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Google in Talks To Transform Its Instant News Articles Into a Snapchat Rival ( 15

Google is talking to several publishers about a technology that's similar to Snapchat, according to a Friday report in The Wall Street Journal. From the report: The technology, dubbed "Stamp," could be revealed as soon as next week and contain content from Vox Media, CNN, Mic, the Washington Post and Time, the Journal reported. Stamp is a word play on Google's faster-loading "AMP" articles (the news stories that appear at the top of the page after a Google search), and the "st" in "stories." Snapchat's disappearing publisher content is in a section of the app called "Discover." The ephemeral feature of Snapchat is something Facebook has also mimicked with a feature called "Stories." The report comes on the heels of another report on Business Insider earlier this week which claimed that Google has been trying to acquire Snapchat for sometime. The company, according to a report, offered Snapchat $30 billion.
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Google in Talks To Transform Its Instant News Articles Into a Snapchat Rival

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  • Why Bother (Score:1, Offtopic)

    by wizkid ( 13692 )

    They've already destroyed there news product! Why will anyone bother with more Google big white boxes?

  • Wouldn't STAMP be a portmanteau of story amp?
  • I will enjoy using it for the 18-24 months Google offers it.

  • "trying to acquire Snapchat". This should not be possible under the US anti-trust laws if our government was not totally in the pockets of the monopolies. The Alphabet monopoly must be broken up.

    The same goes for Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. Break them up. The time is now.

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