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Basque Country Gov't Decrees State-Produced Software Should Be Open Sourced 38

New submitter lsatenstein writes with this snippet from The H:"The regional government of Spain's Basque Country has decreed that all software produced for Basque government agencies and public bodies should be open sourced. Joinup, the European Commission's open source web site, cites an article in Spanish newspaper El Pais [English translation], saying that the only exceptions will be software that directly affects state security and a handful of projects which are being conducted in conjunction with commercial software suppliers."
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Basque Country Gov't Decrees State-Produced Software Should Be Open Sourced

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Now we wait, for people to say that the US is the land of the free; ignoring that these days the EU is doing way more for their citizens than the US. (Acta, Net Neutrality, and so forth)

  • by Bazman ( 4849 ) on Saturday June 02, 2012 @07:14AM (#40193007) Journal

    Everyone do a google image search for "Open Basque"...

    That's what I call open sauce.

    • I tried it, but with my super-new opt-in no-porn super filter, I get a lolcat soaking up the rays.

      Can't show a nipple in 'merica: causes rape, I hear.


      • Note: 'merica gave you the choice to "opt in", and you took it.

        You've nobody to blame but yourself, as per American freedom design.

      • by OzPeter ( 195038 )

        Can't show a nipple in 'merica: causes rape, I hear.

        Depending on where you are .. talking about nipples causes rape.
        And given that your post is available to be seen all over the US of the greatest country Anywhere .. you have just raped several libraries of congress worth of people.

    • by bmo ( 77928 )

      I'll be in my bunk.


    • by mattr ( 78516 )

      Okay that was pretty f***ing funny.

      I didn't know a basque is a kind of corset lingerie..!

  • by Anonymous Coward

    I wonder which license they'll use?

    Hopefully they won't decide to go the route of the British government and make up their own (which is basically Apache but also, don't break UK law .. oh, wait, UK law already says don't break UK law).

    I'm also a strong believer in at least minimal copylefting of Government source, or it's all too easy for the government to spend millions writing a piece of software and then have it sold back to them in a shrinkwrapped package.

    • Maybe they can take a page out of Extremadura's experience [] in moving to Linux. And if they are moving to Debian, just adapt the Debian Free Software Guidelines. In fact, they, and other Spanish provinces, could use exactly what Extremadura is using, suitably altered to their own needs.

      Actually, as I pointed out yesterday in the thread about US financial software whose source code was pilfered by a student, all governments should make their software GPL - ideally GPL3, so that it's there as a public use

  • Breaking news: In a unique twist, The Basque Separatists, in their newest push for the region's differentiation and autonomy, are declaring the need for open-sourcing the governmental software. Such ideas are almost universally looked down upon by most countries and their thriving government contractors and suppliers. Having apparently gained widespread influence over the lawmakers in the region, the push is a further step in furthering the separatist agenda.

    • Given that another Spanish province Extremadura has gone Linux, the Basque guys could do something different. Heck, they could go w/ Windows 8 - few organizations seem willing to go that route, and if ETA does it, it's not likely that the rest of Spain will follow. In fact, given that ETA has been recognized as a terrorist organization all these years, they could live up to their reputation by forcing all government work in Basque Country to be done in Windows 8 without touchscreens. In return, they coul
      • by tibit ( 1762298 )

        Bad attempt at humor on my end is bad. News at 11. I love the idea of ETA pushing Win 8 w/o touchscreens :)

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