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Everything and Adfu 34

Just a couple of randomish BSI mentions. The ever popular Everything web page that Nate and I meddle with is back up after a lengthy chunk of downtime (Crackers Hardware Crashes and Bears Oh My). It's currently undergoing a total rewrite so don't complain about problems. But check it out if you're curious, it's pretty sweet. The next version is a whole new ball of Wax. Somewhat related is Adfu- a Banner Ad server written by the BSI Perl Monks. It's been handling Slashdot's banners for over a week now and is quickly stabilizing. Source release is RSN. It handles a couple million banners a week for Slashdot, so it'll probably work for smaller sites. And it's a lot cheaper then Double Click.
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Everything and Adfu

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Who's gonna pay to maintain this site? You? And are you really that desperate for bandwidth?

    You kids always seem to want something for nothing. Jesus, what are we talking about here? Is the sacrifice too much for you? We're not talking about a big deal. The ads are not that big K-wise and can be easily ignored by anyone who doesn't have some sort of freakish concentration problem. Of course, we're talking about caffeine-addled drain-bamaged sugar-addict punks who think ADD is something to brag about, so who knows. You dirty pinko commie rat-fuckers!

    You ungrateful bastards should be clicking on the ads like crazy, not complaining about them. Clickthrus drive revenue and I'm sure Malda could use the money. Get a clue dumb-ass rat-fuckers.

  • by Anonymous Coward, all of those leave cookies in an effort to profile my browsing habits. That's the main reason I turn them off. Does adfu do this, or does it just benignly display ads?

    Also.. if I turn off ads with junkbuster on my laptop, and write a script so my router browses slashdot pages throughout the day, are we even? :)
  • You just made my day. That was the funniest comment I've read all day.
    Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda
    Pants are Optional
  • Hehe-Doomy you have an overstated view of kindness in your fellow readers. We're lucky if it's 1% click-through.
  • ...hmm, weren't you a student before? How can you take a pay cut from that?

  • ahh...didn't think of it from that PoV

    ..waiting for the IPO though....

  • Rob's got huge expenses - bandwidth costs a fair bit - I know, I run a number of sites (granted, with *much* less traffic than /.) and I have to run ads to pay for the telecomm costs.

    Remember, unlike me, he is doing this full-time, and also has to eat, pay rent, etc.

    Now if he would only post announcements for me even once in a while
  • Howabout a little on an estimated time for slash-0.3 which ought to actually work? Please? Pretty-please? I'm dying here...
  • I just spent entirely too much time clicking link to link in Everything. Left a lot of fun stuff in there, too much computer stuff can rot your brain!
  • I clicked the innocuous little b a couple of times, now how can I remove those links from my navigation bar?
  • it handles a couple of million banners per week....
    I'm assuming that Rob gets some money from these banners.. so at the rate of say 10% of the ppl clicking those banners.. Rob would be making a lot more than most of us would in a year :)
    If so why is he complaining when got a 11 million dollar investment :) I think he's rich enough...
    spoken with a cough.. cheers to rob..
  • Learn how to spell `grammar.'

  • Cool on the Adfu, guys!
    That will be a great service to web sites everywhere.

  • uhm, turn java off, to begin with. you can always turn it on for sites that actually need it, as opposed to sites that will annoy you with it.
  • It's a matter of support; if you use filtering software, you can do it responsibly, and keep the sites you want to support out of the filter list.

    me, I tried cookie jar and junkbuster, and while they did a good job of filtering, I noticed enough of a slowdown to make me turn them off at the end. I'm waiting for Mozilla to grow up and stabilize, to have filtering in the client itself.

  • just wondering...

    how much money does slashdot pull in off from the ads?
  • I looked at everything and would play with it more
    if the "write ups" were GPLed or something similar.
    I mean, I wish there was a notice that said "by hitting the submit button, you agree to license your write-up under the GPL".
    and then I wish the database of write-ups were made available via ftp.
    if Everything did that, then I suggest it might get really big: Britannia sized, even.
  • How about I just take the money out of the SendRob2Skool fund and use it to buy a baseball bat to hit you in your big "air-filled" head.
  • by phred ( 14852 )
    OK, to be fair, it's not the ad banners that make the Dejanews redesign Really Suck, it's the repurposing of the site as "The Discussion Network." Yahoo Lite, anyone? You'll see what I mean if you check it out.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.
  • Any idea when or where I can find more information about Adfu? I'm curious simply because I've been researching banner serving serving for the last week for a fairly smallish site.



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