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The Matrix: Revolutions Theatrical Trailer 671

Escape Tangent writes "The full theatrical trailer for The Matrix: Revolutions was posted just moments ago at thematrix.com. Choose your poison, then oogle at the eyecandy. Here are links to the high, medium, and low resolutions. Sorry folks, Quicktime 6 only." This trailer is much longer than the earlier TV spots, but they're still available.
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The Matrix: Revolutions Theatrical Trailer

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 26, 2003 @04:33AM (#7061928)
    Basically, they say Neo is trapped in a world between the real world and the Matrix. And the whole damn skidoo comes down to him and Agent Smith.

    props to gnaa
    • by Channard ( 693317 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @05:45AM (#7062155) Journal
      Basically, they say Neo is trapped in a world between the real world and the Matrix. And the whole damn skidoo comes down to him and Agent Smith.

      So basically, just like the first film? No doubt this'll get modded as troll/flamebait, but I didn't see the need for sequels at all. The Matrix was a good film, with an open ending that I thought suited the nature of the film perfectly, and left what happens next to the watchers imagination. The sequels just seemed like sequels for sequels sake and I feel actually detract from the imagination and impact of the first film. Not least because they somehow had to bring Neo down from being all powerful at the end of Matrix 1 which casts doubt that the directors/writers intended the series to be a trilogy in the first place.

      • They were always written as a trilogy even before 1 came out, the overall philosophy is so much deeper once they get to the end of rev. It's just not about being able to make great films, it also about expanding peoples minds by placing seeds of doubt about what is real and are we actually in control of our own lives?
      • by zoeblade ( 600058 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @07:16AM (#7062364) Homepage

        Sequels are generally bad, yes (Terminator 2 aside), but this was always meant to be a trilogy. There's a difference.

        Watch the first one again and notice the subtle shot of the architect's video wall just before Smith interrogates Neo. Watch the second one and notice the nearly-as-subtle shot of someone being taken through the restaurant, who's going to feature more prominently in the third film. They're more interwoven than you think.

        The first one introduces the characters. The second puts them in a bad place. The third one gets them out of it. that's a trilogy, not a good film with two poor sequels.

        • I have to agree, I watched the original on DVD a bunch of times, the I watched it again AFTER seeing Reloaded in the thearter, and I have to tell you I caught so many subtle referances of things to come. I think that the second was not as good as the original, BUT it was a good "middle". Think of Star Wars (4, 5, and 6) The first one was great, the second wasn't as good but it was pretty good, and the third was good and closed the arc. I think so far all the trailers for Revolutions look like it's going
          • Ack no! At the risk of trolling, the faustian overtones of the Episode 5, and the uncertain ending make it my favorite of the 3.

            4 was cool, but a little less polished than 5 and 6. 6 was a giant setup for the massive battle at the end of the film. Granted, that's true with every trilogy, going back to LOTR.

            Then again, LOTR in book form can make the last book as long as it wants. It doesn't have to try to compress the entire story to 2 (ok 3) hours. If the writer needs more story before, or more wrapup a

      • And when they made Matrix 1, they had no idea it was going to be as popular as it was. So what's the better option in that case:

        close off the movie with Neo being a bad ass, so that the movie actually ends, then have to go back on that because you do get to make the sequals that you wanted to make, or

        leave the movie hanging at the end, so that a sequal that might not happen will connect better.

        quite frankly, if the movie had left it open so that they could make reloaded, then i don't think it would have
    • Actually, they say that he is trapped between the real world and the machine world. Not sure it makes a difference, but let's not jump to conclusions.

      As an aside, I agree with Channard [slashdot.org]. I won't deny that I'm looking forward to seeing this movie, just like I did with Reloaded. But I would have preferred if there had been no sequels in the first place.
  • by tqft ( 619476 )
    Why quicktime 6 only? Why Why Why?

    Shit I am even running Windows NT4 (work's SOE) and I still can't run it (and yes it is after hours)
    • Maybe because somebody thought it makes download time - "Quicker"
    • *evil grin* (Score:4, Interesting)

      by OverlordQ ( 264228 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @04:42AM (#7061962) Journal
      Mewhahahaha (-- supposed to be evil laugh), More bandwidth for me, that's why :D

      No seriously, it seems like WB and Apple seem to be buddy-buddy. Apple mirrors lots of WB Trailers, WB Sends their Musical Artists to the Apple iTunes store . . who knows.

