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Revenge of the Sith Pics Leaked 470

kavanutz writes "Quint at Ain't It Cool News has a story on some new leaked Episode III pics." As always with leaked pics, no guarantees on accuracy.
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Revenge of the Sith Pics Leaked

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  • awesome... (Score:5, Funny)

    by bje2 ( 533276 ) * on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:29AM (#11244486)
    saw these pics this morning...the general greivous pictures look awesome...what's up with the "x-wing" type fighters though? they appear to have an extra wing in the middle...

    the wookie going for nookie picture at the top of the page cracked me up...
  • Movies (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Manan Shah ( 808049 )
    Most people agree that the first two movies were pretty much a disgrase to the fanchise. It seems Lucas has decided that special effects should be the focus of the story, instead of the story. The originals were groundbreaking in their look, but also magnificently told a story. The new movies lack that. With that said, the second one was slightly better than the abortion that was Episode 1. From early word, the new movie will be dark and full of action, and hopefully it will be worthy of the name Star
    • Re:Movies (Score:2, Insightful)

      by mark-t ( 151149 )
      "disgrace to the franchise"?

      Get real.

      The movies are what created the franchise in the first place, and Lucas can take the movies _AND_ the franchise in whatever direction he wants.

      I think what you mean is that the first two episodes are a disgrace to _YOUR_ impression of what Star Wars is supposed to be. But this isn't your movie, it's Lucas's. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

      • No, the parent comment doesn't hold up. If there is widespread agreement that the movies sucked, and that the original 3 movies were far better, than it's grandparent-poster's right to call it a disgrace.

        Did parent somehow think that "disgrace" was anything but a person's opinion? Or that the grandparent somehow didn't know that they could not watch the movie if they didn't like it? That's like telling me that I need to "get real" because I don't like to eat bell peppers (I don't, really.) Of course i

      • He didn't say that Lucas wasn't *entitled* to disgrace the frachise.

        Of course Lucas can toss another Jar-Jar in there, and even turn him into Darth-Darth Binks (as Brad Templeton suggested), but why should anyone refrain from criticising him?

      • The movies are what created the franchise in the first place, and Lucas can take the movies _AND_ the franchise in whatever direction he wants.

        Clearly, but that doesn't mean a person can't CRITICIZE the moronic decisions that Lucas makes.

        If you don't like it, don't watch it.

        That is an absurd suggestion, and one that *YOU* can't even follow (which would have been "if you don't like the poster's criticism, don't read it").

        The *fact* is that Star Wars can belong to Lucas all he wants, he can do whatever
    • The originals were groundbreaking in their look, but also magnificently told a story.


      Now that I'm much older than when I first saw them, I've got to say that the first three star wars movies really don't hold up to repeated viewing.

      • Re:Movies (Score:5, Interesting)

        by colonslashslash ( 762464 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:56AM (#11244790) Homepage
        The original Star Wars movies are damn good movies, but I think alot of people here forget that when they were first released, they were children or teenagers.

        I've said this before and got modded down for it, but screw it. The new Star Wars films aren't really geared towards children any less than the originals were. Sure, Jar Jar is a stupid and annoying character to watch, but C3P0 was also an irritating bastard in the first films, providing childish humour and no-brainer script to the movies.

        As for everyone claiming they know they will be dissapointed by this movie, you will only be dissapointed if you go in thinking the movie is going to be a great film. If you know that it won't, they you won't be dissapointed.

        Take the movies at face value. They are all certified for younger audiences, even the originals, therefore its pretty safe to assume alot of the content will not only be suitable for younger viewers, but also more enjoyable for them.

        Yeah yeah..... mod me down as troll or flamebait just like every time I don't just spit out "Lucas is evil and has destroyed my life" on Star Wars related discussions :P

        • The original Star Wars movies are damn good movies

          Exactly, and these new ones are not. Lucas is not a good director, script writer, or even writer at all without someone else fixing it up first.

