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Comcast Remains America's Most-Hated Company, Survey Finds (dslreports.com) 111

What may come as no surprise to cable TV or internet subscribers, Comcast remains among the least-liked companies in American history, according to a new survey from 24/7 Wall Street. From DSL Reports: [The survey] combines data from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, JD Power and Associates and a Zogby Analytics poll, and lists Comcast as the "most hated company in America." Comcast had made some small strides in the ACSI rankings last year, but even with minor improvements still consistently battles Charter for last place in most customer satisfaction and service studies. "The company')s internet services received the fourth worst score out of some 350 companies. In J.D. Power's rating of major wireline services, only Time Warner Cable -- recently subsumed by Charter -- received a worse score in overall satisfaction," notes the report, which adds that Comcast received the worst scores in consumer costs, billing, and reliability. "In 24/7 Wall St.'s annual customer satisfaction poll conducted in partnership with Zogby, nearly 55% of of respondents reported a negative experience with the company, the second worst of any corporation." Comcast finds itself ahead of numerous banks and airlines, but it isn't alone in the rankings among telecom providers. Dish Network is ranked eighth, the report noting that 47% of those polled reported a negative service experience with the company. Also on the list at tenth is Sprint, which had the worst customer service rating out of the more than 100 companies included in the survey. "More than half of Sprint customers polled reported a negative customer service experience with the company," the study found.
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Comcast Remains America's Most-Hated Company, Survey Finds

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  • by Bigbutt ( 65939 ) on Wednesday January 11, 2017 @08:13PM (#53651165) Homepage Journal

    City has laid fiber out to the curb and has made it available to residents. I never watch broadcast TV (been 4 years now) so I only had Comcast for high speed; 110 download/26 upload as of the last Speedtest. Honestly though, I've almost never had a problem with Comcast with an outage happening very very seldom in Virginia and Colorado and I've been on Comcast since the mid 90's. The main reason I'm switching is the price for 1G/1G fiber to the house is $50 a month vs the $130 a month for Comcast 'Blast'.


    • by Anonymous Coward


      Comcast was easy enough when I called em to cancel. They started listing other offers but stopped when I asked if the could beat Gb for $50/mo.

      • by Bigbutt ( 65939 )

        Yep. They're in the neighborhood today with a ditch digger to run it up to the house and then next week to run it to my internal server farm :) Once in and I know it's working, I'll package up the Comcast gear and bring it down to the offices to cancel service.


  • you don't have to deal with them

    I have Charter as the cable/phone/ISP

    My vote for most hated company goes to Microsoft

    • by amiga3D ( 567632 )

      I like my cable company's customer service great. The price is way too much though. Same with AT&T, I love the service but hate paying the bill.

  • I don't blame the employees. I do blame the company.

    Total ripoff and consumer gouging.

  • Everybody hates the cable company... Trust me.. It doesn't really matter who they are for the most part.

    My favorite company I love to hate is Frontier who just purchased all the Verizon FIOS infrastructure and subscribers in my area (including me).

    Verizon was bad, but these new folks take the cake. Frontier wasn't even able to muster enough folks to answer the phones and say they couldn't help you, much less actually know what they where talking about or get a service guy out to fix their recently acquir

    • My guess is that Comcast isn't all that much worse than any of the other providers, they just have a larger install base and more subscribers which hate the cable company. That means that more folks hate them, but only because they have more customers to tick off.

      Your guess, based on no experience with the company, is WRONG. They are simply the worst company I have ever had to deal with. No one in customer service has any intention to help you, only to get you off the phone. All problems require a "home visit," even if the problem is on their end. And that can't be scheduled for at least a week. Every five minutes on the phone you get another suggestion to upgrade to a more expensive service. We should be able to sue for PTSD just having to deal with them.

    • I was forced into using Frontier for Internet for a few years. It wasn't the worst thing I have ever experienced.... here is my list of grievances:

      - Their support was lame. They told me that configuring my "modem" in a bridging mode was impossible.... /rolleyes. I had to figure out their stupid Siemens modem interface, but did finally get it to work.
      - They made me rent the modem... they said "you can use your own device if you want, but you will still have to pay the modem rental fee" seriously...
      - They sla

  • by Anonymous Coward

    After 8 years of not having cable, I broke down and got comcast TV. I had used them for internet and after all the additional services (nextflix, hulu, online dish, etc...) it turned out to be cheaper to just get cable TV then all these services.