    • I just wish they'd open the friggin' source, or somehow make the codec generically available. Thing is, Quicktime has always been my favorite video player in terms of overall quality. I guess they just like to sit real tight on that gem. Pity.
      • i always find that Quicktime's audio is sub-par. i agree that it's video is quality, though
        • by cicho ( 45472 )
          Pity the player is such a sorry mess. You could hope that after being extensively featured in UI Hall of Shame [libero.it] the developers would put at least a little effort into improving it.
      • So what's the big deal? I just watched it under Mplayer with the win32-codecs installed.

  • by Flounder ( 42112 ) * on Friday September 26, 2003 @04:35AM (#7061935)
    A possible spoiler in the trailer...

    In the final few frames before the closing titles, a hovership, possibly the Nebuchadnezzar, is shown flying (or crashing) against a clear blue sky with a visible moon. Remember, the skies were burned during the war. Will the skies be cleared in the third movie?? Or is it just incomplete sfx?

    • They are above the dark clouds.

    • by mrpuffypants ( 444598 ) * <`mrpuffypants' `at' `gmail.com'> on Friday September 26, 2003 @04:51AM (#7061985)
      It's the matrix trying to confuse you.
      • It's the matrix trying to confuse you.
        Bush: Born with a silver spoon up his ass.
        One-Hundred-Twenty-Four people have made me a foe! Join today!

        Waitaminute... Bush born with a silver spoon up his ass? I thought there was no spoon...
    • I hold, because of the "amazing thermodynamics" and other inconsistencies, along with the kicker of Neo manipulating reality outside of the Matrix, that The Oracle's solution for making humans accept the matrix was to double layer it. Make humans think that they escaped the Matrix and they will no longer try, right? So the "real world" is really just a second layer in the Matrix. And the true use for humans is more than likely parallel processing on a huge scale.
      But then again I may be wrong.

      • Another possibility is that the Matrix and the "real world" are both matrices, as you posit, but that Neo is in fact a program which has been developed to try to reach true AI, including emotions.

        Perhaps the inhabitants in the matrices are either real humans used to provide virtual selves for Neo to interact with, or the inhabitants are merely programs themselves meant to push Neo into achieving true AI.

        I don't know what the truth is either, but it's fun to guess.
        • by Anonymous Coward
          Another possibility is that the Matrix and the "real world" are both matrices, as you posit, but that Neo is in fact a program which has been developed to try to reach true AI, including emotions.

          Given Keanu Reeves' acting "skills", they'll never achieve real emotions.
        • That makes perfect sense to me. If the Architect was telling Neo that he was the sum of all mistakes, then he's a truly random piece of AI. He's every bit of 'bad' code rolled into one nugget.

          I wouldn't be surprised if Smith was actually a debugger.
        • Another possibility is that the Matrix and the "real world" are both matrices, as you posit, but that Neo is in fact a program which has been developed to try to reach true AI, including emotions.

          I hope they didn't use any SCO code. Maybe that's what Smith's after after all...

        • by pete-classic ( 75983 ) <hutnick@gmail.com> on Friday September 26, 2003 @07:33PM (#7068525) Homepage Journal
          Let's try to get all of the "reasonable" explanations for the sentinel incident at the end of Reloaded nailed down.

          1. Zion (and the "service and waste tunnels" etc.) exist in an uber/meta-matrix. Ha ha, we fooled you.

          This one seems the most popular.

          2. There was a "bait and switch" as our heroes thought they were exiting the Matrix after Neo saves Trinty.

          This one is supported by a) Neo says "Something's different." before he stops the sentinels. b) All reports are that Zion was destroyed/abandoned at that time, but the battle seems to be going on in Revolutions. c) It makes the whole Bane/Smith thing much easier to accept.

          This one seems the most plausible.

          3. Neo is a genuine Messiah, sent by God. In this scenario the "real world" is the real world. His miraculous powers are genuine, bestowed upon him by the Grace of God for His own purposes.

          This one is my favorite. I'm not sure if this is in spite of, or because of the fact that I am an (little "a") atheist.

