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Hitachi's Terabyte DVD Recorder 78

lposeidon writes "Hitachi has a terabyte DVD recorder. Looks like its an oversized TIVO box with 2 500GB harddrives, all for the low, low price of $1180" It's also fully high def capable.
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Hitachi's Terabyte DVD Recorder

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  • by TripMaster Monkey ( 862126 ) * on Wednesday September 07, 2005 @08:08AM (#13498473)

    Story is a dupe...original story can be found here [].
  • by rindeee ( 530084 ) on Wednesday September 07, 2005 @08:10AM (#13498488)
    ...but many people will have to reply in "dupe" pointing out that it is NOT a "Terabyte DVD recorder". It is a terabyte DVR with a normal DVD recorder built in to the case.
  • by oneiros27 ( 46144 ) on Wednesday September 07, 2005 @08:14AM (#13498508) Homepage
    It's like someone recorded the article [], and is playing it back for us to flame a second time!
  • by prattle ( 898688 ) on Wednesday September 07, 2005 @08:17AM (#13498527)
    Looks like its an oversized TIVO box with 2 500GB harddrives, all for the low, low price of $1180

    The terabyte version is not $1180; it is nearly double that.

    From TFA:

    The recorders will go on sale in Japan from next month. They are expected to retail from about 130,000 yen ($1,180) for the cheapest model to 230,000 yen for the one-terabyte recorder, which stores data on two 500 gigabyte hard disk drives.

    • Whatever it costs, is the interface better than the HD Rent-a-DVR from Comcast? Cause man, is that thing trash.
      • It might be - but you won't get some of the other benefits. I have Cox but the boxes are all basically the same. It's not nearly as nice as a TiVo but I *can* record two high-def channels and watch a recording - all at the same time.

        The interface is kinda slow and clunky, and it's only got 150GB storage. But the ability to watch something on one channel and record on another shouldn't be underestimated!

        Maybe with CableCards, moving forward, we'll be able to ditch the cable companies boxes and use our o
        • Agreed. It's unfortunate that there are so few HD channels, because I just don't watch low def anymore. Seriously.

          Even with maybe a dozen HD channels, there are times I've had conflicts in my recordings.. with the ability to record two streams at once. That means there were three shows I would have potentially wanted to record at the same time.

          "Fortunately," programs on cable networks usually get repeated ad nauseum, so I just scan forward a day or less to find another airing of the same show I couldn't
          • You Comcast guys don't know what you've got =) I have the Cox High Def package, and it has SEVEN channels. ABC, NBC, INHD1, INHD2, Disc, Sho1, HBO1. That's all. I mean, they look great (especially INHD2 when there's a game on NESN on it) and they all do full 1080i except for the SD stuff on NBC/ABC and some older HD Discovery stuff (720p.)

            Comcast has so many more channels. My friend lives a mile away in Mass, and when he gets his new TV he'll have something like 21 channels of HD to use including FO
  • Geez, it's like that stupid game you played in grade school where a whispered phrase went around the room, and was almost totally different by the time it had gone through 15-20 people.

    The article subtitle meat is "...the world's first hard disk drive/DVD recorder that can store one terabyte of data..."

    Is there really that little space in /. titles that you can't add "HDD"? "Terabyte HDD / DVD recorder combo box." There, now that wasn't so hard.

    As for the dupe, does it count if the first post on it was vap
  • by bigtallmofo ( 695287 ) on Wednesday September 07, 2005 @08:18AM (#13498534)

    You can store the first Slashdot story [] on the first drive, and the second Slashdot story [] on the second drive.
  • by Manchot ( 847225 ) on Wednesday September 07, 2005 @08:28AM (#13498567)
    Tivo's a brand name. This device is made by Hitachi, so it's not a Tivo. Hence, you should just call it an oversized DVR.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      oversized AND overpriced.

      You can buy a terabyte of storage (4x250 gig hds in a raid0 array) for $600, and they want $2500? (the $1300 is for a half-terabyte)

      For the same price, set up a linux box as an 12-drive (extra controller cards are cheap enough) 3-terabyte network storage unit, and store all sorts of stuff on it, not just movies.

