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Enterprise Season Premiere Tonight 391

l0key432 writes "Enterprise, Star Trek's fifth series, begins its second season on UPN tonight at 8pm/7pm central with the episode Shockwave Part II, airing just before the series premier of the new 'The Twilight Zone' show at 9pm/8pm central. Shockwave II is the conclusion to last season's season-ending cliff-hanger, and additional info can be found at this page(possible spoilers!) on StarTrek.com." Of course with my luck, it'll be pre-empted by some sporting event.
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Enterprise Season Premiere Tonight

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  • And I'm very happy how TNG came around. As a matter of fact, on TNN at 11PM EDT "Best of both worlds" is on. It seems like I'll have a TV night for once.

  • by override11 ( 516715 ) <cpeterson@gts.gaineycorp.com> on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @10:44AM (#4281284) Homepage
    Hopefully something tragic will happen and they will have to enter the decontamination room and spread goo on each other again!!!!
    • by Psmylie ( 169236 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @10:56AM (#4281394) Homepage
      What would be even better is if they had Seven of Nine do some kinda time warp thing and she can be in the decontamination room with the vulcan chick and they can be spreading goo on each other and and Troi could be there too and for some reason the blue chick from Farscape and ... urgh..




      Whew, just had a little ubergeek hyperventilation there.
      • How in the name of geekdom could you leave Skully out of that?
      • by doublem ( 118724 )
        All that red hair, and the full bosom.

        Spreading gel all over the Vulcan chick.

        Beverly Crusher, Queen of the MILFs


    • Hopefully something tragic will happen and they will have to enter the decontamination room and spread goo on each other again!!!!

      That Vulcan is one skanky girl. The translator is cute, tho'.

      Not that I've got anything against Vulcans, I liked Spock's apprentice in the one where Kirk and Bones get exiled to the prison planet. I am amazed that Kirk never made a move on her, maybe that bit ended up on the cutting room floor.
      • Re:Vulcan luvin... (Score:5, Informative)

        by Scutter ( 18425 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @11:15AM (#4281509) Journal
        I liked Spock's apprentice in the one where Kirk and Bones get exiled to the prison planet.

        That's Kim Catrall, baby! She was a hottie until she started doing "Sex and the City". Now she's just annoying and old-looking. Ahh, how I miss the "Mannequin" and "Big Trouble in Little China" days... *sigh*

        Oh, geez, I almost forgot Porky's! w00t!
  • Funny... (Score:2, Offtopic)

    by Adnans ( 2862 )
    Just finished watching 2x01! Satellite feeds rock! :-)

    • Bizarre mods (Score:2, Insightful)

      by 91degrees ( 207121 )
      Offtopic? Twice? This is a person that wrote about watching Enterprise in an article about Enterprise.

      Hardly the most insightful comment ever, but certainly on topic.
  • Tonight? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Jucius Maximus ( 229128 ) <m4encxb2swNO@SPAMsnkmail.com> on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @10:46AM (#4281309) Journal
    It was on last night (Sep 17, 2002) at 10pm EST (GMT-4) in Canada...

    So if you haven't seen it, someone else here probably has. So you don't want to read on if you want to avoid spoilers.

    So essentially ... SPOILER ALERT(!!) for this whole story.

  • thanks, (Score:5, Informative)

    by Sarin ( 112173 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @10:47AM (#4281312) Homepage Journal
    Since the television stations in my country haven't even made effort to air the first season this year,
    I'll keep an eye out for it on alt.binaries.multimedia.startrek and alt.binaries.startrek , thanks to the people there I've been able to follow the first season.
  • I mean they are going to be in this episode. I'll be watching with a beer in hand and wishing I had a TIVO. I'm sure they are going to *stuff* the breaks w/ commercials.

    I feel bad for those New Yorkers who won't be able to record it. :(

  • by techstar25 ( 556988 ) <techstar25@@@gmail...com> on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @10:50AM (#4281339) Journal
    It's already been broadcast in the east coast.
    Sorry about the spoiler [slashdot.org].
    ;-) just having a little fun.
  • by loggia ( 309962 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @10:57AM (#4281396)
    If you are wondering where the archetypal "searching for humanity" character is on this show, it is reportedly Captain Archer's dog Porthos.