          The new movies focus entirely on special effects and pretty scenery, and the story is completely lost.

          And lest anyone forget... midichlorians.

        • A movie made for a younger audience doesn't have to be crap, though. Hayao Miyazaki and Walt Disney's films, and the Pixar movies are all very fine works.

        • Quote:
          "you will only be dissapointed if you go in thinking the movie is going to be a great film"

          Just replace "the movie" with "your life" and "great film" with "anything significant" and you have my philosophy.

          You will never be disapointed if you have no expectations.
        • Re:Movies (Score:5, Insightful)

          by node 3 ( 115640 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @01:04PM (#11245506)
          That doesn't even make any sense. The ratings do not indicate the quality of the movies. Jar Jar was abominable, the reliance on CGI (which is not as natural, even, than stop-motion) was a mistake, and the story was not as complex (by the time you get to Ep. IV, there's already three episodes of back story. But at Ep. I, there really isn't much at all).

          The movie wasn't targeted at kids (no more so than anyone else), but it was *about* a kid, and *that* was the biggest problem Lucas faced with Ep. I. It's *really* hard to make a movie about a kid that isn't childish. If he acted just like a little boy, it would have been boring, so they had to make him a pod-racing, star fighter-flying top gun war hero, which was *really* asking a lot of the audience. I would have made the film primarily about the Jedi, the Sith, and the Republic, with the rise of Anakin as a minor role, but Lucas wanted it to be primarily about Anakin. Oops.

          Had Ep. II been released as Ep. I, things would have been a lot better.
    • Re:Movies (Score:2, Insightful)

      by slapout ( 93640 )
      ... Lucas has decided that special effects should be the focus of the story, instead of the story. The originals were groundbreaking in their look, but also magnificently told a story.

      I agree. I've said many times before that the orginal movies told a great story against a scifi backdrop. And the new movies tell a so-so story against a great scifi backdrop.

      Also in the orginals, there was build up and then an action scene. Then more build up and another action scene. They were paced like that. Contrast t
  • Found you! (Score:5, Funny)

    by scarletbiro ( 789537 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:33AM (#11244526)
    Dude, what is Saruman doing there? I knew he didn't really die. You have to watch those slippery ones all the damn time.
    • by Rahga ( 13479 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:40AM (#11244618) Journal
      Christopher Lee needs to make his own t-shirt line.....

      "57 years in the movies and all I got was typecasting as Saruman."

      At least he doesn't have it as baaaad mutha... uhm, I mean bad... as Samuel L. Jackson.
    • by fr2asbury ( 462941 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:47AM (#11244688)
      Must have used that same revolving door that Agent Smith used to get to Middle Earth.
      • Re:Found you! (Score:5, Interesting)

        by hazem ( 472289 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @12:12PM (#11244946) Journal
        As I recall, from one of the extras on the DVD, Lee has been a life-long fan of LOTR. In fact he claimed that he has read it once a year for many years now. I suppose if I was a huge fan of a book, and was an actor with some influence, I'd try to get in on the movie project for the book.
        • Re:Found you! (Score:3, Interesting)

          by coupland ( 160334 ) *
          And thank God for that, because I can't picture a better casting choice for Saruman than Christopher Lee. And with an equally impressive choice of Ian McKellen as Gandalf, the showdown in FoTR was nothing less than spectacular. In fact, if you ask me we've seen three of movie-making's best "clashes of the Titans" all in recent years. Christopher Lee and Ian McKellen in LoTR. Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in X-Men. Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman in HP:TPoA. All examples of fantastic casting, IMO.
  • by JoeLinux ( 20366 ) <joelinux@NOSPaM.gmail.com> on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:33AM (#11244529) Homepage
    "Episode III: The last chance for Lucas".

    Seriously...is anyone going into this thing with high hopes? Episode I was like watching my childhood melt into easily-marketable claptrap, and Episode II felt like the actors had full-body botox.

