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'Transformers' Live Action Movie from DreamWorks? 432

mr_don't writes "Apprently, CNN is reporting that Dreamworks might be in talks with Michael Bay (who directed the bomb Pearl Harbor) to direct a live action Transformers movie. The article says: A November 17, 2006, release date has been set. Bay's credits include the two "Bad Boys" movies, "Pearl Harbor," "Armageddon" and "The Rock." Well, as a child of the 80's I must admit I am interested, but could the movie be directed by Robert Rodriguez instead?"
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'Transformers' Live Action Movie from DreamWorks?

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:31PM (#12155366)
    Why would anyone watch a movie about a giant spool of wire?
  • Cast (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:31PM (#12155369)
    I hope Bender gets to play Optimus Prime.

    He could be made for that role.
  • by Cruithne ( 658153 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:32PM (#12155372)
    could the movie be directed by Robert Rodriguez instead?

    I dunno, Michael Bay could be more than meets the eye...
    • Michael Bay could be more than meets the eye...

      No, he's less. I've looked into his eyes. He's pure evil.

    • by dmf415 ( 218827 ) * on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:49PM (#12155675)
      Quentin Tarantino could do it! Oil and tranny fluid spilling EVERYWHERE!
    • Re:Directed by.. (Score:2, Insightful)

      by sgant ( 178166 )
      If I have to see another movie directed by this hack with "the hero or villian walks in slow-motion toward the camera while bombs/explosions go off in the background" I will stop watching movies.

      Gems from Pearl Harbor:

      Rafe: Danny, you can't die. You can't die. You know why? 'Cause you're gonna be a father. You're gonna be a daddy. I wasn't supposed to tell you. You're gonna be a father.
      Danny: No, you are.


      Rafe: You are so beautiful it hurts.
      Evelyn: It's your nose that hurts.
      Rafe: I think it'
      • by Ubergrendle ( 531719 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @02:01PM (#12156657) Journal
        Personally I suspect the US has not joined the international war crimes tribunal due to fears that the rest of the world would extradite Michael Bay, Joel Schumacher, and Jerry Bruckheimer for Crimes Against Humanity.

        In fairness, they'd probably be acquitted since it would be impossible to find an impartial jury.
  • Looks like someone is inspired...

  • After I saw this movie [] I knew this was going to happen. I just hope it doesn't suck, I'm damn protective of my transformers I had as a kid.

  • Old news (Score:4, Informative)

    by Masami Eiri ( 617825 ) <(brain.wav) (at) (> on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:32PM (#12155397) Journal
    Kind of. Transfans have known this to be in the works for a while.. the original projected release date was 2005.. though I doubt that now.
    I'm mixed on this.. if its done right, it could be truly awesome...
    • catched a bit of the 'new' transformers on tv last weekend..

      damn was it sad. VERY VERY VERY cheaply done and it shows. practically a still show with some cheap cgi. you know, the kind of thing that you'd expect to see done in a few mbytes flash file.

      I guess they must love those robots.. because they got no lips to even try to lipsync!

    • I've got bad news. CNN made a glaring error. Dreamworks and Michael Bay are making a movie about Transvestites. They, too are more than meets the eye.
    • by Gax ( 196168 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @06:49PM (#12159944)
      > the original projected release date was 2005

      Not quite. The projected release date has always been 2006. 2005 was just a date picked by the fans to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the first movie. On the web forum, Don Murphy mentions they were shooting for a summer 2006 [] release. More information on the movie can be found on the TF - The Movie roundup [] page. If the first movie is successful, they plan for Unicron to make an appearance in the third one.

      Though many people do not realise it, over 500 episodes of Transformers have been made in their various incarnations.
      Here is a brief rundown of the various Transformer shows that have aired in the last 20 years.

      American shows
      Transformers Generation 1 TV show [] (American written show, set during 1985-86 and 2005-06)

      2) Transformers Generation 2 TV show (modified version of the G1 series that added an annoying 3D space cube animation.

