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X Prize and IBM Announce $5 Million Artificial Intelligence Competition ( 17

The X Prize Foundation and IBM have just announced a global X Prize competition focusing on artificial intelligence. Teams will take part in the "IBM Watson A.I. X Prize: A Cognitive Computing Competition" in hopes of taking home the $5 million prize. Registration will open at the end of May, and the competition will end at the end of the 2020 TED conference.

X Prize and IBM Announce $5 Million Artificial Intelligence Competition

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  • that it's artificial and/or intelligent?
  • Given AI's ability to cause long-lasting harm (destruction speed > creation speed) across a multitude of professions, this might not exactly be the best thing for humanity.

    • by Maritz (1829006)
      Humanity is a slowly-unfolding disaster. I wouldn't stress too much about somebody smarter showing up. Might give us that slice of perspective we're perpetually missing.
  • The competition rules are beyond ambiguous, arbitrary, and subjective. According to the TFA, " past competitions, the X Prize Foundation typically laid out specific goals or requirements that had to be met. That's not the case this time around, because X Prize is allowing teams to define their own challenges." AI has plenty of competitions, some more or less formal (Turing test) and some informal (bragging rights for winning Jeopardy or a Go grand master), but this competition is meaningless.

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