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Mexico's Strongest Quake in Century Strikes Off Southern Coast (bbc.com) 63

An earthquake described by Mexico's president as the country's strongest in a century has struck off the southern coast, killing at least 33 people. From a report: The quake, which President Enrique Pena Nieto said measured 8.2, struck in the Pacific, about 87km (54 miles) south-west of Pijijiapan. Severe damage has been reported in Oaxaca and Chiapas states. A tsunami warning was initially issued for Mexico and other nearby countries, but later lifted. The quake, which struck at 23:50 local time on Thursday (04:50 GMT Friday), was felt hundreds of miles away in Mexico City, with buildings swaying and people running into the street. The tremors there were reported to have lasted up to a minute. President Pena Nieto said about 50 million Mexicans would have felt the tremor and that the death toll might rise.
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Mexico's Strongest Quake in Century Strikes Off Southern Coast

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      The jumping beans are going crazy down there!

  • So North Korea dug a really deep hole, lowered in a thermonuclear weapon, filled in the hole, then detonated the device. Buildings as far away as Moscow shook. There are two particular properties of this planet that I believe makes that test responsible this earthquake and the many lesser earthquakes that happened around the same time but haven't received much attention. For example there was just a 3.9 in the Midwestern United States with other small rumblings elsewhere. I suspect this is far from over. So
  • It's Peña. Please , write it like it is, it's not that hard, just copy&paste or whatever.

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