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Slashdot Meetup Reminder 258

Just a little reminder that Slashdot meetup is today! Sorry to the folks on the other side of the dateline for not posting this earlier. Check it out at slashdot.meetup.com we've had some 5000 people register all over the world so we thought a reminder ping was in order. The original story is available too. We won't be there this month as we're at OSCON today. But we'll be there next month perhaps. If you do go to a meetup put in a submission about it and we'll do a wrapup tonight or tomorrow sometime.
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Slashdot Meetup Reminder

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  • by b_pretender ( 105284 ) on Thursday July 25, 2002 @02:52PM (#3952831)
    I've got a hot date with Warcraft III.
  • Goatse (Score:1, Troll)

    So did any of you trolls turn up and dilate your rectums while screaming "first p0st!"?
  • Too bad the slackers in the wilkes-barre scranton area couldnt get at least 4 people to rsvp! Otherwise I would be going.. We need some community support around here!!
  • *sniff* This should've been posted a lot earlier.. You had to confirm that you would be coming and 4 or 5 had to confirm or the meetup would be cancelled. I RSVP'd right away, but from our lot (Rotterdam, Netherlands) I was the only one. Only 1 other confirmed just before the deadline so the thing was cancelled :(

    I was looking forward to wearing my Slashdot tshirt that I bought at Thinkgeek too.. *sniff*
  • ...Because there were only 3 people who signed up. Oh well.
  • Personally, I don't want to see any of you in person. Attaching human faces would only make it harder to flame your stupid opinions. =)
  • I don't live far from Lavalounge. If things work out then next time maybe we could repeat my 802.11 from the apartment to the bar! See ya there!
    • I made it.. whover planned this didn't think it through at all. LavaLounge doesn't open until 8:30 so we all just hung out at the terrace next dor and had a good time anyways. All 7 of us.

  • how can you tell where the meetup is anyway?
    • Re:eh? (Score:5, Informative)

      by Robotech_Master ( 14247 ) on Thursday July 25, 2002 @03:04PM (#3952915) Homepage Journal
      You go to the Slashdot meetup website [meetup.com], register with your email address and zip code, and the site tells you where the meetup is in your area.
      • You go to the Slashdot meetup website [meetup.com], register with your email address and zip code, and the site tells you where the meetup is in your area.

        zipcode is optional. But I wonder why they want your email address just to see the meeting place. Hmm, maybe to sell to spammers? In order to check the one in my local area, just out of curiousity, I used cmdrtaco@slashdot.org. Works just fine.

        • They want your email address because they use it. They send you reminders: "Hey, don't forget to RSVP for the meeting so that we won't cancel it when not enough people say they're going to show up" or "Hey, don't forget the meeting's tonight."

          They do have a privacy policy [meetup.com], you know.
          • by Peyna ( 14792 )
            They do have a privacy policy [meetup.com], you know.

            Everyone has a privacy policy; how many companies actually abide by them?

            • I find it easiest to put at least a little trust in a site like this--especially one that was created by just a couple of guys who the LiveJournal admin knows and vouches for. If you're not willing to trust them that far, why trust them enough to provide a service in which you want to participate?

              But then, I've long since come to the conclusion that unless I'm living under a rock, there's no way my Internet address is ever going to be completely spam-free anyway--especially since I was using it before the whole spam scene exploded, so there's no way to keep it from being found out. So I installed Spamassassin, and now I can devote all that fret and worry to looking for a job instead of trying to take up arms against a sea of troubles.
              • Re:eh? (Score:2, Interesting)

                by (startx) ( 37027 )
                ahh, the joys of having a catchall email address. I have all email to a domain I bought get sent forwarded to my real email address. Then whenever I have to "register" with a site, I use sitename@mydomainname.com . This does 2 things for me. first it allows me to see who sells my email address so I know where to address the nasty flames, and second it allows me to simple filter that address out if it starts to get spam.
                • by jred ( 111898 )
                  I do that too, but I've never had a positive hit on it. I suspect most of my spam comes from either my domain registration or the contact page on my website.
          • They want your email address because they use it.

            Hmm, but I have to give my email just to look up where the meeting will be? I am not talking about registering, that makes sense. I just wanted to find out if there was a meeting even close to me. I shouldn't have to register for that.

            Privacy policy. That's a good one. Companies always follow their privacy policy.