      Japanese only series
      Transformers: Headmasters [] (Japanese). Available as an official or partial fandub.

      Transformers: Masterforce [] (Japanese). Available in official dub or sub-titled versions.

      Transformers Victory [] (Japanese series) Available as an official dub, fan dub, or subtitled.

      Transformers Zone [] (Japanese). Available in subtitled or dubbed versions.

      Though transforming robots remained popular in the East, the Transformers line was 'rested' for a few years.

      The Beast Era
      In 1996 the toy line was relaunched. After the disappointing sales of the Generation 2 series, vehicle modes were abandoned and animal forms introduced. Optimus Primal transformed into a gorilla and Megatron became a dinosaur. The Beast era was set years after the original series 300-1000 years, depending upon your source) and introduced two new factions - the Maximals and Predacons.

      Beast Wars [] - The Autobots and Decepticons are gone and the Maximals and Predacons have made peace. This peace is broken by Megatron (a namesake, not the original), who travels back in time in an attempt to change the course of history. In most episodes he is thwarted by Optimus Primal and a small band of Maximals. The animation shows its age, but it is probably the most intelligently written TF show made (season 2, in particular).

      Beast Machines [] - The Beast Wars are over and the Maximals return to Cybertron. They find that Megatron has captured the sparks (soul) of every Transformer on the planet and created an army of mindless drones called Vehicons. Best remembered for the strong religious overtones, huge explosions and scenes of the Maximals running away.

      Japanese Beast series
      While the US got the second and third season of Beast Wars, Japan received two spin-off series that focused upon other planets.

      Beast Wars 2 [] (Japanese). Leo Convoy (lion) Vs Galvatron (dragon).

      Beast Wars Neo [] (Japanese) - The Maximal leader, Big Convoy (a wooly mammoth) faces against the evil Magmatron. Unlike earlier Convoy/Prime toys, Big Convoy has a removable matrix in his chest.

      Autobots and Decepticons return
      Hasbro's initial plan was to create a followup to the Beast Machines series called Transtech. This would feature vehicle TFs with animal moulding. However, it was later abandoned and Hasbro made a deal
  • by American AC in Paris ( 230456 ) * on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:33PM (#12155401) Homepage
    The headline is confusing--it has very little to do with the thrust of the summary. It should read "mr_don't Says 'Michael Bay Sucks!'"

    P.S. Pearl Harbor wasn't a "bomb"--it was a bad movie that did very well at the box office. To suggest that it was a bomb is just plain silly []. Pearl Harbor was a plodding movie with a trite script and stilted acting that performed extremely well at the box office thanks to aggressive marketing and some pretty good technical work. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you can go around claiming it failed miserably.)

  • Wow. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by schild ( 713993 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:33PM (#12155414) Homepage Journal
    This movie is going to be fucking expensive. As in reallly really goddamn expensive.

    I expect a lot of explosions. Terrible dialogue. An incredibly bad mixture of CGI and reality, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the end of Air Force One.

    All in all, this is a silly prospect. Shouldn't they be working on more interesting things? I'd suggest something but the news of a Transformers live action movie (which isn't really "new news") has left me incapable of thinking on an intelligible level.
    • Ahhh, the Air Force One ending...


      That guy is a cunt.
    • All in all, this is a silly prospect. Shouldn't they be working on more interesting things?

      Why bother? People go and watch it or rent it anyway because there is no competition. The MPAA supports bullshit movies with lame scripts and too much money spent because it's good for their PR campaign against the same people that watch their movies.

      Who the hell would believe them if they claimed they were losing money on a movie that made $400 million dollars on a $1 million budget?
    • I expect a lot of explosions. Terrible dialogue. An incredibly bad mixture of CGI and reality, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the end of Air Force One.

