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New Review Compares MythTV to Vista MCE 234

Parkus writes "There's a nice review on AVS forum of MythTV (Ubuntu) and Windows Vista MCE. The author tried both back to back and explains the pluses and minuses of each system after using them for a month. Helpful if you're thinking about setting up your own home theater rig."
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New Review Compares MythTV to Vista MCE

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  • by twitter ( 104583 ) on Sunday June 03, 2007 @10:33AM (#19371081) Homepage Journal

    The author, who you call a "zealot" says this about himself:

    I'll be honest about my bias, I've been involved with Linux for about 14 years and love it! I held an officer position at a US LUG and have made my Linux machine my main home system (with a little OS X on my G5 for diversity). In addition, as are some Linux users, I'm usually a Microsoft-hater but am forced to use Windows and associated bloatware at work so I try to see the best in it- sigh.

    This sounds, to me, like half the astroturf here on Slashdot. No self respecting free software advocate would call themselves a "Microsoft-hater" or a "zealot". These are terms M$ has made up to defend their non free software, digital restrictions, licensing and other obnoxious practices. Anyone who values freedom is labled this way by non free software companies. Dislike of these practices does not make a person blind. His objectivity is suspect to say the least.

    You say:

    Then he proceeds to say since mythtv cant do HDTV and Media center can, he is going to hold off on HDTV. WTF that alone makes MythTV totally useless for a huge number of techies.

    You might mention the reason for that:

    I've temporarily held off on HDTV tuners as I'm on special assignment in Europe, with no access to signal.

    Oh, huge minus there. There are cards that work.

    You might also mention that most free software minuses are legally created fictions. It's still against the law to distribute a full free media system in the US. Your company risks a raid if they do so much as tell you where to get things, so it's a good thing Mark Shuttleworth is from South Africa.

    All and all, I'm not sure if this message from new member "Sprak" is what it says it is or if it's just another PR ass wiper from the Redmond lie machine. Besides "Microsoft-hater" he uses a lot of other M$ keywords, "[M$] do hire some smart and talented people", "Vista install was pretty painless with some nice eyecandy and a generally more "serious" look than XP", "there is a feeling of connectedness in the software" and so on and so forth. You can spot these things from a mile away. They all sound the same because they all come with the same marching orders and talking points. Only someone intimately familiar with Windoze workarounds can make Vista work the way he did or would have the M$ brainwash language so ingrained into their thoughts. Such a person would not have time know free software, much less be a LUG officer.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 03, 2007 @12:07PM (#19371791)

    No self respecting free software advocate would call themselves a "Microsoft-hater" or a "zealot".
    Thank you for giving me the best laugh of the day. I mean, you're the one who can't do anything *but* mention how much you hate Microsoft and Windows. I'm going to keep this link as a little treasure, and every time you spew hatred about Microsoft, Windows and non-free software in general I'm going to post it.
  • by Max Littlemore ( 1001285 ) on Sunday June 03, 2007 @11:22PM (#19376993)

    I still don't see a reason for switching to Vista.

    Having read TFA, my take on it is that he likes the "look and feel" of Vista MCE better. Fair enough.
    Having seen the "look and feel" of TFA, I would call that a glowing endorsement of MythTV.

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