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Researchers Prove Shakespeare's Skull Probably Isn't In His Grave ( 98

An anonymous reader writes: 400 years after Shakespeare's interment in Stratford-upon-Avon, archaeological researchers scanned his grave with a ground-penetrating radar to confirm a legend that his skull was stolen by grave robbers. Under cover of night, three men crept toward the Holy Trinity Church with dimmed lanterns and an assortment of tools, according to an "anonymous author, who heard it from a guy, who heard it from his uncle Frank, who claimed to be the grave robber himself." The Washington Post reports this story, published in 1879 but believed to have occurred in 1794, now draws more credibility from the radar scan. Ironically, the grave robbers was said to have been inspired by a British parliament member and phrenologist who'd promised 300 guineas for a chance to examine Shakespeare's skull, but who then reneged after learning it had been stolen from Shakespeare's grave.
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Researchers Prove Shakespeare's Skull Probably Isn't In His Grave

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