      It might even be big enough to hold the average slashdotters' pr0n collection.

    • Tivo's a brand name. This device is made by Hitachi, so it's not a Tivo. Hence, you should just call it an oversized DVR.

      Many people know how big a Tivo is. Not many people know how big a DVR is. Why? Because this device is a DVR, so it is exactly as big as a DVR.

    • Could you please pass me a Kleenex("soft facial tissue")?

      I'm out of Q-tips ("cotton-tipped swabs"), can you pick up another box at the store?

      Do you have any Chapstick ("moisturizing lip balm")?

  • Finally! (Score:4, Funny)

    by Nuclear Elephant ( 700938 ) on Wednesday September 07, 2005 @08:32AM (#13498588) Homepage
    Now I can download the entire Internet like I've always wanted to.
    • Nope... for that you'd need a couple Buffalo TeraStations.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I'm waiting for a temporal TIVO so I can watch shows before I record them.
  • Terabyte TiVo exists (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Nonesuch ( 90847 ) on Wednesday September 07, 2005 @08:47AM (#13498656) Homepage Journal
    TiVo originally charged around $1K for a 250GB HD DVR, so the price is right.

    netdude [] built a 1.6TB (usable) TiVo unit, but doesn't say what it cost.

  • by mshmgi ( 710435 ) on Wednesday September 07, 2005 @08:48AM (#13498666)
    ... but then I'd be repeating myself ... again.
  • A 250 meg drive and decent content. Really this smacks to me of one of those 100 CD jukeboxes. Nice to impress your friends for 35 seconds, but after that...
  • I'm disturbed. After seeing this article twice and just now catching that it is not what it mentions in the title.

    This is a crap article....misleading to say the least.

    Whoop-di-doo. Two 500gig hard drives and a a common DVD-burner. Anyone could build a PC with 1gig of storage and a DVD burner.

    This is a "1 Terabyte Hard Drive Recorder w/DVD Burner"

    What I want is a new bloody medium that will hold 1,000gig so I can burn archives of photos, video, etc. on to a just a few discs.
    • Anyone could build a PC with 1gig of storage and a DVD burner.

      No, most people wouldn't know where to find such small drives. You have to raid some pretty old hardware in order to find those 1 gig drives. That won't even hold my pROn collection!

  • From TFA: "Hitachi said it did not have concrete plans for launching the products in overseas markets, explaining that consumers in Europe and the United States were not as keen on high-end recorders."

    I am very happy with my MythTV PVR (well, it could be a bit more stable, but it's still very usable). I have two HD tuners and two analog tuners, so I can record a lot of stuff.

    One difficulty of open solutions is that they can't handle encrypted channels (ESPN, Showtime, etc). A commercial DVR, with 'Cable
  • I'm curious why there appear to be no commercial, modular DVRs where you can add storage via USB2/Firewire.

    In an ideal world, the entire system would be modular with connectivity via both Ethernet and USB2/Firewire.

    I'd have:

    Base module -- akin to a Tivo. Includes CPU, storage, tuner and display output. Has Firewire/USB2 ports and Ethernet

    Remote module -- Base module with no storage, but ethernet ports, USB2/Firewire, tuner & display. Ideal for bedroom.

    Storage modules -- HDD / DVD recording boxes cabl
    • I can say that the Scientific Atlanta 8300HD [] has an external SATA port for supposedly expanding the storage capacity of it's DVR. I haven't tried it yet to see if it actually works though.
  • The price for this is higher than buying the shows that you would want to record anyway. the artical used the Simpsons as an example, all of the DVD box set will only cost approx $400. Do you realise how long it would take to see any profit from this? (hint: by then better/cheaper stuff will be around)
  • Hitachi's Terabyte......................DVD Recorder

    This is like the Playstation 2 box, manual, dualshock that was selling on ebay for $300 when the PS2 first came out.

  • How can it be a DVD RECORDER if it is recording onto two HARD DRIVES ?

    What is the point of recording 1TB of data onto harddrives if you can only fit 4.7Gb on a DVD?

    Sure, you can play it back off the hard drives, but then you have not recorded any DVDs.

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