. From this point for the next minute or so, all three of these people, especially Parker, appear with their hair parted on one side, then the other, and then back again.

    Balcony scene: when the goblin tossed the radiation bomb, wouldn't MJ be affected by it since she was within proximity of the board of directors of Oscorp?

    When Peter's blood drops, there is only a little drop that hits the floor, but when the bad guy looks at it, there's a good-sized puddle.


    When the goblin throws those cutting things at spider man he gets cut. When he goes to eat thanksgiving there is a tear on his shirt, but he never wore that shirt so it shouldn't hvae gotten ripped. [There's not a tear, just the blood leaking from the wound.]

    We can assume he doesn't disintegrate because of his spider-power, but why do only parts of Parker's costume come off when Norman Osborne throws the Radiation Grenade at him at the end of the movie? If the bomb disintegrates anything organic, as clothing might be, all of Parker's costume should have been destroyed, not just parts of it, and the Grenade was definitely in range, it went off in his face. The Board of Directors all got taken out by one from a few feet away. [It was an explosive bomb, not a radiation grenade. The slow-motion explosion and not the green-ish wave is the difference.)

    In the scene where Harry, M.J., and Peter graduate from high school there are Bird of Paradise flowers in the background. These flowers don't grow in Queens, NY. They are there because this scene was most likely shot in Culver City, CA. They do grow on the west coast of America. [Bird of Paradise flowers also grow on the east coast. I am not certain about NY but they do grow on the east coast as one contributor lives in Florida and they grow there.]

    When Norman is going into the chamber that makes him the Green Goblin and the metal bars come down that holds him in place he says "that's cold" but in the next shot you can clearly see that the bars are not touching his skin. [It's the metal bed he's lying on that's cold.]

    As the balcony at the youth festival falls apart, Harry Osborne is whacked on the left side of his head by falling debris. However, during the scene following this, Harry has a bandage on the RIGHT side of his head. [When Harry gets hit in the head he got hit in the back of the head. What makes him need a bandage is when his head hits the cement floor. That's when the right side of his head gets hurt.]

    In the apartment fire scene, Spiderman's suit seems unaffected by the flames and fight. Yet in the final battle with The Goblin, his suit is melted and torn to shreds. [In the final battle, the costume was destroyed because of the bomb blowing up, not the flames. He was not caught in an explosion in the apartment.]

    When MJ falls from the building during the parade, Spider-Man goes and rescues her. This should not be possible because according to the laws of gravity, everything falls at the same speed. This being so, Spider-Man should not be able to jump off after MJ falls and still catch her. [Everything only falls at the same speed in a vacuum - in air Spidey would fall faster due to the position he was in.]

    When Peter comes out of his house to throw out the trash his house was on the right of MJ's house but when she comes out after a fight it is on the right of Peter's. [These scenes are from 2 different views. When viewed looking away from the street, Peter's house is on the right of MJ's (when throwing away trash). If looking toward the street, MJ's is on the right of Peter's (after the fight).]

    The hairs on Spider-Man's hands for wall-climbing are microscopic, so they can stick through his costume. But are we supposed to believe that Spider-Man can climb walls through half-inch-thick shoe soles as he does when he first tries to wall-climb? [Most people seem to think that he's just using the tread on his shoes for grip].

    When Peter and MJ are talking in their backyards after she exits crying from a fight, they are talking on opposite sides of the fence. When Flash shows up, he pulls up by Peter's driveway and she walks to the car without ever hopping the fence. [If you pay attention to the right bottom corner of the screen you can see the gate moving back and forth.]

    Not a mistake but something interesting. The announcer in the wrestling scene (Bruce Campbell) is wearing a pair of sunglasses. If you look closely, the sunglasses happen to be the exact same pair that Cyclops wears in the X-men movie when he's not wearing the visor. [The glasses the ring announcer wears at the wrestling match aren't the same glasses that Cyclops wore in X-men. While they are both Oakleys, Cyclops wears Juliets with Ruby lenses and the ring announcer wears Romeos with black Iridium lenses (as seen in Mission: Impossible 2).]
    • The logos for Channel 7 in New York (WABC) and Channel 7 in Los Angeles (KABC) are *exactly* the same. I'm not sure about channel 5, though.

