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Ask mc chris 646

Many of you are no doubt familiar with the works of mc chris. He's probably most well known as the high pitched rapper on the track 'Fett's Vette' that you probably have an MP3 of somewhere. In addition to several highly entertaing albums, he's also the voice of MC Pee Pants (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) and Hesh (Sealab 2021). He's now touring, but you better already have tickets since he sold out his first 8 shows (including my local venue. The wife is very unhappy with me for not getting tickets in time). He'll also be performing at the Penny Arcade Expo later this year. This is your chance to ask him those burning questions. Standard Slashdot interview rules apply: Ask here, and we'll pick from the best of them and then wait patiently for Chris to bless us with his words.
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Ask mc chris

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