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MTV Movie Awards Webpage Pull a Lone Gunman 372

abouttime writes "What happens when your webmasters and the show scheduling people don't communicate? This page on the mtv site is where the winners of the awards are known before the show even airs tonight... Way to go MTV....." I wonder if it will be pulled by the time the story goes up....oh and in case you can't figure it out, spoiler alert...
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MTV Movie Awards Webpage Pull a Lone Gunman

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  • FYI- (Score:5, Informative)

    by BannSidhe ( 578466 ) on Thursday June 06, 2002 @08:12PM (#3656479)
    They filmed it Saturday, most local news agencies/radio stations have ALREADY told the award results.... LOTR took best movie. American Pie 2 best kiss. blah blah :)
  • www.nationalgeographic.com is often out of sync with show times, etc. It happens at my school as well. The website is both ahead of the daily announcements, and just plane WRONG a lot of the time. Perhaps a thread: Anyone know how to prevent these mis-communications, so mtv doesn't screw up again?
  • Uhm... (Score:1, Redundant)

    by NetJunkie ( 56134 )
    These awards aren't live. I read the winners the other day. At least, I'm pretty sure I did on MSNBC's Scoop section.
  • by Skim123 ( 3322 ) <[mitchell] [at] [4guysfromrolla.com]> on Thursday June 06, 2002 @08:12PM (#3656485) Homepage
    I'm certain millions of other /. readers are having the same reaction I am: I was planning on watching the award show, but now, because of this gaffe, I'll have to find some other form of entertainment tonight. Shucks, and I was so anticipating the suspense of seeing who would win these coveted awards. Maybe next year!
  • by kochsr ( 144988 ) on Thursday June 06, 2002 @08:12PM (#3656486) Homepage
    the awards show was sunday, it is taped. the winners have been on various websites since then
  • Lone Gunmen? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by howardjp ( 5458 ) on Thursday June 06, 2002 @08:12PM (#3656487) Homepage
    Can someone explain the Lone Gunman reference?
  • Huh. George Lucas really is Satan.
  • Um... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by brooks_talley ( 86840 ) <brooks&frnk,com> on Thursday June 06, 2002 @08:13PM (#3656493) Journal

    Were the results really supposed to be secret until the broadcast?

    If so, then how would one explain this story [cnn.com], from June 2


  • Yeah real good... so much for watching that.

  • Oh well, guess there's no point in watching it tonight..
  • I thought it was well established that 'lone gunmen' was now a verb; thus, the title should read, 'MTV Lone Gunman's Movie Awards'.
    • Technically, you don't want an apostrophe-s on the verb "Lone Gunman". Thus, it should be:

      MTV Lone Gunmans Movie Awards

      Then it's... um... grammatically correct... well, more than before.
    • Re:Grammar alert! (Score:3, Insightful)

      by cybrpnk2 ( 579066 )
      While we're microanalyzing words, shouldn't it be "lone gunMEN" instead of "lone gunMAN"? The actual series title always juxtaposed a "singular" adjective with a "plural" noun as some sort of ironic statement, didn't it?
      • Re:Grammar alert! (Score:2, Insightful)

        by pjp6259 ( 142654 )
        Just like in Airheads, where the name of the band Adam Sandler was in was called the Lone Rangers.
      • It's a joke, jackass. A play on words.

        I hate having to explain it, but... Because this group was comprised of conspiracy theorists, and among the most reviled conspiracies stands the JFK assasination, and because the Warren Report decided that a lone gunman had killed JFK, a conspiracy play on words might yield "Lone Gunmen". And no, Mr. Grammar Alert, it's not irony. Look it up.

        • irony : The use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning. An expression or utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning. A literary style employing such contrasts for humorous or rhetorical effect. See Synonyms at wit. Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs: "Hyde noted the irony of Ireland's copying the nation she most hated" (Richard Kain). An occurrence, result, or circumstance notable for such incongruity.

          Duh, I think "lone gunmen" fits this definition pretty well as an "ironic" statement. I'm well aware it's a play on words referencing JFK - the LG origins ep from X-Files explains it quite clearly with Deep Throat II's parting exchange on the loading dock. And although you couldn't know that I remember very well The Day Kennedy Got Shot (impossible to forget the adrenaline rush, the world was different then, lots of people actually believed we would get nuked from the Russians by sunset), lots of people weren't even born at that time (or failed to become X-Files fans since) and might very well not get the "lone gunmen" reference. That doesn't make them a "jackass", and I for one would never "hate having to explain" a significant historical reference so that we all have a cultural identity to share regardless of our age or experience. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it....

