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United States Earth Transportation

Dozens Of Drones Surveil Houston For Damage After Hurricane Harvey (usatoday.com) 34

An anonymous reader quotes MIT Technology Review: AT&T is using drones to inspect its cellular towers for damage, while insurance companies like Allstate and Farmers are rolling out their own fleets to follow up on claims... Rescue operations are benefitting, too. According to Axios, the company DroneDeploy is sending out vehicles to produce detailed 3-D maps that can help navigate the watery chaos. The company claims it can speed up rescue operations by providing imagery that allows rescuers to see around buildings and beneath tree cover.
The drones can fly high-definition cameras, and there's now dozens of them flying over Houston, reports USA Today: By Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration has authorized 43 drone operators in Harvey's wake, for recovery efforts and for news organizations covering it... Eight approvals went to a railroad company to survey damage along tracks running through Houston. Five went to oil or energy companies to look for damage to fuel tanks, power lines and other facilities. Emergency-management officials are checking damage to roads, bridges and water-treatment plants... The FAA has also prohibited private drone pilots from flying in a broad area around Houston to avoid areas where emergency aircraft such as rescue helicopters are plucking people from rooftops or searching for survivors.
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Dozens Of Drones Surveil Houston For Damage After Hurricane Harvey

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  • when they see a drone in flight in a restricted zone?
    • This is Texas. If they're smart, they'll temporarily deputize the locals and let them take target practice.

      • Civilians will be restricted to potato guns.
  • by Nkwe ( 604125 ) on Saturday September 02, 2017 @08:26PM (#55130503)
    This is the kind of story that is supposed to be on Slashdot - Using a new (or relatively new) technology in a new (or relatively new) way.
  • Progressive Railroading reports that Union Pacific is using those drones to survey for track "washouts" and such damage.

    Washouts are when the rock and such underneath the tracks is washed away, especially where the track bridges streams and rivers. The rail road companies lay down large (1 yard or more) pipe for the streams to flow through, then building up sand/rock/gravel into a "road bed" to lay tracks on, to bridge these small streams and rivers. When that goes in major flooding, all you have left i

  • I hereby propose to build a Ship Canal from Texan floods to the Californian wildfires It's just water in the wrong place. Forms a second "liquid wall" to complement the first one, for which it can it provide the large quantity of rock for the Mexican wall. Improves the transport infrastructure, Handy income from the shipping to pay for it. Mulitple birds, one stone. I hereby claim my free T-shirt.
  • skyvector.com shows all TFRs. I'm not seeing any over Houston other than a very tiny spot.

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