    • > In Jameson's office, during the scene where he first hears about
      > Spiderman, he has two T.V.'s behind him...After the amazing Channel
      > change you see the channel 7 news (discernible by the small blue 7 in
      > the corner), also in L.A.

      Not to deny the deftness of the post (it is good, but it requires a SPOILERS line atop) but there is also a Channel 7 with a circular logo in New York. I used to live in that area and when I go to LA, I always confuse the two...


      Wish I lived there now! I have no idea when Spiderman opens here in the Netherlands...
  • by FearUncertaintyDoubt ( 578295 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @10:48AM (#3502028)
    Even the venerable Itchy and Scratchy had their critical fans. Observe:

    Doug: In episode 2F09, when Itchy plays Scratchy's skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib twice in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is some sort of a [the three nerds chuckle] magic xylophone or something? Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.
    June: Uh, well, uh...
    Homer: I'll field that one. Let me ask you a question. Why would a man whose shirt says "Genius at Work" spend all of his time watching a children's cartoon show?
    Doug: [embarrassed pause] I withdraw my question. [starts eating a candy bar]

    • Oh yes, I remember Simpsons episode 4F12, when Homer becomes Poochie. However, I must lodge an official protest with Fox, because clearly these are the same nerds who got Homer through Nuclear Physics 101 (by hacking the computer, no less, let their geek flags fly). I mean, what are we to believe, that Homer doesn't recognize the people to whom he owes his continued employment at SNPP? Boy, I really hope someone got fired for that blunder.
  • When I go to a fancy restaurant and I am served something that is not right, I return the food to the kitchen and refuse to pay.

    I doubt that any of these people who found mistakes left the theater and demanded their money back.
  • by MrHat ( 102062 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @10:50AM (#3502035)
    For some reason the Simpson's Comic Book Guy always seems to show up here. It's a movie about a man who has turned into a spider. Jumps between buildings, shoots webs, scales walls, supports the DMCA. Why do we care about its "bugs" (snicker) again?

    "Alec, Alec, regarding that so called "silent" propulsion system in "The Hunt For Red October", I printed out a list of technical errors which I think you'd enjoy discussing."

    "Question: Is your name Ridley Scott or James Cameron?"
    "No, it's Homer."
    "Well then, I would thank you to stop peering at my screenplay, Homer. And if I see a movie where computers threaten our personal liberties, I will know that you stole my idea."
  • Is getting your poor website submitted to slashdot. Although the crash and burn effect is kind of pretty...
  • some of the worst. (Score:4, Informative)

    by scamcdan ( 300729 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @10:58AM (#3502061)
    this site is full of ridiculous attempts at uncovering something wrong. after realizing that half of the errors were simply stupid, i expected one that the red in his suit was three shades too dark ...

    here are some of my favorite "errors":

    Why didnt Green Goblin just take off Spiderman's mask when he knocked him out with sleeping gas? Wasn't he interested in knowing who Spiderman really was?

    How come you never see Peter's mouth move when he is talking in the Spiderman costume? The mask is spandex just like the rest of the costume, so you would see evidence of Peter's mouth moving when he talks.

    During the scene when the boyfriend arrives to MJ's house with a new car, the vehicle is clearly a Plymouth Prowler, which has a V6 engine... on the sound track, there's an unmistakeable exhaust note of a very throaty V8.

    kids with too much time on their hands? i think so.
    • I have to say, I did wonder about spiderman's mask when he was unconscious...
      • I always understood it to be a professional courtesy among the superheroes/villans. Unmasking always happened when the unmaskee was conscious and aware. At any rate, the green goblin offered spiderman a chance to join him. How would spiderman feel about joining someone who had unmasked him?
    • Yeah but the mask is supposed to be rubber like the rest of the costume actually, not spandex, according to some other sources. (: Hence it not burning when he was fighting the Green Goblin in the burning building.
    • Kids not paying attention too, it seems. If they're going to complaing about not seeing his mouth move inside the spandex they could at least check and see if ytheir accusations are true, because in this case the accusaion wasn't. *I* could see his mouth moving under the costume. I don't know what that kid was smoking.
  • by Hitokage_Nishino ( 182038 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @11:04AM (#3502079)
    Some people just don't pay attention or think they see something when they don't. For example, one mistake was listed under LOTR about seeing a car drive by in the scene with Frodo, Sam, and the scarecrow. Maybe I'm blind, but I didn't see any movement at all in the background. Another mistake filed several times was for Harry Potter about a player falling on sand appearing out of nowhere in the Quddich match. Maybe if they had payed attention when the camera showed the entire field they would notice the goals are mounted on sand pits.

