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Arnnon Geshuri, Newest Wikimedia Trustee, Forced To Resign 104

New submitter Mdann52 writes: Following an earlier vote of no confidence, it was announced that the recent appointee, Arnnon Geshuri, had stepped down from the board. This was following community criticism into his background. Says the announcement: The Board Governance Committee is working to improve and update our selection processes before we fill the vacancy left by Arnnonâ(TM)s departure. We are sorry for the distress and confusion this has caused to some in our community, and also to Arnnon.
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Arnnon Geshuri, Newest Wikimedia Trustee, Forced To Resign

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  • by Andreas Kolbe ( 2591067 ) on Friday January 29, 2016 @06:56PM (#51399711)
    For detailed background, see coverage in the Wikipedia Signpost, Wikipedia's community newspaper:

    Geshuri steps down from board []

    Media coverage of the Arnnon Geshuri no-confidence vote []

    Also check the previous two weeks' News [] & Notes [] for how the no-confidence vote came about.
  • Also, new management, maybe you could make Slashdot actually support unicode or pasting in weird things so that articles don't have weird symbols like this one?

  • Arnnonâ(TM)s (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward

    He's so corporate he trademarked his own name.

  • Fire the whole team and replace them with a legimate charity that bans pov pushers, deletionists, abusive admins and edit reverters.

  • Off-topic (Score:5, Insightful)

    by coldmist ( 154493 ) on Friday January 29, 2016 @07:38PM (#51399945) Homepage

    I just hate how the 'related links' at the bottom of the page, about Wikipedia, for a site that is about tech "stuff" are:

    1165 - 10 Confirmed Dead In Shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College
    1094 - Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour
    1081 - How To Execute People In the 21st Century
    1032 - Writer: "Why I Defaulted On My Student Loans"
      965 - Explosions and Multiple Shootings In Paris, Possible Hostages

    How are stories that are better suited to USA Today the most 'related' stories?

    Slashdot, how the mighty have fallen.

    • How are stories that are better suited to USA Today the most 'related' stories?

      Slashdot, how the mighty have fallen.

      If you look at the top of the page, you can select only the stories that won't give you booboo feelings They have Devices, Build, Entertainment, Technology, Open Source, Science, and YRO.

      Or if you want, make a real statermentg and put "Why is this even on Slashdot?" as your tagline. There are some folks that jhave been here for years, with their only contribution "Why is this even on Slashdot?

      TL;DR version is not everyone is a programmer.

  • by epine ( 68316 ) on Friday January 29, 2016 @09:09PM (#51400293)

    Lost in all of this is that he might actually have been a strong appointment and done a good job in this role. Capable people with a golden Rolodex who are willing to work for quasi non-profits don't grow on trees.

    What I couldn't stomach was his having made no public statement about where he now stands on his past behaviour, and that's how I registered my own opinion in the Wikipedia straw poll. This was for me 90% communication failure. I guess I kind of take it for granted that unethical behaviour among the upper echelons of the minions of the captains of industry goes with the territory.

    No doubt there's a good reason the invisible hand won't show its face. Shame, mainly, it seems to me.

    • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

      That's basically what got Eich as well. The job also requires a certain amount of moral credibility from someone in a leadership role. Because they never expressed regret over their actions, people were unwilling to support or follow them. In both cases their organisations needed community support, so their positions became untenable.

      Before someone says it, yes, it is a freedom of speech issue. People are free to express their discontent and free to withdraw their free labour and support.

    • >Capable people with a golden Rolodex .. don't grow on trees

      Exactly what was he supposed to do with that golden Rolodex? Presumably not recruit subject specialists to contribute accurate and well-researched content as it is unlikely his Rolodex contains many such names.

      It is more likely he was recruited because his "golden" contacts were the kind of people who could big-up Wikipedia and raise the profile of other board members to the point they warranted inclusion in the Rolodex too.

      Wikipedia doesn't nee

  • Say, what kind of name is "Arnnon Geshuri" anyway?

    • Re: (Score:2, Troll)

      Jewish, I'm guessing, which makes the comments earlier in the thread about him just be an HR guy that was following orders darkly hilarious.
  • Slashdot, now you're under new ownership -- fix your fucking UTF8 support already.

    The Board Governance Committee is working to improve and update our selection processes before we fill the vacancy left by Arnnonâ(TM)s departure

    Not even a funny foreign character, just a crappy "smart quote" FFS.

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