  • The winners appeared in The Hollywood Reporter (and presumably Variety) on Monday, so this is hardly a big deal...
  • All those award shows suck. People only watch them to see who won, not for the entertainment value. Thank you MTV for not wasting my hours in suspense.
  • Its still up after 5 posts (damn musta opened IE right when this was posted).. Not too supprised LotR won best movie tho ;)

    usually (atleast in thought) a lot of webmasters do the data ahead of time, but it auto-posts after everythings played (this is what MTV did for their last Video music awards, or so I read)

    I think after they noticed the amount of hits from slashdot, they prolly just gave up and left it there! ;)


  • The Fast and the Furious was nominated for best movie? This shit was spoiled before it started.
  • That the awards ceremony was held last weekend and everyone knows who the winners are already? Heck, even CNN has the winners.

    As with anything else, it's the journey that matters, not the destination.
  • Not really (Score:5, Interesting)

    by gwernol ( 167574 ) on Thursday June 06, 2002 @08:16PM (#3656527)
    Actually, the award results were widely reported several days ago, for example see SFGate.com [sfgate.com] which mirrored the Associated Press feed.

    MTV themselves provided the information to the AP, so this is hardly a slip up. They clearly want the results known several days ahead of the air date. My guess is they figure this is good publicity to draw people in to watch the show.
    • MTV posts results in hopes to gain publicity

      MTV goes to Slashdot saying that MTV's page is showing the results erroneously

      MTV sits back and basks in the flow of \.'ers
      • by GuyMannDude ( 574364 ) on Thursday June 06, 2002 @08:36PM (#3656753) Journal

        MTV sits back and basks in the flow of \.'ers

        Dude, you like totally messed up the "slash" in slashdot!



    • MTV themselves provided the information to the AP, so this is hardly a slip up. They clearly want the results known several days ahead of the air date. My guess is they figure this is good publicity to draw people in to watch the show.

      Yeah, I agree completely. Let's face it: MTV movie awards aren't a serious event. I'm sure even the people who watch it know that it doesn't compare to the Oscars. No one really cares whether who wins "Best Movie Kiss" on the MTV awards. So there isn't any incentive for MTV to try to create an air of suspense -- no one cares anyway. The MTV awards show is just a forum to showcase all the hip Hollywood types to the young-kids-with-lots-of-disposable-money demographic. Hell, in the same way that people watch the Super Bowl just to enjoy the commericals, I'm sure a large portion of the MTV awards viewing audience is simply watching because of those comedy spin-off shorts they do.


    • I was going to say...

      Last night while flipping stations I saw Reece Witherspoon accepting an award on MTV News. She told some story about her daughter liking the donkey from Shrek better.

      So this wasn't some secret.

      Although I don't understand why they didn't just broadcast the show live.
  • how are they doing the best movies of 2002 if we're still in 2002? if it's just the best movies of the last year then why the hell isn't amelie there? legally blonde? how did that get nominated? where do they get these retards to nominate movies from?

    dear mtv, fuck off and die. love, jrs
  • Everyone else announced the award winners already. Read 'em on CNN a couple days ago.
  • Award Listing (Score:1, Redundant)

    by Eharley ( 214725 )
    Just in case the webpage gets pulled.

    Best Male Performance Video
    Will Smith

    Best Female Performance Video
    Nicole Kidman
    Moulin Rouge!

    Best On-Screen Team Video
    The Fast and the Furious
    Vin Diesel, Paul Walker

    Best Villain Video
    Denzel Washington
    Training Day

    Best Comedic Performance Video
    Reese Witherspoon
    Legally Blonde

    Best Musical Sequence Video
    Moulin Rouge!
    Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman

    Best Kiss Video
    American Pie 2
    Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott

    Best Action Sequence Video
    Pearl Harbor
    The Attack Scene

    Best Fight Video
    Rush Hour 2
    Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan versus The Hong Kong Gang

    Best Breakthrough Male Video
    Orlando Bloom
    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    Best Breakthrough Female Video
    Mandy Moore
    A Walk to Remember

    Best Movie Video
    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Well, we know for sure MTV has no taste now (in case there was any doubt).