      Are you one of the fortunate ones who have not seen either of the Star Wars prequels?
    • look.. it being based on transformers or not has ZERO to do with it being sucky and ugly explosionfest(it being from dreamworks would have more to do with that). it matters very little what you use as the base for such a film. if you magically know that it's going to be like that then you would know it of all films.

      this, like all other films, could go both ways. probably sucks but then again most films are not great.
    • Re:Wow. (Score:4, Informative)

      by gphinch ( 722686 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @01:12PM (#12155999) Homepage
      A friend of mine from college works in developement now, and he was telling me that basically the studio's market research shows them that something like 95% of American males 18-35 like Transformers, so they are going to throw as much money as is needed at this, $200 mil or more, knowing that the money made will probably be in the billions when all is said and done.
    • by Pike ( 52876 )

      You know, it could still be really cool and quite inexpensive...

      ...if they made it something like this []!

      plus explosions of course.

      oh yes.

    • Preview (Score:3, Funny)

      by mm0mm ( 687212 )
      I expect a lot of explosions. Terrible dialogue. An incredibly bad mixture of CGI and reality, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the end of Air Force One.

      here's the pitch clip [] that was shown by Dreamworks during the recent discussion with Michael Bay. apparently the studio want the film to be very different from Bay's style, which is good.
  • Wow, with such a talented director, we can only hope they find a nice, juicy acting role for Sofia Coppola []. That would just be the icing on the cake.
  • That believes that they are going to horibly and completely fuck this up?
  • by hairykrishna ( 740240 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:35PM (#12155446)
    Recently here in the UK there's been some car commercial (don't know which brand) with a car which transforms into a dancing transformers style robot. It looked so cool that I knew that someone had to exploit it for a movie, yay!
  • by Lovesquid ( 840251 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:36PM (#12155456)
    After Sin City, I hope to hell that all movies from now on are directed by Robert Rodriguez. And they should all star Carla Gugino as the closed-mouthed, naked lesbian.
  • Ugh (Score:2, Funny)

    by KSobby ( 833882 )
    Michael Bay? Too bad it won't be Lucas. It would crank up the Unintentional Comedy Scale (TM) to 11 to see the actors being more mechanical than the robots.
  • by BRock97 ( 17460 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:36PM (#12155467) Homepage
    'Bay's credits include the two "Bad Boys" movies, "Pearl Harbor," "Armageddon" and "The Rock." '

    So, based on that resume, we can expect the following:
    • Bumble Bee and Spike will be two loose cannons that try and bring down an Insecticon drug ring
    • Hot Rod and Kup will defend Cybertron from a surprise attack from the Quintesons
    • Optimus Prime and a rag tag group of Autobots will lead a US mission to Unicron and try to blow it up before he eats Earth
    • And my personal favorite, Kup and Perceptor will try and take back an energon plant from the Dinobots who have gone AWOL. AGAIN!

    This will be the most incredible movie, EVER!
  • Comment removed (Score:3, Informative)

    by account_deleted ( 4530225 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:36PM (#12155470)
    Comment removed based on user account deletion
  • The ones I watched when I was in elementary school, which rocked? Or all the lesser generations since which sucked? That, regardless of who is director, is the most important question.
  • by dR.fuZZo ( 187666 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:39PM (#12155507)
    I miss you more then Michael Bay missed the mark
    When he made Pearl Harbor
    I miss you more than that movie missed the point
    And that's an awful lot girl
    And now, now you've gone away
    And all I'm trying to say is
    Pearl Harbor sucked, and I miss you

    I need u like Ben Affleck needs acting school
    He was terrible in that film
    I need u like Cuba Gooding needed a bigger part
    He's way better than Ben Affleck
    And now all I can think about is your smile
    and that shitty movie too
    Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you

    Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies?
    I guess Pearl Harbor sucked
    Just a little bit more than I miss you
  • Sign of the Times (Score:3, Insightful)

    by jspey ( 183976 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:39PM (#12155510)
    ..."The Transformers," Hasbro's popular 1980s toy line of giant robots that morph into cars, trucks, planes, ships and other technological creations.