    After having his brain advanced 1,000,000 dog years, Porthos will become an ensign and have to grapple with an Earth that does not grant individual freedoms to dogs. Look for episode "Man's Best Friend" where Porthos is deemed the propery of Starfleet and Archer must argue that Porthos deserves to makes his own choices.
  • by XScB ( 240898 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @11:00AM (#4281410) Journal
    Farnell the electronic component suppliers have taken it on themselves to bring the people of Earth into an age of interstellar travel early by having started to stock [farnell.com] Dilithium Crystals. If you go to the Farnell site [farnell.com], select the UK site, then the Online Catalogue, Electronic components and finally Crystals, you can see them.

    Unfortunately they seem to be out of stock right now if you were thinking of building your own Warp engine.
  • by Aexia ( 517457 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @11:02AM (#4281426)
    Great premise, likeable characters and good actors.

    It got off to a great start. The Broken Bow was easily the best of the Trek pilots.

    So what's the problem? It almost seems as if the producers want Enteprise to ASPIRE to be as mediocre as Voyager was.

    It's stuck in that "nothing can change week to week" mentality that Paramount has long imposed on Trek. Worse, it's not even particularly bad like Voyager was early on... it's just... there. More often then not, it's not good or bad. Just something I could care less about.

    The Temporal Cold War is at least a step in the right direction, even if I think they've removed too much of the mystery from it. Compare "Future Guy's" appearance in the pilot to what it was in the finale. Initially, you couldn't tell anything about him and there was that cool distortion effect. Now, he looks like a guy dressed in stage black.

    Sullick and Daniels are a little too black & white. I wished they could've pretened for more than a fraction of an episode that the Suliban might actually be the good guys. Or that there were no good guys in this fight.

    But the fact that they have an continuing, if infrequently returned to, storyline is a positive step. Having *consistant* internal continuity is generally a good thing for a show. It's an incentive to watch, when done properly.

    As it is, I generally don't care about Enterprise.
    • by Thag ( 8436 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @11:15AM (#4281512) Homepage
      One of the major problems with Enterprise is that TIME TRAVEL SUCKS. It's been completely overdone, BADLY, particularly on Trek, and I for one am not going to watch any more time travel eps.

      Because they're ALL THE SAME EPISODE: crew encounters time wedgie. Crew solves time wedgie puzzle. Time returns to normal. Teenage son lies to a cute girl at school to impress her, but gets found out and learns an important lesson about honesty. Roll credits.

      Jon Acheson
      • by Ralph Wiggam ( 22354 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @11:53AM (#4281776) Homepage
        I was always hoping that when Geordi or Data was sending the chronoton/tachyon burst that was going to set things straight after that week's temporal anomoly, that as soon as he hit the last button on the control panel some secondary character would just blink out of existence. The crew would look at each other, shrug, and go on with their business.

      • There's something different going on with the time travel on Enterprise. First, we have people "from the future", who could be just well-informed people from the present. Then, we have the captain going "to the past", but he doesn't seem to have changed anything in the present by doing that; he finds out a bunch of stuff about the present there. Finally, we have the captain going "to the future", but it's indistinguishable from any other destroyed city. When the captain went to the past and spent some time there, he returned to the present later than he left.

        Most likely, there isn't time travel going on, just shape-changing aliens recording events and playing them back in a holodeck-like thing. They could just have a clever sort of teleporter, a holodeck, and be using time travel as their excuse for having a lot of information that they don't want to admit to collecting.
      • I've found that Enterprise' time travel storyline has a different flavour from those of Star Treks past (future?...nevermind). The biggest problem is that the writers seemed to think that time travel itself is a plot. It's not.

