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CeBIT Tidbits 45

MadMan2 has sent us a report from CeBIT. Little bits about bigass Samsung Dimms, Not so upgradable Palm Pilots, SuSE, AOL-Scape and Applix. Hit the link below to read MadMan2's machine gun of little bits to read.
MadMan2's report from CeBIT:
  • Siemens offers Linux servers with a free tux!
  • more than half of the Intel people present never heard of Merced (one thought it was a new product in cooperation with Mercedes (g)))
  • I was not allowed access to an online machine, otherwise these tidbits would have arrived sooner :( ). They say they all fear hackers. They are: UUNet, Netscape, aol, M$, compu$serve, Telecom Deutschland and various smaller companies. Oh yes: I found no cybercafes, even amidst the companies who sell them.
  • AOL, Sun and Netscape all officially refuse any comments on the future of netscape server products. About the browser Netscape ackowledged the cooperation with mozilla.
  • 3Com officially denies it will offer a hardware upgrade or trade-in to Palm IIIx and V. They claim a memory upgrade of 2M is the same (I don't know about the US, but in Europe the upgrade is more expensive than the Palm III. There was a company who offered 8M simms for Palm III, but I forgot who it was.
  • Samsung displayed a working 1 GB dimm on a dual Xeon motherboard. Not bad for a workstation *g*
  • The suse stand was very popular because they were distributing the 6.1 beta for x86 and alpha
  • Linux International as well as MadDog can be visited at Hall 6.
  • While speaking of Linux: only free Suse and Caldera CDs can be found. Redhat said the forgot to ship the CDs in time
  • The linux Sap demo wasn't working quite well
  • The German word for gridlock is "stau"
  • according to the German keyboard manufacturor Cherry a company called "Linux" will be ordering Penguin keys. When I made a note of this on my palm a Cherry technician told me he was amazed that "thinghy" worked without a keyboard ;)
  • HP Belgium is according to HP International Supplies "just a local distributor"
  • According to StarOffice the world still exists of the USA and Germany.
    StarOffice still doesn't have presentation runtime viewsers because they don't see a need for such an program! Not really nice of them, is it?
  • Almost all of the exhibitors seem to forget that CeBiT is an international expo. German docs by the millions, English specs are very hard to come by.
  • People at SCO acknowledged they will be capable of running Linux binaries. But they still didn't know whether one has to compile the programs on a linux box or on a SCO machine
  • General impression: not enough gadgets & freebies, too many visitors, not enough nice babes.
  • Buzzwords were: erp, ewe, superb superior sales system solution (I guess they forgot "silly")
  • Next year's CeBit will be in coorperation with Expo 2000. It will be from February 24th till March the 1st.
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CeBIT Tidbits

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  • by drwiii ( 434 )
    Better stay away from any show that Microsoft is at, then..
  • Probabally:

    Staroffice thinks the world consists only of the USA and Germany.

    or something like that.
  • by gavinhall ( 33 )
    Posted by liver:

    The GNOME coordinator, Miguel de Icaza, is indeed Mexican. And one of the things GNOME brings to the *ix desktop that was either not well organized or nonexistent is internationalization. Every GNOME-compliant application is internationalizable if i'm not mistaken.
    p.s. hey gnome-cutting-edge-people, is 1.0.3 or CVS better than 1.0?
  • Posted by

    ... if you want to see four SAP systems on four different databases running on Linux smoothly on one server.

    Your SAP Linux team
  • Posted by

    even though i only had one day at the show, i managed to check out most of it... here's my thoughts:

    people smoking everywhere inside really sucked.

    i got online with no worries at one of the compaq stands... and checked out Slashdot.

    finding my way thru the crowds and clouds of smoke was dufficult at times.

    even though it is an international show, alot of exhibits were presented in german... fair enough there are alot of german companies there, but even many multi-national companies had german only info :(

    i got refused a nokia T-shirt because they were only for german Club Nokia members :( (i aint german)

    i got really sick of people blowing smoke in my face.

    i picked up a few freebies: mouse-mat, several t-shirts, cap, balls, beer, keyrings and lots of sweets and drink coasters (CD's).

    in summary, it was really great to see so much kit on show, and most largish companies put alot of effort into their exhibits. i'll try to go again next year so have a longer look. i'll also wear a suit so that exhibitors will put a bit more effort in selling something to me :~)

  • About size of SuSE booth: there where TWO SuSE booths (plus 6 or so SuSE locations at partner copanies like Compaq or Siemens or IBM). The one in the hall where the other Linux companies were was the smaller one.