            • As I said elsewhere, they cancel meetups that don't get a minimum number of users--users who not only register, but who come back to the website a few days before the event after receiving an emailed reminder and click a link to say "I'll be there."

              So if you think you might attend at all, you're doing everyone else who'd like to attend a favor by signing up and RSVPing...otherwise, the meeting might have to be cancelled.
              • As I said elsewhere, they cancel meetups that don't get a minimum number of users--users who not only register, but who come back to the website a few days before the event after receiving an emailed reminder and click a link to say "I'll be there."

                And as I said elsewhere, I simply wanted to see where the meeting was going to be BEFORE I signed up. They want my email address just if I want to see where the meeting will be. I don't think they need that information. IF I decide to go, then I would register.

                • If you had signed up early enough--a couple of weeks ago, for instance--you would have had a vote in choosing where the meeting would be. They give a list of three choices, and all the registrants get to vote on each one. As it is, if you sign up you'll get to vote on the next one. (And if you give them your real email address, they'll even send you a reminder of when you can vote.)
      • You go to the Slashdot meetup website, register with your email address and zip code, and the site tells you where the meetup is in your area.

        Oh, wow, brilliant. Go to the website, select country. No 'Scotland', so I'm pissed off already, but I select 'United Kingdom'. The 'Zipcode' box changes to a pulldown menu labeled 'City'. Click on it, no cities listed. Click continue and get a popup 'You must select your city'. Two possibilities:

        • It's an Internet Exploder only website
        • There aren't any meetups in the UK.

        Not having MSWindows, I can't test hypothesis (i).

  • The Grape Escape, 500 Commerce St., Fort Worth, TX
    on Thursday, July 25 @ 7:00PM
    • Howdy! If you went to the FW /. meetup and didn't find one of your hosts, namely Texchanchan, that is because I was sitting at a restaurant in Handley waiting for a tow truck. Alternator chose this afternoon to go out at 820 and Lancaster. Sincere regrets.
  • No can do here, but everybody be sure to head upstairs to the lounge and knock back a few for all the /.ers that aren't there. Oh, and if Brendan Heddle is VJ'ing, tell 'im Randy says hi. :)
  • by FortKnox ( 169099 ) on Thursday July 25, 2002 @03:01PM (#3952894) Homepage Journal
    Sorry to the folks on the other side of the dateline for not posting this earlier.

    First, you give away the ending to the Lone Gunmen to early, cause you didn't think about PST, now you post this late because you didn't think of the other side of the dateline.

    Someone give this man a watch that can hold multiple time zones!! ;-)
  • by Robotech_Master ( 14247 ) on Thursday July 25, 2002 @03:02PM (#3952899) Homepage Journal
    ...or your venue might turn out to be a parking lot.

    The Livejournal Meetup [meetup.com] was on Tuesday. Here in Springfield, Missouri, the closest of the three venue choices to me turned out to be something called "Farmer Brothers Coffee." I checked the map, and it seemed kind of odd that a coffeehouse would be far out on the east side of town toward the expressway, where mainly office buildings could be found...but I figured the Meetup people knew what they were doing, and voted for it.

    Enough other people also voted for it that it became the selected venue...and when I got there, a half hour early (since I was the host), I discovered that it was not, in fact, a coffeehouse...it was a suite in an office building, for a restaurant coffee supply firm. Closed, of course.

    So I waited out in the parking lot for the other confused souls to show up, we all had a good laugh about meetup sites that apparently pick their venues by grepping online yellow pages, and then we went somewhere else. We had a good time, all things considered.

    Still, I wonder how many other meetups have taken or will take place in parking lots?
    • Still, I wonder how many other meetups have taken or will take place in parking lots? You should join a car club sometime. I've hung out at some of the finest gas stations, mall parking lots, and 24 hour diners in the state.


  • i registered... but the san jose meet up is at the chili's right by my house.

    CHILI'S??? we couldn't go to a decent bar or something? or even just a data warehouse and eat hot pockets sitting on the floor.

    i don't understand how CHILI'S is going to spur any kind of socialization whatsoever. plus, i'm a baller extraordinaire and hanging out with you losers would hurt my rep! ;)
    • Look on the bright side...it could have been at a McDonald's or a Hardee's. From what I've been able to make out from scoping out the venue choices in my home town, going to a Meetup held in a parking lot, and thinking about it, they must have populated their venue list by grepping on keywords in the online yellow pages.