    Movies do make mistakes, but it seems that the bug watchers also need watchers of their own.
  • Considering that every link pops up one or two ad windows, every page is plastered with ads, the main page seems more of a promo for Symantec, and I really couldn't find much information, I think "" would be a better name for them.
  • by artemis67 ( 93453 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @11:05AM (#3502085)
    IMO (and a lot of other people's, too, from what I've read), the biggest mistake was releasing the movie with such shoddy CG work. I mean, there are such glaring problems in there that even non-3D artists like myself are picking up on. Lighting is off, textures are too smooth, physics are way, waaay off, footfalls are off, and the character motion is incredibly un-lifelike. Every time I was ready to really get into the movie, I kept getting snapped back to reality by the poor 3D animation; I think it kept Spider-Man from being a great movie, rather than just a good movie.

    I know why it is the way it is, though. The movie's release schedule got bumped up several months because of business decisions about the optimal time to release it. It makes me shudder to think of what might be awaiting us when The Hulk or the Fantastic Four gets made. Are the studios going to bank on the franchise, and to hell with quality?

    I wonder how Sam Raimi feels about this? Is he really satisfied with the crappy CG work in Spider-Man? Considering how much money this film is making, it would be really great if, for the DVD version, he re-animated those scenes to make them more believeable. What's his email address? Maybe someone should start a petition...
    • by tolldog ( 1571 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @11:17AM (#3502120) Homepage Journal
      I am suprised at the number of "non-industry" people that are complaining about the CG.

      I am in the industry.. specificly pure CG, not mixed with live action, so I am used to seeing smooth animation, perfect compositing and what not. I normally pick up on the technical problems with a movies CG.

      With Spider-Man ... my brain filtered it all out. I enjoyed the movie so much that I did not notice the technical problems. It has been a while since the last time I could say that. And that goes for co-workers of mine as well. Each of them with different backgrounds from CG studios. Not a complaint about the CG at all.

      Maybe its because we know how hard it is that we filter out the tough mistakes. But I think it was the pace and quality of the movie that kept us in and kept us from noticing the glitches.

      • I think that 98% of people don't notice the CG at all, either. It's just that 2% of the people whine about it, and then, hordes of others chime in because they want to seem like they know something and can criticize a film. The outcry is just a ripple effect from a minority response to an insignificant part of the film...
    • by eison ( 56778 )
      Um, hate to be the frist to tell you, but it's a COMIC BOOK. Physics are supposed to be off. Lifelike character motion while swinging along a few hundred feet of silk strung between buildings won't make for nearly as interesting a story - it's simply too slow at the beginning and end of the swing. Want a realistic comic book fight? Stick to wrestling, but be prepared that it's a lot slower and less exciting for one guy to beat up 4 others when constrained by physics, and it tends to require rather unbelievable cooperation from the guys getting beat up. The poetic license helps make the story quicker and cooler, the whole thing is more fun because of the impossible animation. And in the end, isn't that the point?
      • Um, hate to be the frist to tell you, but it's a COMIC BOOK.

        Thank you. I'm getting sick of seeing people bitch about how unrealistic this was or how predictable that was. Come on... That's part of the fun of it. The movie is paying homage to the comic. Y'know, those cheesy pulp stories printed on cheap paper (at least back in the day). We read those things to escape reality, not complain about every little thing that "couldn't possibly happen". Of course it couldn't possibly happen. That's why they're Superheroes (and supervillans). Doesn't the phrase "Suspension of Disbelief" mean anything to you knitpickers? Sheesh.

        my $0.05 (keep the change)


    • well, it all depends. the "perfect" flawless cg give the movie a comic-book feel, which is what spiderman is all about anyway. if it were lifelike/realistic, then it would not work as well for the true comic book fans.

      • well, it all depends. the "perfect" flawless cg give the movie a comic-book feel, which is what spiderman is all about anyway. if it were lifelike/realistic, then it would not work as well for the true comic book fans.

        Exactly. If I wanted that, I'd watch old reruns of The Electric Company on Noggin.


