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Open Source Software

MIT Media Lab Defaults To Free and Open Source Software ( 79

Reader alphadogg cites a report on NetworkWorld: MIT Media Lab, that 30-year-old tech innovation factory that has had a huge hand in churning out everything from LEGO MindStorms to the Guitar Hero video game, has now wowed the open source and free software crowd. Lab Director Joi Ito over the weekend revealed that MIT Media Lab has changed its approach to software releases to FLOSS (free/libre/open-source software) by default.
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MIT Media Lab Defaults To Free and Open Source Software

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  • by tippen ( 704534 ) on Wednesday March 30, 2016 @02:01PM (#51809101)

    MIT Media Lab Defaults To Free and Open Source Software

    That's not what the article says at all. They've removed the extra approval required to open source projects. They are open sourcing everything by default. It's up to the project whether they release it as proprietary or open source.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      What I find particularly ironic is that they specifically call out GPL and BSD licenses in the article. Admittedly the article's author is using a free graphic.
      I would expect that MIT would use the MIT license ( over the BSD license ( Maybe it is just me...

  • A couple months ago I was emailing with RMS about how sad it was that MIT still required copyright assignment by all students, faculty, and staff. So I'm glad to see some more progress. Related: []
    "The FSF could start a new campaign to get foundations and non-profits to pledge that all content and software they fund or develop for the public using charitable or public dollars will be released under free licenses."

    Ultimately research funders are going to need to change their pol

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