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Syrian Electronic Army Hijacks Guardian Twitter Feeds 42

judgecorp writes "The Syrian Electronic Army has hijacked various Twitter accounts belonging to the Guardian newspaper. Guardian journalists report that the pro-Assad hacking group used a campaign of spear phishing to seize various of its feeds, following success hacking other media outlets including CBS."
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Syrian Electronic Army Hijacks Guardian Twitter Feeds

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  • The Best (Score:3, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 30, 2013 @09:32AM (#43589901)

    The Syrian Electronic Army are the greatest hacking minds in the world! These guys are elite. It's like we're living in Neuromancer or something! Soon they'll be posting ASCII penises to mid-sized news outlets and the imperialist West will tremble.

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      You are assuming this really was the Syrian army. I'm sure the NSA would have no difficulty running this as a false flag operation, they could intercept the passwords or use their access to twitter management to do this easily. It certainly makes the media want to champion the cause of military intervention.
      • User: GuardianLTD
        Password: 123password

        Yeah, it takes high caliber NSA types to "hack" into most systems.

      • Ms Hillary sold a lot of weaponry during her tour as Secretary of State. Now we have to sell the war to make sure those weapons get used up. That's how you create a market.

      • What?!? That's crazy talk! CLEARLY it was the syrian army:

        1. Hack the guardian twitter
        2. Post false stuff there and gather other twitter accounts
        3. ????

        (/s) In all honesty, a false flag makes sense to me, while I can't see a real motive for the actual Syrian Army to do this.
    • Colossus links to Guardian.

      Forbin expresses privacy concerns.

  • Its the big redline. I'm coming Wheezy.

  • Isn't it funny that no matter what you do to secure your computer usage, the weakest link is always the ID10T sitting between the chair and keyboard. You can talk about "cyber warfare" all you want, but in reality, it all comes down to P.T. Barnum tricks.
  • Maybe if they're going to hire a person to run an entire corporation's Twitter account, they should know basic internet security. They damn well better fire that idiot.
  • They are so 31337, haxing up twitter accounts and all! They probably chill on dalnet.
  • Hacking a twitter account seems to present all the difficulty of cutting a silk gown with a chainsaw, or shoving a battering ram through a spider web. As an added bonus, their little "Verified" badge makes people who read the pretenders' tweets think they are that much more accurate all the while.

    Something is clearly very wrong with security there; I guess we will MySQL [] never know.

    • by Skapare ( 16644 )

      Something is clearly very wrong with security there

      They have users who can be so easily tricked with false information.

  • Most corporate social media sites are the domain of the marketing department. Am I the only one who thinks there isn't much hacking involved?

    Username -- BigCorpTwitter
    Password -- password1

    If I were a company's IT department, I would make sure the marketing people were using a 40 character complex passphrase. Unfortunately there's no way to enforce it, and making it complex means that it'll be written under the keyboard of the Associate Twitter Specialist who has to write all the "spontaneous, off-the-cuff,

    • Perhaps Twitter needs to give corporate customers the option of additional security tools, like one of those changing-numbers keychain thingies or at least an 'allow login from this IP only' setting.

    • by mjwx ( 966435 )

      Most corporate social media sites are the domain of the marketing department. Am I the only one who thinks there isn't much hacking involved?

      Username -- BigCorpTwitter
      Password -- password1

      Plus the password would have been emailed to all and sundry because the Media unit thinks everyone needs access and the IT department will automatically protect them from anything computer.

      Seriously, I had to explain to a media consultant why we couldn't "just email" a 40 MB video clip to 248 people yesterday. They are retards.

  • I'm quietly rooting for the Assads.

    The reason is that while both sides of that squalid little war are a bunch of murderers, the Syrian government are the good guys. They are secular, non-sectarian, believe in women's rights and the rights of minorities.

    The other guys are a bunch of terrorists with big filthy dirty beards, who take money from Wahhabi extremists in the Gulf states, and would rape and/or cut the throats of anybody who does not live up to the utterly extreme brand of conservative Islam.


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