  • Who gives a shit about any of these film mistakes? I don't even expect that much perfection out of real life!

    • The real life continuity errors are the worst.

      Where are my keys? They were here on the table a second ago!
    • Yeah - next thing you'll know people will be reading articles about them and then spending their time ripping on people pointing out mistakes! They'll actually visit some web site several times a day to read up on this, how much money the new Star Wars will cost the economy and then dumb crap like whining about something called "Open Source" that only a geek would understand or worse yet give a shit about.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday May 11, 2002 @11:14AM (#3502109)
    Ok, besides the fact that if I see another "Spider Man" story, I'm going to scream...(the hype has, for me, moved it into the same category as Titanic, ie "do not ever bother to see because I'm so sick of hearing about it")

    This whole "spot all the mistakes" thing is pretty common among people with no social skills and one of the reasons people hate "nerds".

    Case and point was a informational session for a technical school's adult education technology classes(Oracle, C Programming, etc. etc.)

    This one guy sitting behind me kept interrupting the guy giving his presentation and:
    -correcting him
    -disputing points that were(obviously) the presenter's/school's opinion, not statements of fact
    -clarifying what he felt were overly general statements made by the presenter

    Example(making up everything here):
    "...and networking equipment stocks are taking a dive"
    (in our pretend example world, networking stocks overall have in fact been declining)

    Nerd: "Actually, Cisco systems was up 3/4 this morning."

    How many of you reached for the reply button to correct my statement, even though I said "making this up"? Tada, you are one of those ANNOYING NERDS.

    After about 5 minutes, I was ready to turn around and bitch-slap him and say "SHUT THE HELL UP!" The presenter was trying -extremely- hard to put up with the guy, who, at what was basically a sales pitch to a dozen or so people, felt it necessary to act like he was engaged in a DISCUSSION with the presenter, who was giving a "why we feel the time is appropriate for you all to take a class with us" PRESENTATION.

    This kind of behavior is about as socially clueless as you can get; ignoring the interrupting and the fact that you just don't engage in a debate with someone giving a formal presentation(there's a reason one is called a debate and one is called a presentation)'s bloody hell annoying when some asshole is sitting there finding fault with your every other word.

    Want another example? There's a clip of a Red Dwarf con where some #$@%ing anal nerd fan says "In episode blah blah, where you were running from the Blahs, how was it that you were able to accelerate away on that motorbike when you were holding a gun in your throttle hand?"

    Chris Bare(sp?) simply laughed...and never answered the question. The audience thought it was funny...but the guy asked the question dead serious. He was probably wondering why everyone was laughing.

    What would be my answer? BECAUSE HES A #$%@ING ACTOR AND HE WAS SITTING ON FAKE BIKE ON A SOUNDSTAGE WITH A BLUESCREEN BEHIND HIM SHOOTING AN IMAGINARY GUN AT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Keep in mind this is a series where, towards the end, people start getting hit on the heads by plastic alligators falling from the sky....and the special effects are REALLY bad on purpose(look on the P2P services for Red Dwarf A to Z; Patrick Steward is featured and talks about this...he almost called his lawyer because he thought it was a Star Trek ripoff, but after about 30 seconds, started laughing and stopped reaching for the phone, and loves the series now.)

    Go see the @#$!ing movie and watch it for what it is, a story.

    How many kids do you know that sit at bedtime and say "Oh, no daddy, that couldn't be. Bricklayer's unions would never let the pigs build that large a structure without hiring union workers, and the permits from the town take at least 2-3 weeks; besides wolves are pack animals..."
    • His name is Patrick Stewart. Not Patrick Steward.
    • by Discoflamingo13 ( 90009 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @11:59AM (#3502268) Homepage Journal

      You are exactly right- I have a short story from college to illustrate. There's a prof at my college that has a reputation for being "that guy you don't want at any of your presentations." One of my friends my first year was the first person ever to do two honors theses- one for mathematics, and one for physics. Friend told me flat out, right before his defense started, "If that bitch even tries to correct my grammar, you can beat him with this newspaper." Ten minutes into friend's honors project, prof had already pointed out two incorrect uses of it's/its, and three spelling mistakes (which were actually British/American usage differences). So the person sitting next to me (an older friend of mine) grabbed the newspaper out of my hands and smacked the prof on the back with it. The prof looked like he was going to cry. He walked out of the room immediately, and the rest of the presentation went off without a hitch.