          4. There is no answer. The whole thing is a pointless mind-fuck. Revolutions will have an utterly dissatisfying ending. Twenty years from now the Wachowski brothers will state in an interview that Neo was a replicant.

          This one I fear the most.

    • Will the skies be cleared in the third movie?? Or is it just incomplete sfx?

      If you have to ask these questions, it's not a spoiler.

    • What I never got in the first movie was the "burnt skies" bit. How the heck do you burn the sky?

    • how could it be the nebuchadnezzar? It got blown away in the last movie.

      Besides, the ship is _not_ the typical neb-type hovership when you look close at it.
    • by vivek7006 ( 585218 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @09:06AM (#7062852) Homepage
      Here is the full description of the trailer

      It starts off with a long tracking shot, the camera flying along 3 huge powerlines in the desert of the real which seem to go on forever, before finally going over a rise as we see that they extend for many more miles beyond. Cut to the shot of Neo looking at that huge machine overlord orb-thing that we see in the "Control" spot, only we get more of the start of it, which actually shows that Neo is standing on the edge of some huge ledge or something, looking out over one of the "growing field" as the orb rises up infront of him and says "SPEAK!"

      Fade to black, voiceover by Neo "The program Smith has grown beyond your control. You cannot stop him, but I can" various shots of Smith are played over the end of this, including the one of Smith stepping into the middle of the long raining street we've seen in the teasers, plus one of him that I'm 99% sure is him sitting at a table with the Oracle (although we don't actually see her), as well as a couple more shots of Smith and Neo standing in the rain that we've seen before.

      "And if you fail?" the booming voice asks, which now appears to have a "face" of sorts. Cut to the shot of Smith flying through the wall and Neo jumping over him that we've all seen before, then back to Neo, his eyes covered in bandages, the same angle as he says the "Smith" bit before in the "Control" spot. "I won't" he replies, after which we see a "jack spike" enter his head, indicating that he jacks into the Matrix immediately after making this 'deal' with the machines.

      The green WB/Village Roadshow logos appear, then we get the shot of Trinity from "Help" saying "Do you know what happened to Neo?", then we get a shot of Neo against the white wall of the train station, followed by the one of that huge war machine from the teasers.

      Oracle voiceover: "He is trapped in a place between this world and the machine world." As she says this we get a shot of Neo sitting up on the train station with the white wall behind him, the little girl (Rama's daughter from the newly released pictures) standing by his side, followed by the first ever shot of 01, standing like a giant castle in the desert of the real, surrounded by growing fields. It looks as though it's made up of huge cylinders, all blueish-red in tone, and appears to be absolutely massive.

      Fade to white: the shot of Trinity, Morpheus and Seraph descending the stairs into Club Hel that's been shown in many of the teasers plays next and a voiceover by the Merovingian begins. He says "Bring me the eyes of the Oracle and I will give you back your....'saviour'." As he says this we see a new shot of the exiles surrounding Trinity, guns drawn. Then we see Neo standing by a train with Rama and his wife and daughter next to him, the long-haired "Train Man" infront. The Train Man punches Neo in the chest as the family look on, and he goes flying backwards, smashing into the white wall, which breaks on impact (the voiceover is still going on).

      Cut to the Merovingian sitting on a sofa/seat talking (so the voiceover technically ends here as we see him speaking the res of it), holding a glass of wine very casually, then to Neo on his hands looking to his side (still in the train station, so obviously looking at the Train Man after having been laid into).

      Lots of Matrix code then flies out from the screen, before cutting to, basically, the exact same opening as the "Enemy" TV spot, with Neo having a jack plug pulled from his head, Smith saying "Mr Anderson" (voiceover the shot of Bane waking up that we've seen before instead of the WB/VR logos though like in the TV spot), then Neo saying "Who are you?!" and which a bloodied Bane/Smith replies "Look past the flesh...(cut to 'burning Smith face')...and see your enemy."

      Neo - "It's impossible!" then the shot of the dozens of Smith's walking through (we assume) the Oracle's door, before cutting back to Bane with the voice over from him saying "Not impossible - INEVITABLE!" before we once again see the shot o
  • dont be sorry! (Score:5, Informative)

    by Comsn ( 686413 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @04:38AM (#7061944)
    mplayer plays this just fine! make sure you have faad faac.sf.net [sf.net]and the cvs of libavcodec (ffmpeg.org seems to be down) and it plays! no need for binary codecs either!
    • xine also plays it just fine on my linux box. I didn't have to do anything special, it just worked.