    Who is going to see this expecting a wonderful, rounded, well-acted movie? Don't get me wrong, I intend to see it, but mostly because of morbid curiosity.

    I dunno...I guess I'm still bitter about LucasArts cancelling Sam and Max for more Star Wars Title. Damn them!
    • by E IS mC(Square) ( 721736 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:38AM (#11244583) Journal
      It took Lucas 2-3 decades to achieve what Wachowski brothers achieved in 2-3 years - undoing of great movie-making for money!!
      • by happyhippy ( 526970 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @04:42PM (#11247760)
        There is only ONE Matrix movie. Got it?
      • Here is a half complete list of future changes when the six movies are released in a DVD box next year:

        In Episode IV:

        • The face of Ewan McGregor is digitally aged and imposed over sir Alec Guiness face.
        • Darth Vader is digitally shrinked to fit Hayden Christensen, and his voice is now done by Rick Moranis.
        • The dialog between Han and Greedo changes. Now Han tries to convice Greedo to abandon his life of crimes. Greedo shoots himself.

        In Episode V:

        • Darth Vader's lightsaber is not red anymore, but violet,
    • by fr2asbury ( 462941 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:49AM (#11244717)
      Oh, I don't think I ever go to a Star Wars movie for a "well-acted" movie, even the original ones. But from what I've seen the eye candy in this up coming one looks like it'll succesfully make me go "Ooo" and that's the extent of my hopes and expectations. I think I will be pleased.
      • on the contrary (Score:3, Insightful)

        by WotanKhan ( 150429 )
        The success of the original trilogy (and I mean their quality as well as commercial) is largely a result of the talented people Lucas assembled to make them. Not the least was the work of the then relatively unknown Harrison Ford, and of the masters Sir Alec Guinness, Peter Cushing (as Tarkin) and the voice work of James Earl Jones. I thought Anthony Daniels as C-3PO was believable and humorous. The rest of the cast was quite adequate to the task.

        I don't fault the actors for their performances in the

    • by NormalVisual ( 565491 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @12:01PM (#11244845)
      Don't know about the movie, but I'm sure I will find Natalie Portman to be wonderful and rounded in Ep. III.
    • Well-acted? Ok, well I guess Mark Hamill got all these great acting jobs after Episode IV because of his amazing talent.

      Not to say anything, but this has always been the problem with me vs all Star Wars fans. The thing is, when you guys saw it in 77, you were "hypnotized" by it because it was all new. But all in all, it's Spider-Man with a laser sword. (Trust me, I'm not trying to diss Star Wars, I'm a huge fan myself)

      I just think the thing was so overblown back then that people now have made it their o

    • by sdo1 ( 213835 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @12:29PM (#11245116) Journal
      Episode I was like watching my childhood melt into easily-marketable claptrap

      You know, I've felt the same way about Episode I. I hated it.

      But then this past week I had a revelation. In the years since it was relesed, I had a kid. He's about four and a half years old now. We've watched the first (original) three together (including pausing at the Guido scene to explain that Han shot first), and he's loved them.

      Then we watched Episide I last week. And while I was sitting there squirming and re-living the pain, he was REALLY loving it. Jar Jar... "He's funny!". He cracked up at the pod race announcers. Anikin accidentally destroying the space station was met with "That was AWESOME!".

      Episide I was not for me. It was designed to satisfy the intellect of a four year old. Well, "designed to" may be to strong, but that's where it succeeded, whether that was the intention or not. Everying I loathed about it, he loved. It's sad that Lucas smashed my dreams of a satisfying first chapter, but my four year old thinks differently.


      • by LMariachi ( 86077 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @01:22PM (#11245696) Journal
        Your assumption that you can appeal to four-year olds or adults but not both is a false dichotomy. From an interview [nationalreview.com] with Pixar's Craig Good:
        NRO: The father of five, I'm something of an expert on animated feature films, if I do say so myself -- and Pixar productions are simply and incomparably the best. Your stuff delights my three-year old, my thirteen-year-old, the three kids in between, and their parents and grandparents. How do you guys do it?

