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YouTube Announces First Award Winners 62

NinjaTurtle writes to mention the first winners of YouTube's awards series. Several of the site's (hoped-to-be) annual awards went to video series that have become very popular on the site, including the 'Ask a Ninja' segments and the pop band OK Go. "'Ask a Ninja' triumphed over what may be YouTube's biggest celebrity, Lonelygirl15. That bedroom production finished fourth, behind 'Ask A Gay Man' and 'Chad Vader.' Terra Naomi won for best music video for her song 'Say It's Possible,' a one-shot clip of her playing acoustic guitar and singing. Naomi has parlayed her online success into a record deal with Island Records and will release her debut album this summer."
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YouTube Announces First Award Winners

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  • The link in the article doesn't work. Someone link the youtube award gallery please
  • Smosh's Mortal Kombat theme song: []

    Simple but effective :)
  • Isn't that what the supposed 'ratings' system is for on youtube? =)
    • If they filtered by "star ratings" and "views", alot of non-home-made stuff will make top 10. OTOH handmade stuff is looking better than what I see on actual TV stations, go figure.

  • by imadork ( 226897 ) on Tuesday March 27, 2007 @11:41AM (#18502049) Homepage
    None of these clips would have existed if it weren't for Viacom....
    • by BeerCat ( 685972 )

      None of these clips would have existed if it weren't for Viacom....

      But... doesn't that comment breach that Viacom lawyer's copyright?
  • the Keithies []. Current voting is in the "Stuff That You Missed on the TVs that the Internets Made Famous" category.
  • wierd voting system (Score:5, Informative)

    by lortho ( 700090 ) on Tuesday March 27, 2007 @11:44AM (#18502095)
    I didn't like the way YouTube structured their voting for these awards. I went on solely to vote for Ask A Ninja, and found that you were pretty much required to submit an entire 'top 10' for the category. What's worse, the 'ballot' was filled w/ the current top 10 vote-getters (in their current order) by default, so I'm guessing a lot of lazy vote-casters (like myself) ended up giving videos they'd never seen undue credit.

    (Still glad the Ninja won, though.) :)
    • by chad_r ( 79875 )

      (Still glad the Ninja won, though.) :)
      I strongly agree with this. Every episode makes me laugh so hard I get stomach cramps. There is also some justice in lonelygirl15 losing. Why the hell are people still interested in this??
  • ...golden statuettes are doubled over in pain.

  • A good 8 months before the movie came around the ninja was asked something like what would be the best way to kill some body and his reply was to have snakes on a plane. I wonder if he feels like he should get something for being the innovator that he is. Like a head on a spike or something. Just don't get him black clothes. He hates that. A demonic slayer of men type beast from another dimension is good but can be a pain when friends come over. Oh! no ninja stars. Like, he doesn't have enough of those l
  • Ask A Gay Man (Score:1, Offtopic)

    by szembek ( 948327 )
    Ask A Gay Man... there was a Dave Chappelle skit called 'Ask a Gay Dude'. Same thing?
  • by Grashnak ( 1003791 ) on Tuesday March 27, 2007 @11:56AM (#18502239)
    Dishonourable YouTube, It has come to the attention of the ruling masters of the Shinobi-ryu that you are allowing the depiction by various mystic means of moving picture of an imposter claiming to be a Ninja. As the only true remnants of the proud Bushido tradition that is ninjitsu today, we insist that you cease and desist allowing our image and trademarks to be blatantly stolen by this gaijin. Please accept this message as your only warning. Should you not comply with our demands, our legal department will take action, possibly including decapitations of hostages or the poisoning of pets. Domo.
  • So, are the "Ask a[n] X" clips just slight rip-offs the The Onion's "Ask A ..." series? As an example, [] .
    • Not really. In the onion version of Ask An X, X never gives a reply that has anything at all to do with the question. If the Onion had Ask a Pirate, for instance, someone would ask the pirate for advice on making someone notice them, and the pirate would reply with some random speech to his shipmates or something. On the youtube ones, the X seems to actually give a reply that has something to do with the question, but in the style of X.
  • by boyfaceddog ( 788041 ) on Tuesday March 27, 2007 @11:57AM (#18502263) Journal
    The geek in me says its good that an online service has a nationally reported awards show. The cultural critic says its bad that awards are so ubiquitous that even an online service has an awards show.
  • Your leg-lamp will be shipped soon....
  • Great marketing idea. I can't believe all the user submissions and YouTube marketing on this is a great thing.
  • by teamhasnoi ( 554944 ) <teamhasnoi AT yahoo DOT com> on Tuesday March 27, 2007 @12:11PM (#18502429) Journal
    Terra Naomi probably could have turned her internet fame into a career on her own. Instead she decided to sign with a major label, and let them ruin her. We've seen it before, a mass of overexposure that kills an artist, no support after a lackluster album (produced and written by others), and terms that make prisoners smile...

    It may have taken longer and been more difficult, but most likely would have lent a longevity and authenticity to her that she's not going to find with a label.

    I find it odd that someone who had those kind of pageviews wouldn't realize that they might be better off with no label. I'd be happy with one tenth of the traffic she's getting; then again, I'm not a girl on the internet. For some reason, that's still novel, and still rakes in traffic, interest, and a potential audience.