      The best way to turn the trend around? Submit some really cool local places using their new venue submission form.
  • I'd love to attend the meeting in Rochester, considering I'm in Syracuse which is right near by. The problem is I, like many people, have a JOB and can't just decide to drive somwhere a few hours away on a mid week day. The one in Syracuse, to boot, is cancelled because not enough people signed up.

    Wouldn't be a bad idea to move this to a weekend day, I'm sure more people would attend.
  • Seattle was, at one time, the 2nd geekiest city - now it's only 5th :-(. Not too bad considering we're so close to the "evil empire".

    BTW: If you are going to the Seattle Sit 'n' Spin meetup then you'll identify me by my ASP.NET hat :-). Don't worry, I've got my EFF t-shirt to make up for it. Yes, that's right, I'm a Windows developer who gives hundreds to the EFF each year. Reconcile THAT!
  • I question the wisdom in gathering Linux users in public. It will give the impression that we are incapable of forming relationships with those outside of our close-knit and slightly bizarre community.

    Many people will see a bunch of pasty, slightly chubby white guys with longish hair drinking beer and laughing about Babylon 5 or what have you, ask what's going on, and then think something along the lines of, "so that's what Lunix is all about...I'll stick with Windows, thanks," before they go back to hitting on cute girls.

    Our image is tarnished enough. Let's keep it underground where it belongs.
  • 500 nerds, all getting together? HOW IS THIS NEWS FOR NERDS?
  • the only meeting that REALLY matters ;)

    Chili's Grill & Bar, 5650 Almaden Expwy.,
    San Jose, CA
    on Thursday, July 25 @ 7:00PM

    beware of and plan around traffic!
  • Well, it looks like there are plenty of meetups in the T.O. area, but I've already got tickets to see Goldmember tonight. Who's brilliant idea was it to schedule it tonight?

    Could we reschedule?:)

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Toronto is top of the list.. even with the Pope in town! BUNG! .. wait.. geek.. catholic.. interest in science .. catholic.. i dont think these go together..

    i bet my coworker that there would be 2 girls there.. if i win i get a free lunch.

  • I saw this for livejournal.meetup.com. I didn't feel like registering due to spam concerns. ATalk about an uninformative website.
    • Well, they can't exactly tell you where it is if they don't know where you are, can they?

      And they can't know where you are if you don't register.

      So if you don't register, you're out of luck.

      I know that sounds harsh, but they have to have a minimum number of people who have certified that they are willing to show up, or else they cancel the meeting. And in order to prevent ballot box stuffing-type abuses, they require that people be registered in order to provide this verification.
  • That site sucks ass.


    but NO WHERE!

    I am totally blind I guess but I cannot find the WHERE portion. please enlighten me!
    • Look at the half of the screen containing "what?" "who?" and "when?" Then look at the other half of the screen. Quote:
      Slashdot MEETUPs can happen in up to 545 cities worldwide on the same day. Enter your location to find the one near you:
      Totally blind is right . . . :)
    • NM.

      Didnt notice that you must register to find out where...

      only 3 blocks from where I work.
  • by zulux ( 112259 ) on Thursday July 25, 2002 @03:17PM (#3953004) Homepage Journal
    I'm rather worried that during a meetup, a goatse.cx troll will quietly sneak off to the bathroom, strip down, prepare, and comeback as the goatse.cx dude. In person!

    My hosts file wont save me then!

    • Haven't you ever wanted to stick your foot so far up somebody's ass you have to leave your shoe there to get your foot out? Just wear crappy shoes to the meetup, bring along soap and hydrogen peroxide for your foot after your remove it.
      • Umm, but that wouldn't teach him a lesson. He'd like it, wouldn't he??? I mean somebody can't possibly get an asshole that big unless he liked stuff up it...
  • I'm so confused, 2 Boston meetings, which one will I pick. Do I follow the larger crowd and go to the North Boston Suburb, or should I stick to the actual Boston meeting. Kinda wierd that there isn't just a Greater Boston meeting with all 90 or so people instead of 2 meetings 5 miles apart. This is why geeks and social functions don't mix ;)
    • "I'm so confused, 2 Boston meetings, which one will I pick. Do I follow the larger crowd and go to the North Boston Suburb, or should I stick to the actual Boston meeting."