    The only saving grace is that Brittney did not win.

  • The MTV 2002 Movie Awards isn't live and was filmed this past weekend. After the filming, the winners were never a secret. I read the winners earlier this week on Yahoo. Here's a June 3 article on E!Online. [eonline.com]
  • Remember when they found that pic on the survivor show website that had the "winner" circled in red? How do we know this isn't the same kind of hoax?
  • Wow, this sure is great news! And it relates to all of us, because we all love mtv! Right guys?

    chrisd - you think anyone here gives a FUCK about the mtv movie awards? come on, mang.
  • Best Male PerformanceWill Smith Ali

    Best Female PerformanceNicole Kidman Moulin Rouge!

    Best On-Screen Team The Fast and the Furious Vin Diesel, Paul Walker

    Best Villain Denzel Washington Training Day

    Best Comedic Performance Reese Witherspoon Legally Blonde

    Best Musical Sequence Moulin Rouge! Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman

    Best Kiss American Pie 2 Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott

    Best Action SequencePearl Harbor The Attack Scene

    Best Fight Rush Hour 2 Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan versus The Hong Kong Gang

    Breakthrough Male Orlando Bloom The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    Breakthrough Female Mandy Moore A Walk to Remember

    Best Movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    Best Cameo Snoop Dogg Training Day

    Best Line Legally Blonde "Oh, I like your outfit too, except when I dress up as a frigid bitch, I try not to look so constipated."
    --Reese Witherspoon

    Best Dressed Reese Witherspoon Legally Blonde
  • to those that allow MTV to tell them what to like. Now they don't get the full experience of being brainwashed by the crappy music, moronic presenters, and brain-dead audience.

    I cry for them.
  • Don't worry - now it's posted here the website won't be up long enough for too many non-slashdotters to read the results.
  • Is this what "normal" people really like? Legaly Blonde? Give me a friggen break!! And people think Hollywood is hurting from the internet. They are just producing crap!!!!
  • MTV Awards? (Score:2, Funny)

    by fungus ( 37425 )
    What channel is that on?
  • here are the winners

    Best Male Performance: Will Smith: Ali
    Best Femaile Performance: Nicole Kidman, Moulin Rouge
    Best Onscreen Team: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, the fast and the furious
    Best Villain: Denzel Washington, Training day
    Best Comedic Performance: Reese Witherspoon, legally blonde
    Best Musical Sequence: Ewan MacGregor and Nicole Kidman, Moulin Rouge
    Best Kiss: Jason Biggs and Sean William Scott, american pie 2
    Best Action Sequence: Perl Harbor, the attack scene
    Best Fight: Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan versus The Hong Kong Gang, Rush hour 2
    Breakthrough Male: Orlando Bloom, LOTR
    Breakthrough Female: Mandy Moore, a walk to remember
    Best Movie: LOTR
  • Old news... (Score:1, Redundant)

    by Bluey ( 27101 )
    The awards show was held last Saturday. The winners can be found on any news site. No new news is being given away on the MTV site.

    http://www.msnbc.com/news/760552.asp [msnbc.com]
  • Actually, it looks to me (judging by the color scheme on the site) that the winner listed on those pages is the winner of the MTV opinion polls. Is that the same thing as the winner of the actual award?

    If they're different then this might just be a case of lousy web design rather than a case of bad management (of course, those two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive either... hm.)

    This would make a wonderful example for a usability test.

  • I hope I'm not alone in really hating awards shows. Do celebrities really need another reason to get full of themselves and pat themselves on the back? I used to work in an area where I'd meet various celebrities all the time and the only one I have ever met that isn't a jerk/bitch is Martin Short, who is actually quite funny in real life.

    I'll still watch the movies that look good, but I say "screw 'em" to celebrities. They should be embarrased about who they are.
    • I totally agree... hollywood and the stars suck ass.

      No im not jelous. they really are a bunch of self patting on the back types. i would love to have as much money - but not for doing the same thing.

      I think its really sad that most people think that an actor is really intelligent based on the roles they play. Clue: everything they say in the movies - written by someone else!

      I never watch MTV - I have a life... thats why i read /. all day!! :P

    • I hope I'm not alone in really hating awards shows.

      Actually, the others are lying to make you feel better. You are actually alone in hating awards shows. Any time I've seen awards shows mentioned, I've never heard anyone complain about them, or suggest that it's emotional masturbation for half witted, moronic, self-indulgent, overrated goat-felchers.