    It remains to be seen how Island Records is going to treat her - will they help her build a lifelong career, or will they treat her like a William Hung flash-in-the-pan? The results will be telling. I'm curious to see how an organization that has proven itself to be internet-unsavvy will handle Naomi, who was an internet only phenom.
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      They already have her on a "radio blitz" media tour. She was at the XM studio's yesterday with her father and "handlers" from YouTube and Island. Several interviewers tried to turn the questioning away from Naomi (after she performed about a minute and a half of her song) to the YouTube/Viacomm lawsuit only to get the same old scripted answers over and over (i.e. "Actually, we are too busy working with our community to pay attention to such matters...The community continues to grow every day", etc, etc".

      • Sadly, most interviewers gave less than enthusiastic reviews of her performance. Most dubbed her "vanilla", the "same old thing", "boring", etc. I think that losing the uniqueness of the "YouTube only" format is already costing her.

        Bingo. She had a niche as an internet phenomenon, that she probably could have spun into something, but I think she jumped at this record deal, and now she's just a very small fish in a very big ocean.

        Oh, well. She proved that it could be done, and that you could achieve a signif
      • If the only thing unique about her was youtube, then perhaps she's not that good.
    • Teenage girls on youtube can also be intentionally humorous: []

      (linked clip is less than a minute long)

  • by holomorph ( 1072062 ) on Tuesday March 27, 2007 @12:22PM (#18502613)
    Ask a Gay Ninja.
  • The NY Times has an interesting opinion article that is rather highly critical of the YouTube awards. Makes for a good read. []

    • I stopped reading that article when I got to this sentence: "This value system is not intrinsically worse than the one that determines prime-time television's crisp, white-collar aesthetic..."

      Crisp, white-collar aesthetic? What prime-time television are they watching, Masterpiece Theatre on PBS? Where I live, the top-rated shows recently have been American Idol, whose major feature is watching talentless drones try to sing and be mercilessly ridiculed for their effort, and Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grade
  • Yesterday, my co-worker was watching the treadmill one. I asked him what it was about. He said it was youtube award winners. That looked pretty good for youtube, I wondered what the rest were like. Today I found out. I didn't like any of them other than the treadmill guys. Actually, I would have liked links to the top 20-30 for each category. Does any one have a link to not the winners, but all the runners up?

    I don't know if it would be a good idea to subject myself to the runners up if those were the winne
  • Smosh (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Mr_Silver ( 213637 ) on Tuesday March 27, 2007 @01:16PM (#18503351)

    Was I the only one that didn't laugh once through Smosh Short 2: Stranded?

    If anyone ever tells me that broadcast television is dead and YouTube is the future, then I'll point them to that.

    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      Smosh never really was all that good anyway. Just because someone makes a viral video doesn't mean that the video is any good or the makers are any good. It just means that people liked something about the video. And IMHO, smosh is just exploiting their previous fame with the pokemon theme video. It's much harder to make videos that is consistently interesting.

      And yes, there is consistently interesting stuff on youtube. LG15 isn't all that bad, despite the backlash. And Ian Crossland is always good, if only
    • After watching part of each of them (part was all I could get through) my only thought was, "That's the best they've got?"
    • I agree entirely. They just aren't funny.

      However, Ask A Ninja rocks. I'm glad the awards got that one right at least.
  • I guess we'll never know.
  • As a songwriter and performer, I was curious to go see this Terra Naomi who is YouTube famous. Consider me unimpressed. Nice voice, sure, but the song has no hook! Yet because she's a teen aged girl on the internet, she gets bajillions of page views and a major label deal? Seriously?

    There are hundreds of hard working touring songwriters of both genders who deserve this shot more than this three chord emo wonder.


    • Nice voice, sure, but the song has no hook!
      And for a song to be good, it HAS to have a hook. Riiight. Talk to Radiohead (and 1,000 other bands you probably don't like because they don't write pop music) about that. For some, there's more to music than: Intro Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Chorus Bridge Chorus Chorus Fade
      • By hook I don't mean "standard pop song structure." I mean something that is catchy, something memorable, something you might find yourself humming or singing to yourself out of the blue -- something that "hooks" you. I'm not saying a song can't be good without an easily identifiable hook (it just sure ain't gonna be a radio hit), and I wasn't even saying this song was terrible. I was pointing out that this example of YouTube's "best" is woefully pedestrian and has been done a thousand times before by a
        • OK, I'll give you that. But, as I'm sure you know, just having talent is not going to get you a record deal. Having (mediocre in her case) talent and a bajillion hits on YouTube, sadly that WILL get you a record deal. The next (could've been) Stevie Ray Vaughn lives right down the street from me. He works at a grocery store, because playing the guitar doesn't pay the bills.
  • So lonelygirl5 didn't win the top award? Good. Her performance was totally fake. As for brookers, she needs downers.
  • Terra already released a CD (a few months ago at least) - it was fairly decent, a few fun songs. (I'm not a musician or an audiophile, but it's at least better than most of the mass produced pop out there) She reminds me of Alanis Morissette a bit. At the time I bought it I put in my 2c against going the standard route of taking a record contract.. now she has a contract with Island Records (Owned by BMG - one of the big RIAA members). Too bad, won't be buying any more of her music.
  • There are 7 skits and each are about 5-7 min's. Some very funny lines & strange situations. The guy doing chad really hits the mark. I am really surprised Lucas didn't sue them but I'm glad they didn't.

    Here is a link: &search=Search []


  • The "Ask a Ninja" Series of videos is pretty funny. The guy is hilarious. I would never think that a person could stretch the "ninja" subject into so many funny videos like he does. I am surprised that some major movie company hasn't picked up on it.

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