        Good: Simple. We don't make movies for kids. We make movies for adults, actually ourselves, and then just make sure there's nothing in them that the little ones shouldn't see. The local cineplex is littered with movies made by studios who want to second-guess what the audience wants. We find we get better results by making what we want, and then assuming that there are other people like us out there.

        If audiences in general are underestimated, kids really get the patronizing treatment. Two things are often forgotten about kids. One: They have no taste. They will watch just about anything. This is normal and healthy. Taste comes later. Two: They are not stupid! Kids are born intelligent, and there's no good reason to make dumbed-down entertainment for them.

  • by Turn-X Alphonse ( 789240 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:35AM (#11244546) Journal
    Personally after the HHGG (Zaphod's second head is up his nose) and Zeta Gundam (A real Gundam is being made for a movie! Here's some pictures which are infact a 1/2 scale Gundam model been around for 10 years!), incidents. I think I'll hold off on any "leaked" or "hot new news" untill it's been comfirmed by a source I trust.
  • by t1nman33 ( 248342 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:37AM (#11244575) Homepage
    Saw these pics this morning...they look good.

    Which pretty much sums up my expectations: it looks neat from the previews, and probably will disappoint me in the end. I was in line at Blockbuster with my girlfriend the other night, looking at recent releases, and noting how many of them had excellent trailers, and how many of them actually turned out to be worth watching. Almost anything looks good when your interaction with it consists of a trailer, some stills, a few out-of-context quotes and maybe a rough plot.

    I'll get my ticket, I'll see the movie, I'll be disappointed, and, you know, whatever. And so will you.
    • by dema ( 103780 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @12:01PM (#11244851) Homepage
      I'll get my ticket, I'll see the movie, I'll be disappointed, and, you know, whatever. And so will you.

      I sure won't. I got my ticket, saw Episode I, was dissapointed, didn't buy the DVD, and haven't seen Episode II. If you don't want people like Lucas to pull crap like this, why do you pay to see movies you know won't live up to your expectations?
      • by Ralph Wiggam ( 22354 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @12:12PM (#11244947) Homepage
        Episode 2 is worth renting to see Yoda get busy with a lightsaber.

        Is anyone else really disturbed by the fact that there is nobody to root for in the prequel films? The "good guys" like Yoda and Obi Wan are fighting along side stormtrooper 1.0s for the people who will later become the Empire . The whole idea of prequels is just stupid because we know exactly what the situation is going to be at the end. The minute I saw Samuel Jackson on screen I knew that he was going to get waxed sooner or later.

        George Lucas has one chance to turn the ship around. He can turn over all writing and directing duties to other people and let them run with Episodes 7-9.

        Just rambling.

        • by Dutchmaan ( 442553 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @12:29PM (#11245124) Homepage
          Episode 2 is worth renting to see Yoda get busy with a lightsaber.

          Maybe it's just me, but it didn't really sit right with me that Yoda, "got busy" with the lightsaber. First of all getting all acrobatic just isn't his style.. not to mention hopping around like a mexican jumping bean.

          Yoda is calm and reserved with great mental control. IMHO Yoda should have fought with a completely defensive style... Dooku.. (or whatever his name was) should have been fighting Yoda in vain...

          Just like the emporer on the dark side, Yoda should be "beyond the light saber". I suppose it could be argued that this was taking place at an earlier time when Yoda was less disciplined... but Yoda IMO is to the light side what the emporer is to the dark..

          You would never have seen Palpatine pick up a light saber.. he's more into manipulating people to do his bidding. Yoda is more about cultivating the light side in the people around him.

          Two sides of the same coin.

