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Castlevania On the Big Screen 47

As seemingly one of the few gaming properties not already optioned for a film, Gamespot reports that rights to a Castlevania film have been purchased by Crystal Sky Pictures. From the article: "Paul W.S. Anderson will direct the film, after having game-to-movie experience with Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil. Steven Paul and Benedict Carver of Crystal Sky and Anderson and Jeremy Bolt of Impact Pictures will produce the movie. No cast has been announced, and production is set to start in mid-2006."
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Castlevania On the Big Screen

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  • ...but at least it will have a great score.
    • you seem as though the lineage of mortal kombat and resident evil isn't awesome in itself...I'm jus waiting for the live action Dynamite Cop!
    • well, we can only hope!

      I've always considered the music in the Castlevania series to be a big reason for its success. It has done wonders for creating the unique atmosphere of the game's universe, especially back in the NES days when graphics and gameplay were limited.

      It would really be a shame if the movie score fell short of the game scores... (For me, anyway) this would basically mean they'd be totally missing the mark in recreating the Castlevania "experience".

      But Hey, I'm just a music and retro gaming
    • I seriously wonder whether it will be better or worse than Van Helsing.
    • Yes I agree definitely... love the theme :)
  • What we really need is a contra movie!
  • by dsands1 ( 183088 ) on Friday November 04, 2005 @03:58PM (#13952532)
    What's next? "Stampede, The Movie"... =(

    Someone needs to rm -rf Paul W.S. Anderson and all his game to movie bastardizations...
    • screw that.. give me the Pong Movie that will roxxxor!!!111
    • Don't forget to escape the spaces, lest you nail poor Paul and not find files W.S. and Anderson. And you won't even know it happened, because you passed in the -f flag, which stands for -fool or -f'ing_confident depending on whether it blows up or not.

      (rm -rf'ed an hour worth of work yesterday with a typo, so maybe I'm just bitter.)

  • by NVP_Radical_Dreamer ( 925080 ) on Friday November 04, 2005 @04:10PM (#13952644) Homepage
    Side scrolling camera shot anyone?
  • Could be worse... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday November 04, 2005 @04:12PM (#13952666)
    the director could be Uwe Boll.
  • making action movies out of action games is that Action game needs to be pretty constant action to be entertaining while a movie needs a rise and fall in the action to accentuate a story. If you try to make a good movie you are likely to not be true to spirit of the game, where as if you try to be true to the spirit of the game (constant action) you're likely to end up with something gothic on speed. It just won't be pretty.
  • I'm just waiting for Paul Anderson and Uwe Boll to team up as co-directors.

    CounterStrike: Teh Suxxor

    Seriously...if you're going to screw up a movie adaptation of a game, why not do it with some style? Get Roger Corman on it, at least then the result would be horrendously cheesy and fun to watch.
  • I for one can't wait. I mean, Alien Vs. Predator (the movie) was such an atrocity I almost gouged my eyes out with a tic-tac. The reaction from fans at Mr. Anderson's latest bumbling in the film industry should cause geysers of hatred and blood.
    • I've never played the AvP games, though I'm well aware of their accepted high level of quality and fun. I enjoyed AvP (the movie) though, certainly enough that I would see it again if I had a chance. It was fun and there was some cool action, the storyline was basic but it set up for what we wanted to see: Aliens Vx Predators Vs unlucky humans.
      • I think PVP [] said it best about the AVP movie - Half hour of greatness wrapped up in an hour of suck.
        • Half an hour of greatness? Preadtor crash tackles an alien. Maybe a little saucer underneath the cup, that's it . That was the sole good thing about that film. The (non queen) Aliens and the Predators looked right, but that's about all that was faithful to either franchise... 25minute incubations? Predators that are total pussies and use the self distruct bomb as a throw-away weapon? The arm bomb working when not attached to the suit? IT'S IN THE FREAKING SNOW!
  • by Chris Mattern ( 191822 ) on Friday November 04, 2005 @04:42PM (#13952946)
    Well, actually, no, we haven't missed you at all.

    Chris Mattern
    • Well, actually, no, we haven't missed you at all.

