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Facebook Now Lets Users Comment With a Video ( 29

An anonymous reader writes: As internet users continue to consume more videos than ever before, Facebook has decided to further add to the trend and officially launch video comments. Users are watching so many videos that the Cisco Visual Networking Index forecasts internet video traffic will represent 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. Facebook said via a blog post that the new feature was developed at Facebook's 50th Hackathon. The team that built the feature included: Bob Baldwin who lead the initiative with Hermes Pique and Sameer Madan working on iOS, Muhammed Ibrahim worked on the web, and Billy Ng worked on Android. Baldwin's past projects consisted of features that let Facebook users include photos or stickers in the comments. The new video comments feature may help Facebook catch up to Snapchat in terms of daily videos viewed on the social media platform.
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Facebook Now Lets Users Comment With a Video

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    Is this the same Facebook that makes it a pain in the ass to read comments? No threads... just
    Your friend of the boy in Idaho who saw billy's uncles third cousin walk into a bar tha tone day... has posted a comment on ... some thing I'm not interested it... but hey, if you want to find that comment I'm sure you can slowly load all 1,000 comments.....

    hah, no thanks

  • No thank you (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Motherfucking Shit ( 636021 ) on Friday June 10, 2016 @09:13PM (#52292877) Journal

    Am I the only one who actively avoids videos whenever I'm not specifically seeking them out? If I'm looking to watch a movie or TV show or someone's recording of a concert, great, show me the video in glorious HD. Otherwise, please no. On the desktop, auto-playing videos and janky players annoyed me so much I installed a browser extension to force them all to prompt before playing. If I'm on mobile, videos chew through both my battery and my data plan much faster than I'd like. On Twitter where I follow lots of NOAA/NWS accounts, I'm not going to play the little tornado videos they post, I don't see how a 15 second 5MB clip offers compelling added value over a 300KB still photo.

    I see multiple negatives and no real upside to communicating this way. I'd rather have fewer videos, not more. Annotating every inane social media comment with a video clip is just pollution. It's bad enough reading through some of that stuff through my own head-voice, I really don't want to experience it all in yours.

    • I don't see how a 15 second 5MB clip offers compelling added value over a 300KB still photo.

      Because it's movin' pictures, dude, Web 2.0, a rich multimedia experience!

      I feel the same way. I hate it when a news "article" has a 10 word summary and a video I'm supposed to watch to get the information. Yahoo is especially bad at this bait and switch.

      If it's text I can quickly scan it to pick out the parts I want, but with video I have to clunk along at their dullard pace until they finally decide to tell me what the fuck is going on.

    • by brunes69 ( 86786 )

      You are not the only one, and also not the only millenial.

      Videos are very popular with teens and tweens, but the older you get, the less time you have, and the more "information dense" you want your communications. Videos are basically the least information dense way to communicate anything. It takes an order of magnitude longer to consume a video about something than to read an article on the same subject communicating the exact same information.

      Videos have their uses, don't get me wrong, but the idea of v

    • This. I remember when Youtube was launched, and it seemed silly that anyone would want to watch small videos within a web page. It looked like a throwback to the early 90s "multimedia" CD-ROMs where you only had tiny video clips due to tech limitations.

      The few times I actually want to see a video from the web, I generally need to work around the web stuff with youtube-dl or something, for proper viewing on a native player. So much wasted work, while pre-youtube we just posted raw video links for direct p

    • by Nehmo ( 757404 )

      Am I the only one who actively avoids videos whenever I'm not specifically seeking them out? If...

      I use keywords and phrases to decide what to read. For example, if a post begins with, "Am I the only..." I pass it up.

  • How much do you want to bet that these video comments will come with ads? If not right away, then eventually.

    Facebook exists to mine your info for ad-related purposes, and this will become just another channel for them to display ads.

    "SexyGurl25 left you a video comment! Watch it after this short ad for $product_we_think_you_want."

  • Facebook = SPAM and I'm not interested in reading any farther. The ONLY Facebook news I'm interested in is anti-spam news.

    You can make a legitimate argument that the onsite ads are not spam, no matter how unsolicited or offensive they are. When you visit the SpamBook website... Oh, I mean Facebook, you know that the ads are there to pay for your "free" fun. If you think a bit more, you should realize that the relatively high value of those ads is mostly based on abusing your personal information, which shou

    • you forgot to say "and stay off my lawn!"

      • by shanen ( 462549 )

        And you forgot to say "whippersnappers".

        Do you have any constructive contribution to the topic? Let's start by asking if you've ever heard of Dunbar's number? If so (and I think it quite unlikely), then do you have anything to say about how it applies to Facebook and the travesty known as "friendship" a la Facebook?

        I wasn't joking about feeling like I am betraying a friend's privacy if I "friend" that person on Facebook. I only do it if (a) it's a real friend (which actually makes it worse) and (b) the frie

    • It's interesting that your Facebook experience is completely different than mine. I don't get any email about spam pages on FB and I don't link to people on FB. I happen to have ad blindness as well - maybe NoScript does something for that too.

      But, tonight I was helping friends plan political campaigns and setting a date for next week. Also, sharing some nifty art stories.

      Still, I can't think of anything useful I'd usually do with 'reaction gifs' that were videos. I'm sure not going to narrate or sing!

      • by shanen ( 462549 )

        I forgot to mention that much of the Facebook-driven spam must have involved a breach of the email address used in my original Facebook registration. I actually joined on a school basis before the open registration period began. From checking my Facebook user ID, I see it was school #31 (since Harvard was #1 but given the 0 number).

        Some of the recent Facebook-driven spam is coming the same routing, but the evidence is mixed as to whether they are ongoing breaches or just address sharing among spammers and s

  • Repeatedly posting Goatse.jpg was getting a bit old.

  • The tyranny of clever or funny content is over! Just like on Youtube, the comments with the most Likes will be those that have girls with big tits or cute cats in them, so it will make it easier for me to get to the good stuff quicker.

  • by Anonymous Coward


  • That's a great thing for their users. I think it will be a succesfull implement.

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