      Mind you, I did install it using apt-get which took care of any dependencies (i.e. installing all supporting codec libs) automatically.
  • Torrent out (Score:5, Informative)

    by Microlith ( 54737 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @04:47AM (#7061975)
    Go HERE [filerush.com] and join the currently flying torrent.
    • Wow, that was a *lot* quicker than the web site would have been. Bless you, BT.

      I'm going to leave it running overnight, so other's can leech with juicy speed.

  • Torrent (Score:2, Informative)

    by foo12 ( 585116 )

    HQ torrent []

    Do not mod me up.

    • Odd use of bittorrent.. Discourage lots of users..
  • Is it me? (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Hackie_Chan ( 678203 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @04:49AM (#7061982)
    Is it me or does it look like the movie will end with a typical Hollywood ending? Kind of sad really since the movie is so untypical Hollywood in every way -- this movie actually made me think for a change!
    • Re:Is it me? (Score:3, Insightful)

      by rpillala ( 583965 )

      The Matrix had its moments, but Reloaded was absolutely a typical hollywood movie. Consider the car chase. Of course it was obscenely expensive to make, but it was still standard movie action. I was expecting strength of mind to have some bearing on fighting ability (the Matrix supposedly can be bent to one's will) but Morpheus is still doing things like getting knocked down and finding weapons lying around. Also consider the choice at the end: "Save the girl or save the world." And consider Neo's resp

  • mirror (Score:4, Informative)

    by qmrq ( 648586 ) <qmrq@hotmail.com> on Friday September 26, 2003 @04:52AM (#7061991) Journal
    Mirror is here [countrypure.net]. This is medium res one, let me know if you want high res.
  • fat ass (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward
    The trailer is just a fat kid dancing around with a broom stick. For assfucker's sake, don't install quicktime.
  • OK, there may not be a player for Linux (which I assume is what the fuss is all about) but, for Windows users, surely it's nowhere near as evil as RealPlayer? At least Apple don't make you navigate pages of misleading adverts directing you to a paid-for version, nor does your video open in a window with more toolbars than Photoshop (you can turn them off, but all you wanted to do was watch a video, not configure a piece of software).

    QuickTime has that annoying "Why Go Pro?" dialog and can hijack some of y

    • I don't like Quicktime because the codec was never released as a DirectX codec on Windows, causing it to be played pretty much only on their player which lacks functionality, especially since it's not an open codec. The only exception I know is Media Player Classic, which is the player I use at the moment for several other reasons too. Their player also use a hideous brushed metal GUI. :-)

      And every once in a while it nags me about registering, so I consider it to be nagware.
    • Sorry, but the Quicktime player is shit: the user interface is lousy and inefficient, the code is (or was in earlier versions) buggy, and it can't even play fullscreen. I absolutely hate it, and wish people would stop using the damn thing.
  • Whoa (Score:3, Interesting)

    by luna1ix ( 549450 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @04:56AM (#7062011)
    Seems the matrix has effective countermeasures against slashdotting

    100%[===== ... ====>] 50,117,455 396.76K/s ETA 00:00

    10:52:10 (396.76 KB/s) - `rev_theatre_0x3839_640_dl.mov' saved [50117455/50117455]
  • Suprnova bittorrent (Score:5, Informative)

    by glassesmonkey ( 684291 ) * on Friday September 26, 2003 @05:01AM (#7062021) Homepage Journal
    Torrent is up Matrix Revolutions Trailer (XviD/Mp3) [emptylogic.com]
  • by kipple ( 244681 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @05:12AM (#7062064) Journal
    Here's the ed2k link:
    rev_theatre_0x3839_640_dl.mov [ed2k]

    the hash is: 43581a3059cad96a33bde304f5622523
  • by Iron Monkey543 ( 676232 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @05:13AM (#7062066)
    that Matrix reloaded was more about looking slick and wearing sunglasses than story? When I first saw matrix 1, they didn't need any of that to wow me. It was cool enough seeing some "hacking stuff" going on! Now it's all about fighting (which is abissmal compared to some Jet Li classics) and looking chic. I think Revolutions will probably do the same thing for the teen masses with short attention span, but it'll be bearable if they got some neat stuff in it that M1 had.
    Put neo back in a suit and tie or sumthin. He starts acting like Trinity from m1 and m2. Stiff faced. I guess the matrix does that to ya
    • that Matrix reloaded was more about looking slick and wearing sunglasses than story? When I first saw matrix 1, they didn't need any of that to wow me.

