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Two Astronauts Return To Earth After Record 340 Days In ISS (technews.mobi) 78

An anonymous reader writes: U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian astronaut Mikhail Kornienko returned to Earth Wednesday after spending a year aboard the ISS, conducting experiments for future missions to Mars. Mikhail Kornienko, 55, and Scott Kelly, 52, completed the longest uninterrupted period aboard the ISS since the station was deployed in 2000. Kelly, who has made four trips to the ISS, also breaks the record for cumulative time in space by an American, with 540 days. Kelly and Kornienko performed this mission to study the biological and psychological effects of long stays in space in order to prepare for future missions to Mars in 2030 or sooner. During their stay at the station, both were frequently subjected to medical examination and a battery of tests to study the long-term effects of micro-gravity on the human body.
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Two Astronauts Return To Earth After Record 340 Days In ISS

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  • by turkeydance ( 1266624 ) on Wednesday March 02, 2016 @11:09PM (#51626591)
    most long-flight astronauts have some deficit. or maybe it's just a year older which does it.
    • Oh that ain't the half of it, http://www.doctorwho.tv/50-yea... [doctorwho.tv]
    • Thankfully they have Scott's identical twin brother to compare against.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Bet they are happy to be able to take a dump without strapping a vacuum to their ass.

      First stop, a padded toilet for the best dump of their life.
      Second stop, a Cheese Burger, fries and onion rings they don't have to suck out of a straw. In fact, I bet they don't use a straw for the rest of their lives.
      Third stop, whorehouse to get laid. That or the internet to catch up on a years worth of new porn.

  • by no-body ( 127863 ) on Wednesday March 02, 2016 @11:16PM (#51626611)

    Short term - loss of bone density, joint malfunction due to lack of use
    Can they now even walk without being carried?

    How many hours does someone have to exercise daily to make up for lost bone mass?

    Long term, who knows...

    Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY


  • "Kelly, who has made four trips to Isis Space Station, also breaks the record for cumulative time in space by an American, with 540 days."

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Yeah ISIS space station. Stupid journalist.

      Also, Cosmonauts still hold the records for cumulative days in zero G, and maximum duration. Stupid journalist.

  • Thanks, Russia! (Score:4, Insightful)

    by mpoulton ( 689851 ) on Wednesday March 02, 2016 @11:48PM (#51626727)
    Let's all give a big "THANK YOU" to Russia for giving us a ride! We apparently can't even do that for ourselves anymore even though we used to send people to the damn MOON regularly. So, yeah, thanks for doing our science and industry for us now so we can sill say we have astronauts.
    • by Max_W ( 812974 )
      People in Russia buy the US iPhones, Windows, jeans, cars, music, films, etc. Where would they take money to do it if the US does not buy anything from them? It is called trade. It was invented in Mesopotamia about five thousand years ago.

      Scott Kelly's flight was part of a research to harden humanity against external threats. The Chelyabinsk meteor event https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... [wikipedia.org] left about a thousand people wounded and massive damages. There are several impressive awakening videos on Youtube. An
  • So, contrary to the summary, which is a lie, they couldn't stick it out for the full year, eh?

    What a wasted opportunity for a boast and the record book. "I stayed in orbit for a year ... well, er, I mean AMOST a year ... um, a long time anyway".

  • I expect that there is something very different from spending one year in space where Earth is always below you, looking so big and close that you'd feel like you can reach out and touch it, and being so far from Earth that if you held out your hand the tip of your thumb could block it from view. Scott Kelly knew that if anything went wrong, which was unlikely on a well tested craft like ISS, that he could hop in a capsule and parachute down to a soft landing on Earth. On a mission to Mars there is no suc

  • "U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian astronaut Mikhail Kornienko" should be "U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko".
    btw this is not just me being pedantic.

  • by vikrant ( 198696 ) on Thursday March 03, 2016 @05:07AM (#51627441) Journal

    Four cosmonauts have stayed for 365 days or longer continuously in space during the 1990's. The record for the longest space flight being held by Valeri Polyakov [wikipedia.org] who stayed on the Mir [wikipedia.org] space station from 1994 - 1995. Russian achievements are often obscured because of the uncomparable public involvment by NASA.
    See: Ten Longest Space Flights [wikipedia.org]

    Wanda Says:
    We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars. Now we just look down, and worry about our place in the dirt.
        -- Copper, Interstellar (Movie) (2014)

  • "Two Astronauts Return To Earth After Record 340 Days In ISS" A year was 365 days the last time I checked. It's been years since I checked. How many you ask? I don't know because it really depends on what you define a year to be, most of us picked 365, but the summary poster decided 340 was enough. So now I'm going to have to do the math to figure out how old I actually am.
  • Did he bring the Gorilla suit home with him, or can we look forward to more zero-gee Gorilla appearances?

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