        Time travel can be a great plot *device*. And in the case of Enterprise, I've found it to be a very interesting one. It's not a matter of temporal fluxes and causal loops, it's more the story of a guy who gets drawn into a battle between two much larger, much more powerful groups. Like Frodo in Lord of the Rings. I agree - I'm sick to death of episodes that use time travel/anomalies as if they're a plot in and of themselves. But I think Enterprise is different - and I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.
      • Actually, Enterprise's plots, at least early on, seem to follow the formula:

        1. Enterprise encounters new planet/race/ship/widget.
        2. T'Pol advises caution.
        3. Archer and Tripp mock T'Pol and Vulcans in general.
        4. Away team is sent to investigate/explore.
        5. Away team gets in trouble.
        6. Something rescues them.
        7. Archer et al learn no lessons from the experience.
        • I'd like to amend your episode plan:

          1. Enterprise encounters new planet/race/ship/widget.
          2. T'Pol advises caution.
          3. Archer and Tripp mock T'Pol and Vulcans in general.
          4. Away team is sent to investigate/explore.
          5. T'Pol advises caution.
          6. Archer and Tripp mock T'Pol and Vulcans in general.
          7. Away team gets in trouble.
          8. Something rescues them - usually T'Pol.
          9. Archer et al learn no lessons from the experience, and instead just mock T'Pol and Vulcans in general.
    • Or that there were no good guys in this fight.

      Well, there's nothing to say that couldn't still be the case. The best villians, IMO, are the ones you think are your friends (or who actually are your friends -- personally, I think they should have kept Evil Willow as the Big Bad for this season of Buffy).

      Anyhow, both sides are obviously manipulating their pieces (enterprise/suliban) to further their own ends.

    • by iabervon ( 1971 )
      There actually have been a number of episodes which refer to previous episodes; mostly of the sort where they do something in one episode, and then encounter people who have heard about it and want them to do something else because of it.

      I think they've done a good job of maintaining the Trek "everything is fixed at the end of the episode", while having people notice that this group has an impressive record of getting into situations and resolving them.

      I'm not entirely convinced that Daniels's side is actually good; it seems like all of their information has come from Daniels, and he might just be feeding them propaganda. Sullick is clearly against them, but might have reasons for it. There's a lot of potential for a major plot twist at some point.
    • by Brian_Ellenberger ( 308720 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @12:07PM (#4281891)
      IMHO, the episode Shuttlepod One was one of the best Star Trek episodes I've ever seen.

      Basically Reed and Trip are on a shuttlepod out in the middle of nowhere and it looks like the Enterprise has been destroyed. The pod is damaged and they have a very limited amount of air left. And they are light years away from anything.

      It was Sci-Fi at it's best, a human drama between Trip's completely irrational hope (although deep down he knows the truth) and Reed's attempt to prepare for their pending deaths. They deal with things like whether or not to be comfortable and just accept death or be miserable and squeeze out a few more hours.

      I'll take one of those episodes over 10 technobabble shows anyday.

      Brian Ellenberger
      • by Skyshadow ( 508 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @12:20PM (#4281987) Homepage
        "It ain't gettin' any of our bourbon!"

        Ah, finally, a Star Trek character I can identify with -- a drunken engineer.

      • Wasn't that a Voyager episode, with Torres and Paris stuck in space suits (not even a shuttlecraft) with the ship nowhere in sight and the air running out?

        And wasn't something similar done in DS-9, somewhere in the Delta quadrant before the war?

        This episode might have been new, but the writers keep treading over the same ground.
      • by Anonymous Coward
        .. believability.

        Apparently the NX-01 "bumps into" an alien ship. This is the cause of the debris field that Trip and Reed find.

        See, Trip and Reed are off testing the weapons on the shuttlepod, which needs to be done a long long long long long way away (out of communications, no doubt).

        By the time the two finish their tests and reach the 'meeting point' the NX-01 isn't there anymore because it is so damn important for Archer to ferry the de-shipped aliens home that they strand a warp-incapable shuttlepod out in the middle of nowhere. Hell, Archer doesn't even do the simple courtesy of leaving the poor guys a message of any sort saying "don't go anyplace, we'll be back soon, try not to choke while you're waiting".

        More damningly, we are not even presented with any compelling reasons why the aliens need to get where they're headed right now, nor why Archer can't simply warp to the shuttlepod, cut their weapon testing short, pick 'em up and take the aliens home. He just leaves the meeting point without so much as a "bbiam" message, nor collecting the spare hull plating (what do they patch the hole with? hmm??).

        That, combined with blatant scientific errors like using fingers and mashed potato as hull sealant, body hair growth after death and the supposed "drop your impulse engine and you slow down even in space"... well..

        I suppose it was a good character piece, if two people getting drunk and discussing the local Vulcan ass is 'characterization'.