    20 years ago, transformers would have been described as giant robots that transform into other things. Now CNN says they 'morph', depite the face that their name contains in it the word used to describe their shape-changing. What's worse is that the word 'morph' became popular because of the terminator in T-2, where it's used to describe something noticably different from what the transformers do.

    I'll never understand the media.

  • This is old news (Score:3, Informative)

    by bigdady92 ( 635263 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:40PM (#12155524) Homepage
    This has been circulating the net for MONTHS. If you visit any of the transformer sites you can see that they've known about this for a while. vie.html []

    Why do I say it's been around for months? Because they have already secured the voice of the ORIGINAL Optimus Prime! Not that crappy one on the new cartoons, the ORIGNAL voice. The TRUE voice of Prime !

  • Shockwave (Score:2, Funny)

    by Reignking ( 832642 )
    Will they update Shockwave? Boomboxes are soooooo 80's...
  • by randomaxe ( 673239 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:42PM (#12155553)
    In case you hadn't heard, Robert Rodriguez probably won't be doing many major-studio pictures any time soon. His decision to share directing credit with Frank Miller (and, to a certain extent, Tarantino) forced him to drop out of the Director's Guild of America.

    And AFAIK, it works kind of like a union thing, the major studios only hiring directors from the DGA.

    Rodriguez will no doubt have little trouble finding work... but expect it to be via indie studios.
    • by rnelsonee ( 98732 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @01:46PM (#12156463)
      From From an article [] I read today:

      So Rodriguez dropped out of the DGA. That move cost him the opportunity to direct Paramount's sci-fi adventure A Princess of Mars. (The union forbids non-members from signing onto projects already in the works at a member studio.) He can, however, make movies independently and distribute them through a studio. His friendship with Bob and Harvey Weinstein, who headed Miramax but split from Disney this week to start a new company, practically guarantees he will continue to direct movies.

      So it looks like the old having-powerful-buddies thing will still happen for Rodriguez. Sure, it won't be as good as it would if he was in the DGA, but who knows.

    • Movie studios today are more like marketing companies then movies that actually want to create a decent story. There are exceptions, but they are mostly intereseted in making money. They are in the business of making money. That is why you are seeing so many geek movies, lord of the rings, xmen, spiderman, x2, spiderman 2, daredevil, hulk, elektra, etc, etc... The reasoning is that these movies are already "pre sold". They are garunteed that no matter how bad it is there will be enough geeks who will
  • Why not get a Japanese director insteaD? all the latest Transformers have been made in Japan and although they arn't fantastic they do already use alot of CGI animation, maybe it's time to push it to the next step and screw Hollywood onm this one.
  • Too late (Score:3, Funny)

    by sulli ( 195030 ) * on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:43PM (#12155571) Journal
    Optium s Prime has died of prostate cancer. [] Perhaps our Autobot heroes will wear blue ribbons for him.
  • The guy who did spy kids 1-3, The Faculty, From Dusk To Dawn, Desperado? Some claim Sin City didn't suck (I'm not one of them), but all he had to do there was xerox a comic book. Oh, and have Tarantino and Frank Miller around to show him where the copy button is, because he probably can't even use a copy machine correctly. I would say Rodriguez is not a better pick.
  • by BTWR ( 540147 ) <americangibor3&yahoo,com> on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:47PM (#12155651) Homepage Journal
    Maybe it was a bad movie, and maybe it was mocked by critics, the press and the public... but a "bomb?" I think not.

    From [] this is the breakdown:

    Pearl Harbor:
    Production Budget: $140 million
    Est. Marketing Costs: $70 million

    Domestic gross: $198,542,554 (44.2%)
    + Overseas gross: $250,678,391 (55.8%)
    = Worldwide gross: $449,220,945

    So... it cost $210 million to make and market the film, it took in $450 million from the box office ALONE (not including the millions that selling tv rights brings, DVD/VHS sales, pay-per-view spots), and I'm sure the producers are really crying about this "bomb" - crying all the way to the bank...

