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Hulu, NBC Experience Glitches During Super Bowl Telecast ( 98

Variety reports: NBC's coverage of Super Bowl LII briefly went dark for nearly 30 seconds on Sunday night. NBC released a brief statement attributing the outage to an equipment failure... "We had a brief equipment failure that we quickly resolved," the statement read. "No game action or commercial time were missed." The outage happened during a commercial pause in the action between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.
And anonymous reader shared another story from The Verge: Hulu's live TV subscription service cut off the end of tonight's Super Bowl in some markets during the climactic final moments of the Eagles/Patriots game. Tom Brady was making a last-ditch push down the field in hopes of tying the 41-33 contest when Hulu customers lost all video and audio from NBC and U.S. Bank Stadium. Not everyone experienced the abrupt cutoff, which occurred at approximately 10:00PM ET. But those who did received an error screen before the game's conclusion. Error messages ranged from "no content available" to one that said the game couldn't be shown due to rights restrictions. Complaints immediately surged on Twitter and Reddit... In a tweet, the company said there had been "a technical issue" and said users could restart their Hulu app to restore the game feed.
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Hulu, NBC Experience Glitches During Super Bowl Telecast

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  • by JoeyRox ( 2711699 ) on Monday February 05, 2018 @12:48AM (#56068913)
    It was a nice reprieve from what was otherwise a pretty underwhelming set of commercials this Super Bowl.
  • was at an party and had to hit info on cable remote (mini client box at the tv I was viewing at the time) to check and see if it has still up.

    • It was at my house and for about 15 seconds everyone was yelling at me.

    • NO such thing as 30 seconds of dead air and nothing was missed. It certainly looked like the commercial insert feed failed.

      Mind you, not as bad as last year's CenturyLink outage in Gilbert AZ. On Super Bowl Sunday. For 31 hours. Without explanation.

      Pretty remarkable how well a paper clip works as an HDTV OTA antenna.

  • by iamacat ( 583406 ) on Monday February 05, 2018 @02:32AM (#56069129)

    Black screen buffering... death happen every half an hour even without Superbowl. Then in the middle of the game, NBC Roku app told me to install NBS Sports, which took time away from interesting moments and showed the rest of the game in blurry resolution AND with more buffering deaths. I don't understand why NFL can't find a more reliable streaming partner for Superbowl. ABC does not seem to have any of these problems.

  • Today, Superb Owl Sunday, my U-Verse went out about 12:30 PM PST. Game start is 3:30. I spent an hour rebooting things and googling (yeah, I verified my internet was working then used it). Finally the att website said U-Verse was down in my area and hold my panties for a bit. TV came back about 2:30, hour before the game starts.

    That 30 second black screen looked exactly like my TV 3-4 hours earlier. I had visions of rebooting everything (a good 5-10 minute deal) to missing the rest of the game.
  • Our basement does not get cable tv. It runs on Roku. So we were watching NBC Sports. Did not log in or anything. NBC probably has whitelisted our Verizon FiOS router.

    1. There was no interruption in the last moments. All was normal.

    2. All local ads were gone. "Will resume momentarily" notice was displayed, no sound, gave us nice breaks to talk about the game and explain, again, the rules of football to our children. The child trying to be a contrarian and root for the upper dog, and pretending to be no

  • This is almost beyond comical and outright sad how there is this bred life-style of "Internetz thingie no workie" anymore, then go off the cliff in some tapping out of a pouting paragraph online like some entitled tyrant. I am almost a 7 year cord cutter, and guess what? I saw the same 30 second black-out, however, what I didn't experience is missing the last play. Why? Because the Super Bowl is an annual symbol social-and-sports cocktail of Americana, and it's going to be on everywhere, and where is it

    • Why? Because the Super Bowl is an annual symbol social-and-sports cocktail of Americana, and it's going to be on everywhere, and where is it definitely being broadcast at always? Freely over-the-air on one of the Big 3 networks as long as you have an ATSC tuner or conversion into some television in your house with a $60 quality UHF/VHF antenna that's about 2 feet high.

      I know you were on a tour de force demonstrating your technical genius, but I think you forgot the big part about a station transmitting the game that you can actually receive.

      With great hesitation I say this, not because there's truth to it, but because of the amount of trolling anymore: it's become almost a legitimate excuse to lambaste and start some digital pitchfork rant on Twitter, Reddit or whatever-the-fuck social medium you want to use just to have something to complain about. I'm a devoted 16-week + playoffs NFL watcher for decades and I wasn't upset. The ones who were, used the Super Bowl as a social outlet and wanted some drama-talk to carry over at the water cooler in the AM.

      And on this part, you are so right that I feel badly about taking you to task on your previous paragraph

  • by Clarence Rutherford ( 5185079 ) on Monday February 05, 2018 @10:43AM (#56070359)
    Trump ran a 30 second commercial for all the positive things he has accomplished in his first year as POTUS.
  • they should have shown the open title of ``Heidi'' with the audio consisting of an evil ``Mwa-ha-ha-ha''.

  • We experienced a similar glitch at roughly the same time while watching the game on the Spectrum Channel on our Roku stick. The symptom in our case was the loss of video and presentation of a blue screen asking "Do you want to keep watching..." and a single button labeled "Keep Watching". Clicking the button restored the video immediately. Audio was never interrupted.

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