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Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Erupts, Prompting Evacuation Orders ( 69

"Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupted Thursday, releasing lava into a residential neighborhood and prompting mandatory evacuation orders for nearby homes," reports Chicago Tribune. The eruption comes after officials had been warning residents all week that an eruption was possible and that they should be prepared to evacuate. From the report: Hawaii County said steam and lava poured out of a crack in Leilani Estates, which is near the town of Pahoa on the Big Island. Leilani Estates has a population of about 1,500, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. But the evacuation order only covers a portion of the neighborhood. Nearby community centers have opened for shelter. The Puu Oo crater floor began to collapse Monday, triggering a series of earthquakes and pushing the lava into new underground chambers. The collapse caused magma to push more than 10 miles downslope toward the populated southeast coastline of the island.
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Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Erupts, Prompting Evacuation Orders

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  • This is undoubtedly fallout from Mozilla's decision to kill off XUL plugins. Many innocent Hawaiians caught in the crossfire.

  • These all happen in Hawaii. Sooner or later, chance dictates that they will all occur at the same time. That would be a bad day to be on the island.
  • by Spazmania ( 174582 ) on Friday May 04, 2018 @11:32AM (#56554064) Homepage

    Please stop calling this an eruption. Kilauea has been erupting continuously since 1983. This is not a new eruption. This is a new rift, a new spot that lava comes out of the ground. There have been a number of these over the course of the ongoing eruption.

    The eruption isn't over until the lava lake at the summit hardens and stops.

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