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'Java EE' Has Been Renamed 'Jakarta EE' ( 95

An anonymous reader quotes i-Programmer: The results are in for the vote on the new name for Java Enterprise Edition, and unsurprisingly the voters have chosen Jakarta EE. The renaming has to happen because Oracle refused to let the name Java be used. The vote was to choose between two options - 'Jakarta EE' and 'Enterprise Profile'. According to Mike Milinkovich, executive director at the Eclipse Foundation, almost 7,000 people voted, and over 64% voted in favour of Jakarta EE. The other finalist, "Enterprise Profile," came in at just 35.6% of the votes when voted ended last Friday.
"Other Java projects have also been renamed in Eclipse," notes SD Times. "Glassfish is now Eclipse Glassfish. The Java Community Process is now the Eclipse Working Group, and Oracle development management is now Eclipse Enterprise for Java Project Management Committee."
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'Java EE' Has Been Renamed 'Jakarta EE'

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  • Why was "Java" bad, exactly?

    (Meanwhile no one is regretting moving to node.js and the like.)
    • I don't know, but one thing .NET has over Java is that they didn't call everything "Java", leading to confusion about the JVM vs the language vs the standard classes vs the Java browser plug-in etc.

      So from my point of view, de-Javaing the Enterprise Edition is long overdue and a step in the right direction.

      • I don't know, but one thing .NET has over Java is that they didn't call everything "Java".

        No, they called everything ".NET".


        • by tepples ( 727027 )

          True, the .NET brand was overused early on, but Microsoft cleaned that up fairly quickly. In addition, even from the beginning, Microsoft had distinct names for each component of the .NET Framework, such as CLR (Common Language Runtime) and C# (a Java-inspired language).

        • No they didn't. When was the last time you "programmed in .NET"?

          They called C# C#. They called the CLR the CLR. The CLI the CLI. The CIL the CIL. Now, if you want to complain that they went overboard with that...

    • by jrumney ( 197329 )
      It's not that it's bad, it's that Oracle owns the name, but they don't want to maintain the product. So they farm out the costly maintenance to the community, but keep their precious name that they paid $5.6 billion for.
      • That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard... at any rate since Sun first established the "Java" trademark and generously announced that it wouldn't sue inhabitants of the island of Java if they used the name to describe their home.

        • by rossdee ( 243626 )

          So what about the inhabitants of the capital city of Indonesia?

          They should have called it Krakatoa

        • That is not how trade marks work ...
          So good luck suing a busines in a foreign country that happens to be on in Island with the same name like your product ...

    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      Why was "Java" bad, exactly?

      1) A system for remote code injection.
      2) Lots of library code full of vulnerabilities.
      3) Write once, run anywhere, except that bit never worked.
      4) Another bloody OO language.
      5) Useless for writing operating systems.
      6) Exhibit #1 in things they teach in schools instead of teaching computer science.
      7) Oracle

      • by PPH ( 736903 )

        Encroaching on Microsoft's IP. How dare they!

      • by awe_cz ( 818201 )
        Especially fifth point is really strong... not.
      • Except for 7) everything false.
        I work with Java since 1995, I never had any cross platform problem. However I never wrote code for the micdro edition.

        No idea what you have against oo, probably you are to dumb to use it properly?

        • >I never had any cross platform problem.

          I'm not disputing that you can write cross platform code. I'm asserting that this rarely happens. I have several Java applications on my windows machine that are entirely windows specific. For example the hydra smart power supply software. Talks to USB, presents a UI. Yet it only runs on windows.

          The others are not false. Your assertion is based on what?

          • Of course the other points are false.
            Just because you have Java installed on your machine it does it not make accessible for remote executbel code.
            You would need a program like yours, that listens on an USB port and accepts incoming messages, or on a socket.
            So: it is a problem of the programmer, just as in your example. If you use OS specific C libraries to access an USB port obviously your program is tied to that OS. What has that to do with portability of the language? Or their cross platform abilities?

          • by jeremyp ( 130771 )

            i've run pure Java applications on Windows, Linux and MacOS. As a rule, the only issues I've seen are with path names. Java contains everything you need for platform agnostic paths but people often fail to use them..

            Anyway, on your list, number 4 is true but so what? OO is a good thing. Number 7 is also true, but the main problem there is people seeing Oracle as a bogeyman instead of facing the reality of the situation. If the worst thing they are going to do is not allow Eclipse to use the Java trademark,

            • >Everything else just speaks to an irrational hatred of Java.

              I've avoided it for 25+ years and I enjoy programming in higher and lower level languages. So my irrational hatred of Java seems be working for me.

              More seriously, I wasn't being serious. The question was "Why was "Java" bad, exactly?". So I came up with all the reasons I could think of that people don't like Java. Then the mild autism spectrum crowd piled on in.

    • by Aaden42 ( 198257 )
      Cause Oracle is greedy.
  • Jakarta? (Score:4, Funny)

    by DontBeAMoran ( 4843879 ) on Saturday March 03, 2018 @11:35PM (#56203795)

    How about Coffy McCoffeeface?

  • Slashdot was down for two or three days and no explanation?
  • so it's an apache project now ?
  • This won't work. People are still gonna know it's Java.

  • Why name it after a big dirty city with the worst traffic in the world which is also sinking?

  • Yeah oh boy that was a tough choice bro .. Jakarta EE versus "Enterprise Profile" ??? wtf.

    Seriously though, who the heck voted for Enterprise Profile? Trekkies?

  • by PPH ( 736903 )

    The Greeks want their name back. "Providing wise and insightful counsel." You are damaging the brand image.

  • by iampiti ( 1059688 ) on Sunday March 04, 2018 @04:00PM (#56206683) the reason it happened. Namely: Oracle has abandoned Java EE to the community and won't develop it further. I was under the impression that it still was pretty important in the enterprise web application scene. Why would they abandon it?
    Anyway, it doesn't look good for Java EE. Without the financial support of a big company how can it hope to remain relevant?

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