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Inside the Billion-Dollar Hacker Club 58

An anonymous reader writes "Here's an inside look at the personal successes of the elite hacking group "w00w00". From the article: 'For this group of old friends, assembled for an impromptu reunion, the venue would feel familiar: an online chat room running on a secure private server. Each were former members of the elite hacking group "w00w00" and they had reconvened that afternoon to celebrate and share in the success of one of their own. In some ways it was just like old times. But rather than success being the discovery of a new software exploit or penetration of a computer network, this was something more extraordinary. One of the group's former members had just sold their company for $19 billion dollars."
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Inside the Billion-Dollar Hacker Club

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  • w00tw00t? (Score:1, Interesting)

    by pepsikid ( 2226416 ) on Sunday March 02, 2014 @06:20PM (#46383921)
    Are these the dicks who are constantly filling my weblog with:

    140224 042320 - /var/www/html/ 401 401
    140226 084433 - /var/www/html/ 401 401
    140226 210354 - /var/www/html/ 401 401
    140301 232858 - /var/www/html/ 401 401
    140217 122758 - /var/www/html/ 401 401
    140217 124326 - /var/www/html/ 401 401
    140218 081257 - /var/www/html/ 401 401

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