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Ardupilot To Continue As Non-Profit (diydrones.com) 10

New submitter buck-yar writes: The open source unmanned aerial vehicle platform, Ardupilot, has announced its creation of a non-profit organization aimed to meet the needs of the diverse developer community. With 3DRobotics recently pulling their financial support for the Ardupilot project, the developers had to take a look at how the project would continue. Yesterday, Andrew Tridgell announced the developers will create a non-profit to oversee the project similar to other non-profits in the open source community as it continues to grow. The organization will oversee the management of the documentation, the auto-build and test servers and will help set priorities for future development. "Intel has well over 10 developers devoted to DroneCode projects including at least 2 working on Ardupilot full-time and a few others improving QGroundControl to work better with Ardupilot," developer Randy MacKay writes on an Ardupilot Arducopter APM Pixhawk News forum. While the non-profit ArduPilot project and consulting businesses will be separate entities, the dev team says they will help support each other.
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Ardupilot To Continue As Non-Profit

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