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Nest CEO Tony Fadell Steps Down After Tumultuous Two Years At Google ( 35

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Tony Fadell is stepping down as head of Nest Labs, just over two tumultuous years after selling the smart-home gadget maker to Google. Fadell will leave Nest immediately and be replaced by Marwan Fawaz, former executive vice president of Motorola Mobility where he served as CEO of Motorola Home, Nest said in a statement. Fadell will still advise Alphabet Inc. and Larry Page, the Google co-founder and chief executive officer of the holding company. Nest took longer than expected to release new products and a smoke and carbon monoxide detector was recalled due to software problems. When the company did release an updated product, the Nest Cam security camera in June 2015, Fadell admitted it had been a "grueling" year. In recent months, Nest employees complained publicly about Fadell's management, while claiming the business had missed sales targets, botched upgrades and delayed future products. Fadell said, "I don't know of any regrets that I have. To do what we do at the level we do it, no one's done it before. So you're bound to make mistakes."
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Nest CEO Tony Fadell Steps Down After Tumultuous Two Years At Google

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  • Two years? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by jcr ( 53032 ) <[] [ta] [rcj]> on Friday June 03, 2016 @06:38PM (#52246207) Journal

    I guess his contractual obligation is now fulfilled.


    • by slew ( 2918 )

      I guess his contractual obligation is now fulfilled.


      Or perhaps Alphabet's obligation to payout if he was removed as CEO has expired...

  • It's nice when you have made your fortune and you can say "Enough" and go start over wherever your passion is, but then life is relative.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    To not support hot water as part of the nest thermostat when they released in the UK because "the number of systems was too complicated" was more than a mistake (and also incorrect) - it allowed significantly inferior products to now dominate the market. I bought the Nest thermostat and love it, but it's completely ruined because of the lack of hot water control too. Yes, the later release fixed that, but that's an acknowledgement that their original analysis was flawed.

    I need to replace my mains powered in

    • it allowed significantly inferior products to now dominate the market

      They're not inferior if they dominate.

  • Don't care who is in charge. New boss, old boss.


    I don't even care about the money I spent on your fancy hardware. I'm not using it, because YOU CAN'T ACTUALLY GIVE ME the SAME DATA YOU COLLECT FOR YOURSELF, in a reasonable fashion.

    Kindly f*k off, thanks. I'll just be here engineering a home automation ecosystem that understands the principles of how intelligent people do things, thanks.

    PS can I get a refund on this thing? Hell, it's nice hardwa

  • Where Nest announcde they would brick a home automation hub [] they used to market.
    And in order to save face, is offering a full refund []

  • I read that headline as

    Nest CEO Tony Falls Down Steps After Tumultuous Two Years At Google

    I instantly got a mental image of Ford falling down those airplane stairs and wondered if anybody caught CEO Tony on camera.

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