    • Production Budget: $140 million
      Est. Marketing Costs: $70 million
      Damage to the reputation of the writters , the director and the actors : Priceless ....
      Seriously i can not be the only person in the world sick to death of remakes and live action versions ...first TMNT(heros in a half shell , turtle power) ,then scoobie then garfield etc etc etc ad nausium.Please for the love of god stop bastardising my and many other peoples childhoods and get some new ideas .
      (im still pissed off what with what they did to ga
  • I don't blame... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by stubear ( 130454 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @12:50PM (#12155685)
    ...Michael Bay for the pitiful excuse of a movie Pearl Harbor turned out to be. I blame Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett for sucking so bad at acting. For this one need only look to the casting director. Michael Bay is good at directing pure adrenaline fueled action sequences and he'd done three that in my opinion are tough to top; 1) the attack sequence of Pearl Harbor in Pearl Harbor, 2) the car chase between the H1 and teh Ferrari in The Rock, and 3) the F-18 approach/ bombing of Alcatraz in The Rock. Keeping in mind that The Rock never aspired to be the next Citizen Kane, I'd even go as far as to say that it was a pretty decent action movie.
    • I agree with you -- for the most part. I think Bad Boys 2 is an excellent movie considering it is a dumb buddy cop film. My friend calls movies like BB2 "Actionation" in that there's so much action you almost have to repeat the name of it.

      Robert Rodriguez does not make flawless movies. I loved i>El Mariachi and Desperado but Once Upon a Time in Mexico was just really silly and boring, despite all the action.

      I do not agree with you on the H1/Ferrari car chase in The Rock. Look at the chase again now, ha
    • Of course it never occured to you that the actors after reading the script said, "I'm being paid xx millions for this pile of crap?", and then acted the roles as if they where thinking of ways of spending their money?
  • Paul Verhoeven.

    there will be boobs in this movie.
  • how can a film - thats going to take a long period of time to make -ever be called "Live" ? Action Movie - yes . But its only "Live" if its happening as you watch it. This is obviously impossible.
  • Why is it that people feel the need for something to be "Hollywoodised" in order to somehow proclaim it's greatness to the world. "They should make a movie of this!" Why? Why is it nessesary to transfer something to the big screen? What is it about a movie that will somehow make something better?

    Hollywood rewrites tend to be trite compacted affairs, dumbed down for the censors. They almost invariable bastardise and demean the material they base themselves off. Go ahead mention the Lord of the Rings. I have
  • ...let the guys who did this movie [] do Transformers!
  • You're all missing the real issue here.

    The submitter used a colon after a verb; clearly, this is the more important issue at hand.
  • What does this mean?

    Did the movie bomb? (Fared poorly at the box office?)
    Was the movie da bomb? (Good, eg critically acclaimed?)
    Did they bomb pearl harbor? (historically accurate!)
  • If this movie goes anfd uses the dumbass plotlines and moralistic BS from these new cartoons (transformers energon and so on) I swear to god i am gonna bomb cyberton back into the steam age.
  • According to one of the industry's leading insider websites [], the movie has grossed almost 450 million dollars worldwide. That means...

    It's number 60 on the ALL-TIME domestic takes, and number FIFTY-TWO all-time worldwide.

    But you read on rotten tomatoes that it was a bomb, and you're sticking to it.
  • I assume I'm not alone in thinking the plot will be:

    • Megatron comes up with a scheme to fill enough energon cubes to defeat the Autobots and generally take over the galaxy.
    • Plot nears completion when Megatron gets greedy and decides one galaxy just isn't enough for a self respecting Deceptercon.
    • Starscream points out he is pushing the system too far and is going to backfire on them soon.
    • Megatron shoots Starscream.
    • Autobots seise victory from the jaws of defeat thanks to Megatron being a "Muppetron".


  • Nowadays with these ultra-blockbuster-super-duper-small-country-sized budgets, what they mean by live action is "We'll have live actors dancing around in front of a blue screen, and absolutely everything else will be computer animated." I mean, it's almost like calling Bakshi's Lord of the Rings films "live action".
  • If it looks like this Commercial [] and has the original characters then I'll watch it.
  • Robert Rodriguez left the DGA and thus the studio can in all likelyhood not hire him....

