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US and China Setting Up "Space Hotline" (ft.com) 15

Taco Cowboy writes: Washington and Beijing have established an emergency 'space hotline' to reduce the risk of accidental conflict. Several international initiatives are already in train to seal a space treaty to avoid a further build-up of weapons beyond the atmosphere. However, security experts say the initiatives have little chance of success. A joint Russia-China proposal wending its way through the UN was not acceptable to the US. An EU proposal, for a "code of conduct" in space, was having diplomatic "difficulties" but was closer to Washington's position.
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US and China Setting Up "Space Hotline"

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  • The new "Red" line?
  • by Anonymous Coward

    No, seriously: it's a way to avoid conflict escalation (in many senses).

    Create a supra-national entity, the Federation, to oversee space with members of all nations, transparency etc. That will be assurance enough that governments won't be attacked from above.

    Thus, less expenses, more safety and all the "defense" attention can be directed towards near threats.

    May the UN could be the start...

    (Obviously the idea is not subjecting governments to this _SPACE_ Federation)

    This comment is a repost.

  • That can only mean one thing... China wrecked one of our satellites.

  • The Earth is a prison. I want outta here!
  • If only I were the Star Child.

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