        I could have gotten into the episode so much more if it wasn't a completely contrived situation. But the fact of the matter is, all it takes is a little bump for brave Captain Archer to strand his two best buddies in the middle of nowhere for three days while he ferries strange aliens someplace unimportant.

        But what the hell! It was a "character" ep! Right??

    • Great premise, likeable characters and good actors.

      Boy am I ever stunned to read this. You actually like the characters? I've always thought that the unlikeableness (is that a word? no? oh well...) of the characters it the main reason why I think the show is below average. I'm curious as to which characters you like. I've always liked The Original Series, even with it's hokey elements, because I respected the characters. I would have loved to serve on board the Enterprise under Kirk because I respected the abilities and personalities of the crew. But here's how I see the Enterprise crew under Archer:

      • Archer: way too anxious to prove the Vulcans wrong. Doesn't stop to think before he does something.
      • T'Pol: For someone who is supposedly devoid of emotions, she acts like a pouty little child an awful lot.
      • 3rd in command (whatever his name is): Whines a hell of a lot.
      • Hoshi: Probably competant in her work but you really can't trust her to keep her head when things get rough.
      • Doctor: Need I say anything here?

      Well, I could go on and on. I understand that this show is supposed to be about mankind's first tentative steps into space so please spare me the follow-up posts telling me that the characters ought to be poor at their jobs. It's just that it's not interesting to me to watch people who seem borderline-incompetant representing humanity in space. I would certainly not want to serve aboard Archer's Enterprise. I would fear for my safety and I sure wouldn't be able to take orders from the meatheads in charge.

      Honestly, people really like the Enterprise crew? I'm still stunned about this. Is it just me who finds this new group as unpalatable as the Voyager group (and, yes, I realize I'm inviting jokes about 'palatable' and how that word relates to 7of9 or T'Pol)?


      • * Archer: way too anxious to prove the Vulcans wrong. Doesn't stop to think before he does something.
        * T'Pol: For someone who is supposedly devoid of emotions, she acts like a pouty little child an awful lot.
        * 3rd in command (whatever his name is): Whines a hell of a lot.
        * Hoshi: Probably competant in her work but you really can't trust her to keep her head when things get rough.
        * Doctor: Need I say anything here?

        What? You mean the characters have (gasp) FLAWS?!?!?

        • I think he means to say, the flaws in the characters are not really matched with enough positive aspects to make them worth watching.

          I really wish they would kill off Hoshi. Every time she speaks, I cringe, because I know she is just going to whine like she is PMSing.
    • I LOVE the premise. My problem is that I don't feel like they are the first ones out in space.

      Setup: First humans in deep space, only "friends" are the Vulcans that Archer hates.

      Obvious Solution: Find new friends, make new allies.

      Archer's Solution: Piss everyone off, choose moral high ground over allies, make no new friends, etc.

      It's a strange new world, they should start becoming friendly with more powerful races. Instead, he is content to be a jerk.

      The very anti-semetic pro-terrorist episode REALLY offended me. A though-provokative episode showing that the anti-terrorist rhetoric can be flawed would be a GREAT Trek episode, in the vein of some of the ST:TOS episodes. Instead we get a 1-sided episode where there Arab-looking terrorist is a great, friendly guy, and the leader of the anti-terrorist contigent looked very Jewish.

      ST:TNG tackled the terrorism question, pointed out that if Washington lost, he'd have been a terrorist.

      Enterprise is a LOT like Buffy. Most episodes are mediocre, some of them show tremendous promise that they'll be great episodes, but the good ones end with a cheap ending that disappoints. Each week, we tune in, ready for more disappointment... Maybe that should be UPN's slogan. :)

  • by Torgo's Pizza ( 547926 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @11:05AM (#4281449) Homepage Journal
    Wow, I knew Star Trek was big, but not so big to have it's own Prime Minister. I wonder who the Premier could be...

    Unless of course the editors meant premiere which is the first public performance of something. Nahhh.

    • From 'dict premier' (highlighting mine)

      From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]:

      Premier \Pre"mi*er\, n.
      The first minister of state; the prime minister.

