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Rovi and Michigan State University Establish Largest US Library Media Collection (marketwatch.com) 22

New submitter dbosman writes: A donation from Rovi Corp. announced Monday is bringing a gigantic media collection to Michigan State University that includes more than 850,000 CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and video games. “We are honored to be the proprietors of the largest media archive in the country, which has quickly become the most requested material in the Michigan inter-library loan system,” said Clifford H. Haka, director of libraries, Michigan State University. “The ‘Rovi Media Collection’ dramatically enhances our teaching curriculum and research within the College of Music, popular culture and film studies, and an emerging gaming program. Assembling a collection of such cultural and historic importance and overall magnitude would simply not have been feasible with our current budget. On behalf of all of our users at MSU and across Michigan, we thank Rovi for this generous gift.”
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Rovi and Michigan State University Establish Largest US Library Media Collection

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  • all those CDs and DVDs.

    • all those CDs and DVDs.

      Don't worry. MSU got it from the Trojan horse's mouth. According to Wikipedia [wikipedia.org], this is the company that built its empire on preventing the easy archival of the material they have now donated:

      Rovi was known as Macrovision Solutions Corporation (Macrovision) until it changed its name in July 2009. In that era of the company they were known more for digital protection but now focus on metadata licensing.

  • I wondered how long they'd keep all that, now we see they've found somebody to pay for the storage. Rovi's only interested in the metadata about those discs. They've been desperately trying to cut costs since Fred Amoroso left a few years ago and the current CEO went on an anti-product purge and focused on patent trolling, which went abysmally in some places (see Rovi vs. Virgin Media in UK).

  • Libraries are often overlooked as a place to borrow DVDs from. While your local library isn't going to have the selection of MSU, it might have a respectable selection of DVDs to choose from. We make frequent trips to the library to take out DVDs along with our books. Best of all, it's free. Well, "essentially free." You pay for it via your taxes whether you use it or not.

  • So it's all physical media? That's so 1999.

  • Rovi.. that's the company once known as macROVIsion. That's right - rights-management on video tapes.
  • ...consisting of 250,000 items. Think of the mylar! http://www.mlive.com/lansing-n... [mlive.com]
  • That 400,000 of the CD's were AOL mailers
  • I've got a rather large media collection myself, I won't pretend it's as big as theirs, but it's large, I tend to buy bargain bin movies at Big Lots and other places, and I also buy new releases I actually want to see.

    I've run into lots of bit-rot, especially on Warner Brothers releases - I've emailed them about it and they won't even give me the courtesy of a "go fuck yourself" reply.

    Take this Blu-Ray of A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas" [blu-ray.com] for instance. It is unique in my collection as a single disk has bo

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