      The next year, the annoying prof (who has a degree in Mathematics) gave a talk about the motion of a "hopping hoop" as this complicated system of parametric equations. About fifteen minutes into his presentation (which was scheduled for 45 minutes), the second reader for my friend's presentation called him out. "Isn't this just rotational mechanics? I mean, you only need one equation for the motion, and you capture all of the effects of friction and momentum in one equation. Who do you think you are - do you think you're going to do better than Newton." Within five minutes, three Math profs had also joined in on the tongue-lashing. He left the talk about twenty minutes before it was supposed to end.

      I never actually hit the prof - I was just a first-year, and I didn't want to ruin my relationship with the To this day, my not beating the shit out him with the newspaper remains the only thing I regret about my college experience. So I think there are two morals here: 1) If you can ever get away with beating an idiot with a newspaper, do it; otherwise, you may regret it for the rest of your life; and, 2) If you ever go to a presentation and try to turn it into a witchhunt (gramatical, mathematical, or otherwise), don't be surprised when they're lashing you to the stake and dousing you with gasoline. Or "love thy neighbor in his infinite capacity to mangle language". Or something.

      • by foobar104 ( 206452 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @12:41PM (#3502418) Journal
        If you can ever get away with beating an idiot with a newspaper, do it; otherwise, you may regret it for the rest of your life.

        Fortune file, here we come.
      • If you're going to be presenting a thesis, it is pretty hard to see how you'd mess up its grammar like that.

        I know I take advantage of the peer-review presented by English students, as well as applying my own knowledge of English grammar to papers.

        Why do so many people have trouble with possesive notation and contractions?

        I think Dave Barry [] said it best:

        "Dear Mister Language Person: What is the purpose of the apostrophe?

        Answer: The apostrophe is used mainly in hand-lettered small business signs to alert the reader than an "S" is coming up at the end of a word, as in: WE DO NOT EXCEPT PERSONAL CHECK'S, or: NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ITEM'S.

        Another important grammar concept to bear in mind when creating hand- lettered small-business signs is that you should put quotation marks around random words for decoration, as in "TRY" OUR HOT DOG'S, or even TRY "OUR" HOT DOG'S.
        --Tips for Writer's

      • ...doesn't make him a nerd. You might consider somoene speaking out of turn to be socially unacceptable. You are right. But standing silent while someone dissemates lies to a crowd is even more socially unacceptable, so speaking out of turn is often the lesser of two evils.
        (Not always, but often).
    • I sympathize with what you're saying, but you're overlooking an important point: the behavior you describe is an imposition on other people's time and patience. The site described above is for people who want to discuss nitpicks in their own forum. Nobody has to go to the site and read the material.

      The idea that discussing the details of a work of art remind me of people who like to ruin a perfectly good literary discussion by whining "you're analyzing it to death". If you don't want to participate, nobody's making you do so.

      FWIW, nitpicking is a time-honored tradition inthe sci-fi community. Such luminaries as Isaac Asimov used to participate as a young kid in writing in nitpicks to Astounding Science Fiction. It's fun, and when it's not a rude imposition, it's a harmless activity.

    • The audience thought it was funny...but the guy asked the question dead serious. He was probably wondering why everyone was laughing.

      You're wrong. I've seen the clip, and the guy asking plainly meant the question to be tounge-in-cheek. And yes, I do realize the irony of nitpicking a post about the evils of nitpicking, but I believe your post does injustice to, as another responder put it, 'the time honored sci-fi nerd tradition' that DOES have a place in geek society and is not ALWAYS a socially inept behavior.
    • Let me get this straight, you actually prefer the teacher teaching wrong facts than for someone (who seems to know better) to actually have the courage to correct him?


  • site down, mirror up (Score:5, Informative)

    by krs-one ( 470715 ) <> on Saturday May 11, 2002 @11:25AM (#3502146) Homepage Journal
    Looks like the site is already down.

    Mirror at []

    I even took the pop-ups off for you guys, aren't I nice? ;)

  • is that "Space Jam" had Bugs.
  • by alen ( 225700 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @11:32AM (#3502175)
    What's wrong with going to a movie and simply enjoy it? You either like it or not. Who cares if the CG work is not up to someone's standards or there is a costume error. I have better things to do with my time than watch a movie numerous times to look for all mistakes. Who cares if you didn't hear a footfall when spiderman landed. Do you also complain about all the noise spaceships make in scifi movies?
    • What's wrong with going to a movie and simply enjoy it?