      • I agree. I refused to see episode 2 after watching episode 1. Lucas is surrounded by Yes Men and has lost the artistic vision responsible for THX-1138 and Star Wars IV. None of his inner circle of assistants had the guts to tell him that Jar Jar Binks was a really stupid concept.

        How appropriate that the first Star Wars movie worth a damn was called, "A New Hope." If you watch from Episode 1, I can see people saying, "A New Hope... hmm.. maybe there is reason to keep watching these movies. Up until now, it
      • by digitalgiblet ( 530309 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @02:06PM (#11246066) Homepage Journal
        Wow, you never saw Ep 2??

        Dude, that was the one where it all starts to make sense!

        You mean you never saw the epic battle between Anakin and Darth Jar Jar? One of the best sequences in ANY film EVER!

        "Meesa gonna cut yousa, Annie! Meesa gonna cut yousa real good! Yousa not gonna see dat sun come out tomorrow! Yousa gonna feel the power of the dark side!"

        Man that was cool. Then Darth Jar Jar KILLED Anakin and assumed his identity. Wicked. THAT's why Darth Vader wears that damned mask that filters his voice! Ep 5 would have sounded pretty weird if Vader had said, "Luke, meesa you fadder!" Ep 4 would have sucked if he had said "Meesa find yousa's lack of faith distoobin!"

    • by Anonymous Coward
      "I was in line at Blockbuster with my girlfriend.."

      Wait, stop right there. You're aware this is Slashdot, right? At least try to relate to the audience you're posting to.

      Blockbuster. Yeah, right...

    • I'll wait till the night before the premiere, grab a torrent, watch the movie, and be disappointed. Just so Lucas doesn't get any more of my money.
  • by Turn-X Alphonse ( 789240 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:37AM (#11244580) Journal
    Okay lads, this guy is asking for it! With a URL like http://www.idontfear.com/ , surely he's mocking the slashdot effect. Bring out all your Amigas and C64s and we'll have his server linched by dawn!
  • by Lorean ( 756656 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:43AM (#11244647)
    Anyone notice how the first three movies all had a good chunk of time allocate to space/ship battles? While the new movies have practically none? I hope those X-wing looking thngs are indicative of things to come. Though, I am disapointed at not seeing any Z-95s.
    • After watching the first 3 movies what did everyone want to see more of??? Light saber battles.

      While I agree with you, some of the flight battles were awesome, but I for one always wanted more light saber duels/battles.

      The light saber kicks ass and one always wanted to see ANYONE wield one and kick some ass....

    • I agree with you. Including the Z-95 would have been perfect since A) real SW fans know they are the precurser to the X-Wing and B) those that don't know will easily identify that it's an early version on the X-Wing.

      I'm hoping for some good space battles, too, but I guess Lucas decided it's not interesting anymore. However, outside of TV shows, you don't get good space battles anymore... unfortunate, because there is a lot of room there with SFX these days...
  • by Xpilot ( 117961 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:45AM (#11244667) Homepage
    Seriously, Slashdot keeps trashing the prequels, saying you'll never see them coz they suck, yada yada yada... and yet that site got slashdotted quicker than lightspeed. Why do you even care? Do you genuinely dislike them, or s it just some kind of slashdot groupthink conformity that makes you bash something you don't have to see if you don't want to?

    Now, I'm not defending George Lucas (I didn't think the prequels were great... nor did the acting make me want to care about any of the characters). But still, it wasn't horrible. I could still enjoy watching the story unfold into what we know happens in Episodes 4-6. It is backstory, but I admit I had fun discovering what happens to the galaxy as a whole before the empire. It's fun to know about the Jedi order in its heyday, talked about in the original trilogy.

    But hey, this is Slashdot. Continue your bashing.