      I'm afraid you're just a social outcast.
  • ... the night it was aired.. I believe it was Sunday.

    Big deal.
  • who cares. (sorry, i had to post _something_ it was so barren up here.)
    - A
  • by jcsehak ( 559709 ) on Thursday June 06, 2002 @08:26PM (#3656668) Homepage
    placing bets with non-slashdotters (or non-mtv.com'ers)

  • Now if they would just publish the results of the 2004 elections, they'd really have a scoop.

    Hell, they could probably publish it 3 days after the election and beat the Supreme Court.
  • I think I know what I will be doing tonight...

    "Hey, I'll bet you five bucks that Will Smith is gonna get it for Ali..."

    "Your on!"
  • DANG! i didn't win... maybe next year.
  • MTV Foo (Score:1, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Don't Drink and Code. Otherwise you pull an MTV.

    Programmers Against Drinking and Coding
  • considering MTV is just a puppet of the RIAA and the MPAA, and we *all* know about the geniuses that work for them. sheesh. let me guess, "crossroads" (britney spears) won for best film?

  • Oh how dare you spoil the movie awads that I would never watch anyways...

  • by CBNobi ( 141146 ) on Thursday June 06, 2002 @08:30PM (#3656709)
    What happens when your webmasters and the editing people don't communicate?

  • What, MTV gives out awards during the annual MTV movie awards? I'm trying to imagine why -- I suppose they need an excuse to show the studio sponsored DVD advertisements, and giving out meaningless awards was as good an excuse as anything else.

    The real dissappointment for me this year is that MTV hasn't released a lot of publicity photos of scantily clad women at this year's event. Without the promise nearly-naked hollywood chicks, I really can't find any reason to watch the show anyhow.

    I'm sure as hell not going to watch another two hour long advertisement for "The Fast and the Furious" and "Moulin Rouge" without getting something from it.
  • Some of their choices, and nominations for that matter sucked. Even NOMINATING Britney Spears, come on!

  • Maybe the web guys were sick of a bunch of slickster suits not inviting them to any of the good post-awards parties.

  • So if mtv's web page is pulling a lone gunman, then does that imply that there's a spinoff webpage that sucks worse than the original web page? Perhaps an mtv2.com webpage or some such crap?

    Wow, I guess there is [mtv2.com]! It sucks so bad it just redirects to port 89 of the regular mtv web server which then refuses the connection. Now that's what I call a lousy rehash of an existing website.
  • see sig. end of post.
  • Like, really.

    The fools who are going to watch MTV are probably snuggled down on the couch, scarfing pop Korn and geting (going?) down in front of the tube (of KY-Jelly?) waiting for the next spring break T&A fest.

    Big , uh, deal.

  • The biggest sellout of them all wins top prize!

    Does anyone still had any doubts about the relevance of these bullshit awards?

    Stop Watching eMpTV

    - jonathan.

  • ...I should care?

    MTV stopped being relevant to people with any kind of good taste 10-15 years ago. You could also call MTV's Movie Awards a "Who's Cutest Contest" and still be pretty accurate.

    This really isn't a troll--it's a true statement.
  • Judging by the comments about the results being released by many news outlets, I think its fair to say that /. go trolled with this one, even if it was inadvertent.

    • Actually, it's even worse than that.

      It is just a lame attempt from the editor to consolidade the 'to pull a Lone Gunman' verb, which was "invented" by himself.

      I'm almost convinced to put him on the list of editors to have the stories excluded (as someone already suggested)...
  • That's why MTV stands for Money Television.
  • Hey folks,
    MTV does not do the Movie Awards live and I believe it was even filmed days ago and most of the mainstream media was issued releases of who won what a few days ago. There is no suprises with the Movie Awards since it is taped. People only really watch it for the skits and shit.

    Come to think of it I saw all the winners on one of those entertainment tonight shows or something the other day.

  • "Thank you for watching MTV, the shiny things network"
  • i was gonna just watch em fFor jack black. who cares who wins? they're all just MPAA puppets....
  • by 3Suns ( 250606 ) on Thursday June 06, 2002 @11:07PM (#3657458) Homepage
    that Legally Blonde was nominated for almost every category, you have to ask yourself...

    Do I really care???