    Don't forget, Hollywood is a Union Shop.
  • ...from the producers that brought you "Air Guitar"! Starring Timmy as Optimus Prime and his brother as... oh wait... his brother wants to be Optimus Prime, too...
  • by ArmenTanzarian ( 210418 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @01:19PM (#12156085) Homepage Journal
    I'm sorry, his treatment of Sin City may be nice, but it's because Miller already did the storyboards for him. Anyone who sat through all three Spy Kids movies in the theatres (with my nephew) can give you about 5000 reasons to distrust his direction.
    • Agreed!

      NPR did an interview with him a couple years ago. He talked about how people were surprised that he did the Spy Kids movies after such fare as "From Dusk 'Til Dawn" and "El Mariachi" (sp?). He said he always wanted to do the Spy Kids type movies, the others were just to make the money.

      My point is I see him as a kind of George Lucas, he made "Star Wars" and everyone thought he was going to be this great scifi director, when in fact all he wanted to do was make cheezy kids movies with puppets and "
  • by c0d3h4x0r ( 604141 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @01:33PM (#12156285) Homepage Journal
    A live action Transformes movie would be pointlessly expensive and lame.

    They would be better off bringing back the original Transformers series using modern animation, and targeting it as scifi for adults rather than a silly cartoon for kids.

    The original US Transformers generation 1 series had a more personal, emotional, sci-fi aspect to it than do the modern shows like Transformers Armageddon. Granted, it had its 80's cheese factor (like, how many oil rig workers do you know who wear hard hats all the time on land and write touchy-feely entries in their diary every day?) But it also had better-written dialog and stories that were delivered with a more serious and measured touch.

    The newer shows have better animation and dropped the corny 80's feel, but in the process picked up the corny 90's feel and all the horrible attributes of those ridiculous american-anime shows like YuGiOh and DragonballZ: terrible dialog spoken too fast and characters who do nothing but boast stupidly at each other constantly about their superior fighting powers like it's a pissing contest.

    If they would just return to the original writing, characters, and story, but do it all using modern animation (maybe CGI), and target it more as scifi for the 20+ crowd instead of as cartoons for kids, then I think they'd really have something.

  • by IronChefMorimoto ( 691038 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @01:35PM (#12156304)

    I'm wondering if they'd make the following adjustments to the Transformers characters to really make the whole movie more "realistic" and proper to the 21st century:

    • Dinobots will moonlight on Discovery Channel during those "back in time" dinosaur documentaries
    • Optimus Prime will be based at the "Highway 7 Boobs'n'Burgers" when not saving the world
    • Autobots disguised as GM products will frequently be out of commission due to recalls
    • Starscream will make the news when he accidentally strafes an unoccupied middle school
    • Megatron will find many of his plans foiled by gun control advocates
    • Two of the Insecticons die horribly when they move through a suburban neighborhood rife with treatments of Andro Fire Ant Bait
    • The Constructicons will often be missing in action, idling near a highway construction project looking at a hole in the 2 left lanes while taking a lunch break that snarls rush hour traffic
    • That Autobot city (can't remember the name) will never be truly effective as a weapon, mainly because City Hall is chock full of corruption and budget cuts
    • Omnicron will make it to Earth at the end of the movie, only because George Bush kills the funding for the Voyager probe that MIGHT have seen him coming


  • News! (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Angron ( 127881 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @02:04PM (#12156700) Journal
    New! From the director who brought you Pearl Harbor and the screenwriter who brought you Catwoman! It's....your childhood being beaten with a baseball bat. Sigh.

  • Old news (Score:3, Informative)

    by BobSutan ( 467781 ) on Wednesday April 06, 2005 @05:07PM (#12158957)
    Welcome to last summer. The official announcement [] made waves last August for crying out loud.

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts." -- Bertrand Russell