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New 'Open Source Initiative' Site Announces Anniversary Celebrations and Outreach Programs ( 32

Coining the term "Open Source" was only the beginning. "That same month, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) was founded as a general educational and advocacy organization to raise awareness and adoption for the superiority of an open development process." That's the word from their newly-re-designed site, which is now commemorating the 20th anniversary of the open source movement with an interactive timeline of milestones -- and announcements about much more.
  • "Celebrations will be held worldwide, in conjunction with the leading open source conferences, as well as standalone community-led events... Our anniversary website will support volunteer organizers to host events in their own cities. The OSI will provide small grants to these community-led events and promote them to the broader community." (There are already several t-shirt designs...)
  • A "Share Your Story" section explains that "As part of our mission, we want to promote the success stories of companies like yours that are investing in open source software and community in order to increase adoption and development even more broadly... We'll be sharing your stories with the community throughout the 2018 celebration. We'll also connect you with media outlets to share your story and participate in interviews."
  • And going forward, OpenSource.Net "will serve both as a community of practice and a mentorship program. The goal is to further promote adoption of open source software over the next twenty years as issues shift from open source's viability/value to issues around implementation and authentic participation. OpenSource.Net connects those that "get it" and "did it" with a global network of highly qualified peers across industries. Your experiences as an exemplar in the community will help others address common (or unique) issue.

The anniversary is also being celebrated at this year's FOSDEM conference in Brussels, Belgium. "When it was inaugurated in 2000, FOSDEM, standing for Free and Open Source Developer's European Meeting, started out as OSDEM," remembers the site i-Programmer.

"But the F was added before its second event in 2002 in response to a request from Richard Stallman."

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New 'Open Source Initiative' Site Announces Anniversary Celebrations and Outreach Programs

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    "The Open Source Initiative chose the term "open source," in founding member Michael Tiemann's words, to "dump the moralizing and confrontational attitude that had been associated with 'free software'" and instead promote open source ideas on "pragmatic, business-case grounds." ( Wikipedia []).

    And that's IMO the weakest point of the OSI. It looks like an industry consortium. With premum sponsors the likes of Microsoft, Facebook and Google. While I agree with their stated goals. I don't trust them to navigate th

    • The OSI website also used to call mentioning software freedom "ideological tub-thumping". Hardly the kind of language one would use if one wants to seek a respectful difference with the older free software movement (which predates the OSI by over a decade), and there's also the suggestion about open source being "pragmatic" as if free software wasn't pragmatic. If software freedom wasn't pragmatic there would be no need for a proprietor-friendly reaction to challenge it and push for advocating for almost th

  • If you're not the sort of twat who says "going forward" a lot in the office (despite there being better options, such as "in future" or just...nothing) then why say it here?

  • by Anonymous Coward

    Outreach... AKA paying women to do stuff that men are expected to do for free.

    Because... reasons... diversity... inclusion... of some such shit.

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