    • I have to agree. There [imdb.com] are [imdb.com] worse [imdb.com] movies [imdb.com] than [imdb.com] the [imdb.com] prequels. [imdb.com]
    • Dude, just because the first two movies sucked horribly, doesn't mean that people aren't hoping that the third one doesn't suck. You've answered your own question, people don't genuinely dislike them (as can be seen by the comments and slashdotting), they're in fact more incensed because they feel let down. If you're not defending lucas, and you're interested (as everyone else is) in how epIII will tie into epIV, then why are you so hung up about people riding down the first pair of films?

      Oh well, this
    • Seriously, Slashdot keeps trashing the prequels, saying you'll never see them coz they suck, yada yada yada...

      The Slashdot community is fairly large. The number of bashes vs. the number of people who keep quiet is really high. Not to say that every user of SD sits on either side of the fence but it's not what it appears to be. It's like the LA riots years ago; the news never reported that 18 million or so LA residents didn't riot. You only seen those who did.

      and yet that site got slashdotted quicker tha
    • and yet that site got slashdotted quicker than lightspeed

      It got slashdotted in a mere 6.4 parsecs.
  • When, oh when will someone be able to guarentee wild-ass internet rumors and fanciful speculations?
  • by adzoox ( 615327 ) * on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:52AM (#11244742) Journal
    I posted this in my /. journal last night so I'll give you guys a crack at it:

    I'm a big Star Wars fan ... not a nut, but a fan.

    I didn't like the 1st prequel, although it wasn't as bad as many of the people on /. slice and dice it.

    The Attack Of The Clones was pretty good. I would rank it with Jedi

    The Revenge Of The Sith is shaping up to be pretty awesome looking. As many are putting it - this movie BETTER be good because it's the whole reason Episodes 4,5, and 6 were done. I think in a way, this proves that Lucas was right to do 4,5,6 rather than 1,2,3 first.

    I have enjoyed seeing the story behind the story and the elaborate plot of the emporer to wage war to be able to wage war and slowly kill off the "good troops and jedi" to be able to control the weak and lord over the ruthless.

    I am quite confused though about the new leaked images that have surfaced on the net.


    I thought Palpatine WAS the emporer! And all along I thought it was Palpatine behind that hood when talking to Dooku and Darth Maul. The pictures would indicate otherwise, unless it is telling that the dark side in it's truest form transforms you into an ugly creature. Was Maul just a black guy? Then when he was consumed by the dark side - grow horns and intricate red tattoos? It seems this way. Either that - or the emporer is NOT Palpatine - maybe he is a clone? Maybe Palpatine is a clone of the emporer??

    Why isn't Dooku all crazy creature fangy snarly?

    I would also like for it to be explained how Anakin looks like he does in Episodes 5 and 6 (behind shot in 5, full head shot in 6) - because if he was consumed by the dark side - where is his evil look?

    The only hint, so far, that I have seen is in the teaser trailer - Anakin (Hayden Christenson) turns around and his eyes are yellow.
    • Why isn't Dooku all crazy creature fangy snarly?

      Man, he's Dracula! What more do you want?


    • by dafz1 ( 604262 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @12:12PM (#11244944)
      According to the Star Wars: EU, Palpatine had the power/ability to "transfer his consciousness" into a clone, basically to be able to live forever.

      My guess is the younger looking Palpatine is a clone that either is directly controlled by Darth Sidious/Emporer P. or a clone that was educated by the elder Palpatine as a "people friendly" version. It would also be the target of the next consciousness transfer.
    • by SamSeaborn ( 724276 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @01:12PM (#11245594)
      I'm a big Star Wars fan ... not a nut, but a fan.

      Me too.

      The Attack Of The Clones was pretty good.

      CLONES fails on nearly every cinematic level except production.

      The actors deliver their lines like it's their first run through the script. The only one with any life in him is Lee. The body language is non-existant like a high-school play (remember Han Solo running around in Empire, ducking, weaving, waving his finger, barking his lines -- NO actor in CLONES delivers this kind of energy).