      In that case you missed much of what was great about the first movie. Sure, it had a decent story (not nearly as great as people try to pretend it was, however), but what made it so different was the mood, the atmosphere, and the sheer beauty of it. It was more like a well choreographed ballet than a movie, and the costumes, the settings, and - above all -
  • Not for me thanks (Score:5, Insightful)

    by MrFenty ( 579353 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @05:14AM (#7062072)
    I'll pass on this opportunity. Don't get me wrong, I'll see the movie as soon as it comes out, but too much of the surpise element of Matrix 2 was ruined by watching the trailers and the various "making of..." shows on the TV.

    It meant that when I saw the movie, too much of it was already known to me, so that some scenes (esp. the car chase scene) didn't have a gee-whizz element to it. That said, the playground brawl scene with lots of Agent Smith's was still a shock.

    I'll pass and hope to be surprised/pleased at the movie theatre, rather than at home watching "the making of matrix 3" style programmes.

  • I am so disappointed by the trailer. Sure, from the whiz-bang point of view, it's awesome. The action surely is there, but it cheapens what the first Matrix set out to do. That scene with the robo-dealies with people in them? C'mon, that's so cliche. I just hope the actual movie is less sh*tt* than this trailer makes it out to be. :(
  • by dotpl ( 601535 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @05:19AM (#7062090)
    what does it mean?

    I can't seem to be able to understand what the slashdot logo for the matrix is.

    Is it a mouth(blue) with a tongue(red) sticking out?

    please help!
    • red pill - blue pill
  • by psoriac ( 81188 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @05:26AM (#7062108)
    Am I the only one who saw 11.05 and thought "November 2005? NOOOOOOoooo....... oh wait, November 5th."
  • by ciupman ( 413849 ) <luis@pinto.gmail@com> on Friday September 26, 2003 @05:59AM (#7062183) Homepage
    From what i saw of the trailer i might assume:

    1 - Both humans and machines realize that they cannot be exclusive, they must coexist. (at least some part of the machines)

    2 - That giant pinhead in the beguining is the arquitect(?) in it's machine form.

    3 - Smith becomes a virus (already seen in Reloaded), with unger for power, it's machine/AI liders are unable to control it anymore. They need neo's help, and he will give it. Smith also instanciates himself as a human, into banes body. It tries to kill neo in the real world. I assume he fails.

    4 - Neo is able to tune it's powers in both worlds , but for that it needs to cover up it's eyes to concentrate (i know that this might sound a little stupid, but it's just a movie .. and makes neo more grandious). It's know confirmed that it can really destroy sentinels with it's own thought.

    5 - I can assume that those sentinels are controlled by Smith (or by a renegade machine faccion). Otherwise it would seem stupid that the machines asked neo's help to stop smith and then tried to destroy mankind.

    6 - From the end of the trailer we see that the world is changing again, we can see some sky uncovered, and a moon?

    7 - The end of the movie probably will end with smith's destruction and human and machines coexisting happily forever. As the world changes machines will have solar power again, and start gradually releasing the humans inside the pods.

    That's simple as that .. forget about dual layer matrices and stuff, why complicate the simple, it's just and action flick, i will certainly enjoy it, and after watching it i'll get on with my life as usual, and wait for another original SciFi story (or kinda original... )
  • A theory.. (Score:5, Interesting)

    by fuckfuck101 ( 699067 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @06:08AM (#7062199)
    Zion is a program, just like the Matrix. How is Neo able to figure out that
    he is able to stop the sentinels in Zion near the end of the film? The
    spoon given to him earlier. It had obviously been bent loads, but how
    outside the Matrix? This gave Neo the inspiration and the understanding
    that Zion is still a matrix.

