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Copyleft has Slashdot Hats 32

CopyLeft now has Slashdot hats available for those of you who for (whatever reason) feel the need to cover up your heads. The ones I saw look pretty smooth. The website still only has drawings and not photos though. We need Slashdot socks and boxers so we truly be draped head to toe in cheesy merchandise. Or maybe Spandex Slashdot body suits? Slashdot skull caps? Matching Bra & Panty set? Berets? Jewelry? Where will the insanity end? I'm gonna go post some real news now...
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Copyleft has Slashdot Hats

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Now THERE's a good promotion idea... get a supermodel to wear a slashdot bra/panties combo, and watch them hits skyrocket. who knows, you might actually sell some clothes too. :-)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I want a slashdot gimp mask and studded jock strap so all the guys at the s&m club will know im a loyal slashdot reader.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I need to see the matching bra and panty set on an appropriate model before buying it. Post the .gif, thx.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    This has some real merit. Grrl hackers can by a set and suddenly guy hackers' girls have a new secret weapon... :)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Right around the corner. You know their comming. Silicon flavoured Slashdot condoms.
  • I would definately pay money for that. Maybe you should submit the idea to copyleft?
  • Forget about clothing.. How about doing a Jerry Springer type talk show? You could invite RMS and a Microsoft rep onto the show for your first episode. RMS comes out on stage, everyone cheers him on.. The M$ rep holds up a copy of Windows NT to taunt RMS, who then wings a Debian CD at him. Then RMS charges and beats the living crap out of the M$ rep, and the crowd starts cheering and chanting "Rob-by, rob-by, rob-by.."

    Next episode: KDE vs. Gnome flamewars. RMS makes a return appearance and gets in a fist fight with Bernd Johannes Wuebben. Torvalds later appears and decks RMS across the back of the head with a chair from on-stage, and says "that's for telling that reporter that I never acknowledge GNU!"

  • This is why I plan on skiing nearly every weekend. In addition, I'm going to Killington for spring break. :)

    Still, no way in hell am I wearing Spandex.
  • Yeah, now that would be killer. Boxers with a big Slashdot logo on the back... Right where you can kiss my ass! :)
  • Vancouver isn't really the best place to enjoy the great outdoors in during the winter months (or as we like to describe it around here, the 'monsoon season'), but during the summer months my wife and I like to get out and go up to the little artificial lake behind the hydro dam in the mountains and kayak a bit.

    I got some pounds packed on (like most people do who work predominantly desk jockey style jobs) but I stay healthy, and would encourage every other geek or proto-geek to do likewise. Just remember that increased oxygenation helps those neurons fire... nothing kills 'coders block' like a little aerobic exercise.

    Of course, wild, undulating, sweaty sex could be happily substituted for any other exercise you could come up with, but the outdoors isn't necessarily the best place for that. ;)

    -- (remove the SPAM-B-GONE bit)

  • What I want is a hat (or t-shirt) with the X windows logo. And on the t-shirt, you could put on the back:

    The X files:
  • "The ones I saw look pretty smooth. "

    Were you talking about the hats, or the heads?
  • Seems as though copyleft gets a lot of press for it's linuxx merchandise. Guess that happens when you buy banner ads. has some penguins! Buy some.
  • Im gonna wait until they've got the Foo hat, myself
  • Er... spandex body suits... Rob, think about your demographic here... do you really want to see a whole bunch of slightly chunky computer geeks in spandex body suits? Oh god... I don't feel so good...

  • by ekb ( 8426 )
    Did anyone else think they kinda looked
    like the hats the aliens wore in that bad
    80's NBC miniseries "V"??
  • Freedows vs. the Alliance!

  • I could never understand why 'exercise' is two four letter word for programmers. I'll discard any appearance issues due to the fact that 95% of the people on this forum probably never see the others in real life.

    But what about mental clarity? Don't we get clouded mentally when we sit on our bum for 8 hours of work and then 3-4 more hours of hacking?

    I know that exercise is one of the things that keeps my mind clear and sane. Anyone else feel the same way?

  • Heh. That would be fun. And then Rob could quit using that *grin* thing and actually smile on the camera.

    I think we'd all prefer to see the gun-toting RMS and ESR duke it out at the shooting gallery. RMS takes pot shots at a cutout with the words "open source" on it and ESR could shoot beer bottles and keep quoting the famous "think speech,not beer" line that was the impetus for the renaming of "free software" to "open source".

    And then they could both take turns blasting MS employees' windshields from trees. Then maybe they could call a truce and we could have no more of the "revisionist history" claims about GNU not getting the attention is deserves.

    And after that we could have a game show: Name that ego! I think the first contestants should be Sengan, Bruce Perens, and an Anonymous Coward selected from the audience.

    I'd watch it...unless it came on the same time as Millennium, that is.
  • by Mooset ( 9986 )
    Slashdot boxers would be a seriously good idea, and would probally sell like wildfire too! (At least, I HOPE that most of the /. audience doesn't wear white tighties.) After all, MetroWerks has them and I'm pretty sure that Red Hat has at some point too.
  • Screwed!!

    How about /. condoms???

    Guaranteed not to crash. ;-)
  • I wanna beret! Plus the Bra + Panty set for my girl....
  • Perhaps we will see the sexier side of slashdot. Perhaps it should be marketed under the name
    SPANK DOT :) All of us geeks could get our girls to dress up in SPANK DOT accessories. What a turn on. SPANK DOT, news for pervs, stuff that splatters.
  • . . . or perhaps a set of slashdot support hose.

"How many teamsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?" "FIFTEEN!! YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?"