    I hadn't used them is years for TV and was surprised at how smoothly everything went to get it installed. They came within 2 days of me ordering it, the boxes and software are much better than they were 8 years ago and the customer service was good. I had called

  • Adobe Systems is not an American company !

  • by Snufu ( 1049644 ) on Wednesday January 11, 2017 @09:55PM (#53651603)

    Oh right, free market capitalism and competition only applies when normal suckers like you and me try to start a business, not to oligopolies and cronies who seize public spectrum, restrict access to utility poles on public land, and pour hundreds of millions into lobbying and captured politicians to protect their monopoly. Because the first rule of success in a free market system is to make sure there is no free market.

    • by mjwx ( 966435 )

      Oh right, free market capitalism and competition only applies when normal suckers like you and me try to start a business, not to oligopolies and cronies who seize public spectrum, restrict access to utility poles on public land, and pour hundreds of millions into lobbying and captured politicians to protect their monopoly. Because the first rule of success in a free market system is to make sure there is no free market.

      Exactly, these poor large corporations are not permitted to operate in the free market. As Libertarians tell us, governments are the only source of barriers to entry. These poor telco's have been consistently hamstrung by evil regulation preventing them from swimming courageously and carefree in the great free market lake.

      Clearly we need less regulation to ensure that they can operate however they like. I'm certain they'll never abuse their dominant position to prevent smaller players from entering the m

      • by Snufu ( 1049644 )

        Filthy yurpeens and their nanny state. Sure they may be happier, healthier, and their govt serves the citizens, but they ain't got our freedoms!

  • Does anyone here have any recent experience with Sonic? It used to get great reviews in Yelp. But recently there have been a lot of Yelp reviews by people who had a hard time getting the service set up. DSLReports [dslreports.com] has better reviews regarding getting the service set up.

    • by skam240 ( 789197 )

      Sadly, no because the phone company infastructure into my place is crap and I can only get the lowest tier of DSL whether its from Sonic or AT&T. Back when I had them? Amazing. Top customer support, with very low wait times (I only had to call them a few times but every time had wait times of like 30 seconds. Every time I was surprised thinking "how unexpectedly reasonable!"), and a company that actually seems to care about your data privacy. My Dad uses them too and I remember about 10 years ago he was

    • by Anonymous Coward

      I have been a Sonic customer for years in Santa Clara, California. I dumped ISDN and went to their DSL service in late 90s. Been on Fusion since it was available in my neighborhood. There have been no systematic problems with their service or support.

      I moved 18 months ago and getting service at the new address was difficult because of AT&T, which controls the local loop. AT&T never did the connection work even though they said they did and it took a month to finally get it working. About 6 months a

    • Re:Sonic? (Score:4, Funny)

      by Tony Isaac ( 1301187 ) on Thursday January 12, 2017 @01:10AM (#53652129) Homepage

      Yeah, I like their foot-long chili cheese hot dog!
      https://www.sonicdrivein.com/m... [sonicdrivein.com]

  • by iamacat ( 583406 ) on Wednesday January 11, 2017 @10:32PM (#53651699)

    Agreed that Comcast is sleazy, but let's keep things in perspective here.

  • Thanks,

    We will being adding a new Most Hated Fee to bill.

  • by tylersoze ( 789256 ) on Wednesday January 11, 2017 @10:57PM (#53651781)

    I figured every spot would have been occupied by health insurance companies.

  • I am, unfortunately, a Comcast customer. But my experience hasn't been so bad because I bought the service through Earthlink, about 10 years ago. Earthlink never jacked with my pricing, it stayed exactly the same for all of those 10 years, but the bandwidth kept going up during that time, to about 60 Mbps today.

    Unfortunately, Earthlink finally got out of the business, and notified me that I was transferred to Comcast as of January 1. I wonder what methods Comcast will use to turn me sour like the rest of yo

  • I find it hard to believe that any ISP out there could possibly be worse than Telstra...

  • Year after year after year, Comcast remains the most hated company in the US. How do they manage it? I don't think we are talking sheer negligence alone. I think that, for whatever reason, Comcast is actively seeking to stay among the most hated companies in the country. How does that contribute to their bottom line? Free publicity?
  • Stock is near it's 52-week high [cmcsa.com].

  • I'm reading the comments (like most I don't bother to RTFA) and thinking where is her picture or the news article when she went on a rampage at a Comcast office after losing her cool with customer service.

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