      Go to the small meeting. Then decide with those people if you will be 31337 and keep it a small private meeting, or if you will all go and integrate into the big meeting.

    • No kidding. Put in a Boston zip, you get a Boston meeting. Put in a Cambridge zip, and you get a "North Boston Suburbs" meeting...which is stupid. Andover is a North Boston Suburb. Cambridge is a city that didn't want to get conglomerated into Boston.

      Someone's got their map all wrong...They ought to have the Boston/Cambridge/Brookline/Somerville mess as one, and then North/South/West by 128 as the others.

      I shouldn't complain, since I can't go to this one, but it is a shame that it's not 100 person par-tay.

      • Perhaps you should email them with your concern. Given that they're just a couple of people, trying to provide the same service for a variety of localities without ever actually having been there, there are bound to be a few glitches. Perhaps it's something they can adjust.
    • I'm going to the meeting for the Northern Boston Suburb which is at the Gallery Café, 5 Cambridge Parkway, Cambridge. I checked the map and it looks like the Gallery Café is at the Museum of Science. Does anyone know if this is correct?
  • My meetup was cancelled, but there is one happening about an hour from here that I'm gonna head to, hoping to meet some new people.

    There were a lot of messages in the Lansing one for people laughing about how it would be a bunch of men hoping to meet women, I laughed because I'm female and will probably be the only female there. 'Twould be nice to meet a fellow female geek. Oh well.

  • To those geeks in Columbus who don't want to give your email out (can't you register a hotmail addy for this? Sheesh!):

    Virgin Megastore
    3965 Townfair Way
    Columbus, OH

    Thursday, July 25 @ 7:00PM EST

    That's the Virgin Megastore in Easton Town center. Easton is huge and leet, so if you don't want to hang out in Virgin (ha!) Megastore there's Adobe Gillas, Fados, etc -- lots of pubs and such all around there.
    • Who chose to have a meetup for Columbus in Easton? Yes, by postal code Easton is technically in Columbus, but sheesh.

      Im in the same postal code, but over 30 minutes away..

      And what are you going to do in a RECORD STORE? At least pick a restaurant, bar, or book store where people can talk casually without weird looks by the owner.

      Some planning intelligence would have been nice. :)
      • Well, the site says they try to provide a venue that's within about an hour's travel of everyone.

        Anyway, the venue was chosen because the most people on the list voted for it during the voting period of the last few weeks. You had plenty of opportunity to cast your vote for the other two alternatives...
      • I agree Virgin won't be a lot of fun... But I voted for Virgin simply because there are a lot of other options (food, beer, gaming, etc.) in the same 'block' which will make choosing something else quite easy.
    • I wish I would have known about this sooner. I am only about 45 minutes to an hour north of columbus and would gladly come but I didn't find out about it until today when the story was posted. Maybe I will bring it up at our local lug meeting and see if we can get a few of us to attend next month.
  • A check of the top cities [meetup.com] shows Toronto(!) with 169 members, London(!!) with 153 and NY with 126.
    The rest to 9 are US cities.
    Hmmm... new wrench in a US-centric Slashdot universe.
  • It's no wonder that Open Source hackers and Linux users are so poorly perceived by the general public. Here [oreillynet.com] is yet another picture of the father/grand daddy of Open Source. That's right RMS [oreillynet.com] himself.

    For God's sake, couldn't some one have told him to button his shirt and get a haircut before giving a keynote speech.

  • Decisions decisions decisions. . . .

    Go to park with friend, get eaten by mosqitos, but have fun, go to /. meet and hopefuly try to outrun any mob of people who want me dead. . . .

    DOH! ;`(

  • being 19 i cant get into the meeting... im pissed...
  • I signed up to be our host here in tech valley but i don't think i'm going to be able to make it! It seems a certain wife has planned certain activities I may not be able to get out of without enraging certain unliked and vindictive legal relatives.