      What's wrong with having fun talking about the details of a movie? Do people always have to complain about how other people have harmless fun?

    • I'm with you. I enjoy hearing about "bugs" in movies, but one week after release is a bit much. This is ridiculous. I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. The action sequences weren't the best, but they were adequate. I thought the CG was decent, and I just sat back and enjoyed it rather than trying to figure out what was real and CG in a scene. I, at least, go to movies to see a story and escape the rat race. In that regard, I can't complain, or point out mistakes.
    • What's wrong with going to a movie and simply enjoy it?

      What is wrong with expecting a certain level of production quality?

      I never try to find mistakes the first time I see a movie, I'm trying to enjoy it. There are some movies, though, where the mistakes stand out enough to be distracting.

      Similar to software, I don't go looking for problems but sometimes problems find me.

      Quality of production may not be as important as quality of story, acting, and etc. but it is not totally unimportant.

      I have seen movies that had so may obvious mistakes that I left the theater with a vague feeling of being ripped of.
  • I bet there is a correlation with the number of mistakes and the geekiness of that movie. Comic Book Guy types tend to report more errors and they certainly aren't going to report them for sense and sensability ...

  • The site I've visited in the past is:
  • by Deagol ( 323173 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @12:13PM (#3502312) Homepage
    Starship Troopers. ;)
  • Spiders aren't bugs. In the movie they actually get the order name right..."aranae", but the family names are all screwed up, can't remember off the top of my head what they were but jumping spiders are "Salticidae", not whatever they said. The other two names (trap door and something else) were way off too if I remember right...
  • Does having Jim Norton [] in the movie count as a 'bug'?
  • well not to bust on Ando, but you gotta admit, theres a LOT of people out there with WAAAY too much time on there hands! i mean im not gonna spoil AOTC by looking for CG errors of when Anakin has his ring on the worng finger! c'mon the theatre always says--"Enjoy you film!" i mean stop thinking...sheesh.. --that concludes my vent--
  • by Figz ( 217203 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @01:28PM (#3502607) Homepage
    William Shatner: You know, before I answer any more questions there's something I wanted to say. Having received all your letters over the years, and I've spoken to many of you, and some of you have traveled... y'know... hundreds of miles to be here, I'd just like to say... GET A LIFE, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a TV show! I mean, look at you, look at the way you're dressed! You've turned an enjoyable little job, that I did as a lark for a few years, into a COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME!

    [ a crowd of shocked and dismayed Trekkies.... ]

    I mean, how old are you people? What have you done with yourselves?

    [ to "Ears" ] You, you must be almost 30... have you ever kissed a girl?

    [ "Ears" hangs his head ]

    I didn't think so! There's a whole world out there! When I was your age, I didn't watch television! I LIVED! So... move out of your parent's basements! And get your own apartments and GROW THE HELL UP! I mean, it's just a TV show dammit, IT'S JUST A TV SHOW!

    Charlie: Are- are you saying then that we should pay more attention to the movies?

    William Shatner: NO!!! THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M SAYING AT ALL!!! HEY, YOU GUYS ARE... THE LAMEST BUNCH... I'VE NEVER SEEN... [ walks away from podium ] I can't believe these people... I mean, I really can't understand what's....

    • [ Meanwhile, Emcee waves the contract in front of Shatner, who then reluctantly returns to the podium.... ]

      William Shatner: Of course, that speech was a "re-creation" of the "Evil Captain Kirk" from um... Episode, um... [ Emcee whispers ] THIRTY-SEVEN... uhh... called... [ another whisper ] "The Enemy Within."

  • I thought Spider-man would enjoy a lot of bugs...
  • by Corvus9 ( 300802 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @02:07PM (#3502778)
    I think the Open Source analogy of the article title is particularly apt.

    One of the claims of Open Source development is that, with many developers being able to examine the source, bugs will be found quickly.

    One problem with this idea is demonstrated by the nature of the "errors" submitted by viewers of the Spider-Man movie. Most are not technical errors, but disagreements like "I don't like the way that looked" or "if I was doing that I'd ...". Obviously the director did like the way it looked, and the movie character did it differently.

