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Earth Space

A Sixth Region In the Magnetosphere 69

Roland Piquepaille writes "As you probably know, Earth's magnetosphere, 'the invisible bubble of magnetic fields and electrically charged particles that surrounds and protects the planet from the periodically lethal radiation of the solar wind,' was discovered in 1958. Until now, it was believed to comprise five regions, including the ionosphere or the Van Allen radiation belts. Now, a US research team has discovered a sixth region, called the warm plasma cloak."
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A Sixth Region In the Magnetosphere

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 14, 2008 @03:23PM (#26112253)

    At least according to Magneto, who says he's been sleeping in it since it was discovered.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Replied the magnetosphere, in reference to the above comment.

      • Re: (Score:1, Funny)

        by Anonymous Coward

        Are you saying it has a different orientation? Perhaps it would prefer Polaris?

  • Huh. (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward

    What is the impact of this discovery, to those who don't understand?

  • by syousef ( 465911 ) on Sunday December 14, 2008 @03:33PM (#26112317) Journal

    Earth wants its blankie! Elmo can't have it.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Its been a warm, fuzzy protector for years, but we are only now waking up to see what it truly is.

    Um, I for one welcome our newly found warm plasma overlords!

  • A warm plasma cloak sounds like the ideal seasonal gift. Where do I get one?
  • Vanderbilt's website.

  • ohnoitsroland (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 14, 2008 @03:53PM (#26112453)

    Isn't it time to stop with the "ohnoitsroland" tags? While the guy used to annoy the hell out of me with his blogwhoring links, he actually cleaned up his act - his contributions nowadays link to real articles instead of his blog, and some of the stuff he links to is actually quite good...

    /Posting anonymously to avoid the -1 Offtopic mods I'm sure to get

    • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 14, 2008 @04:03PM (#26112509)

      Start tagging his articles "hoorayitsroland" and everyone else will join in.

    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Isn't it time to stop with the "ohnoitsroland" tags?

      Slashdot tradition is more important than any one single person here. It's bigger than any of us, except maybe Natalie Portman, petrified.

    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by Fumus ( 1258966 )
      Karma's a bitch, eh?

      "Anonymous (Coward) never forgives"
    • by ozbird ( 127571 )
      "The price of freedom [from blogwhoring] is eternal vigilance."
    • by ari_j ( 90255 )
      I don't pay attention to that ... I just filter out blogwhoring and retarded stories, for the most part. So, being out of the loop, I thought Roland in the tags referred to King Roland [], especially given the subject matter of this particular story.
  • by RabidMoose ( 746680 ) on Sunday December 14, 2008 @04:09PM (#26112565) Homepage
    ...but it used to fit, back when the Earth was in High School. It seems we have already succumbed to Global Fattening.
  • Uh oh... (Score:1, Funny)

    by dexmachina ( 1341273 )
    Somebody'd better warn Cory Doctorow []
  • So, will my solid-state ham radio still work or will I have to dig out the vacuum tube rig?

  • by haaz ( 3346 ) on Sunday December 14, 2008 @05:03PM (#26112941) Homepage

    So I was sitting here trying to figure out how there could be a sixth religion, much less any religion, in the magnetosphere.

    Further proof, as if any were needed, that I am a Dork.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 14, 2008 @05:28PM (#26113125)
    Why do you expect most readers to know that the magnetosphere was discovered in '58?
  • by Anonymous Coward

    + 60 stamina
    + 100 defense
    + 10 agility

    [can only be worn by large solestial bodies]

    • tanking cloak?

      "Warm Plasma Cloak" sounded more like a spell damage cloak if you asked me... probably with mp5 or spirit which would fit my priest quite nicely.
  • I am not sure how to take this, are we supposed to now split the ozone into continents, and know which of these continents represent which area.....seriously, I believe that the ozone as one layer
    no need to waste time splicing up the ozone into regions, unless you plan to patent something in a particular zone a la M$.

    • by Chrisje ( 471362 )

      Ah. So you see the atmosphere and magnetosphere as this large "thing" about which the only interesting tid-bit would be the Ozone layer? Did you read the Article? Or this wiki []? Or anything on our solar system for that matter?

      The Ozone layer predominantly exists in the Stratosphere and it has no inherent connection to this article about the Magnetosphere. Let's just put it like this: Ozone layer makes sure we don't die because of too high concentrations of high frequency UV. The Magnetosphere makes sure we d

      • Your right, absolutely right when you say I did not read the article...
        But you did not answer my question, even though you did educate me on the difference abouit the ozone layer and the magnetic layer (thanks for that).


        • We don't know yet, and we may not know for some time.

          It's good to know that there are separate regions and their approximate locations. This will help some future student understand some strange phenomena he/she has noticed. This will lead to a better model of just what the magneto-shere is and does.

          This may help people locate and identify planets with the potential for life by identifying their magneto-spheres. This may also help us understand just what we need to survive here, as in Global Warming.


  • 7th Region (Score:3, Funny)

    by Whiteox ( 919863 ) on Sunday December 14, 2008 @07:21PM (#26114261) Journal

    There's a 7th region just beyond the 6th region, but it's not been discovered yet.

  • I for one (Score:2, Funny)

    by MarkoNo5 ( 139955 )
    welcome our new magnetospheric region.
  • A sixth? I didn't know there was five. Thanks science!
  • Isn't the whole "magnetoshpere" going away anyways? Shouldn't we be spending time looking at how to save the planet from becoming Mars V2? Or it could just be those silly poles flipping again..
    • So even though this makes it clear that we do not even understand the fundamentals of the magnetosphere, we should stop wasting time trying to understand it and just focus all our energy on trying to change it...

      Possible punch-lines:
      Al Gore, is that you?
      Let me go out on a limb here and say you drive a hybrid and think people who don't are "ignorant"...
      Quick, everyone turn on all your electrical devices to help reinforce Earth's magnetic field!
    • by aidian ( 15489 )

      Yes, we care. The magnetosphere both affects radio propagation and protects us from solar radiation. Since I guess I'm the only person on /. left who's over age 12, let me remind you of the major blackout that happened in 1989 from a solar flare that pounded right through what geomagnetic protection we've got. It killed some satellites, iirc, and fried a large chunk of the canadian power grid. The magnetosphere is useful and interesting, and knowing how it works can at least prepare us to... look forwar

  • Mmmmmm, a warm plasma cloak, covered in rich dark chocolate, and inside is a chewy nougat center!

  • by Anonymous Coward
    The article doesn't get the name quite right. It's a +1 Warm Plasma Cloak. Can't just go defending against radiation without some kind of bonus!
  • by Anonymous Coward
    So, now the Earth is involved in cloak and dagger affairs?
  • I'm pretty sure I saw the Warm Plasma Cloak drop off the Nexus Prince in Mana-Tombs on Heroic...

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