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Oracle Could Reap $1 Million For Sun.com Domain 183

joabj writes "Last week, Oracle announced that it is decommissioning the Sun.com site, which it acquired as part of the $7 billion purchase of Sun Microsystems. So what will Oracle do with the domain name, which is the 12th oldest .com site on the Internet? Domain brokers speculate Oracle could sell it for $1 million or more, if it chose to do so."
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Oracle Could Reap $1 Million For Sun.com Domain

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  • by $RANDOMLUSER ( 804576 ) on Friday March 18, 2011 @09:55PM (#35538942)
    Indeed. I can't remember how many roomfuls of students I told to go to "java.sun.com" for all things Java.
  • by darkpixel2k ( 623900 ) <aaron@heyaaron.com> on Saturday March 19, 2011 @12:06AM (#35539586) Homepage

    Having a domain like SUN.com! Just think of the internet street cred!

    Yo dog! I'm at owner@sun.com!

    And what would you do with sun.com? Start some sort of internet busin&@!%&*#%OHFUCK I already have a cease and desist letter from Oracle saying they still own the trademark 'Sun' in relation to all computer everything. Your best bet it so open Sun Bakery and sell cook#@&$*!DAMNIT! Cookies are computer related too.

    Ok--here's the plan: Step 1: Buy sun.com for millions Step 2: Find out you can't start a computer company named 'Sun' or Oracle will sue you into oblivion. Step 3: Kill yourself because you are millions in debt with a worthless domain name.

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