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YouTube Is Adding VR Video Support To Streaming Videos 23

An anonymous reader writes: While YouTube's streaming platform currently supports 3D videos OR 360 degree videos, the combination of the two is essential for properly immersive virtual reality video. Fortunately, the company has announced that they'll soon enable support for 3D + 360 degree videos, bringing more immersive VR video capability to the platform. Currently, 360 degree YouTube videos can be viewed through desktop web browsers and on the YouTube Android and iOS apps, with the Android app being the only one of the bunch currently providing a side-by-side view for VR viewers like Google's Cardboard.
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YouTube Is Adding VR Video Support To Streaming Videos

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  • I'm super-psyched about all of this, but I suspect the camera I'm going to have to bolt onto my helmet to film 3D 360 degree VR videos while flying the wingsuit is going to be nasty.

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