    The One explained:

    "The One" is a program, but has to be "attached" to someone in the Matrix.
    So Mr. Anderson got it in the 6th version of the Matrix. Then "The One"
    program's purpose is to allow Zion to be destroyed then to rebuild it. The
    reason for this is because of anomalies - the 1% of humans that don't
    accept the Matrix. These are all brought out of the Matrix program and into
    the Zion program by the "Morpheus" program and other similar "ship captain"
    programs. Then once all the anomalies are out of the Matrix (and in Zion),
    that is the time for Zion to be destroyed, thus killing all the anomalies
    off. The Matrix is then upgraded, thus creating the next version of the
    Matrix, but Zion must be rebuilt so that the next lot of anomalies can be
    brought out again so that they can be destroyed. This is the feedback-loop,
    and is the reason to retain a handful of people so that Zion can be rebuilt.
    So this is why Neo said the prophecy was a lie - the One's purpose was not
    to end the war as the prophecy stated.
    Unfortunately, "The One" program must be re-used each time, or copied, so it
    can be "attached" to a new anomaly inside the Matrix. So what happens to
    the old "The One" program? It faces deletion, and as the Oracle explained,
    it goes into exile instead, just like the French bloke (the Merovingian)
    did. He was the first One (probably from the second version of the Matrix),
    and once he fulfilled his duty, he became an exile program and "abdicated"
    his "Oneness" by choosing Persephone and power. This is evident in the bogs
    when Persephone asks Neo to kiss her. She says she wants him to kiss her so
    she can feel what it is like again to be kissed by something close to
    human, just like the Merovingian used to be. Then she says to Trinity that
    she envies her, but that these things are not meant to last. So the
    Merovingian used to be just like Neo - a One - thus proving further the
    feedback-loop explained earlier.

    The correct door in the Architect's room

    Now there are two possibilities here:
    1. All the previous One's chose the right door allowing a "temporary
    dissemination" of their code into the Matrix (i.e., the code they "carry"
    thus indicating Neo is indeed human), then he must select (unplug) 23
    people from the Matrix to rebuild Zion. This takes away the possibility
    that stories from previous rebuilds of Zion will be carried through. But
    Morpheus indicated in the first Matrix that this is the case anyway. He
    said, "there was a man born inside, able to change things, it was he who
    freed the first of us," - basically the One previous to Neo. And this
    proves that the previous One chose the right door also. Neo's purpose is
    also to choose the right door, but he does not because he faces deletion
    afterwards and has the choice of going into exile - programs choosing to go
    into exile is the one thing that can't be accounted for in program
    parameters. Thus, he chooses the left door instead this time. How was Neo
    able to choose the other door? Because of his extreme willpower? - Even the
    Architect indicated that he'd noticed this - "Interesting. That was quicker
    than the others." Or more likely, because the Oracle upgraded his coding
    with the candy on the park bench. The candy/cookie was a method to change
    the One's program. She said he has made a believer out of her - this is
    quite human-like and perhaps the previous One's didn't accept the upgrade
    candy, now she has hope... hope that Neo will finally choose the other

    2. All the previous One's chose the left door, saving Trinity and letting
    Zion fall. So this time is
    • by Robmonster ( 158873 ) <slashdot.journal2.store@neverbox.com> on Friday September 26, 2003 @06:43AM (#7062282) Journal
      ITS JUST A FILM!!!!!!!
    • Re:A theory.. (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Make ( 95577 )
      very interesting... also worth reading is this interpretation [charter.net]
    • Re:A theory.. (Score:3, Interesting)

      by msgmonkey ( 599753 )
      Hmm, someone has way too much free time, especially with the whole PI thing, anyway regradless the point about Persephone is wrong. The Architect explicitly says that an "intuitive program" discovered the solution to the problem of choice by accident and therefore would in affact is the mother of the Matrix. In the game Persephone is described as a intuitive program that goes around kissing people trying to understand the human psyche.
    • Re:A theory.. (Score:3, Interesting)

      by mbourgon ( 186257 )
      Since I think this is going to wind up as the "theory" thread, here's a small one of mine:

      Every time thus far, (and I agree that we've been through several versions of the Matrix), he has chosen to rebuild, and left Trinity to die. The Oracle has figured out that her prophecies can change things, and has decided to do it. "What'll really bundt your cake is whether you would've broken if it I hadn't said anything". She knows what their normal pattern will be, because she's seen them do it several times s
    • "This will only be revealed in Revolutions (Revelations?)"

