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HPE's Haven OnDemand Offers 'Machine Learning As a Service' ( 13

An anonymous reader writes: Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced its HPE Haven OnDemand machine learning service to bring Big Data analytics to mainstream developers. "HPE Haven OnDemand democratizes Big Data by bringing the power of machine learning, traditionally reserved for high-end, highly trained data scientists, to the mainstream developer community," said exec Colin Mahony. "Now, anyone can leverage our easy to use cloud-based service to harness the rich variety of data available today to build applications that produce new insights, differentiate businesses, delight customers and deliver competitive advantage." The platform, which is hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform, features more than 60 advanced ML APIs and services to help developers build data-driven applications including mobile, enterprise, consumer, desktop and Internet of Things projects. The APIs provide capabilities such as "prediction, face-detection, speech-to-text, and knowledge graph analysis for a wide range of data formats, including text, audio, image, social, web and video," the company said.
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HPE's Haven OnDemand Offers 'Machine Learning As a Service'

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