    Second: It is extremely hard to get a larger booth at the CeBIT, not even money can't get you one! You have to order your booth at least a year in advance, and to get a big one you have to be one of the big guys (MS, IBM,...).
    Michael Hasenstein []

    • The Compaq (Digital) technician was very satiesfied with the Compaq Linux offerings. He confirmed a high customer demand for Linux-based server systems. The revealed that the German TÜV (Institutuion responsible for German cars having a certain security standards. Should be introduced in the US. ;-) ) ordered 150 Linux-based servers. AFAI remember even Alphas. So far they are running Redhat on their machines but Alpha SuSE is probably not too far away.
    • Informix also confirmed a great demand and customer interest for their Linux offerings.
    • A SuSE Technician confirmend that early SuSE 6.0 had serious glibc2 signalling problems. Might this be solution for my Staroffice crashing over and over again? Therefore upgrading to 6.1 could be reasonable. The international version of 6.0 should not be affected.
    • The englisch expression for the German word "Stau" is "Gridlock"
    • All over all, the exhibitors are very satiesfied with the Cebit so far.
    • IHMO the SuSE booth was disappointing small. In the booth people could be piled up 10 feet high, and oxygen level was dangerous low. (What really didnt matter that much, as you had to space to breath anyway.)
    • NOT MANY FREEBIES???? Confirmed
  • uhmm.. no international support in StarOffice?

    so how come i've got staroffice with English(UK), Spanish and Dutch support installed???

    shurely shome mistake, missh moneypenny?
  • Sorry... What I meant was that according to their websites and the people of StarOffice I spoke to, StarOffice only has customers and resellers in the US and Germany.

    They were slightly amazed that in neighbouring Belgium there is a rather big German speaking community.

    Peace & Long Life,
  • I suggest you try to buy one officially from a "local reseller" when you are not living in the US nor in Germany.

    Peace & Long Life,
  • That's fairly old news. They have a paper on it in trhe '98 Usenix procedings (at least the abstract of it is avail at It will run many Linux binaries. No recomplation needed, and I don't think they have a Linux complation enviroment. I have forgetten if they do it with syscall emulation (like FreeBSD), or with shared lib interposition (which would be 100% useland, but wouldn't run quite as many things).

    See the paper if your intrested. Personally I was more intrested in how humbling it must be for SCO (and other comercial Unixes) to have to emulate the free ones to widen their software base!

  • Is offered (or soon to be) by efig (see, or, or something like that). They claim they'll charge about $150 to upgrade V, and very short turn around, or you can buy a "new" V from them (no price listed).

    The upgrade does void your warentee, but efig will offer their own (apparently on the whole unit), no details on that yet.

    So apparently it's a little early yet to decide to buy the upgrade, but it is coming...

    Pity 3COM didn't offer a $600, or $550 Palm Vx with 8M. Maybe they will now.

  • I took a few snapshots with my digital camera on this CeBIT and put them on the web now for your viewing pleasure. Go to and see for yourself. []

    • pics of the 30 box AlphaLinux cluster rendering POV-Ray images in parallel.
    • masses of people panicking over a power failure that immobilized them at Friday evening because the metro was frozen.
    • A few Linux cameos
    • IBM praising VisualAge COBOL (no joke!)
    Warning! The images are on a German university server and are about 200k each, so downloading them might take a few hours for you guys from the US. :-(
  • I realize the author is not a native English speaker, but what does he mean by the following statement?

    According to StarOffice the world still exists of the USA and Germany.
  • by eh ( 15053 )
    Doesn't sound so fun. I'll stick to going to shows where the people handling the booths know what they're talking about.
  • I will drop by on Wednesday.

    By the way are you looking to hire some people? :-)
  • But English is at least a semi-official second language in most contries, making it "international" The reason English isn't the biggest language is China. and only china and chinese territories speak it.
  • I guess that's why the first menu on my version is called Fichier...(french for file)

    BTW French Staroffice is included with the french version of SuSE 6.0

  • I seriously doubt that. Considering there are ~300million people in the US alone, along with the population of Canada, and the UK, PLUS all the people who speak english as a second language. I think it's far more widely spoken than Mandarin.

  • He probably means that they don't ship the software or docs in other languages than german and english.
  • maybe international and english are not equal? English is neither the most spoken language on this planet, nor (except for the internet) under the three fastest growing ...

    why did the mexican government decide to use gnome?
  • I got a redhat 5.2 + gnome 0.99.8 CD at the RedHat stand on CEBIT...

    It was Thursday though.. ;)
  • Probably the most important news, KDE winning the award for best software! Deserved more than a quicky post, considering that it beat every commercial vendor...
  • Cebit 2000 is before the Expo, not in cooperation. But it's on the same place. SuSE had two stands. One was close to the other Linux distributors, the other one was bigger. Comdex is tiny compared to Cebit. You can browse everywhere on the CeBIT. No problem to find an unused computer. SuSE had the best giveaway of the CeBIT. A small penguin. (Everybody wanted to have mine.) Who cares for giveaways anyway? Boring stuff. I didn't search for it, but I got a whole bag full of mouse pads etc... Anybody want one?

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