      The pacing of the picture is frigid -- it is such a colossal bore, plodding from one fx sequence to another. The pauses and gaps between every line of dialoge are exhausting. What ever happened to Lucas' famous direction "faster and more intense"?

      Beloved characters like Yoda are characitures of their former selves ("really says EVERYTHING backwards, Yoda does?"), the beloved wise, mysterious wizard from EMPIRE was once awe-inspiring but is now laughable. (Go back and watch the scene from EMPIRE where he's telling Luke about the force and raises the X-WING from the swamp -- it's compelling and inspiring, there's *nothing* in the prequels that comes close to that scene.)

      The "lead" actors Christianson and Portman ... <sigh> ... there's better acting on SAVED BY THE BELL. And their romance is painfully trite. In their defense, they had nothing to work with as their script was pathetic; the most hackneyed writing in recent memory.

      The entire plot is an uninspired first draft of a second rate saturday morning cartoon. Each and every sub-plot is completely contrived; Boba Fett and son, Threepio's partnering with R2, the intro of Uncle Ben and Aunt Beru, Shme Skywalkers death. This is all bad, bad, amateur stuff.

      I can't wait for the scene in Episode 3 when Anakin says "I want my son to have my light-sabre when he's old enough." Owen replies, "I WON'T ALLOW THAT!". Kenobi whispers to Anakin, "Give it to me, I'll care it" and winks.

      Give me strength, honestly.

      Factoring in budget, talent, and expectations, CLONE is literally one of the worst movies ever made.


  • by JollyFinn ( 267972 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:52AM (#11244747)
    Is just one of lucas films dirty tricks to bring that site down.
  • by Cybertect ( 85900 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:53AM (#11244752) Homepage
    mirrordot.org [mirrordot.org]
  • by 955301 ( 209856 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @11:54AM (#11244773) Journal
    Okay, I know Lego does Star Wars themed sets, but now Star Wars is doing Lego's Bionicles [idontfear.com]? I guess it's only fair. And my nephew will probably stop calling what was a staple of my youth "hecka lame".
  • Cuz in reality they stole the spoiler images from another site (which is mentioned in the AICN article).

    In related movie spoiler news, I think its time that someone 'leaked' the Jessica Simspon as Daisy Duke images on slashdot. I would, except I like my bandwidth bill just the way it is.
  • "Idontfear.com" (the slashdot effect?)

    oh you will (be)... you WILL (be)!


  • The real revenge of the Sith would be for noone, and I mean not a single person, to go see that movie when it is released.

  • General Grievous: http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/general grievous/ If you haven't seen the cartoon series that ran on Cartoon Network a bit ago, he's the jedi-killing droid. Judging by the site, it seems he'll be the main baddie in Episode III. As for the 6-winged X-Wings, I was a bit suprised - I thought they'd show Headhunters (2-winged), which, according to the books, are the proto-X-Wings.
  • Just for the record, I didn't think "episode one" was bad - just boring.
  • by sammy baby ( 14909 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @12:28PM (#11245111) Journal
    Let's look at a selected history of lightsaber injuries here. First, Dooku removes one of Anakin Skywalker's hands. Then, if these pics are accurate, Anakin returns the favor by removing both of Dooku's. In Episode V, Anakin (as Vader) removes one of Luke's hands. And finally, Luke returns that favor by removing Vader's prosthetic hand.

    You'd think that at this point, some Jedi genius would have come up with at least a hand guard for those goddamn things.

    On a different note, I propose a caption contest for the picture of Yoda, prone on the floor with his cane several feet away. My entry is, "When nine-hundred years you reach, as many push-ups you will not be able to do."
  • As always with leaked pics

    Some poor saps server will melt for this...
    Oh, wait.
  • by Yaztromo ( 655250 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @12:33PM (#11245166) Homepage Journal

    Okay -- I don't have any special inside information or anything, but I have been watching the commentary on the new Star Wars DVDs this past week, and after looking at these pictures have some thoughts to share.