      From WordNet (r) 1.7 [wn]:

      adj 1: first in rank or degree; "an architect of premier rank";
      "the prime minister" [syn: {premier(a)}, {prime(a)}]
      2: preceding all others in time; "the premiere showing" [syn: {premiere}]
      n 1: the person who holds the position of head of state in
      England [syn: {Prime Minister}, {PM}]
      2: the person who is head of state (in several countries) [syn:
      {chancellor}, {prime minister}]
      3: the position of the cabinet minister who is in charge of
      government affairs [syn: {Prime Minister}, {PM}]
      v 1: be performed for the first time; of a play, ballet, or
      composition [syn: {premiere}]
      2: perform a work for the first time [syn: {premiere}]

      What have we learned from this: there are different flavors of English (UK, US, Engrish). So some people take the lift from the first floor to the lorry. Some take the elevator from the second floor to the van. While others take the happy number one good star ok.

      • The headline: Enterprise Season Premier Tonight.

        Part of speech of "Premier" in the headline: noun.

        Part of speech highlighted in Slashdot post: adjective.

        Your definition does not give a noun form of "premier" with the required meaning. As far as I know, there isn't one.

  • As further testament of Star Trek's near universal appeal, I read this on ESPN Page 2 yesterday...

    Last spring, "Enterprise" wound up with part one of a time-travel cliffhanger. You may recall that in the original Captain Kirk episodes -- which come after "Enterprise" chronologically, since the new series is a prequel -- time travel was depicted as an astonishing discovery.

    In "Enterprise," time travel has already happened several times and is practically viewed as common. So how could Kirk, who is supposed to be born years after the era depicted in "Enterprise," not have known that? And how come in "Enterprise," the Vulcans are the big spacefaring power in Earth's part of the Milky Way, their ships and diplomats everywhere -- but in the Captain Kirk episodes, which happen later, the Vulcans are depicted as an insular, technologically modest people, and Spock is described as the first Vulcan ever to explore space.
    • by For me to poop ( 130450 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @11:43AM (#4281703) Homepage
      In Episode 2F09, when Itchy plays Scrathcy's skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib twice in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we, to believe that this is some sort of a, a magic xylophone or something?

      ...I'll field this one!

  • Three Words (Score:4, Interesting)

    by serutan ( 259622 ) <snoopdoug&geekazon,com> on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @11:14AM (#4281505) Homepage
    Time Travel.

  • For those of you in St. Louis who don't know, channel 46 (currently home shopping) will become a UPN station next April. The owners were nice enough to strike a deal with HSN to show two hours of UPN a week until their contract runs up in April. Enterprise will run this Friday at 7pm (last years last episode) and 8pm (this years first). Next week, Enterprise will show at 7 and Buffy at 8.

    There's an article out on the post dispatch web site, but I don't feel like looking for it right now.
    • Or, you can do what I did, which was scrap Charter, buy DishNetwork, and sign up for the superstation package, which consists of the UPN stations in NY and Boston and the WB stations in NY, Denver and LA. This provides two benefits: (1) I get to watch Enterprise and Buffy with the rest of the country, and (2) I never have to worry about KPLR preempting Angel and Smallville for Blues hockey. The only drawback is having two stations that advertise themselves as "WB 11".
  • by loggia ( 309962 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @11:19AM (#4281540)
    Have you noticed that since Gene Roddenberry's death the franchise has truly suffered?

    Sure, the showrunners bristled at Gene's humanist view and various objections to darker themes - but sure enough, since his death the franchise has continually become less-and-less "beloved."

    There are so many elements that ignore Roddenberry's view in Enterprise that I wonder if it is the first show that is hardly "Star Trek" at all?
    • We tend to forget that people involved with a specific popular thing have a perspsective bigger than that one thing. I don't know if Roddenberry would personally like Enterprise, but I'm certain he would judge it first as a television show and second as Star Trek. After all, he was a veteran writer, director and producer who did plenty of television other than Star Trek. I bet Gene would think pretty well of Enterprise as television, and would certainly allow that this one is somebody else's baby.
    • by evilpenguin ( 18720 ) on Wednesday September 18, 2002 @11:46AM (#4281733)
      Did you notice how much better TNG got after he died? Did you notice that Roddenberry was egomaniac who claimed he had every good idea? Read Harlan Ellison's "City on the Edge of Forever" for a strongly opinionated (from Harlan? No way!) and documented (Harlan kept track? No way!) counter-view of "The Great Bird of the Galaxy."
    • Since Roddenberry's death, there have been what, 400 episodes of the show, 5 movies, and untold numbers of books, comics, etc. Perhaps we've become so inundated with Trek that it's no longer 'beloved'.