      If you've seen any of the video game movies of Uwe Boll or Resident Evil: Apocalypse you'll find that Paul Andersen is god's immaculate gift to movie directordom, relatively speaking.
  • great another game will be ruined by a bad movie
  • mortal kombat, street fighter, and all the other pitiful video game-based movies. (whoops, forgot doom [vin diesel/the rock is the marine!] and halo)
  • for any Belmont, in no particular order.
    Matthew McConaughey
    Leonardo Decaprio
    Hayden Christensen
    Ewan McGregor (because he has only one accent)
    Johnny Depp
    Orlando Bloom (again, only one accent... and he can't act anyway)
    Toby McGuire
    Tom Cruise

    Best charecter lineup? I don't know. But, seeing as the odds are the movie will suck, I'd really like to see the Belmont played by someone who we can take seriously.
    Or just screw the whole show up and make it fun! I foresee:

    Dracula must be played by Christopher Walken!

  • it includes that great room in the new DS Castlevania... upper-left of the castle in the noblemen's quarter's-type area. The only thing in a backround is a huge bed, and there's just a pile of Succubi, witches, and maid-girls.
  • by Chemical ( 49694 ) <nkessler2000 AT hotmail DOT com> on Friday November 04, 2005 @06:44PM (#13954040) Homepage
    It really won't matter how good or bad the movie is. Nobody is going to see a movie called "Castlevania". It's a cute name for a video game, but for a movie it just sounds cheesy.
  • Paul W.S. Anderson will direct the film, after having game-to-movie experience with Mortal Kombat [] and Resident Evil [].

    So, a 5.1 rating and a 6.2 rating. Personally, I thought Resident Evil was one of the worst films I have ever seen. Even my nephew, who was 11 when watching it, and thought films like "Bad Boys" were cool, could see how awful it was. Big mistake.

    • Though Resident Evil wasn't that good of a movie it still was somewhat true to the series. Come on, the series tries to put you in an interactive B Horror Movie. You expected some epic film like Lord of the Rings? I'd personally give it a 7-7.5 as a good but not great movie.

      Mortal Kombat on the other hand was one of the best video games to movie conversions. It's true the sequel sucked, but the first film had a very americanized hong kong kung fu movie feel to it. I'm sure being a fan of cheesy kung

  • Easy. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by bluemeep ( 669505 ) <bluemeep @ g m a i> on Friday November 04, 2005 @07:56PM (#13954547) Homepage
    Redub [i]Van Helsing[/i] with Castlevania-based dialog and digitally add a whip to Wolverine's hand in a few scenes. Viola.
  • I just cringed in pain. It could be Uwe Boll, but that's like the guys at 3 Mile Island going "well, at least we're not Chernobyl."
  • Am I the only one who liked both Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil?
    I thought both movies did a good job of taking the basic concept of the game and turning them into halfway decent movies. The only thing that really irked me about Resident Evil was that George A. Romero wrote a script for Resident Evil that, while perhaps even less true to the game than the movie we got, was a much better script. If you ever get a chance, google for Romero's script for Resident Evil.
    /huge George A. Romero fan.
    • Your not the only one. I remember seeing Mortal Kombat on TV and being impressed how they had managed to turn a 2D fighting game into a cheesy but watchable movie (I loved the 4-armed dude). Resident Evil was suprisingly OK as well.
      I saw Doom last week, it wasn't nearly as good.
  • I'd LOVE to see an attempt at a Zelda movie... not some cheap action thriller like Castlevania is sure to be, but an epic LOTR like movie. The stories are out there, they could pick the plot of any of the Zelda games... Perhaps A Link to the Past. Now, move on it Hollywood!
  • by AndrewStephens ( 815287 ) on Saturday November 05, 2005 @06:56PM (#13959770) Homepage
    Is Hollywood is desperate to get the 16-30 demographic back into the theatres that they will spend money on purchasing the rights to a popular game when they could easily make the exact same movie without the rights by changing a characters' names (which they will probably do anyway). The plot is so generic that they could make their own "lone man storms a castle to fight monsters" movie.
    I guess the Doom movie was just successful enough for them to think that maybe it is worth a try.
  • ...that the W.S. in Paul "W.S." Anderson stands for "What Substance?" Seriously...I was confused after watching five minutes of Alien vs. Predator. How in the would could anyone mess up something so simple like that?
  • As long as there are zombies, automatic weapons, and former sports/wrestling stars filling lead roles.

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