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Perl Institute dissolved 25

david landgren writes " The Perl Institute has decided to call it a day. The main reason, according to Larry Wall, is that the Institute was "top-down", but Perl's culture is much more "bottom-up". The Institute's most valuable assets, the domains and have been offered to the Perl Mongers. By the way, have you checked out whether there's a Perl Monger chapter in your part of the world? "
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Perl Institute dissolved

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  • I love Perl. I can program in other languages but I can safely say the only one I will go out of my way to promote is Perl. One of my favorite Larry Wall quotes is "I don't want people to say 'I can program in Perl,' I want them to say 'I'm a Perl programmer.' Exactly how I feel and I'm sure many others also.
  • Some people say perl sucks. They point to some piece of perlcode crawling along at 3 miles/hour. 'Look, perl sucks!'.

    Then, when they take a look at the programmers next project (written either in C of Java), they find out it also crawls along at about 3 miles/hour. 'Gee, how can that be?'

    The best recipe for a fast program is a smart algorithm. If you give the job to a mediocre programmer, nothing's going to save your project (except maybe buying that $30K quad-Xeon machine).

    There are occasions perl isn't a good choice though. For instance, the software operating a sidewinder missle probably should be written in some other language. Apart from that, just about anything can be written in perl ;)


  • just out of curiousity, i know domain names go for $$$ these days, but were and really it's most valuable assets (in dollars)? does anyone have any figures?
  • [ ] Top-Down (Break up big taks into bite sized chunks)
    [ ] Bottom Up (You can't build until you have a good set of tools)
    [ ] Just dive in and code
    [ ] Wait for orders from management
    [ ] Cut, paste, tweak; cut, paste, tweak; bash, bash, hack; debug, debug, debug.
  • Not really. They weren't really being as productive as they could have been, whereas the Perl Mongers have been extremely successful.

    I just hope they keep the news page going - it was the only thing I ever got out of TPI.

    perl -e 'print scalar reverse q(\)-: ,hacker Perl another Just)'
  • I find Perl to be the most fun to program in, of all the languages I know: C, C++, Basic, Asm, Forth, AWK, Bourne Shell, Java ... too bad I can't use it for everything.
  • This was first made public on the Perl News [] (specifically, t=Votes+to+Dissolve []), which is on but is not run by The Perl Institute directly (I run it :).

    Anyway, Perl News will continue to have the latest and greatest about the goings on with TPI and Perl Mongers and and and the professor and Mary Ann.

  • Actual assets are about $3000, a fax machine, and the domain names, I believe.

  • The bioperl project depends on the
    DNS server for our box

    (we do have just in case)

    I sent an email to the boston-pm gurus but if
    anyone out there can assure me that DNS for the domains will be transitioned smoothly
    I would _greatly_ appreciate it.

    On the upside it is great to see the perl user groups ( taking off.

  • is only one of the dozens of sites where CPAN can be found. You can get a get a list of them from

    Having said that, I'm sure that the Mongers will take good care of the domain :-)

  • You must learn to spell 'Perl' one of these days!
  • by Plank ( 27142 )
    Yeah dave you tell them :) I think this a good move, if only to allow them a break from a job that can be handled by the mongers well enough. Dont worry, its not as if they've announced the end of Perl as we know it. Duncan
  • I must learn pearl one of these day
  • please tell me its not so!!
  • This is dated March 1, and I remember reading this on Slashdot before.
  • Considering the amount of swing offs in Kosovo, maybe the missle thingies were re-programmed with MFC C++ ?

    - If you see a MS bashing chance, take it.
  • ...and by the way: Perl is just right for those 'I don't wanna spend the whole day coding this damn "use it once" tools' jobs.
  • Crudpuppy asks: "Please tell me it isn't so".

    It is. It isn't new news either. If it was an April fools joke, it would be an *early* one. This news dates from early march.

    Hopefully, slashdot will usually publish recent news, not something that's old and forgotten....

    --- Abigail
  • by god ( 219136 ) on Tuesday April 27, 1999 @10:47AM (#1913406)
    Oh, and a quick way to find out about Perl Monger Chapters in your neck of the woods is the fairly-up-to-date and quite-underpublicised Perl Monger World Map [].

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