    Many of these pictures look to be of the type that are taken for marketing purposes, and at least one of them looks to be unfinished. Take a look at the pictures of General Grevious (sp? -- the robot with the lightsabres). All computer generated of course, with what you'd expect a lightsabre to look like. Now take a look at the shot of Darth Sideous/Anakin, in particular their sabres. Note they are just coloured poles -- no "glow". It would appear that these photos haven't gone through post processing yet, as I can't imagine Lucasfilm's marketing department releasing them that way.

    This is important, as it's a vector upon which Lucasfilm will probably focus to try to track the source of the leak. Expect someone to get sacked. Some of the photos are obviously unfinished, and it won't be hard to get a list of people who have access to the originals.

    Now I'm going to hypothesize about a few things here which, if correct, may turn out to be spoilers. Or they might be worth less than the electrons used to transmit this message. You've been warned. If you don't want to risk potentially reading about something that happens in the film, stop reading here.

    With that out of the way, the other photos I find interesting are the ones of the Emperor in the background with Anakin and Darth Tyrannus in a lightsabre duel. It appears to be shades of Eps 6 (Return of the Jedi), with Luke facing off against Vader. In this case, however, I'm presuming that Anakin wins (looking at one photo, apparently by cutting off both Tyrannus' hands, again much like Eps. 6). Thus, it appears to be somewhat of a redux of Return of the Jedi, but with the difference that where Luke wouldn't turn towards the dark side, Anakin (obviously) did.

    Which brings up a few interesting questions. Apparently Lucas is going with the whole concept that there can never be any more than two Sith at any given time -- a student and a master. And that as the student gets older, Sideous/Palpatine gets an up-and-coming Jedi to kill them off for him, becoming the new "student" in the process. This could put the whole duel in ROTJ in a new light.

    It also adds some new evidence to something I've long wondered about in the prequels, having to do with Anakin being the one prophisized to "bring balance to the Force". Qui-gon, Yoda, and the other Jedi appear to have made the assumption that this can only be a positive thing. However, look at those who are the masters of the Force. There are at least a dozen (or more) Jedi, but only ever two Sith at any given time. If the Force is out of balance, it would appear to be in favour of the "light" side, in which case the imbalance is a good thing. To bring balance to the Force could entail equalizing those who are its masters. If Anakin kills Tyrannus, that leaves two Sith. And from the original trilogy, we know after Eps 3 there are only two Jedi left (Obi-wan and Yoda). Perfectly balanced.

    It's good to see Kit Fisto makes another showing, at least :).


  • by hkb ( 777908 ) on Monday January 03, 2005 @12:35PM (#11245192)
    I have virtually no interest in science fiction or star wars or any of that cruft. I thought the first two movies (Phantom Menace? and Attack of the Clones? I think?) were okay... mediocre.

    I saw the sneak preview trailer for the third movie when my gf and I were watching Meet The Fockers (great movie). The sneak preview for the third movie looked pretty damn cool, and I must say got me eager to want to see it.

    Looks like a lot of cool plot unfoldings and lots of action. I remember seeing the preview trailers for the other movies and they didn't really do much for me. Here's hoping that Lucas or whoever's making them now, finally listened to the people and went back to the drawing board to develop something decent, so it doesn't turn into a mediocre Matrix trilogy flop.

    Too bad they didn't get the LOTR guy to make these three movies.
  • by EmagGeek ( 574360 ) <(gterich) (at) (aol.com)> on Monday January 03, 2005 @12:50PM (#11245369) Journal
    If Peter Jackson had done the Prequels..

    Han: We have to get to the death star to destroy the evil empire

    Luke: Oh Han, I'm so happy we're together. I Love you!

    Han: I love you too, Luke. Let's embrace and hold eachother a bit too long to be straight

    Luke: Allright! As long as we're together, we can do anything!

    Vader: I will kill you all!

    Obiwan: So much death!

    argh... continue, I cannot..

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