    The problem, of course, is that making a movie, playing the part of a fictional character, and such is hard work, but complaining about what you don't like is easy. This doesn't bug me too much about movies, but it does bug me about Open Source development.

    Take a look a the Bugzilla database sometime. Some bugs are things like crashing or standard noncompliance, but an awful lot are "I don't like the way that looked". I remember a bunch about whether mouse-overs should activate text fields, or what the PgDn should do.

    Now, in most cases, the developers are following platform conventions or trying to keep the interface consistent. Unfortunately, like the Spider-Man viewer who hated the logo used in one scene, some Mozilla users simply don't like the decision, no matter the reason.

    I agree that, to a certain extent, one has to accept "that's the way it happened in the movie". I hope that the people critiquing computer programs will accept that sometimes "that's the way the program does it".
  • Was the display of professional wrestling as something real, with actual physical blows etc.!

    I mean what are they expecting us to believe here?
    • Just because some wrestling is "fake" doesn't mean all wrestling is a sort of violent ballet.
      I say "fake" in quotes because it certainly wouldn't feel fake to any average person who tried. These people are still professionals in every sense of the word.
      I don't like wrestling, any form of it is pretty dumb, IMHO, but I "accept" it as a form of entertainment that some people enjoy, not just a form of trickery as some of them most definitely are not.
      • The reason people call it fake is that they act like they are fighting when they are not. No, this doesn't mean they aren't athletic. But their athleticism is the sort that comes from putting on a good stuntman show, not the kind that comes from actually wrestling. The part in the movie that felt fake is that in real life "pro" wrestling, there would have been choreography coaching beforehand since the "wrestlers" are just putting on a show, not really having a contest where they don't know who is going to win.

        In the movie it was presented like it was a real contest between the participants.

  • LotR: plenty of inconsistencies from the books.

    Star Trek: You'd be amazed at how many old trekkies can argue, for long periods of time, about inconsistencies between the movies and series, and between series.

    Star Wars: Even though Lucas should be the one to define the SW universe, there's been a ton of third party creation in the SW universe, leading to TPM and AOTC throwing a lot of it on its ear.

    In movies belonging to established franchises, some bugs are scientific errors, some are characterization or self-consistency errors, and some are failures of the writers to do their homework on the franchise they're writing about.


    P.S. Yes, I know no one cares. I'm posting it anyway. I have no life.
  • Alexander Pope (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Vann_v2 ( 213760 )
    As men of breeding, sometimes men of wit,
    T'avoid great errors must the less commit;
    Neglect the rules each verbal critic lays,
    For not to know some trifles is a praise.
    Most critics, fond of some subservient art,
    Still make the whole depend upon a part:
    They talk of Principles, but Notions prize,
    And all to one lov'd folly sacrifice.
  • If this isn't a great example of how the OSS model of security (many eyes find many bugs) works, even outside of software development, I don't know what is.
  • by NewtonEatPalm! ( 515878 ) on Saturday May 11, 2002 @10:56PM (#3504405)
    I'm a nerd/filmmaker, and never having been to this website, I decided to give it a go. Man, what a mistake even loading it was. Most of what people have pegged as "mistakes" (to give themselves a strange feeling of accomplishment or to receive some sort of notoriety I'd wager) are actually techniques commonly used by myself and my colleagues to emphasise certain aspects of the story, de-emphasize others, and generally attempt to slyly shift the audiences focus around from story aspect to story aspect. If people are missing where there were people, we want you to concentrate only on the people we've left in the shot. If "shadows look wrong," usually we're trying to alter your perceptions.

    We aren't perfect by any means, but no production would ever get as far as a theatrical release with that number of "non-acknowledged/planned" errors in it. Try editing a film in a darkened room for 15 hours at a time for several weeks, watching each clip over and over and over and over ad nauseum and then tell me you didn't catch these so called "mistakes". I hate armchair quarterbacks, people in line at Fry's who pretend they know so much about their "1 Gigahertz hard drive," misinforming their buddy that they need a new "motherboard chip," and most of all, unqualified film critics who think they've discovered America every time they "uncover" one of our deliberate attempts to change their perceptions to our ends.

    Allow yourself to be immersed, suspend disbelief, and it can only be a win/win situation for us both.

    Good day.


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