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Play it Again, Samus 31

mikey573 writes "Eight years ago yesterday I founded the Videogame Music Archive. In a hostile copyright environment, its nice to see at least one slice of our digital heritage left intact." Hey, it's not the Minibosses, but the Wizards and Warriors theme is still excellent.
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Play it Again, Samus

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  • by Relic of the Future ( 118669 ) <> on Monday December 20, 2004 @11:42AM (#11137118)
    ...but didn't give them the linkage? The minibosses [] homepage.
  • OC Remix! (Score:5, Informative)

    by Schezar ( 249629 ) on Monday December 20, 2004 @11:56AM (#11137237) Homepage Journal
    How can you forget to mention OC Remixes []?

    It's a massive, massive, ever-growing collection of remixes of classic video game music. Most of it is very good.

    Even better, they have torrents of the entire library available for you compulsive music collectors out there. (Not entirely for altruistic reasons, it just saves them bandwidth).

    I'll warn you, however, that there are about, say, infinity remixes of that song from Mega Man II. You know the one...
    • Re:OC Remix! (Score:3, Informative)

      by david.given ( 6740 )
      How can you forget to mention OC Remixes?

      ...which, of course, goes hand-in-hand with Ormgas streaming radio []: all remixes, all the time, and most of it is damned good. (I recently put together a FF remix album for a friend, with four McVaffe [] piano tracks on it: live recordings. The guy is seriously talented.)

      Ormgas is ogg powered, too. Which is nice.

      I'll warn you, however, that there are about, say, infinity remixes of that song from Mega Man II. You know the one...

      I was surprised to find that there

  • VGM was my first high-bandwidth addiction, seeking out the underground sites with mp3 rips from the Japanese OSV soundtracks and such and running up the bill on our school's T1's.

    I miss the truly creative experience of the older games; FF2 (US) had some wonderful music for what was essentially an Apple IIGS and a television. FF7 was pretty decent but even it didn't use the full capabilities of the PSX - although Tactics did and it was awesome. I still listen to the soundtracks every so often, but newer gam
    • Hehe, I bet you remember RPGStuff, don't you? That was my site. These days, with BitTorrent making sharing so easy, leech sites like that really don't need to exist. It's cool to reminisce, though.
    • Actually, FF7 and FFTactics used the same exact sound driver, and they each had only a 512KB instrument sample bank. The technology utilized is exactly the same.

      FFTactics just had better samples, and a more talented composer. ;) (Hitoshi Sakimoto beats the pants off Nobuo Uematsu any day)
  • Speaking of Samus... (Score:2, Informative)

    by JoeFaust ( 25587 )
    Have you guys checked out Metroid Metal [] yet? It's a great interpretation of the Metroid soundtrack. --JoeFaust
  • Anyone peering in on this topic would be wasting his/her time by going to - MIDI is a poor representation of the true glory of the videogame soundtracks of yesteryear.

    With the development of digitally ripped (not recorded, we're talking the actual original data ripped directly from the game) soundtracks in the format of NSF, SPC, GSF, USF, PSF, and others, there's absolutely no point to downloading poorly interpreted general MIDI adaptations of these songs.

    Download entire soundtracks in origin
  • GamingFM (Score:3, Informative)

    by n0wak ( 631202 ) on Monday December 20, 2004 @03:02PM (#11139043) Homepage Journal
    Since everyone else seems to be regurgitating the same old tired links (OCRemix), I figured it would be good to mention one that isn't quite as tired (and enjoyable):

    I am not affiliated with the site, but I am a long-time listener. Yes.
  • Don't forget Hacked Amiga Music []

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