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GNU is Not Unix

First Batch of Libreplanet 2013 Videos Released, Hosted Using Mediagoblin 46

Via the FSF: "The first round of videos from LibrePlanet 2013 is now available for streaming and downloading. LibrePlanet is an annual conference sponsored and organized by the Free Software Foundation, with LibrePlanet 2013 being the best one yet. ... This year we set out to make sure LibrePlanet featured fully functioning live video streaming using only free software, and it was a great success. The videos are now available for viewing in VP8/Vorbis, both free media formats, and are hosted on an instance of GNU MediaGoblin, the social media sharing platform which many of you helped support." The rest of the videos should trickle onto their Mediagoblin instance over the next weeks. All of the videos are freely licensed (looks like a mixture of CC BY and BY-SA 3.0).
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First Batch of Libreplanet 2013 Videos Released, Hosted Using Mediagoblin

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  • I am so going to pirate those videos!

  • I'm looking for an web application I can use to do this, to make it easy for people who attend an event to share photos within a restricted group. Does MediaGoblin provide the ability for me to publish photos taken of family birthday parties, school events. etc. and restrict who views the photos to only family members / school members, etc.?

    Yes, I'm fully aware that someone within the group can copy the photos and post them to facebook. That isn't really a concern because the assumption is that the person

    • by Pav ( 4298 )
      Have you checked out Diaspora* or any other free social networking platforms out there? (I should mention that I don't actually know if Diaspora* will do exactly what you want).
  • They mention "LibrePlanet" four times in the first couple of lines. It reads like an ad for $19.95 bottle of Viagra at 5am sounds.

  • Only watch 1/3 of the video. Video always showed the speaker when it should have shown the projected screen with "voice over" by the speaker. "When you click this menu item, it brings up this box ..." IMHO, worthless.
  • Wait a minute! I thought streaming was a felony thees days! I'm so confused!

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