      Actually, the book in the bible is Revelation, not Revelations, so therefore your whole theory is wrong.
    • Nope.

      Neo chooses the left door because he's the first One to have an emotional attachment to a specific human, just as the Architect said (guess you weren't paying attention).

      And the Merovingian was not a previous One. I have no idea why so many people incorporate that into their theories (they also love to make Persephone the mother of the Matrix when it is most definitely the Oracle).
    • Re:A theory.. (Score:5, Interesting)

      by EvilTwinSkippy ( 112490 ) <yoda@nOspam.etoyoc.com> on Friday September 26, 2003 @11:40AM (#7064152) Homepage Journal
      Cute theory, lot of problems with it. This is my theory:

      The "real" world, is in fact just an outer layer of the Matrix. I'm going to describe the Matrix as an operating system. Indeed, its been described as that in the story.

      Now in any good operating system you have users. Users can do random things, many of them dumb, so you limit their abilities. They are given a finite amount of space to play in, a finite time to play, and strict rules to play by. In an ideal world they would be so oblivious to the actual rules that they just assume that's how reality works.

      We do this now with daemons under Linux. My bind daemon runs as a special user named. Named has its own filesystem within a filesystem through the magic of CHROOT. CHROOT fools a process into thinking the origin of the universe exists at an arbitrary location of a larger filesystem, instead of at the convention I-Node 0.

      When named runs, it can't see anything but what is below /var/bind. Indeed, it sees /var/bind as /.

      Thus, if a hacker manages to hijack the bind daemon, all he/she will see is the contents of /var/bind. They can't see anything else in the file system.

      Now, suppose we found there was a special band of Hackers who found a way out of the chroot environment? It is my theory that the machines devise a honeypot in the form of Zion. Zion looks like a working system, but in fact the /etc /bin /var et all are fabrications designed to fool the cracker into thinking they have 0wned the box.

      In fact all the 0wn is a little rubber room, that exists as /zion on my file system. It's a cheapy spare drive that I don't care about.

      I monitor the activity on the /zion drive, and it gives me all the info I need to prevent a further breach. When I have learned all that I care to, I reformat the volume with a fresh image.

      I'm on rev 6 of this system...

  • MOBIL AVE? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by alib001 ( 654044 )

    Seen at 39 and 45 seconds into the trailer - Neo in an austere white subway station with MOBIL AVE [warnerbros.com] on the tiled wall. Looks like he meets a child dressed in yellow who then leaves with another party (when Neo is punched).

    Simple anagram - LIMBO AVE?

    There's a later subway station shot (subway train labelled "LOOP" hurtling towards the screen) at 1m42s but that doesn't look to be the same location.

  • by suss ( 158993 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @07:21AM (#7062384)
    It plays just fine with the "Quicktime Alternative" codec for windows. Google for it.

    PS There's also a "Real Alternative" codec, lets you get rid of Realplayer too.
  • Guns. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by CGP314 ( 672613 ) <CGP AT ColinGregoryPalmer DOT net> on Friday September 26, 2003 @07:50AM (#7062477) Homepage
    What's up with all the guns?

    I thought the EMP was 'our only weapon against the machines'.
  • Neo is blinded! (Score:3, Informative)

    by The Only Druid ( 587299 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @08:39AM (#7062673)
    No one has mentioned that apparently, in the "real" world, Neo gets his eyes cut up! If you watch, the scene where Neo and Trinity are flying a hovercraft into the sea of sentinals [and he blows them up], the bandana isn't across his eyes for concentration: its there because his whole eye region is bloody (blood/cuts extend in every direction from beneath the bandana). My theory, the Smith that got into the human body manages to blind him before they kill the Smith.
  • by FastDownload ( 686456 ) on Friday September 26, 2003 @09:28AM (#7063002) Homepage
    If you are on an Internet2 connected campus, you can download the trailer up to 250 Mbps using the National Logistical Networking Testbed. Visit http://www.cs.utk.edu/~atchley/matrix/ for details.
  • by Brian Stretch ( 5304 ) * on Friday September 26, 2003 @09:59AM (#7063275)
    Gametab [gametab.com] just put up a torrent here [gametab.com].

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