    Drink a latte for your megabyte, please!
  • my closest meetup is in boise, idaho.

    that's still 300 miles
  • First off, I didn't even know there were /. readers in Bismarck, second, who signed up for it?
  • I fked up and didn't come. I'm into next time. email me @ shayne[mandatoryspamblock]@guild.murdoch.edu[mores pamproof].au for plans whatever.
    Sorry guys. I did mess up.
  • So not only do I have to register, but then THEY pick the meet I go to. I'm told not enough people RSVP'd to go to the San Bernadino meet. Well why can't they just post the address to some local bar anyway and let people decide if they wanna go down and see if anyone shows? The minimum of 4 RSVP's is stupid. Just give out the addresses and let whoever shows up, show up. Oh and it would also be nice to not have to lie about my zip code if I decide I want to attend the Los Angeles meet instead of San Bernadino(since it was canceled)
  • I and a friend (both female) confirmed for San Francisco! (We want to meet Craig! [craigslist.org])

    Neither of us are single, but I thought we should post a PSA anyway: yes, there will be two geeky females at the San Francisco meetup. Our SO's won't be with us, either! Oh yeah, and my friend actually likes using vi. Does she pass the geek test?

    /me runs away from the horde of geeky guys...

  • wouldnt this make a better poll option?

    Will you be going to your local meetup tonight?



    Only if CBN picks my ass up in his rusty el camino!
  • in an undisclosed location -- just in case anything happens to the other Slashdot fan.

  • I thought about going to the meetup, but I'm scared of the Slashdot effect...

    All those people, all those hundreds, possibly thousands of hits.

    So no, I won't be going to the Slashdot Beatup.

    - Serge Wroclawski
  • Well I was at the London meetup at 7.30pm today and asked 2 of the people who worked there about the /. meetup and got silly reply's from both.

    Did anyone got Navajo Joes or was the whole thing a prank?

    It needs to be better organised, perhaps even reserved, so people clearly know where to go, and don't waste their time!
    • I showed up at a Second Cup (coffee shop) downtown about 15 minutes after the specified time. I had my laptop with me so the /. people would recognize me.

      They did. They grabed me, pulled me into a booth in the corner and the meetup began for me. One of them grabbed my laptop, booted it up and started installing Gentoo Linux on it after finding out that it runs Win98. Another one started a long monologue that praised Linux and bashed Microsoft. A third one was wearing a tinfoil baseball cap and handing out his PGP key to anyone who entered the coffee shop.

      After brainwashing me for a while, my fellow slashdotters and I went for a beer (for which I paid, for some unexplicable reason). The rest of the evening is a blur, as one beer turned into more than I can count. Kind of like the Linux Beer Hike, but without the hiking.

      I can't wait till the next one.
  • I am not going to the Seattle /. meet, the mosquito bites I got yesterday are driving me up the wall, I get off work, err, right now, so too-friggin-ta, I got ice cream and barbecue to eat!
  • To whoever set up the juneau alaska meeting, it would have been really nice if you held this thing somewhere besides a bar so that those of us who are under 21 and don't own a good fake could get in. *sigh*

  • Well, I headed up to the Springfield, Missouri Slashdot meetup location, The Bar Next Door/South Avenue Pizza Co. Put a sign up on the table and everything. Waited 'til 7:30...and nobody had shown up, so I called it quits and came home. 14 people registered, 4 RSVP'd...and I'm the only one who showed up. Oh well, maybe next month.
  • Pandora did a great job hosting. Approx 24 attendees. All normal. Only one suit in site, mine. Kyocera6035 does Slashdot.
  • They cancelled the Fresno meetup (I was marked down as a host). Let's meet up anyways! Where was it supposed to be at? The Elbow Room?

    Fire me an e-mail back or post on here.. and we'll meet up anyways.


    • I went! And no one showed up! You bastards! I made a nice Slashdot sign and everything.. my wife and I ended up eating a nice $70 dinner and had a few Sex on the Beaches.. Man talk about hot.. I had some szcheuan prawns. Big fat ones.

      No one would have wanted to sit next to me anyways. Ah well, I'll be host again next month. You punks better show up.


  • stand out the front and shoot everyone who gets dropped of by their mums?

    I want to see what nuclear and rocket scientists look like. Since the ones around here often seem to be quite immature.

  • Meetup was cool (we have +102 F outside) and cozy.
    7 people showed up and it was warm talk about everything.
    Thanks for meetup idea!
  • Only 2 of us showed up, and Starbucks closed at 7pm. We had a good old geeky chat though, rambling through fave hacks, censorship, quantum mechanics, and np maths problems.

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