  • by Nightwraith ( 180411 ) on Thursday June 06, 2002 @11:50PM (#3657612)
    This isn't the first time that MTV's Web stuff has been poorly implemented. Around January of 2001 my friends and I began to watch MTV2 pretty regularly.

    Lo and behold we found the wonders of MTV's Control Freak show. While a video was playing on the show, you could visit their web site and vote for the next video to air. All this was implement ed with a simple "click on this video to vote for it" page that was simply replaced/edited then refreshed each time the new video began to air.

    Well we had already implemeted a web interfaced, Linux based, MP3 jukebox hooked directly to our stereo and also to an FM-stereo transmitter for longer range listening. Now we had the opportunity to have our very own Video Jukebox (granted with a somewhat limited selection).

    So we wrote a program to parse the page for the voting URL's, display them for selection, and then create http connections submitting the appropriate vote. On the normal interface this would send you to a new page asking you to "Click here to vote again" and the whole process would repeat itself.

    Now normally you would wait for a response that the vote submission went through. We didn't really care if it did or not since we were submitting votes as fast as we could open the connections successfully.

    This seemed to work fine, however we were still unable to watch anything we wanted since the rest of the world was voting as well. On the videos that were evenly split, we would supply the (many) deciding votes, but for the runaway hits we didn't have a fast enough connection with our piddly 768 u/d DSL modem (~1000 votes/min)

    That prompted a redesign of the program. Version 2 allowed for distributed vote submission. With the resources that we had (root on a few high performance computers connected to a burstable T3) the distributed program soon allowed us to submit ~15000 votes/min.

    This solution worked like a charm. Start the threads and the percentage on our video would start to climb like a mountain goat. Switch the video we were voting for and that one would climb. Nothing like seeing a piece of crap (Busta Rhyme's YoYoYo) go from 1% to 97% in less than 2 minutes.

    Well that next week or the week after that, Control Freak was not being aired. "No worries, we'll hit 'em next week."
    The next week, the show came on. We started voting for our favorite video. The percentages went up. And up. And, wait a minute the percentages just dropped 25%!

    Seems that MTV had caught on to our scheme and was culling our votes from the pool. Bastards!

    Well, we kept at it to see if we could find the cutoff limit for votes from a single IP address (that was the only way we could think of for them to remove just our votes). That way we could run the client for x amount of time/votes and then shut it off for maximum effectiveness.

    That worked for a week. The next week we had upgraded the client to "spoof" random IP's with each vote it sent out to bypass the culling machine.

    It bypassed the culling machine alright. That week the percentages would climb, then something broke. The percentages went to 20K+% on each video. Then our video went to 0%. So we chose a new video. It went to 0%.

    Right then we shut down the operation. Up till that point, we had been doing nothing wrong (well cept maybe the IP spoofing of votes) since they had encouraged users to vote multiple times. We had simply removed the human factor of the voting process. But finally we had broken THEIR program.

    We surmised that the program held the vote tallys in an int and when we started submitting votes, the ints overflowed and caused a serious problem with negative numbers being used to calculate the percentages. If we had continued to vote in that manner MTV could have sued us for breaking their computers. Very bad scene for 3 college students with no money. Not to mention the fact that the computers connected to that T3 were not ours, and we probably would have lost those jobs and been sued for misuse of company resources.

    But, I'll tell you that was probably the most fun I have ever had hacking any type of program/protocol/interface/hardware. This produced immediate results that you could not only see, but your friends on the other side of town could see as well.
  • as of now.
  • by dstone ( 191334 ) on Friday June 07, 2002 @01:07AM (#3657889) Homepage
    To the /. editors... Rather than get /. readers whipped into a 'this is news' frenzy, please consider doing some basic research on your stories before publishing them. Four days ago, CNN published those winners [cnn.com], as simple news (not even a 'leak') back then.

    Maybe chrisd was just hoping other people make mistakes similar to his original Lone Gunman fiasco. ;-)
  • in case you can't figure it out, spoiler alert...

    Hmm. That would imply that I was biting my nails on the edge of my seat, just dying to find out who won the Blandest Small-Chested Actress award.

  • So when are we going to see the Slashies?

    And the nominees for most hated "journalist" on slashdot are:
    Jon Katz.

    And the winner (loser) is...

  • I vote for Kellie Osbourne all the way! She did a great job performing Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach".

Never buy from a rich salesman. -- Goldenstern