      The greatest thing that happened to Trek was when GR was moved to EP. Go look at some of the garbage that was made/produced during his reign. This is primarily season three of TOS and season one of TNG. Utter crap.

      DS9 is easily the most underrated show of all Trekdom. The last few seasons were wonderful. Thanks in no small part to the fact that GR wasn't around to bitch and mess it up.

  • I love Star Trek, I mean I really do. I've never been able to watch an episode of any of the five franchises and not at the very least enjoy myself. But this whole time travel thing gets out of hand. Berman and Braga have this habit of setting up what could be a really cool show and then they do a "Oh, all we had to do was press this button on the tricorder and we were fine! Dr. Crusher, come rub my bald head!"

    See, they come up with great initial ideas, and then sort of shlop them right afterwards. This is getting tremedously annoying. I don't know what's worse, the pain of waiting for it or the disappointment of the delivery of something horrible. I'll watch, probably enjoy most of it, then go to a coffee shop later and wonder why I put so much faith in two guys who constantly make me feel like an idiot viewer (maybe I am, but I think more than the other guys).

  • Scene: A passage in the Enterprise. Several enlisted men are standing about waiting to go through a door marked "Restroom".

    SM2 (SPACEMAN 2nd CLASS) PETERS: Yeah... 'n so I gotta spend the next 14 days cleaning the bridge.

    SM1 CHUNG: Awww mannn! You got screwed BIG time!

    SM2 PETERS: 'N that ain't the worst of it! So I'm standin' there waiting for PO Snuffy to turn on the freakin' generator, 'n I'm standing there holding the buffer, when alla the sudden Cap'n Archer walks in. He looks at PO Snuffy, points at me 'n goes [Mimics Captain Archer's voice] "Doesn't that spaceman have anything better to do, Snuffy?"

    SM1 CHUNG: [Slapping head in disbelief] Awww no!

    SM3 HERNANDEZ: Noooooooo!

    SM2 PETERS: Yeah... So the PO hides the porncorder while Archer's lookin' at me, and he goes "Peters! Start buffing the deck!!!" and I go "YESSIR!" and I leave the hold, buffer and all.

    CHUNG & HERNANDEZ: [Laughs]

    SM2 PETERS: Yeah. It was pretty messed up. But anyway, the Vulcan-babe-F.O. was with the Captain!

    SM3 HERNANDEZ: Oooooooooo!

    SM1 CHUNG: Man-o-man! I'd like to show her what I had "augmented" on the last shore leave.

    ALL: [Snickers]

    SM2 PETERS: So anyway, it looked like the Captain and FO Hottie were getting ready to
    go to the decontamination room again...

    Suddenly Chief Petty Officer Nixon rounds a corner.

    CPO NIXON: Goddamit you shitheads! Get back to work! NOOOOWWWW!

  • This has got to be the lamest long term plot device a Trek series could ever employ because it so cheapens the series on a whole-- The fact that the Pioneers really didn't do it on their own, but had there hand held every step of the way by some time traveling agent. It's sad, really; beyond the bungling they normally engage in they. They are freakin out manned, out gunned and have only one ship on the frontier and the best the script writers can come up with is the happy-go-lucky adventures of the Starship Enterprise?

    Honestly, exploring the frontier should have been enough, with all the technological advancements to be made and races to be encountered. Throw in something wierd here, a hint of a possible temporal cold war there and they should have been set. The Trek history is more than rich enough to sustain a series like this one on it's own. Notice I said hint. Not bathing the viewer in time travel higgly-piggly like the writeres here do. A little forshadowing or chance encounters, but not the bat upside the head like they've been doing. It's sick. I'm not bashing ST:E simply because it's not my ideal, but more because it's just plain sloppy.
  • Of course with my luck, it'll be pre-empted by some sporting event.

    Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!!

  • ... the Space Hippies! With Hutch (of Starsky &... fame) playin' his groovy electric space banjo, jammin' with Spock. I bet they could share some heavy space herb, too. That's what I want to see! Yeah! Roddenberry rules!

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